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    It should be legal, it would make millions in taxes and save millions by not policing it.

    I've only looked at 4 tests of drug driving,

    Test 1 they ended the test when the driver was doing better than his sober try.

    Test 2 the driver was better than sober and the TV presenter (if I remember right was Quintin Willson) guessed it was because he was concentrating harder but after a large smoke he was still more than good enough to pass a driving test.

    Test 3 the TV presenter who had never smoked before got stoned and was driving badly but she looked like she was probably a bad nervous driver before smoking.

    Test 4 they tested 4 or 5 drivers and the regular smokers driving improved and the non smokers got worse.

    It seems wrong that with no real proof that smoking can cause accidents that you can have a smoke then a week later get tested and loose you're driving licence, job or both.

    They need a test like in America where you touch your nose walk along a line etc to judge how affected you may be especially as the current test is a waste of money as I passed 4 hours after a smoke yet a mate failed 2 weeks after smoking, if you smoke you need to know how to pass the test.

    I have driven a rally car stoned and done a motorcycle track day where I was complemented on how smooth and fast I was and my only accident on the road was after 6 months with no drugs or alcohol I went round a blind bend and there was a German driving on the wrong side of the road.

    Smoking and driving isn't the big sin most people believe, too many people listen to the lying government and media and blindly believe those lies.

    Very sad if true, unfortunately the guardian has deteriorated to the point that I trust them no more than the express. When you see a news paper printing obvious lies you start to question their motives and every story they print.

    This is also why no real environmentalist would have children, breeders are just adding to the problem.

    There was another example of the knife law gone wrong in 2010 where 61 year old Rodney Knowles a caravanner was arrested and charged for a Swiss army knife.

    As far as I know the kitchen knife is still the thugs choice as you can buy one cheap so they can be disposable. If you've spent £100 on a hunting knife you wouldn't want to have to throw it away.

    I don't agree that it would have been easier to live without animal products years ago as shoes and clothes used to be made from animals.

    The problem I see with vegans is that some of them tend to look down on animal consumers yet they are causing as much of a problem by avoiding animal products.

    The plastic alternatives used by many vegans cause problems for fish and sea life and create pollution in their manufacturing so probably not saving any animals by avoiding animal products.

    I thought harry was laughing about me saying I used bicycle inner tube as a rubber seal for my gas box but if you saw how crooked my wood work is you would see why I wanted a seal of some kind and I had a box of old inner tubes so I repurposed them, it was free and only took 5 minutes and the box protects the regulator from the bikes hitting it while loading/unloading and only took a couple of hours using offcuts I had so no expense for a little more safety.

    After reading Alices wonderland post I thought more about a rear impact in an accident so today I moved the box in front of the rear wheels which also reduced the hose length 1 m there was some useful advice there but I'm still only using rubber pipe.

    Had my first (hopefully last) scary fire today, I had a solvent soaked rag that caught alight while moving the gas box ( the bottle was outside luckily) I lost the hair off both legs and one arm. I had to grab the flaming ball of cloth and carry it out barehanded.

    It's not worth taking risks with solvents, gas or fire.

    I made a top loading gas locker from ply and sealed the lid with bicycle inner tube, it vents through the floor and protects the regulator from knocks.

    I fitted the gas locker in my garage by the back door so if I change the bottle with the wood burner lit any escaping gas won't get near the fire.

    The gas stove is near the front of the van so my gas hose is just under 3m. The hose runs along near the roof of my garage so nothing will damage it.

    The only other 2 spaces I had for the bottle weren't suitable as 1 spot the hose would have needed to be nearly 5m and the other spot was uncomfortably close to the wood burner.

    It's safer than my last 2 lay outs, when I purchased the van it had the bottle in a cupboard under the stove with no vents and the hose went behind a draw that pressed against it when shut which could have worn through if used a lot or possibly restricted gas flow.

