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    At last, !!!!!! Got the word from my friend, van is mine do as I please! It's been used as a storage shed for a bit, but scraped it clean and chucked a set of jump leads at it, no go! Battery out and another in, bang, sweet as, well as sweet as a duratorque can be!!! 140000 on clock, service book last stamped by transit dealer at 129000. New exhaust, new alternator, new blah blah blah since then. All seems to work, sliding door handle dosnt work, back doors bolted to lock, hey ho, details !!
    Needs n/ s sill , step looks ok, o/s been done, fairly well, filthy, or as we say here, mingin. Free !!!!!! Week of work looming so hopefully legal and legit in few days time! ( ok maybe longer!). If I can work out how to post pics then I will!
    Old fords never die, some stupid get keeps fixing them !

    I've just seen it, yes radio amplifier, why anyone would fit it into the lesuire battery box is confusing, perhaps a sound system had previously been fitted, to be honest the van is a bit of a mix match of previous owners somewhat dubious electrical ability !!! Inverter I think is next on shopping list !
    Sorry to waste your time and thanks to all who replied !!

    People's, my friend has acquired a Mazda bongo, just getting to grips, two batteries, this is fired anyone know what it is ?
    I suspect voltage sensing charger thang ?
    Can't get pic on here , so it's a 4 channel power amplifier, lights up when ign is on manufacturer is fli? Fl900s
    Next to leisure battery but trying to aquire 240 out via batts

    Languid, and co, kingsmill and other bakers deliver to places I deliver too, they have, microlise sat nav, phone, tracker all in one handset, tracker unit is, was on top of trailer/ box but later have unit on chassis, near rear. Inside box there is / was another hand held but unremovable unit for updating orders as they are removed from truck , phone is linked to vehicle entertainment unit, so more cables spliced into loom, if cameras were fitted, then prob had separate screen mounted, normally inconsiderately, on dash front so easily seen by driver. All used co ax type cable, and prob all installed by
    " specialists" after pdi. When our units go off hire, a few connections are undone and then all cables are just snipped, screens are even left in the overhead lockers. Passengers not allowed, so perhaps seat detection on pass seat? Under seat space is used for many electronic boxes, so ham fisted, footed, drivers don't, err get quizeckal ? Tacho, I would leave it, or blank it off, perhaps slide out and then remove tags and push inside hole. Speed limiters are now generally gearbox minted, electronic and yes are linked to tacho, hence old overspeed warnings etc. Daf dealer MIGHT tell you how to disable safely, prob a software up, down date! Carefull bout just removing as abs etc linked to speed sensors, blah blah, sorry if teaching how to suck eggs, but a little T on the dash board prob small price to pay ??

    Different supermarket, but, in distribution warehouse, if a stock line gets close to being short dated, but still longer than store shelf then it is dumped ! I mean the entire line ! I have seen full 44 tonne bulk tippers being full with one product line, that's a lot of tins of beans, biscuits, etc etc . Total waste. Most used to be offered to employees at minimal cost, we used to get cases beer for 2 quid, then someone reckoned there was no license to sell alcohol, so it all stopped. We only get stuff for sale now if it's delivered wrongly, i.e., a pallet of biscuits branded for the co op and we arnt the co op! Drivers have little or no facility to return with one pallet as their next job is already booked, imagine insurance pays for it, but as it's only one pallet in a daily thousand , prob just forgotten !

    Yes , class 4, I thought I would have to have it taxed , or registered as a camper first, but that will prob make it all happen quicker than xpected !! I've access to workshops etc , still have contacts in motor trade, mot station obviously, so I can get stuck in ! One of my friends is rebuilding, restoring or just fixing, a Talbot express camper, conversion unknown but it's 80s vintage so I suspect we will be chatting lots !

    Just got donated a van , my previous got wiped out by a forklift, long story too boring ! Lwb transit ( I know! ) 350 medium roof. 53 plate, known to me. It prob needs welding , my forte, so if anyone wants a vid or picture diary of how I go about converting it to a part timer then pics will follow ! Just had a conversation with my mot station , who will test as private vehicle, as long as it appears as a camper,!! Joy !!

