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    Yes, completely, I think that's the difference between doing someone a favour and assuming a superiority over them (which is the way I see the messages of 'don't give them cash, only buy them food'). I've offered to buy people food when I've not had cash on me and I'm going to buy something for myself - like you say, Firestarter, it's practical and there's often more than one way to help someone out :) I think my main issue is with charities - not all are bad but large salaries to charity bosses are a no no in my book and having dealt with a few on behalf of my son I've found some have a lack of ethics and honesty as well. Plus I don't like being told what to do! Lol :)

    Re your point on charities I did some work for a local charity some years back as I genuinely wanted to help out. The charity on question was utterly corrupt, sadly it soured my view of charities as a result

    I guess that's because they believe they will make more money by us being in the EU. That, after all, is the nature of capitalism (although I doubt it is what Adam Smith had in mind all those years ago when he came up with the title).

    I have had long conversations with people in Cambridge working for one of the homeless charities and with others who seem to have experience working with people who have nowhere to live. Without exception they have gone down the route of encouraging us not to give money to people who are requesting it on the streets; buy them something nourishing to eat instead. I can't manage to internalise this. They may be right, I don't know, but I find this attitude patronising. It costs so little to put a little money in someone's cup - and allow grown adults to make a decision as to how they will spend their money (the same as we all do) - and it costs even less to stop for a chat. I have met people and heard so many tragic stories. I know I have been lied to on occasion, but what right have I to expect any truth? Any minuscule act on my part cannot begin to compensate for the terrible experiences that some people have suffered.

    I agree, but I do buy food for homeless peeps - on a really cold day a cup of hot chocolate brought to these guys means they don't have to leave their pitch, and they don't have to queue up in store, which has its own set of social problems. I get round it simply by saying "you look cold m8, get I gat you a hot drink", the answer has always been "yes please".

    I agree with the above posts, but one of the issues that bothers me most is that homeless people have also become demonised of recent years. To put it into perspective I sometimes buy coffee/lunch for a local homeless lad who begs near where I sometimes lunch. I can afford to pop into a café and eat it only costs me a couple of quid (It is not a honest as I make it sound as I get to feel as if I have done something to help, although my minimal amount of help is next to useless in the grand scheme of things).

    Recently a colleague told me that this particulary guy "makes quite a good living" begging there. The guy is genuinely homeless and often very, very cold. So I asked my colleague how he defined a "good living" bearing in mind he himself has a good flat, massive TV, comfortable life etc and his defence was along the lines of "if they didn't have drug problems and could be bothered to get a job" etc that homeless people "would not be in that position. Sadly I suspect those views reflect the views of a large percent of the populace, but are none the less very selfish indeed.

    Time for me to rant - this happened before during that c*** John Major's tenancy as pm, the slimy sods created a homelessness crisis with extortionate interest rates and lack of social housing and mental health support and then tried to claim a solution - thank god we had A. John Bird to launch The Big Issue to provide real help.

    And here we are again, another load of slimy tory sods that have held wages back for years and soaring unemployment due to financial pressures and lack of mental health and social housing resources, and now they want to be the heroes again. Bunch of c words.

    I've heard of conkers before, but not mint as a deterrent.

    I suspect that men don't admit to phobias for fear of it being seen as a sign of weakness and opening them up to ridicule. It's the price that is paid for gender stereotyping I guess :)

    No, please. Don't blame the six DUPers! There's a consistent part of the Tory party that would be ok with the break up of the Union. Imagine what it would be for England if the occupied territories of Scotland and NI left the Union? A Tory majority forever! It's only Labour that need Scotland.

    No - I'm blaming Mrs May. Anyway what is the problem with the break up of the Union anyway. Countries that are ruled by other countries? That's a type of occupation.

    Why would the break up lead to a Tory majority forever? Asides of the ridiculousness of "forever" as a political concept, are no other political parties up to winning an election?

