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    I saw this item a few days ago, thought it was a good topic bacause it sums up the probs for most of the high, windy & mostly empty parts of the UK. So what do u think the answer/s is/are??

    Link to BBC story

    Wind power dilemma for Lewis

    By Paul Rincon
    Science reporter, BBC News, Stornoway

    Opponents say the wind farm could destroy huge areas of peatland

    Lewis, the most northerly island in the Hebrides, is home to one of the largest peatland habitats left in Europe.

    The blanket bog occupies thousands of hectares, forming an environment of waterlogged splendour that supports dozens of rare bird and insect species.
    For the inhabitants of Lewis, particularly the crofters whose system for working this land dates to Medieval times, the peatlands are the living heart of this island.
    But its traditional economies are in terminal decline and council leaders warn that the numbers of young people leaving in search of better prospects on the mainland are fuelling a demographic crisis.
    Some believe the way forward for Lewis lies in making use of one of its untapped natural resources: the wind. Three wind farms have been proposed for Lewis, with the collective potential to generate more than 1,000 megawatts of electricity.

    The big this out of all of this that I see is that Charlie is talking to you both & not bottleing it up. That's a good thing.

    What ever you do that big thing is to keep the little one informed & allow him to talk to both you, Si & hopefully his dad, when he can be bothered.

    Lots of support for you here keep talking & asking for ideas & support I'm sure it will be here for you all dureing this.

    All the best

    :eek: WOW what a strange twisty ride reading this thread is !!!

    Anyways I admit that I understand Elliott's feelings as I now can understand these feelings. To me all the "soppymental"

    sentiments & feelings now make sence. Why? Because I've now found someone who allows me to be myself & fit totaly with her as well. This never happend to me before.

    Loveing someone does not mean that all is well in the world or even in my own little version of the world but it realy helps to know that there is someone there beside you who will do anything for you because they wish to & that you willingly wish to do the same right back for them.

    Enjoy the feelings Elliott, long may they last & be returned to you as it's fantastic when your in LOVE


    You have my sympathy. I'm apparently a very loud snorer :o All I can suggest is that your get him off to the docs & see what the situation is. The one I saw said that there is quiet a few things that can be checked & if need be done to help the situation.

    The only good thing is that is not being done deliberatly. Little help I know.

    I love all trees the older the better. A few favs are oak, willow & pine. I've loads of tree pics but here's 3 for you to pass comment on. :hippy:

    Croxteth Park Liverpool

    Croxteth Park Liverpool

    Botanic Park Liverpool

    I have a 50% deficite in the areas that dyslexia affects me, I've also spent a lot of time with adult dyslexics of all levels.

    There are several things I'd like to say to you. Firstly try to find out all you can about what you have difficulities with, then try different ways of getting around those weak areas. Don't give up looking for new ways of working on the weak areas. Everyone has to grow around their weaker areas by learning & trying.

    You would probally benifit from getting re tested for of the usual suspects dyslexia & ADHD etc. I went from being a borderline dyslexic to haveing the 50% loss over a space of about 15 years.

    Drop me a line if you want to chat.
    Good Luck & dont stop trying

    I'm firstly glad that this thread was moved & not locked, thx admins.

    I firmly believe, as I think most people here do, that your diet is your choice. A place/site like this is not I think a full representation of society, but I'm happy to be here as there are a lot of things & opinions that are discussed here that I feel strongly about & a lot of like minded people, independant of your diet.

    There is SUPPORT for hopefully anyone on almost if not every subject that we hit face on during lifes travels. That to me is the best parts of this site, friendship, support, help, advice & encourgement to find your own path.

    "Long live UK Hippy"

    I'm realy sorry to hear your news today. There's not much I can say that has not been said already.

    Just remember that there are people here who can listen & talk to you when you wish to.

    Take Care

    You got 11 right!
    0-5: Seat in Heathrow arrivals.... 6-10: Seat on the district council......11-13: Seat in Parliament.....14: Seat on the throne

    :broc: :carrot: Engage SMUG MODE:carrot: :broc: