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    yep bicarbonate of soda is great, i wouldnt say you should wahs them infact im pretty sure wahsing them with any kind of soap/shampoo is gunna leave stuff in them and generally not have much purpose. this is just my opinion tho. what i do is fill the sink with warm waterand put in a generous amount of bicarb (if your using the type you get in the baking aisle of supermarkets then use about 1/5 or 1/4 of the tub on the first time you do it) and perhaps a couple of drops of a nice essential oil - i use tea tree cos its good for your scalp. dunk your head in the sink and use a cup to get water onto the back of your neck and give it a good scruff/rub for a couple of minutes ish. the water should go brown, specially if you have never done it before of for a while. i tend to do this every few months and the rest of the time just get it wet in the bath every week or 2 but i dont actually wash it with soap/shampoo. my hair never smells unless its damp but thats just like wet washing smell, always goes away when its dry. hope it works xxx

    thanks guys! sorry my replies were not very good or wordy, been feeling rather spacey, felt very close to throwing up this morning! interview went well i think, i giggled a bit but half way through when i was struggling with what to say the guy said my answers had been fine (yey) and the place is so so so amazing, i want it so much! find out at the end of next week if i get it or not xxx

    yeh thats it :)

    age group is 7 - 12. whats a balloon debate??

    i got an interview for a job yey! its at called camp wild and its a place where kids go on camps and stay in yurts for a few days or a week and the job im going for is evening staff so after they have had their fun day of doing lots of stuff il be with them in the evening while they chill out and have dinner and stuff and do some activities. and the lady said that i will be asked in the interview about what activities i would do with them so i need help thinking of ideas, its kind of hard cos i dont know the site or know what equipment/stuff they have. so far i have come up with:
    bug hunts
    earth walks - using mirrors, sticky tabs to collect leaves etc on
    journey sticks - where you go on a walk and have a stick and you tie on things that you find on the way to represent the journey/walk you did
    making musical instruments from random stuff
    hooping - i got lots of hoops i can take

    i thought team games would be fun but i cant think of any! what else could i do? it cant really be big stuff cos thats what they will have done in the day.

    also she said they will ask me about health and safety, and that confuses me cos health an safety to me is common sense and iv never had to actually talk about it so what kinda stuff do i need to know/say for that?

    thanks lovelies and wish me luck, its on monday afternoon, after an exam, not gunna be a fun day!

    I do post on there hannah :) and would never tell someone to chill out, everyone is free to rant and think what thay want and your right ita all to easy to moan and complain, i was just trying to raise awarness of comunicating in a negative manner leads to more doing the same, so was trying to suggest happy hippy thoughts to all :D

    i know you were, and this thread did remind me to be happy, and then my hosue mate was rude to me and that made me upset but then i cheered myself up again so all is good xxx

    people tend to only notice the bad, and people sometimes only speak up if its bad. i got lots of facebook statuses among my friends saying how they finished all their exams and they are over the moon! i must admit i been very moany recently but i had a lot on and like i said to someone yesterday - dont tell me to "chill out" let me have my rant about a kitchen knife because i want to and then give me a hug.

    im sure u will see lots of happiness, get on the "what made you smile today" thread, if anyones still posting in it haha :D

    Sorry Hannah, I meant not to have a large meal after 6. In theory we need less for in the evening as we've spent most of our energy during the day so we don't need a lot of food (obviously circumstances may differ!). But if you're eating a proper meal at 8, then off to bed at 11, you're still digesting food. And I think that's bad although I couldn't tell you why :D

    ah that makes far more sense, although i have heard eating carbs later helps you sleep and like athletes eat loads of pasta the day before races n stuff. however i dont think this has anything to do with weight loss so off topic :D

    and yes i know a lot of people who dont eat much in the day and then eat lots of crap in the evening and they are all on the larger side. people think i eat loads but i think i just spread it out so i always seem to be eating. oh and also it helps to keep your stomach small cos i dont eat massive meals, so my stomach doesnt stretch and i tend to get full quickly but then get hungry sooner after.

    little and often is good, but no eating after 6pm?? i cant go 2 hours without eating so im still eating at like 11pm dont really know if thats good or bad but if you eat little and often i dont see how you can just stop at 6.

    anyhoo change all your carbs to wholegrain, it amazes me how many people dont do this, flour, bread, pasta, rice, cereals etc

    and get a hula hoop, they are awsome for keeping fit and very fun :)

    hmm, im looking about iron, one website says soy and whole grains inhibit iron absorption from other foods, and one says that they contain iron so im very confused. i dont think i am particularly lacking in iron but i will increase it to see, thanks x

    i seem to have a lot more bruises on me recently, more than normal, and i know i hoop a lot and that i get bruised from that but it seems im getting a lot more and even big ones that i dont remember doing anything to cause. is there like a health/diet thing that could be causing me to bruise too easily? i dont think its anythign bad just curious, thanks xxx

    All being well, I'm going! :D Looking forward to it already.

    I'm going to be in England with (hopefully) my car and caravan, but apparently caravans aren't allowed, so does anyone know where I can stash it? I've never been to that part of the world before.

    if you get a job at the festival then you can take your caravan :)

    i am with stardust, she is beautiful! surely the point of hippy style buses is they are old and cheap and you do them up and make them your own. this one is in perfect condition and well expensive, she should be left alone.