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    I had morning sickness and quit smoking. I am pregnant with baby number 4. My DP switched to an ecig but I left my alone.
    I got more and more emotional and unable to hold myself together as the weeks went on. And after a bad couple of days I went to visit a friend who listened to my problems and it is a poor excuse but I felt too anxious to drive home so had a cigarette. I hadn't even been thinking of smoking much until that moment.

    I came home and ended up over a few days finishing the addictive free tobacco we had left in the cupboard and then bought a new ecig which never hit the spot.

    My dad is staying in my spare room and smokes and i kept pinching tobacco and then he started leaving me bits of tobacco even after I asked him to keep it in his room away from me. It lasted a day. Emotionally I have felt much better.

    The hardest bits for me are being stuck at home bored a lot. And I can't even see how I will get through day 1.

    I did a pagan quit smoking spell a while ago. I have listened to hypnotherapy on youtube for willpower. I do yoga and meditate but with 3 kids and my partner working shifts I don't have enough time for myself to do it. Though I think it would help a lot. I don't eat as well when I smoke.

    I am disappointed with myself. I am feeling sick again and emotional when I try and get through just the most part of the day. Everyday night I try to visualise myself waking up, eating breakfast and not smoking but every morning I reach for a cup of tea and pinch some tobacco from my dad before he goes to work. I smoke my ecig for the rest of the day and end up smoking tobacco again.

    I have been referred to speak to someone at the stop smoking clinic but I don't feel confident about quitting. I just wanted to rant about my frustration more than anything.

    I read a very detailed description of my Gemini personality and was amazed. The short basic versions not so much. I am very true to my sign and numerology number in so many ways. But I am a shy and sometimes anxious Gemini and not so much the life of the party as often described.

    3 years ago after what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening, I went to a crystal/new age shop and asked for help with clairty. I was handed a box of snall white crystals and choose the one I was drawn to. I wore it in a necklace most days.

    Recently, I lost it (again) and when I found it, the crystal holder had turned round and there was no way to correct it and the crystal hung the other way round. crazy however it happened.

    Then the chain broke and I took the crystal out and it looks worn and a bit battered. A sign I assume.

    Friday I was compelled to choose a new crystal in a new shop. I choose a citrine one, and another onethat I was drawn to but completely forgot the name and details of it! I also bought one as a gift for my boyfriend.

    What should I do with my old crystal? can I use it elsewhere or is it time to let it go?

    Should I go back to the shop and read the name and description or use it anyway without knowing what it does?

    I slept with the citrine crystal under my pillow and the others next to the bed.

    I am hoping to get a rose quatrz crystal yoni egg for my birthday next week too!

    despite having the necklace for 3 years, I discovered the yoni egg earlier this week (thanks layla martin) and only took an interest in crystals after I popped into the shop and bought some more friday.

    also full moon birthday next week! xx

    no matter how many times I clean the shower and bath there is often a little around there and my bedroom window, I think I will ask my mother in law if she can sew them up for me so they arent covering the radiator.

    anyone tried soap nuts?

    I find at the school gates and groups are wealthy or trying to appear wealthy. Sometimes I look at the people wearing their wealth and figured it might be easier for them to just print their bank balance and wear that instead.

    I have friends who make me feel the same and I hate feeling like I am the poor one, but then I remind myself that those things aren't the things I am trying to attract in my own life anyway xx

    I like essential oils I just always run out far too quickly!

    are there any alterntives to bleach for mould/midew/damp? I have some of those cheap throwaway dehumidifiers by the windowsill but i think my curtains are just a bit too long.

    I read a few things online about the dangers of sunscream, full of chemicals and will eventually do more harm than good. But equally skin cancer is real. So is aging!

    Are there genuine alternatives that are safe and natural? I have 3 children and staying in the shade in the day is rarely an option. I feel a bit guilty everytime I apply sunscream!

    Wow, I completely get what you mean. I have been torn for too long, I hate how everyone puts everything on Facebook and some of the parenting blogs I have read seem to be a mixture of look I did this for my blog and look how good I am with a hint of it's really hard being a parent.

    I would like to blog to find a way to express myself and I think I should share more. Maybe that's the battle I have. I too do not want my ego to take over or feel the pressures of satisfying the readers.

    I think you should go ahead and do it otherwise you will be still contemplating a blog of different sorts until you do it.

    I am trying to reduce the amount of chemical products used in the house.

    so far I have decided a damp cloth is good for most things. ecover washing up liquid, white vinegar, baking powder and lemon juice where needed.

    I love scents though and am reluctant to switch to a better alternative for washing powder and I use white vinegar for fabric conditioner.

    I reallt would like to find eco friendly cheap alterntice for washing powder and a way of making it smell lovely. are essential oils the only way?

    what about air freshners? I use air freshners, candles and incense. but concerned about how healthy they are.

    There are some great yin yoga videos on youtube, I initially found yoga to deal with pms and now I do yoga as much as I can. Sadly no yin yoga classes locally to me

    we have hungry guinea pigs who will eat it, the dog also likes to eat grass, annoyingly.

    ok, I was worried if i did the soil now it might get ruined somehow.

    I love grass, I kept looking at the gravel and wishing there was grass to sit on for a better connection to the earth.

    thanks for replies :) xx

    Newbie gardener, I removed gravel and now we are trying to grow a lawn. the soil is like clay and i have ordered some clover as well as having the grass seed ready to go when the moon timing is right. (after the new moon I believe?)

    Today I weeding and pruning. I want to get the top soil down on top of where I want to lay the grass seed down as I have been advised (google) to do. is it ok to do today and leave it or should I wait until nearer the time of putting down the grass seed? also using the top soil to level it out a little.

    also I cant actually find any info about when best to plant grass seed according to the lunar cycle but figured it would be the same as above ground plants

    spells are a way of extending the intentions we send in the same way prayers are intentions, spells are like super prayers to the universe/God :)

    I have recently quit shampoo and condition, I used a small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar which works well. put coconut oil in my hair and had to use a little bit of baking powder to get it out. dry shampoo can help you transition. I am trying to wean off the apple cider vinegar but my hair is feeling great after a few weeks :)