    Have come across this in the past, last resort involved , cutting section of chassis out , with box,, new section welded in and new box in . This is a fairly time consuming job with scope for disaster obviously. Mod and territorial army/ reserves/ cadets used hundreds of these vehicles, many were low mileage but rusted like wildfire due to sitting still for long periods, any good reme or rct people should know about these. I know this might be very controversial, but if you approach terry army units they are made up of quite friendly people who MIGHT offer some knowledgable help for low cost, beer !

    Radiators . Hi , when we were building specials, stock cars n bangers, we were always looking for leyland Sherpa radiators, very light, big, for optimum cooling and simple, plastic ends, cross flow fins and more importantly one inlet, and one outlet. Now I know these will be as hard to find but the theory is the same, see if you can find something simple and big, if it runs too cold then blank of some of the grill or the fins themselves. Too hot, get bigger ! If I remember correctly the slant 4s had huge long water pipes so you could modify easily. Alternatively see if you can find an old school radiator repair company, it's just brazing and soldering after all .

    lets not get all uppity here ! calm down ! First of all, having worked for a couple of transit "dealers" in the 80s and 90s , first rule was, nothing is impossible! It didn't matter if ford never put a single wheel axle on that model, if it can be made to fit, it will !as far as I recollect, the mk3 came along in 1986 after the last of the plastic fronted mk 2. the next after the basic mk 3 (agree cav and top air box ) was the new generation ? then the smiley ?Cant remember when what became the norm , but the mt box did indeed start getting fitted to everything we had to sell , they just had more modern appeal !!!!If memory serves me right, converting involved burning different holes for floor mounting in the crossmember . Doors on these models were as far as I remember terrible, outer skin cracking at the quarter light , the hinges cracked and driopped etc , inside the door. polish steel, unbelievable , we had a few that we actually lied about and told the new owner that it had got so much plating in the rear because it had been used previously in the local BP chemical plant and had been used to haul fertiliser etc , and that corroded it quickly !Usual step issues, spreading across pedal area,Inner sil area esp on swb . dash pods could be changed very easily and it was not uncommon to see low miles on intergalactic examples ! Plenum panels, where the wipers are fitted would disintegrate under the plastic covers allowing tsunamis to get inside .Heater fan switches disintegrated as you looked at them. This was pre abs and adjusting, (releasing or even removing !) load sensing brake pressure valve was fun ! Twin wheelers came with left hand thread wheel nuts , as did swb heavy duty examples (best van I ever had was a heavy duty swb mk2 !complete with v6 petrol !) Stub axles stub axles stub axles !! Easy to spot the swb with twin wheeler springs fitted , looked like dragster , and drove round corners as well as a dragster !! still could replace bent push rods without removing head! back doors were a huge second hand were working locks and catches , seemed to be infected with nevergointoworkagain overnight !
    Ah the mk 3 trannie , fantastic ! It should be pointed out here that I was a spanner twirler and not a salesman , just as well really I kept telling customers not to buy this or that ! We were spraying at one time 15 a week ! cheap cellulose paint, but they looked better than when they came in ! we always had at least 3 on their side in the corner of the yard being cannibalised !
    joy !

    just "discovered" this thread, ok it was always there, but hey ho ! Dark rooms , hah ! while studying art we used to hid ein the "big" dark room, could spend all day there, nipping out for some err, enhancement and coming back in and creating lots of arty stuff and contact prints. We used mostly second hand zenits,and the occasional Fuji, no one could really afford any "designer names". except , like some one elses zx10 I had a vfr ! Nearly always used 400 asa, nearly always black and white and very rarely had a flash or lights ! College obviously supplied the paper and chems but we had to pay a flat monthly fee, from student grants so we did as much as we could !I have been stopped many times in Glasgow and Edinburgh by security staff in large shopping centres and such like, I never saw the need to have my cam out for all to see the expensive stuff hanging from a strap round my neck, nearly always carried it in my large "hunting and gathering" pocket. Actually police called on two occasions when I refused to admit to stealing the camera ! even on production of matriculation card,actually plod very apologetic and understanding. ( they must have been new ) . Even back then I was photographing transit vans and wrecked trucks etc in nice golden swaying fields etc , full of S**t I was !
    Also nearly got stood on while taking landscapes out in the countryside, boy scouts etc marching on through, didn't notice me photographing insects !

