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    My birthday moan (today kampaman) is I am sick to death of everytime I put the tv or news on its about bloody football!! surely I cant be the only bloke in the country that hates it?? I wish england would bloody lose so everyone will shut up about it.

    My sport is martial arts. now if they gave that the same coverage as football. I might be more interested! sorry to hyjack your thread by the way.;):(:cursing:

    As a guideline, any time the cable changes size ( or effective size if there is a ring circuit ) there should be a fuse ( or equivalent ). The fuse is there to protect the cable, so running 2x2.5mm to a ring main, 2.5mm to garage sockets and 1.5mm to lights from the same fuse is bad. You could have the garage sockets connected to the ring via a fused spur and the lights working from a 13a plug, this is fused.

    yes i did say in my explanation that the feed from my house will go to a fused spur in my workshop, then the electrics to feed the workshop plug sockets and lights will run from that to protect everything. I just cant remember how I rigged up the light switch from the fuse spur?

    Hi All,
    I want to wire up my workshop with lights and plug sockets. I have done this before but need reminding, a diagram or explanation would be helpful to jog my memory. What I did before was to take the mains supply from a junction box in my house that feeds the plug sockets in the house. then ran it to my garage and connected it to a fused spur, then from the spur, I connected that to the plug sockets (looping them together to make 4 double sockets). I vaguely remember putting in a junction box alongside the fused spur, but I cant remember how I rigged up the light switch from this setup to the light in the garage.

    Can anyone explain this in laymans terms from the fused spur in my workshop? or better still a diagram. I will do the same to get the power from the house to the workshop. Yes I know you should run it from a fused box in the house, but I've never done that, and it will be more complicated. my method of taking it from a junction box that feeds the house plug sockets worked well for year with no probs. I just need the advice from the fused spur in the workshop please.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

    We have a 2000w inverter, and was told by the people we bought the inverter off not to use anything above 700w on it. so I went on ebay and bought an old 80's NOS hairdryer (650w) and my wife has run it for 10 mins continuous without hardly using anything. we do have 2 x 115amp batts running in parallel though, and 200watt of solar panels.

    Do you live in your van full time? If so with your health you must worry what will happen if you cant drive anymore, or are too sick to keep moving around. I do hope you have the option of a permanent home should that happen. I guess that must worry a lot of van dwellers though, what If I cant drive anymore?

    Thanks guys re boat mail clarification. At the mo, we use my mums addy, but wonder what I'm going to do when she passes on eventually being well in her 80's. Cant bring myself to move into her bungalow, for a start it will make us feel old (we're only a young 57 ) plus I just don't think we could handle being trapped behind 4 walls! I was born to be on the road and free, I had that yearning since my teens. :)

    What is boat mail? and how will it benefit you if you live in a campervan?

    I have 2 100w bosch solar panels, they are designed to work in low light conditions, it runs my lappy through an inverter, and my TV, and even my wifes 850w hairdryer! never had any probs. I have two 110 amp batts.

    to me... not stealing from skips is part of conforming to society which is necessary whether you like it or not else (currently at least) economy would be screwed and we'd be worse off.

    Are you sure your on the right forum? I think you'll find that most on here don't want to conform or be controlled by this evil government that has made a crap society for us to live in.

    I have a springer air riffle (no gas to refill) I bought a secondhand pigeon caller (whistle) off of the carboot.
    Two fields down from me, is a old neglected orchard, just full of pigeons all year round. Most days now, I have a dozen pigeons sat on a old metal greenhouse frame just yards from my wagon. I think pigeon meat (breast) is excellent & I could now be self sufficient in pigeon meat.

    A farmer told me years ago that having more than 2 pigeons a week can be bad for you? May be crap though.