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    Quote from ms-violet

    Definitely good to see some normal breasts.
    But, although I guess I've not seen that many naked boobs in my time, those 'tubular' ones are quite strange..... :eek:

    yeh that did stike me too, but then everyones different

    well yeah it wasnt just cars though it was everything. some people also said well its too late now so theres no point in trying. which is so stupid cos i feel like yes we have gone too far but we can at leats try and stop it from going too much further. and yeah i know what its like living in the middle of know where, im half a mile from a bus stop but it stops at 6 so after that its impossible to get anywhere without a car.

    the other day me and my friends were talking about cars and stuff and i said i would use buses and trains as much as poss even if i had a car and everyone else didnt really understand that, and it turns out like none of them cared about the environment and i thought that yeh a lot of people dont really know what to do to help and it often doesnt occur to people but these guys just didnt care at all and said they didnt need to worry cos nothings going to happen in their lifetime. is this just people my age or are there loads of people that always think like this? (i don't mean you lot lol, just other people)

    - 4 or - 5 both ways, i dont remember exactly cos i did a bit ago, and yeh i did ponder over quite a few questions cos i didnt know what they meant and had to ask people, my score might not be entirely accurate then

    i bought a cd and they put it in a bag and i said oh i dont want one and they said oh we have to, which is bollocks cos the rest of the time they never make you have one there. an yeh it seems impossible to buy anything that doesnt involve plastic

    hmm i always wear socks when im inside, they keep my feet warm and spikey things hurt less and u can slide around easier. but outside barefeet is nice in the summer, but wearing shoes doesnt exactly bring me down.

    whats wrong with a mobile? i know people that waste loads of money on them but apart from that i can't see whats wrong with them. do 9 year olds have moblies now? haha i feel old and im really not lol. but still at that age itl just be texting her friends every now and then, which theres no harm in.

    i think shes just growing up and wanting to fit in at school, nobody wants to feel different so it makes sense that shes going to want a tv, play station etc although ive never had a tv in my room and i have never wanted one either, the one in the living room is nice so im not paying for another smaller one. and i never had a playstation at all cos i think they are pointless. i think half an hour is very low but then if you spend a lot of time with her its not like shes wondering around with nothing to do, although it seems at that age and up nobody wants to spend time with their family. i dont think you should just give in but don't come accross as the enemy because things will get worse. show her your her friend. i love my mum loads but i feel we drifted apart when i was younger because theres so many things i don't feel like i can talk to her about that i wish i could but i just dont feel close enough. tell her you understand that shes growing up and wants more space but you just don't want her to waste her life away. if she has lots of hobbies or school clubs then thats good.

    ok so what shampoo/soaps do people use and are they easy to get off like the highstreet or do you have to go to some fancy shop?

    and whats the conclusion on wax?

    and why not use elastic bands??

    (sorry about all the questions :))

    haha i got a letter about pensions too, made me laugh. i would prefer to just save up some money myself instead of doing it thorugh some bank or whatever cos then i could just spend it on what i liked, as long as i have enough to feed myself when im all old

    i have really bad hand eye co-ordination cos im right handed but i have problems with my right eye so my left eye does most the work, but i cant still juggle so there is hope :)

    i can juggle 2 balls and clubs, its fun :) and i can kinda ride a unicycle but i havent in ages actually and i can only go forward on it, staying still is really hard! i used to go to a circus skill club thing, i didnt really get taught anything, just practised.

    whats poi by the way? cos your all talkin about it and i have no idea