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    Quote from Coyote

    Ooo ooo ooo :cheshire: when you find out where they sell them please come back and tell us all too!!!!!:D

    no way, if i find one i shall leave this crappy place :D hehe

    Quote from Marlboro

    I once heARd thaT the lungs were the best naTuraL filtrATion system ARound, which most certAInly would render ANy smoke thaT one bellows out undANgerous to ANy inhAlers..

    what about all the smoke coming of the cigarette itself? my granny died because of lung cancer and everyone she lived with smoked but she didnt but it still affected her. passive smoking DOES happen!

    yeah definately luck, i have a relative in her 80s whos been smoking solidly all her life and is fine but others arent so lucky, and its not only your life it shortens but makes you unfit, coughing, wrinkly, costs a fortune, generally smells bad, and then theres passive smoking, its one thing to do it to yourself but to other people seems very unfair speacially around children. anyhoo lecture over :whistle:

    (damn i just read that i said i would leave it at that, never mind)

    Quote from Marlboro

    Hmmm. If you stabbed my best friend you'd go to prison and then wish you were dead! Ironic, eh? And death isn't THAT bad compared to other things, is it? Such as being a slave, or being locked inside the Big Brother house. You look way too far into some things, Hannah. :insane:

    ok clearly your views and values of life are very different to mine so il leave it at that

    never mind weecab, nobodys perfect :)

    and marlboro, how is it not a big deal? if i stabbed you best friend would that be ok cos all i did was kill him/her? n dont you wanna have as long a life as possible?

    clever me, i did a braid/wrap whatever you wanna call it in my mums hair just now and (if i do say so myself) its not bad for the first one, cept the tops a bit wierd, how do other people tie them in at the top?

    yey :) waste of time hair brushes are hehe. if your ever feeling down or wanna chat il be happy to think of lots of reasons of why you are wonderful. your heart knows whats best, listen to it lots :hippy:

    Quote from Coyote

    . They are so funny to watch when its raining :reddevil:

    haha know exactly what you mean, loads of my friends and people at college are like that.

    anyhoo back on topic, be yourself hun :) make up, straightners, "fashionable" clothes etc dont make anyone prettier its just common really. and if you think dreads will put people off, well do you really wanna be with anyone thats not gunna like your dreads or you for who you are? you really are beautiful so try not to put yourself down. remember its better to have a few friends/boyfriends (obv not in one go!) who love you for who you are than looooads who like you for being a fake cos it wont make you happy :hippy:

    ok i really dont know much about politics but id say lib dems cos if they get in then we get PR and then there would actually be a point in voting for parties like the green party. just a wasted vote at the moment :(

    Quote from Atomik

    Why do any of us do things that are bad for us? Personally though, I wouldn't have started smoking if it wasn't for weed. I'd got a nicotine habit from smoking joints without even realising it.

    yeah i get what you mean, but smoking is just a real big one for me, it just seems so unessecery but thats cos i have never done it so i dont know of its good things. and if i ever take drugs i wont be smoking them.

    self harm is something i just dont understand but im very sorry that you feel you have to do it, there is help available though so good luck. and weecab has a good point of finding the problem thats causing you to do it. give yourself lots of love :hug:

    Quote from wiggy

    Im speachless

    Hannah she has turned you to - run while you can, next thing she will be tryoing to take you for a 'walk' in the woods and she WILL watch you when you pee

    actually (no idea why im saying this) i member at the beach she said "hannah i can see you pee", dirty girl, she must have had her eye on me since then cos all you other girls were there fore her to watch too :eek:

    Quote from Marlboro

    Not much point, it'd be near impossible; almost everyone I know smokes, so I can't avoid it!

    when i was 15 i was in a group of friends and every single one of them smoked and i never did. i know its easier if you have never started but still, dont let it stop you. i cant understand how anyone can smoke when everyone knows how bad it is for you.

    ooo very pretty and those shades kick arse! :D i decided im gunna teach myself how to wrap/braid hair but i need to use other people as models :D

    Quote from willowman

    No way Hannah!!! You both look very lovely indeed.:sun:
    See you soon :waves:
    not long til Strawberry Fair.

    woohoo im so excited :D i bought you and debs (is it? i may be making up names again :o ) a pressie today cos i felt rude coming when i dont even know you hehe

    Quote from arlia

    oh i see, i wasnt being funny or anything!
    hmmmm......maybe i got that from being on the plane......oooo i hope not!
    varicouse viens runs in the familly i sure hope its not that, coz that sure is ugly

    i think that runs in my family but what im thinking of is just really visible veins not one sthat hurt, but apparently the age of getting it is getting younger arghh

    good luck though, whatever it is im sure will be fixable :)