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    i just eat all the time, can never do the big meal for breakfast cos i just cant fit that much food in me without feeling very sick in the morning. fruit alone doesnt work as a snack for me, id be hungry 20 mins later so it definitely needs accompanying. healthy snacks for me are, toast, fruit, yogurts, seeds/nuts, dried fruit, crackers/rice cakes (whole grain), cereal bars (home made though as shop ones are generally crap and either full of sugar or air). i dont eat it but humus (or however you spell it) and veg sticks seems popular with healthy people. um generally healthy stuff - try eat whole grain, white carbs just dont do anything for you except leave you feeling hungry, same with sugar. try make sure your eating the right balance of food from the food groups. as for exercise wise, fidget lots! i think this comes more naturally to some people than others but try to notice if you are quite still when your sitting/standing. not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me :D

    i think it could scare people a bit. i dont really see why everyone nneds to know, cant just the people who are gunna do stuff to stop crime know? saying that, makes u curious! i dont think il look, dont wanna scare myself into not going out!

    clean lots! and have easily cleanable things, like carpets are worse cos they just hold cat hair and sofas and generally fluffy/fabricy things. antihistamines work for me but some people dont like taking them cos of chemicals but depends whats more important to you. hopefully he will get used to it. i had like what paul said, we had a cat until i was about 11 and i was fine and then me and my sister (who have asthma) then became allergic to cats.

    claire apparently the 28 day rule is all you are allowed on one site for a whole year. i not looked into it, someone said so at college and it was someone who would be very knowledgeable about these things. but im sure theres lots of "normal" people who like keep caravans on a site and go visit them like for lots of random weeks over a summer and im sure would be more than 28 days so this rule confuses me muchly.

    i think this is a great idea and a shame its so complicated/expensive to do

    It's odd really, coz i usually try to employ people who aren't sheep, coz i find them more interesting, and as I've gotta spend 1/3 of my life at work I'd prefer to do it with people capable of independant thought!


    isnt that just the same as "normal people" picking other norms? iv never had any probs with my dreads, and mine arent neat but i tie them up and no employer has ever mentioned them and while at work i have been asked about them but in an interested rather than disapproving way. maybe i am just really bad at telling what people think but i dont think im that bad. you gotta appear normal and on their wave length, same as you would expect someone to do for you. i dont think it is all about your dreads but on occasion it might be which is crap considering what work you are looking for but hope you find something soon xxx

    well you will hate me, im late for everything, always
    im really shy and hate approaching new people and hate making phone calls to strangers
    i procrastinate and waste so much time, like this week, i have achieved pretty much nothing in the last 4ish days, im also very lazy

    i know my issues, doing something about it is the hard part

    whilst talking to my mum about what the children at school call me, cos they have to use my full surname which is 27 letters long and double barrelled, she said.. 'why dont they call you Mrs Pencil... ' I looked at her quizzically, 'HB' she said
    I am so gonna use that as my nom de plume!

    love it! never thought of that before, i may call you that too, much easier to remember :D

    for the purple prickles you could just do them out of card or something and stick them on with like selotape, shoes on the wrong feet for turned out toes, face paint on his nose?

    i wanna save the planet for anything that has a capability to feel and experience good things. so people and animals (some may say plants too but thats a different matter altogether). to save it just for people is in my opinion a bit selfish, but even if you do think like that, you gotta be good to plants and animals anyway in order to "save the world" so they will never know :)

    i think that technically your not meant to, but i think it mainly depends on if other locals complain about it and then you can get loads of letters stuck on saying has to be moved in so many days, has to have a light on it, has to face the right direction blah blah. that was in bristol, other councils may have different rules but tbh i would leave it where it is and face any problems/complaints when/if they ever come. specially as its not blocking anyone elses view or anything, should be fine

    janna you will be just fine. i am queen of fear and you are nothing like me. im sure not everyone will be exercise freaks and you should give yourself more credit, i seen you carry maya for ages without any look of difficulty, your not unfit :)

    I'm not sure that turning my flat into a jungle will impress the landlady! But thanks for all the awesome ideas, especially the sprouting things coz i have cupboards i can use too.

    u could make them bonzai trees, im sure she wouldnt mind that, and then you could have teeny weeny fruit, or does it not work like that? :D

    yeh grow trees! that would be awesome! you could grow like spring onions, they are small, sprouts is good, im very slack at growing food, must stop moving house :D