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    Thanks for the comments....I'm getting more and more tempted to go for it. We have a few months before we're moving so I could put the truck in storage for a bit while we look for a site.

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    Thanks for the advice...I was wondering whether small campsites, cs sites etc are generally ok with large converted commercial vehicles? Any views or experience with this also welcomed. :-)

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    Hello, hopefully this is posted in the right place. My girlfriend and I want to try and escape the clutches of spending all our money on rent. We are contemplating buying a converted 7.5 ton removal truck to live in but are wondering where we would start looking for somewhere to park it.

    We would be happy to pay for a site (would be way less than rent), farm, yard whatever really. We need to be Brighton, Hove, Shoreham or surrounding countryside.

    Any advice appreciated before we spend money on the truck!

    Many thanks,