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    Thanks... You have just about confirmed my suspicions... On the face of it is sounds good, but it just seemed way too thin....

    I'll probably go for the Celotex type insulation...

    Just scoping out prices.

    I don't know where you're based but I have 4 full sheets of 25mm Kingspan and a huge roll (enough to do an average van twice over) of foil bubble insulation going cheap.

    Got a big chunk of inch thick hdp (plastic chopping board type stuff) today. Ive made four pads to go under my wheels for parking on muddy/soft field etc. Theres approx 2 x 2.5 foot left (enough for one or two sets depending how big you want them)

    Cuts easily with a jigsaw - any use to anyone, can provisionally take to Dovedale.

    May come in useful for future park ups when we set off, if it's going spare please bring it along. Do you still want me to bring the fridge over? (The new one seems to be running well)

    Thanks for the advise guys, yet again you've talked me out of an inverter...

    We ended up getting one of these for £20 (Price has now jumped up to £24).…ksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

    I'm not sure how it compares to the more expense fans such as Endless Breeze but I would certainly recommend it. At 10" it's the biggest usb fan we could find and it moves a decent amount of air. It can be ran straight from a usb port, or has an inbuilt lithium battery that can be charged via usb making it portable.

    Hey guys

    Sorry I've been AWOL (Got into the habit of checking both sites but not posting).

    We initially ruled out having an inverter as our electrical needs are few and can largely be catered for via 12v.
    In this hot weather we have been looking at a fan for over the bed, larger than the 4" usb ones. Most 12v fans of a regular household size , and there doesn't seem to be many, seem to be £40-£80 which seems silly money for a fan. I wondered if the money would be better spent on an inverter that could run a regular fan at little drain to the batteries and also serve us in the future should we need it for anything else, rather than splashing out for custom 12v items.

    Would it just be a case of connecting it up to our fuseboard (feeds from the batteries via our charge controller) with a suitably sized wire gauge and fuse?
    Assuming we wish to power a regular domestic fan, the occasional low power item (laptop/beard trimmer) and potentially a fridge in the future (if our 12v one ever packs in), what size would be needed?

    Thanks, Jonathan

    We soon found out that lugging the keyboard off the bed when ever we needed the bed became a chore. Unfortunately it's too long for any existing space so I built a place for it, even then it only fits diagonally. Sacrificed a bit of floor space but it shall also house our sons bedding, acts as extra seating by the burner, and makes the existing seating a bit more useable as it was previously on the high side.



    Also took it for a new weigh in, 3.5ton exactly with a full tank of fuel, 130l water, fire wood, food and all our belongings. Means we fit nicely into the 175kg 5% grace.

    So after a few weeks of toing and froing between the garage and the AA I'm nowhere nearer a fix. They ordered in a battery thinking it may be that but it wasn't. The garage want £300 to get the instrument cluster repaired and the AA have now said it's excluded from the policy. I can get a used cluster from a local breakers or eBay for £30 or less so I'll order one and swap them over and see what happens.

    You can open unlimited Asda accounts with multiple emails,it's well worth picking up longer receipts from trolleys as Rick already said. There used to be some glitches when placing online orders with Asda where it would generate large APG's for out of stock items. For example you'd order 10 electric toothbrushes with a few cheap items and even though the toothbrushes were out of stock it would still generate a voucher for 60 odd pounds. We got shopping free for months like that. There were also glitches where'd you'd buy several items in store and it would generate vouchers that almost covered what you'd spent.

    If you ever find a farmfoods receipt check if a voucher was used or not. If it wasn't you can print one off and go into the store with it and the found reciept and they will give you the voucher back in cash. For example a £50+ receipt + £5 off £50 spend voucher = £5. £100 receipt + £100 spend voucher = £10.

    If im going to be perfectly honest ive never checked them... Ive only had it a year and half!

    There is a plate on the drivers side b pillar under the catch which gives details.

    :whistling: I'm ok to admit that neither have I then, until today, to be fair I've not put many miles on it.... The fact that they seemed to take quite a while just to get up to 50 is rather disturbing though, my mpg should now improve!

    Ps: Did you know Sainsbury's do free air and water?

    Have you spilt any water on top of the dash or left a window open, got snow in there? Wet gloves? Heavy condensation off the windows? Poor door / screen seals?

    No it all seems dry and hasn't been exposed to any moisture/condensation.

    With the lights, I would tell them it’s first dash lights, then odomitor lights etc, but on the odd occasion it takes out the vehicle lights all together.

    It's never taken out all the vehicle lights. The dash has been flickering ever since the original fault that I thought had been fixed but is now flashing like a strobe light and the dials have all stopped working.

    Upfront with the AA or the garage or both? I try to be upfront with everyone I value the truth.

    Totally unrelated Rick but what do you keep your tyre pressures at? Mine came with a scribbled note on the dash saying 50 front 55 back but that seems on the low side compared to what the owners manual says.

    Good instructions, you know your van. The fascia was a bit awkward to get off but I got there in the end. The wiring all looked ok, no obvious damage to be seen or sign of moisture, although I have no idea what all the wires do or any way of testing them.

    The earth was tight as were the screws holding in the fuse box.

    The engine runs fine, I drove home like that, the 'disco' was slightly dazzling!

    Although I'm no further ahead it's good that I'm gaining knowledge as to how things come apart and fit together for the future. Thank you! :)

    Hmmm perhaps not so easy...

    "10. Electrical System Parts not covered - Sun roof motors and mechanisms, folding roof mechanisms,door and boot locks and lock mechanisms, lamps, bulbs, speedometer and odometer."

    That breakdown/garage cover may be called upon sooner than expected. The dash lights have started flickering again and the speedometer and rev counter have stopped working. I assume that will be covered as you can't really drive any distance legally without not knowing what speed you're doing. 14 day waiting period ends Monday, so I'll call them Tuesday.

    I was set on having a shower in ours and have a tray in all ready for it. I find a shower offers more than just a wash, it wakes me up in the morning and the steam clears my sinuses. However because of how I designed the space, with sliding storage to fill the otherwise dead space, it meant we were limited as it became almost impossible to make the area watertight. We were going to hang a curtain from a flexi tub, held to the ceiling with a magnet, to form an enclosure that drapes into the tray. When not in use it could just be taken down and the wet curtain stored inside the tub. For the shower we were going to use a submersible pump in a bucket of warm water.

    However the shower area is on the small side and far colder than the rest of the van, so in the end I just stood in the bucket by the wood burner and washed with a flannel and I can honestly say I don't miss a shower as I thought I might.

    Well this is it guys! Sold our car and picking up a Citroën Relay with a toilet, double bed, lots of cubby holes and storage, solar panels, running water, gas stove, oven and grill, fridge and an awning for... Get this £1600 think we did pretty well negotiating that. Thanks everyone for helping. It calms my nerves to know you are all really people and some of you are really doing this! :)

    Sounds a lot of gear for the money! You must share some pictures when you get it :)

    Sorry to hear of your plight fire-tree. I wish I could offer some practical suggestions but your mechanical knowledge (even if it's small) is vastly greater than mine, I do feel your pain though! A quick search for Ford Connect alternators seems to bring up parts a lot cheaper than you paid, is that because there easier to come by over here? If so would it be worth taking one with you if you plan on making the return journey anyway?