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    I suspect if it looks expensive enough they wont care, I bet lockers and panels where the underun bars usually are, some chrome trim and a professional looking shiny paint job would make all the difference.

    It's not the vehicle they don't want after all, it's the type of person they assume is inside it.

    It was unfortunate as our first time on a camp site and first trip in the truck. But there are also brilliant small sites out there. At the end of the day, if they don't want our money, there are lots that do.

    Hi DM, we showed them inside and the log book but they weren't interested, it looks like a commercial vehicle. Please leave.

    I'm going to say lorry seeing as we live in one, 😁
    But on our first trip to a campsite, after booking in and being shown to our spot we were asked to leave because they didn't want any commercial vehicles.
    With a bus i like the fact that you can walk straight to the drivers seat without having to get dressed and go outside.

    We are on three. We get a good signal where others get none. It's £20 a month and includes all you can eat data. As we are out and about we can do Internet stuff to stay in touch, watch telly, all sorts.

    Another biker here. Riding for 20+ years. Been a riding instructor also done blues and two's runs. I build them, fix them and ride them.
    Ironically I don't have a bike at the moment, trying to raise money to fund one.
    You know you're getting withdrawal symptoms when the "smell" of a hot bike goingby on a nice day does it for you.

    For what it's worth.
    My mental health seems to be going downhill fairly rapidly.
    For many issues I won't bore you with I have been taking 200 mg of fluoxotine/sertraline. Have been on them for years.
    The biggest help though is recently I found some people who are into the same things as me ( working on land-rover, motorcycles, anything mechanical engineering wise).. We have a barn to use and sometimes we will just sit and gas about life, string theory, schrodingers cat and put the world to rights over a cup of tea.
    Getting out and doing that has helped me more than my chemical cosh.

    Even when we lived in houses an mot was a pain. Now that our lorry is also our home, the mot is a time of night terrors and great stress.
    We use council mot centers because they don't work on the vehicle so they won't invent work that they say needs doing and rip you off.

    Agreed, we have been parked on an industrial estate for about a year. No problems, keep our area tidy and now and then l move the truck to sweep out the leaves and bits that gather underneath. A caravan turned up right behind us and we ended up having fights going on outside our window. 47kg gas bottles, washing lines and a generator that never seemed to be off. Once they appeared, the businesses went to the council and police and they moved them on, fingers crossed it's quiet again now.