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    So I have a t5.1 lwb. Nice little van but will admit a tad more room be nice, but I'm sticking with this van, it's solid and has been well maintained and the slightl;y smaller space is probbaly a blessing in disguise.

    Just mocking up in google sketch up (crudly), but looking at the 70l Fiamma water tank and it take up a lot of room, I plan to be in warmer climates but this is why I want to split the water, incase i'm in very cold conditions I will always have some fresh water (not frozen).

    It is reccomended that weight be kept as low and evenly distributed as possible yes?

    Any issues you can see with me splitting the water up? Any suggestions?


    Yes to all the above and I have to at times, go to visit customers living on big estates and in Mansions, need to scrub up, you can do that equally as well, clean and smart as any shower contraption. Been at it 3 decades and was just saying the extra work hauling water and keeping these things running in winter adds to the chores and you and it can be a drag, trust me on that one. You will find winters in this country are about getting the most done with the least amount of effort and that isnt being lazy, also you do mention being a minimalist.

    You will find chap, and not being a troll with you, like me, Wandering gypsy and others who would, we are old skool N./A travellers and you will find the likes of us will have a laugh at the shower/wet room phenomena in more recent years in vehicles. What I do forget is that not all folk who have and live in vehicles, especially these days, come from or are of this
    culture, there has always been a sense of ribbing sometimes hilarity between N/A travellers and caravan and camping club style outfits, similar thing to the English / Irish joke thang On site years ago, if someone rocked up with a bath or shower in their truck, on their bus, bath set ups were around back in the day there would be sniggles like posh feckers them eh, not meant in harm at all, it was light hearted, and at times on some sites, there would be two halfs to a site, scruffy party head urchins one end and quieter types and families the other end, that way, everyone got on, mostly.

    Thanks to all for your advice..

    I have no figured out what I am going to do.

    Put a big cast iron gold footed bath on my roof rack and bath that way..

    Jokes though..

    Yes taking the damp issue into consideration, but I'd imagine I'd have the air circulating a lot, I love fresh air!

    But on a more serious note, I was in the van tonight, with a tape measure, and depsite being a LWB, still a little tight for any sort of 'wet room' at any size.. Going to have to have a word with myself, unless I decide on a MWB sprinter, but it's finding one in as good a nick as this current one for the price... I'd want a 2010 at least.

    Thanks for all feedback though, opened my eyes a little.

    Thanks for advice, if I did go down this route I'd want just a shower tray and a porta potty, don't wnat to be drilling holes in side of van for loo escape stuff and want to keep my back doors wide open (no pun intended). So the cubicle (however small) would be situated right behind the driver seat possibly.

    The idea I could just take the porta potty out and empty etc.

    Can you suggest good shower trays? These plastic ones look weak, I know they can be supported with wood underneath but wondered if there are any decent ones out there with no toilet cut out ?

    well your brave intending to live in that, i have a twenty ft box van and that is barely big enough at time

    Yeah the more i think about it I ask what am I thinking shower in a t5.

    At most a soar shower on the roof with attachement at the back of the van.

    I don't think it's such an issue living in a t5, it would not be forever, and my main goal would be travel, so not to spend so much time inside, plus it is a LWB. So a little more room than normal.

    I think with clever (not shower) thinking of layout and applying my already minimalist lifestyle it should not be too bad.

    I had a LWB sprinter but it was just TOO big! I thought about a MWB sprinter but i keep changing vans and now I have landed a good one, Full service history and 1 previous owner and 2013 model.

    Just offering fors and against, if your happy to do the extra work involved to have such things, then thats absolutely fine. now tsaid about not washing often, certainly not a soap dodger, but over washing isnt healthy for the skin, washing its natural oils away too often isnt that good.

    Cant offer info or options on building a shower in a small van so I will leave this to the conditioned mind sets who cant live without such house bound trappings.

    All about context..

    If you live in a field and never leave to work or to society then yes fuck showering, but when you work in and amongst a busy dirty environment you need to shower, and if you are living full time and public gyms etc or beaches not an option then you have to look up alternatives.

    Guys this is not a post to explain to the world your washing preferences, if you don't wash often great, I wish you happy days. I am just asking opinion on building a shower inside my van, for whatever reason that may be.

    Be great to have someone feedback on my original post.

    Thanks in advance.

    OK I hope the idea isn't too comical.

    Looking to convert my VW T5 and as you know vast majority of these are low roof. I considered a solar shower but won't always be an option as cool as the idea sounds showering outside.

    Although I do plan to be in Europe where it will be warmer and better public shower facilities, there will still be times in the UK where due to work I'll need to get clean.

    Ideas on a kind of sit down 'wet room' which could also act as a drying out room (with a vent of warm air in and warm air out etc).

    I could use a porta potty in there too which would act as a seat to sit on during shower.

    It would literaly be just big enough to hold the shower and use comfortably.

