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    Just had a nightmare with EE was on contract with them ..they changed my number and switched company to Orange (in Error) my phone was down two weeks they sent out a new sim...on the wrong number..Massive headache and still took my money for the month..Needless to say terminated contract and got a pac code....Would never go near EE again in my life"""! If you thinking of getting a phone from them don't do it.....

    As others have said industrial areas are a good idea. And not staying in same spot too long. Best bet is try to find a few decent places to park up and alternate between 3 or 4 places. Also common sense don't leave a mess or be too noisy...good luck ))

    Well just got back from strawberry fair. Was a great festival. Didn't particularly like the fence around the site but other than that had a great time. Took the kids they had a ball in the kids area learning circus stuff. Music was pretty good Wango rileys was wicked with PAIN playing and lots of alternative peeps will definitely be attending next year and totally recommend it!

    The seed balls look like pretty cool idea where the seeds are mixed with the compost. These can be made at home before a greening mission. ...

    Jee has it gone downhill? I went every year for about 10 years but missed the last 5 as heard it was cancelled. It used to be great..

    Hi if u put the top soil down now it may be infested with weeds before you put the seed down personally I'd do it at same time and mix seeds in to top inch of top soil. This prevents the birds eating all your new seed. Im fully qualified in horticulture.)good luck!

    As others said fuel at motorways is rip off try for cheapest fuel use supermarkets carfour l'clerc etc I fill up when tank is down to a third as sometimes gaps between petrol stations can be pretty far..brush up on your french as well. One other thing if you like flapjack take from UK I've never seen them in shops in Europe.

    Wow ! This is a great thread looks like a lovely build coming on mate your ingenuity and up- cycling is very cool. Good luck with getting yr petrol tank sorted that sucks about the hole in it. Later)) btw all that from the pub is a cracking deal and you will end up with a piece on history in yr home. The rate pubs are closing in this country there will be very few tradional with period features left in future....

    Depends which camper you buy. The Germans build vans designed to be camped in in winter such as hymen so they are insulated well as well as the water tanks. American rvs and Canadian rvs and b class campers Some have a artic package so can handle down to sub zero no problem even insulated water tanks. Imo English campers you best to get a van and did or have you thought of ex prison van make great living vehicles and come fully insulated due to government health and safety requirements..good luck

    Hi I had a 508 years ago and it was mechanically bullet proof but as others have said the rust is a problem. I now have a 209 sprinter on a 2007 and same problem.. mechanically bullet proof but water based primer means rust is still a ongoing problem. Look for one with service history..In terms of milage engines can do 300k no problem.good luck