    Quite a number of years ago I owned a 1970 VW camper and that came with a bottle near the back not in any box or attached in any way so would probably have hit me in the back of the head in an accident. It then had a rubber hose that was routed under the sofa cushions over a sharp metal edge under the carpet to the stove so sitting down squashed the hose flat and that van came from a VW camper specialist. It taught me some experts are no better than amateurs.

    I know brake pipes are cheap as I replaced all the pipes in a classic mini I used to own and only took me a weekend to strip out and replace which is partly why I feel mine are probably ok as they were just dirty and I haven't spotted corrosion yet.

    I was thinking they might have just wanted to pick faults as it's an old vehicle and they didn't want to give it a clean pass but I could have missed something as I'm no mechanic.

    I don't know what is safe but this weekend I'm going to put 3m in my van, I'll inspect it regularly for damage and replace it every 2-3 years as it's cheap.

    Part of me feels it might be safer to use rubber if looked after as there are less joints to rattle loose or leak. I assume motorhomes use solid pipes as manufacturers know people won't regularly replace a rubber pipe.

    I have a gas heater in the garage with a 5m hose that has no date stamp on but the regulator has a safety label on it saying last inspected in 1999, probably not a good idea and I have stopped using it but it didn't blow up last time I used it a couple of years ago.

    I did think about the possibility of rubbish being wedged against the tyre, I didn't think of using chalk but I think it continued to get worse. It's been parked up for ten months so it's hard to remember exactly how much worse it got after I noticed the problem and with no mot I can't really have a good test drive. I might change mot station, to a place that can repair it but that does mean a 20 minute drive instead of 3-4

    The main thing I'm worried about for my mot which could possibly be classed as dangerous if they spot it (and I will get a mechanic to look at when money allows) is something must be rubbing the inside of the left back tyre. It's not damaged the tyre in 300 miles since it started just left a mark but I can't work out what it is. There are no hoses, pipes, suspension parts or bodywork near it. I'm not brilliant at mechanics but thought I should be able spot something that would cause this.

    Thanks for listing possible dangerous faults, I've just realised I haven't inspected the rear springs to see if they're able to move and contact the tyre.

    My last mot it got noted that the rear brake pipes are corroded, they look fine to me, just dirty so I'll clean them. I think they just assumed that under the mud they might be corroded because there was no sign of them cleaning a bit to look properly.

    Im going to go and ask my local mot center on Friday about this as I need to mot my van next month and can't risk having to pay someone to trailer it half a mile to the mechanic.

    I'm not sure but I think the garage you mention oldkeith wouldn't be able to leave a dangerous vehicle on the public road as a vehicle with no mot isn't allowed on the road unless the mechanic is testing it after repair but I think they would get the fine as the vehicle is in their possession like if they're caught speeding in your car they would get the points and fine.

    This is the type of transgender person I have met on nights out.

    This trans man is being violent and threatening in a manly way in a political debate because he disagrees with what Ben is saying. Words aren't an excuse for violence.

    Got to say I don't agree with most of what Ben says in other interviews but I don't think he deserved what happened for voicing his opinion.

    I just have to add that while I don't care what adults do to their self if they're honest.

    I strongly disagree with parents who take their kids to the doctor to start the transition.

    I had a friend in primary school over 25 years ago who used to come to school in his sister's uniform sometimes, it turned out he was gay and now I see him about wearing a sailor suit. These days he would be given hormones to make him more feminine which isn't what he wants now he is happy and proud to be a gay man and if he had been given hormones it might have destroyed his life.

    But I'm willing to accept that the ones I have met (possibly due to alcohol) might not have been the best examples but until I meet some who are decent these are my current opinions.

    Sorry if I didn't make it clear, when I say trans men I mean men who are changing their appearance to look like a woman, they aren't women and never will be.

    That said I don't care what they do to their body if they are adults I won't be nasty to them and I'll treat them like any other human being, but my experience is of rude dishonest men who expect other men to find them attractive because they have had implants and shaved their beard.