    I know a few people say 'forget showering it's over-rated' but we are all different and I like a shower most days.

    Look forward to feedback.

    I have never been so engrossed on the topic of waste disposal.

    Still unsure what to do..

    Deffo not cutting holes in the side of me van, and the toilet / shower area is definitley going behind the drivers seat... Deffo a porta-potty type thing though... I can imagine you would need to poop M&Ms to have a satisfactory experience though?

    Been looking online for porta-potty options...

    My toilet/shower combo will be posituoned behnd the drivers seat... I don't want to cut an access hole into the side of the van for stealth reasons.. I was thinkinng the only way would be a porta potty in my shower room...? But this could be a little disastrous.

    Anyone know of any solution without wanting to use a typical cassette / access.

    Only way would be to put the shower / toilet room to the back of the van and face the cassette to the back door but I want to take full advantage of the double open doors.

    Personally, i wouldnt want it that close to the bed, both as i dont like to be too hot at night and any spitting embers when you have the door open are right next to your bedding. Mine is where you have the gas hob in your first drawing halfway over the sliding door.

    That said, im sure plenty of people have them placed similarly to your second drawing with no problems..

    Good shout, I did think that actually. Might be better further away... Though not too close to the LPG bottle? Saying that if the LPG cupboatd is lined with some kind of metal as is the burner surround then no probem.

    Referring to this post and your new layout sketch. Firstly, yes it is low pressure after the regulator which could be fitted to/next to the tank. Personally i would run it externally, whether it be copper or flexy both for ease of access and also if you do have a leak it will be outside.

    As for the plan, youve drawn a very big box for the lpg tank - is this a cupboard with the tank in it, or a dedicated cupboard? If the latter i would rethink your positioning, its a big chunk to take up just for a tank.

    Also, you have battery storage cupboard - theres a shitload of otherwise wasted room under the dual passenger seats to house batteries - im assuming you arent fitting swivels as youve shown a wall and door to the cab.

    Yes external it is then.

    The drawing is not to scale.. LPG cupbard is not as big as it looks.. It would be about 3 inches bigger than the tank all around..

    And yes that space under the passenger seats are staying as there will be a a wall as stated. I have not looked under the passenger seats yet, I will do so tonight..

    How is the placement of the log burner?

    New rough layout plan.. NOT TO SCALE. Just jotting down quickly.

    I have moved the gas hob over with the sink and shower, keep that all on one side.. And the log burner is now near to the seating area / bed... I would have an aluminium sheet on both sides and the rear of burner, should create a nice little heat cove...

    Thoughts please? vanayout.jpg

    You could mount the lpg tank on the left hand side in one of the cupboards which would allow you to fit the filler on the left, the same side as the diesel. You could then run either a low pressure hose, or copper, across the van to your appliance(s)

    Or fit one underneath, look on ebay for lpg doughnut tanks - there was a guy your way on selling them for £15 a few months ago. If you look back a page or two in the ebay finds thread i posted a link in there.

    Edit - link…And-Torpedo-/142687607625

    So on the passenger side where the gas hob is in the above picture. And run it to the hob... would it be best running this low pressure hose internally I guess to minimise any potential accidents. Or is under the van ok, which could actually be better for any repairs?

    When you say low pressure, I guess it's automatically low pressure out of the LPG tank?

    Duhhh yeah silly me...

    Where would be an ideal mounting point of refil inlet if my lpg tank was on the driver side under the now newly mounted hob?

    Thoughts on this..

    Decided to have the gas hobs and sink and shower on the driver side...

    I will need a porta potty as I don't want to cut a cassette hole in the side, as well as this if gas is on that side, and it would be refilable LPG, would I be ok to run a refil hose across my van to the open side door to refil?

    My one absolute golden rule with a full time van, permanent bed. If you raise it up you can have serious amounts of storage space underneath acceptable from the back doors.

    Unless you are a lanky sod, most modern vans are big enough to sleep sideways. 1.5meter wide seems wrong.

    And lose the shower, in reality it will take up way more room than what you have drawn.

    The bed folds up toi the wall.. maximising space... Shower is not to scale I agree...

    Yeah I need to do a proper to scale model..

    If the van is say 4 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, I could make this 8 inches long and 3 inches wide yes? Jst to get the scale correct..


    Just mashing some layouts together and think I found one I like.

    My thinking is to keep the water stuff together (shower, wash sink, tank, pumps) and the gas / fire stuff together.

    I am guessing there will be some under van pipe / cable routing still.

    The bed will fold up tot he van wall whe not in use and will rest on the utility / storage cupbard when down. The bed folded up will have a desk that folds down from the underside of the bed. I want to keep the van looking as spacious as possible.

    I have not accounted for any storage at the upper part of the van wall. This is just the essentials for now.

    This is a very basic plan, no electrics or too in depth (I am heavily resarching this all now).

    Would love to hear your feedback.

    Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 16.34.06.png