    best of luck with your van mate ! Having worked as a "scrapyard technician and grease monkey" for various cowboys, take it from me, ALWAYS enquire , on phone or in person ! They expect it ! Never tell a garage you are not in a hurry, it just becomes the Friday afternoon job that pays !Oh and get a quote , before work starts .Poor starting, slow "lazy worn" starter and wipers going slow, has anyone checked the earth strap ? If the van was laid up for a bit, maybe wouldn't start and "vendor" chucked another battery, prob poor condition , low crank petrol car ? As far as I remember battery terminals on this model are the snail eating round fiddly ones which have a tendency to fail or produce, "characterfull " results . It is a common model five , with a great plentifull parts supply,after a wee while, and some checking you should be able to effect most minor repairs yourself !
    Agree about the "volt meter " great tool for finding broken wires or checking battery , alternator output .A mate of mine has one, 4 berth home built, tows a trailer , 190000 miles still going strong !
    I know it all sounds easy asking awkward questions of "professional"people who have major bull shit vocabulary, but weve all been there mate ! If its easier write down the questions and just give him a list ! Euro car parts have a huge web site, just input your vehicle details and parts that anyone says you need and check the prices there ! If they have to order parts and have to wait ? Most factors offer at least the next day delivery . Garage will charge you SLIGHTLY more than price you can see on line vat, and other rubbish will be the claimed reason ! Also, ask your local peugot dealer for a rough price for a similar job , ie belt change, at least then you know what should be the most expensive option, as main dealers are NORMALLY the most expensive. If johnny spanner is charging more than peugot then ask why ! I would ask round about your friends or relatives and see where they take their vehicles, how long they have been going there and if they get a good deal ! Older vehicles will tend to gravitate to smaller independent garages, becuase of the lesser prices(normally ). Talk to your mechanic, ask questions, and if you can find one that you actually know personally even better ! Again ask around about tyres, the garage might have a good local supplier but most now deal with the public direct and each penny is important , why should you pay a fee to a garage when you can save it yourself !
    Right am finished , I think, enjoy your van , with a wee bit care it should last a long time ! but yes , get the compression tested !
    I hate to see people getting ripped of just because they don't understand something ! not that I am suggesting you are !!!

    Saw three coaches via a friend, cheap yes but. Seeingoads work two prob need entire front axle, several brake chambers, more welding than the forth bridge repairs and no mot, oh and one wouldn't start, but ittle. Be fine mate. !!!!
    Aye, right ! Might up the budget and look at useable vehicles, ie still serviceable as coaches and see what that gets!
    Oh and the door dosnt work son , youl not need that for a motor home though !!!!!
    Sorry if I've just double posted ! Big fingers wee buttons !

    I saw that languid, yes i also think the add has changed, Morris ital ! God you were modern , I had a marina, 1.8 even with twin carbs of an mgb it was flat out at an indicated 65 !! Not that I could tell , the dash faced the ns passengers !
    At least most of the old great British cars n vans were basically each manufacturers running gear in many bodies, Granada stuff fitted cortinas and trannys, and capris etc, then came the mk1 fiesta and it got global and confusing !! Spanish cross flows that looked like ours ! But did not fit !!
    Anyway nuff bout the past, the hunt continues, the coach left in a pub car park apparently is owned by a religious group, orange order band and they use it ! Ok ....

    Thanks all yes, stretch panels now make sense! Where I used to live close to Alexander's we used to see the chassis being driven from bathgates British leyland plant. Drivers wore leather heated overalls and leather flying helmets and goggles. No screen or bodywork at all ! Apparently they got paid a fortune ! Groups of oikes used to throw things at them !! Sometimes see new chassis being delivered now on special low loaders, lots of bracing spars that are cut off as Alexander add their own outriggers etc !
    Used to visit Grangemouth docks with the primary school in the seventies, used to export vehicles from there. Columns of leyland hippos, bonneted leylands, Albion chassis, hilllman imps hunters and avengers, and huge uclid dump trucks ,now cats !

