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    i used to have a room where the radiator didnt turn off and it was a nightmare so i feel for you! can you ask the landlord to look at the radiator situation? and if you can set the boiler on a timer (which you should be able to do) then maybe agree as a house the times of day you want it on. make it very clear that you will not pay a quarter of the bill if the heating gets left on at ridiculous times of day or when people arent in.

    i do have one, but its at my parents house which is in surrey, i have no idea how much it would be to send. its 9ft wide i think so its like a large porch awning but it means it should fit any caravan. it in fine condition but i have a feeling i didnt clean it before putting it away. how much were you wanting to spend? xxx

    always listen to hannah - she speaks sense - and often silliness which will make you laugh - so its all good ;)

    oooh there is no normal! i have absolutely no routine when it comes to food - i eat when i am hungry and stop when i'm full

    indeed, the sillyness does make sense to me though, maybe not other people. also another tip, dont have unhealthy things in the house, I will never leave a chocolate bar unfinished! especially multi packs (even though specially offers like buy one get one free make this really really really hard!) cos then it just isnt there for you to eat and then you are forced to eat something proper. and then cos you are so good most of the time, when you are not good you dont have to feel guilty about it. and also, one thing i like to live buy is that if food is free, the calories dont count! this only works if you dont get free food very often. if it doesnt happen very often then its usually very exciting so you should make the most of it :D

    yeh its all a bit confusing, swift cover have told me they will beat any other price i find. but so far my best price is a bout a third of what there best price was

    well so far aviva are proving to be soooo much cheaper than anyone else which is kinda cool, but keep giving me name sof insurers and il try them, the price comparison websites are rubbish!

    How old is it? And how long have you had it and when were you going to come and visit me in it???

    made in 2000, had it like a day! but its in the garage so i haven't actually got it yet. i will come and visit when i money starts falling from the sky, you live too far away! although if i can afford i will come visit when i go home to see parents or something as you are in vaguely that direction xxx

    i guess this belongs here, for you mechanicy minded people - my van needs a new break servo (i have totally made up that spelling) and other than looking at local breakers and on ebay where can we look for one? apparently they are very expensive new so its worth the postage for a second hand one cos it'd still be much cheaper. thanks! xxx

    I wasn't suggesting lying as such, just being a little bit...creative? Can you find somewhere to park it off-road? Might be worth seeing if you could rent a place for a couple of quid a week if it makes that much difference. On the upside, it would be safer too of course. It's a pain when they get broken into, it happened to me. Of course I had to pay the excess and then next years insurance went up too. Cheaper to pay to park it somewhere safe.

    doubt there would be anywhere that would be near enough to bother with that would be affordable

    Yay! Nice van! Can you do anything about the postcode? i.e. Where it's registered? It can make a hell of a difference.

    its very nice :D not really, don't like the idea of risking saying i live at another address. i want a small excess on it cos i cant afford to pay out lots if anything does happen, and that doesn't seem to make a big difference to the insurance quotes im getting anyway

    ive got mine insured with direct line, its around 400 for the year, its a long wheelbase high top plain white van with no windows.
    what i put inside it has nothing to do with the insurance company.
    make sure its insured as leisure only, limit the mileage if you can (they rarely, if ever check)
    makesure that an occupation cant possibly be associated with van usage otherwise the insurance just assume its for that, even if you tell them otherwise.

    not sure what else can help....

    yeah i have said its leisure only, occupation is student and milage is 5000, and i have 5 years no claims. my down sides are my age, 22 and that its kept on the street over night but theres nothing i can do about them

    this thread is awesome, go super pumpkin! :D

    i just wanna add one thing which is - make food your friend!
    after air and water, relatively simple things to get right, food is like the most important thing and it deserves your thoughts and efforts and as much time as you can possibly give it (obviously this is different for everyone cos everyone has different levels of busyness).

    oh and always eat breakfast!

    So i bought a van, yey me!
    Insurance is looking super expensive though so where does everyone else get theres? Especially interested to know about any under 25 year olds cos i think it must be my age that is making it so much. thanks for your help :) xxx

    Just realised I didn't see you. Well, I did, on the Thursday, but thought "meh she's busy and I'd be interrupting and I'm sure I'll get a chance to say hi at some other point" - then didn't see you again! Sod's law :p

    thats rubbish! i was in the same spot for the whole festival, no excuses!

    seems too restricting for me, if your veggie does that mean you only eat fruit/veg and nuts and seeds? i can see that its good to cut the crap from your diet but i could never live without pasta