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    i hope things get better for you, and yeah summer is coming (slowly but surely) the other day the sun shined all warm on my face and i got a huge burst of happiness. i hope the sun shines on you.

    hey im not great on advice being so naive and with basically no life experience but keep positive and i hope you can come to the gathering cos itl be a wonderful experience with such kind people, enough to make anyone happy i think. have big warm hug

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    That's very inspiring Chazz! What nice experiences :)

    yeh you must have had a wonderful time, im very jealous :)

    maybe im just wierd but i like seeing wind turbines, i think they look nice, like modern windmills (and old school windmills are so cool) and you feel like they are actually doing good which is a nice feeling

    hmm i dunno but i have really bad sleep problems (well ther enot that ba dbut i dont get enough) and in the mornings i spend sometimes up to an hour pushin the sleep button on my alarm clock and i get the wierdest feelins/situations in between and i get myself all confused cos i wake up and go to sleep every 5 mins constantly, its kinda wierd. i remember once thinking my alarm clock was too loud and spent ages looking for the volume button (which of course it didnt have)

    paul i love your van! it is soooo gorgeous! and all them lil flowers are so cute and the smiley face too and well yeh all of it :D

    well mine don't seem much shorter than my hair was before but some people say theres shruk a lot so i wouldnt like to say for sure. although yours sounds long enough to dread anyway. dont know about layers though cos my hair is all the same length

    i have no idea but my friend was painting her room the other day and decided to mix the paint with her hands and it hasn't come off yet

    well im not veggie/vegan so if it was my house then it wouldn't bother me to eat meat. if it was there house then it would be up to them, if they didnt want me to then i wouldn't complain. as for going out, if someone really really objected to it then i wouldnt but normally i would. although i do feel bad now because i have never really considered what my veggie friends thought. but they never said anything so i dont think they care that much

    i think its good cos for some non smokers (like me) just the smell and the atmosphere form smokers is horrible. although i can see where the smokers are comeing from, must be anoying, but i think its only fair to think of other peoples health

    dont worry im not having them because they are cool/fashionable. theres a couple of people at my college with them but i havent ever spoken to any of them and half my friends are telling me not to have them lol. ah man i cant wait, gunna be soooo great

    ah so are you paying off debts then? i think it will take its toll but it depends on how long you will be living like that. theres a chance that there are slips in your functioning but you just havent realised maybe. i dunno, i dont think i could do it. although i think its amazing that your life is so cheap, must make you realise how much stuff people buy they dont need. don't you get lonely on your own though? are you hoping that once you have paid off whatever you owe you will change the way you live?

    wow, i would say thats quite impressive. although i dont really understand, are you planning to continue like that or are you saving for something or what? and how can you live on 1/7th the amount of food you need, it seems crazy to me. don't you get really really hungry?

    hmm i swear i wrote something, i muts have accidently deleted the post or something, clever me. anyhoo thanks for your advice fleassy, i no they arent going to be perfect instantly i just want them to be like individual rather than a huge clump for years

    ok now im confused cos everyone on seems to be saying don;t do anything to them and let them do whatever they want but then other people say that new dreads take loads of maintenance/time. what are your views on this?

    thank you :) i wont get any wax then, i wa sthinking it looked like a bit too much effort and money anyway. yeh i was thinking of salt water cos they say the sea is good so i thought id cheat. i think i will use bands, just for a little bit, to seperate them because my friend said she new someone whos all matted together, which i dont fancy

    ok ok so im getting dreads wooo :D but im gettin told loads of different things which is all very confusing for me. so anyhoo i found some baby shampoo which says it doesnt leave residues and i cant find wax anywhere so im going to get it off the net so my hair will have to wait a while for the wax but i cant see that mattering too much. and im gunna back comb it. and use wax 4 a bit at 1st but then just let it do it itself after there a bit more done. also a lady in a salon said cos my hair is straight to use hairspray on them but i have never heard this before so is it a good idea? and is my plan so far good? what would you recomend/not recomend. thank you :)