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    firstly I am not the type to air my laundry online however this time I will make an exception.

    so you haven't heard it all but hey ,

    night 1) I did make it clear that I didn't want people in my room uninvited, if anything you should have remembered this!!

    day 2) when I left I locked my bedroom door, when I came home my lock was broken open, my bag had been pulled out from under my bed and left on the side. after it had been rummaged thru

    yes I did hide your lights because last time I invited you into my home I had my suspicions you was snooping then, so I hid your lights in the most obvious place, in 1 of 2 items on a shelf under my bed, I had just sorted my house out for car boot stuff this coming weekend so everything I was taking all boxed up.

    all the stuff I was keeping in a box, and your lights placed neatly on their own in a little bag next to said box, which I had told you was my keep box on night 1. not much to go through to find your lights.
    I planted the seed and it shot up like a bean stork, it was like reeling in a match winning fish!!

    And for the record last time you was at my house you didn't leave on good terms then, your tried to fuck off without saying a word, only reason I knew you was leaving was because you got stuck in the mud turning round (how you manage that with all the hard standing I have here I will never know) and I had to tow you out.

    even when you was leaving you insulted me by saying you don't do sensitive very well!!!

    all because the night b4 I said why do you need to ask 20 questions as to why I leave the radio on for the dogs.
    (firstly I pay the bill, secondly you were a guest in my home how dare you question me on matters that have nothing to do with you!!)
    I gave it a second go , that was a mistake!!

    thanks for leaving me with all your rubbish and crap from your van i'll clear up after you.

    vegan that cleared me out of bread twice!! whats that about........and I never said that my friend would do it cheep, I told you he charges £35 per hour and I never said I would help, you just assumed!!!!

    tell people what you like about me Mel I don't care, throw your dramas around online to get the poor me poor me sympathy vote, oh please!! I sussed you and you don't like it, keep free loading just keep it away from me I don't have time for your online attention seeking dramas.

    these are my view of this person and should in no way form any other persons view, every experience with someone is different on this occasion I had a bad 1.

    thanks MOTL

    hi cornwall87,

    if your having starter issues you need to rule out a few major things b4 you spend money repairing things you thing it could be.

    remove the air filter cover plate and take air filter out, once done spray some WD40 into the air filter housing while someone else turns the van over. if it trys to fire then your fuel pump or injector block maybe up the creek. you can also do the bleeding of injectors to see f fuel is getting from the tank.

    it could also be the fuel timing solenoid which is located on the bottom of the fuel pump, this can be replaced but is expencive and very very hard to get at without removing lots of the engine. if its really bad it could be the cam shaft carrier causing all the issues, I had a MWB transit and a week after I got it this is what went wrong and apparently a common fault on the transit 2.4

    really hope its none of the above and a simple fix but just a bit of a heads up hope its of some help

    hi all I'm glad I have finally found people who can get excited about a proper gathering, so after talking with a few people I think that the 20th of march will be good as its the weekend of the spring equinox I think at 4.31am its a sunday so I'm thinking the Saturday 19th will be a great opportunity.

    the land is in Petersfield Hampshire its a woodland on a private estate, currently it looks like the somme but by march should look much nicer, a friend of mine said "i know a really crap band that might play" yoga and meditation have been suggested along with tarot readings as well, id quite like to have as much variety as possible from all different people.

    love to hear from every one, and don't forget the date 20th march

    fair play to you my friend I would do the same for any of my little k9 friends.

    to date the posh up their own arse loons where I live have taken Oswald 3 times, lucy and lady once and I am certain that someone gave dozy some sort of poison, she was incredibly ill.!!!!

    they had their lawyers send a letter telling me that they have the right to use vermin traps on their property, ok fair enough the dog getting thru YOUR fence probably dose piss you off, especially when all 4 have a shit on your tennis court. The simple thing is repair the fence but apparently its not their issue.

    also just pop round speak to me I'm a very nice chap, ill even pick the poo up, all I ask in return is not to be judged when you don't know me.

    alternatively trap my dogs in your nasty cages and I will drive my 10 tonne excavator thru your hedges to bring my ladies home safely, I like you am not a violent man but when it comes to the special and unique personalities that have seen me thru the dark times, nothing we stop me protecting them.

    12-13 march bbq

    Hi, I'd like to hear from anyone who would be interested in setting up a small holding in Surrey.
    I have access to 10 acres of land for as long as I like, there is a load of work to do first to get the land up to scratch. Fences need erecting, a track needs to be installed, utilities need assessing, there is a stream and loads and loads of Vearious different types of water creatchers and land ones too.
    The land is made up of a nearly square 10 acres in the Reigate and Banstead area. Lots of ideas running about, but a good old fashioned hard plan is what is needed. I'd like to hear from anyone interested in occupying forgotten farm on lonesome lane with me.
    On a less positive note it's 6.34am and my lovely k9 friend Lady left me a nice present to jump out of bed into. Thanks sausage.
    Date for the diary 12-13 March Efest Petersfield

    calling all nomads, hippys, people of the earth and well anyone else that is amazing!!!!

    who fancies a bonfire and bbq on the second weekend of march? gather round share the warmth and stories of travels far and wide, meet new people form new friendships and well have a wonderful time.


    I have 4 dogs but I am unable to upload a picture because it is quite clearly a very complex thing to undertake, I have spent about 2 hrs now trying but have had to admit defeat on it, I canny afford another laptop screen :(