    Or simply make the Irish Sea the border and revert to the traditional Irish border tensions. That fairly simple solution is being blocked by the half a dozen DUP troublemakers Mrs May bribed, er sorry, gave a financial incentive to, to keep her slim majority. Can six seemingly bigoted people scupper the whole thing? Apparently so....

    Majority of the UK voting public (as if: majority of those, who bothered to vote) or majority of UK voters (as if: majority of those, who could vote)?

    As it can be argued that many of those, who were against Brexit did not bothered to vote as they never believed there is even a chance for it happening. I know, serves them right for being lazy, but still, I think saying "most of Britons are for Brexit" might be not exactly true.

    Still, this is just nitpicking, as this is how democracy work - if you won't bother to move your bum and cast the vote, then you have no moral right to complain after

    It is nitpicking as the electorate were given the choice, and it was a simple yes or no not pick from the least worst loser on the ballot paper.

    You are absolutely right on how democracy works - democratic principle requires input from the public. Those who choose not to participate either forfeit their right to complain, or in many cases express their view that "none of the above" were of suitable calibre to garner their vote (parliament does need to address low turnout and establish why people do not vote - I favour a "none of the above" tickbox and that votes should be counted as such, not as spoiled ballot papers)

    I think many people here seem to be deluded. I trust the Eu way more than I trust a frickken Tory Party to look after the average persons welfare. The Eu for its faults is heavily in favour of worker rights and equality for all. The U.K. was instrumental in creating the EU we see today, pushed hard for increasing members from the old eastern block, and under Blair had a chance to block mass migration from those new states which it didn’t take, unlike every other existing EU state.

    I used to be a remainers, now I am pro Brexit, why? Good fucking riddance to the UK and it’s desire of becomeing the 51st state in all but name, under their supreme leader, Trump, the EU is better shot of them and it knows it.

    No deal Brexit is a given now and with a collapse in the pounds value. Time for you guys to stock up on anything imported while you still can afford to.

    The EU has a reputation for making agreements at the last hour so I don't believe all is lost. I would not wish us to be without a trade deal or the ability of people to move around for work (and settlement).

    As a wild card did you know that VW group and BMW sell more cars in Europe to the UK than anywhere else outside Germany. I would not be at all surprised if their management put great pressure onto the EU negotiators to reach a deal. A no deal Brexit will not only affect the UK.

    The visual range of men and women differ. Women have a wider field of view and men longer distance vision. I have read that this is perhaps because women developed eyesight that would encompass the range to which their very young children roam and that men developed longer range eyesight for the purposes of hunting, so presumably an evolutionary change, but intriguing none the less.

    The whole EU debate is a very interesting one. Can anyone remember so much division and complaining after any other referendum that the Brexit one? I can't.

    The key problem seems to be the lack of acceptance of the democratic system we have on the UK. The people voted, leaving the EU was the outcome by a small percentage. The majority of the UK voting public wanted to leave. democracy. If I/you/anyone else doesn't like it then then I/you/anyone else should put their efforts into changing (or at least attempting to change) our political system.

    Only yesterday I was reading a comment a friend of a friend had made suggesting that it is "only climate change deniers that voted Brexit". Asides of that comment being blatantly untrue, it also is a gross distortion of fact. Since EU membership in the 1970s overland freight within Europe has increased exponentially, and is at its highest ever (I won't bore you with tonnages, but I do work in the truck industry and have followed this trend with interest).

    My point being that comments such as that made by said friend of friend lead to division and hatred within a country that is already torn. At its worst such attitudes can lead to racism (through blaming ethnic minorities for the situation - I've heard that people from that British Asians and Polish people influenced the vote - why and how could someone believe that shite FFS).

    I am not a fan of the EU (I have my reasons), but even if I had been an ardent remain campaigner (I wasn't) I certainly wouldn't be moaning about the outcome to all and sundry.

    Right, got that toff my chest now :)

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