    I haven't counted but probably close to a dozen including one who was convincing enough that a mate dated him for weeks and invited him home to meet his parents for dinner, he was very upset when he found out his girlfriend was a man with breasts and a penis.

    I treat them on an individual basis if they are nice and honest I'll call them whatever they want but the ones I've met haven't been honest or feminine.

    I don't think it will be long before this kind of case won't make it to court.

    It seems like personal sexual preference doesn't matter anymore.

    Transgender people don't seem to feel the need to inform partners of their history and are calling people who won't have sex with them transphobic bigots.

    I've heard plenty of trans men saying that "I'm a woman, if your not attracted to me then your transphobic. "

    Although obviously not all of them are crazy like this there are lots of them, for example India Willoughby insulting a male singer on celeb big brother for not wanting to kiss him (I don't watch it personally it's a trash program).

    Personally I'm in to women with real vaginas I'm not keen on the idea of putting my penis inside some blokes butchered inside out penis.

    It's not as bad for the woman in this case as it would be for a man with a trans man because at least it was just a dildo used on her and not some butchered genitals.

    But I do think that consent is consent, if your sober, of age and you consent then you shouldn't call the police, I'd see it as a mistake not a crime.

    The answer is don't have sex unless you know and trust them.

    I work in a warehouse next to a McDonald's and there are lots of huge rats.
    We were talking to the man who maintains the traps and he told us they were pointless in our area as they're not allowed to put poison in them unless the rat problem is severe and has been authorized by his management as the poisoned rats could be eaten by the red kites which would poison them so all the companies in our area pay for empty plastic boxes.

    If your after something small and cheap you could try a berlingo or Citroen dispatch, there are lots of berlingo camper ideas on YouTube if you search berlingo boot jump and it's probably not much smaller than the Bambi inside and would be nicer to drive and be stealthier.

    If taking a run up for hills be careful there isn't a speed camera at the bottom, I've floored it down a hill before to make it up the other side and found a speed camera in the dip so had to brake hard to avoid a ticket.

    The hill at the hot air balloon pub near Gloucester made my van struggle, it made me laugh though at how poor most people's driving is, I was in the crawler lane doing 18 mph with 4 or 5 cars following me on my bumper, seeming impatient, it was only when a pickup towing a trailer overtook us that the cars realised the empty overtaking lane was there.

    I don't live in a van but being stealthy is likely to get you less hassle if you park in residential areas, the part I don't understand is you have live where your driving licence is registered or get fined if they find out you aren't.
    I don't know if this is a law or just dvla regulations but apparently your driving licence isn't valid if it isn't registered to where you live therefore driving without a licence could be possible although I haven't heard of it being enforced and there are plenty of travellers and gypsies who obviously don't have their licence registered to their van/caravan

    I wouldn't worry and if I was questioned by the filth I wouldn't lie as that normally causes more problems if they realise but I'd say as little as possible because the less they know the better

    That would take some effort to learn, I've been in a lorry with my mate and he can drive it like a rally car down single track roads in good control but he drives more miles in a year than I have done since passing my test so he is used to it.

    I got there in the end and am much more confident with gaps now it's mostly reversing that is an issue, I must get new mirrors,
    I also got mixed up with gears a few times as 1st is back and left 2nd front centre etc so I kept pulling away in 2nd which was slow fully loaded, but better than trying to pull away in reverse which is where 1st should be

    Well this isn't going well, I got nearly to cirencester and noticed my front tyre is bulging (it was fine when I left but it has been stood a while) so I've had to call out a tyre fitter to replace it, only a hundred miles left, and it will be dark so even harder to drive, but less traffic.

    I think everywhere is different, my local sainsbury in a small town has a member of staff walking round typing numberplates in to his handheld computer during busy times and I was accidently parked in mcdonalds for half an hour too long talking to a work union rep, neither of us brought anything and we didn't receive tickets.