    @languid..... sorry to pester you, but ive been looking as I say on e bay etc, but what is a stretch panel ? notice some sellers stating that stretch panels have been replaced .???? stupid question maybe , but hey I don't know !
    thanks again ! ps found a very lightly used jonkheer thing, I think that may be for sale locally, been parked for a month in a pub carpark, rubbish paint and couple blown windows , but seems (very initially) to be ok, running a DAF, but if the price is right .............

    ok, I am still over 23 years old !!!!!doh ! licence is pre 98, and have a full hgv ,artic. I saw the setra, but want a bigger one !!
    nother question, if I decide to live in it, whatever "it" might be, do I still need a permanent , non mobile address ? for insurance and dvla details etc ?
    Some one told me that an auction centre in perth deal in ex forces disposals, with good prices etc , now that would work , anti hippy league transport turned into a hippy home !! I knew peeps in the TA who got involved with Bedford fleet replacement , I cant tell you how cheap they were sold for !! Two , Tk, one left and one right hookers, two Leyland stationary genie engines, two extra cabs strapped on one, all for the princely sum 0f two thousand of your pounds !! No mot but all running and maintenance and service sheets in place .they still have a large lovely foden wrecker that's vor, nothing wrong just no one to use it ! Cut backs !!all getting familiarised with the new MAN go anywheres.

    all good, thank you all !
    @languid, Volvo B10m, yes lots of good points, but am a bit of a Scania man at the mo, its what ive been on lately,artics . Converting to take bikes or car ( bikes !) would that still be ok , re carrying "goods " or is it still part of motorhome classing ?
    I am over 23 !!!!
    mercs, yes but all exported, in fact many scanias now going too ! Now if I could find a 730 bhp v8.................:waves:
    Vanman ,
    I am actually quite frequently at our local Scania workshop for my employer, ive a good relationship there, already been told that I can drag most things in there to stick over pits or on lifts. Excellent trade discount also. Thing is I really want to park it in the street and annoy the Terry and Joan neighbours !
    ,.About to start annoying some of the local independent coach operators that I can get into and see if I can get some inside info !! Some really old stuff on local school contracts, Preg something spotted today ! Surely there must be a vehicle age limit on these contracts ? Perhaps I should speak to my old pal in the polis , maybe he can tell me what they have v9 lately !!Oh and my other pal who is an electrician for alexanders, bus builders might also get his ear nipped !
    thank you all,when I get moving , your all invited for a party !

    Hi all, solid stationary house dweller here, at the moment !!!
    Mortgage(spit) is nearly done , so my plan , but not necessarily the wifes, is to by a bus and sod off and actually enjoy my life! Spent far too long living the corporate dream after having brain fade and becoming the suburban slave !
    In a previous life I have built stock cars, bangers etc , spent as long as I could in the Scottish mountains, not just the highlands, a mountain is just being outside ! I have always built my own "mountain bikes", or junkers as we called them !
    So, thing is, I am not without some funds, have a fairly good engineering knowledge and a yearn to explore !
    I want a bus . Not a wee panel van type thing, which are good, just not for me. I fancy a T8,T9 van hool allize ! looking at the usual e bay type places I reckon £5000 should by something half useable ?
    Prob Volvo or Scania , prob manual box. Big enough to live comfortably, all over euroland, spares and service centres plentifull.Spanner twirling not too much of a prob as I work every day driving scanias and get into most bits when in the shop.
    Thing is, and I should have access to a good pit or heavy ramp to inspect it, what should I be looking at on a bus ? Engine box and axles are ok, I know about them , but, is the chassis a hgv type thing, and a lattice work of square tubing for the underfloor area and lockers ? Hopefully it will be a mid engine and not a rear engine, but perhaps rear engine might be better ? Don't need to lift floor trap doors and interfere with living area ?
    Asit will have no more than 8 seats and the driver, ( D1 class in place as well as artic on licence )I can drive it, it isn't a psv ,bus and can be mot tested and wont need a psv plating ? As for taxing and insurance purposes how do you do it ? can you just call up the dvla and call it a motor home?
    I spent some time in Holland in a converted Volvo bus, in the early nineties, a race car transporter, car in the back , just like the Italian job, the owner said he drove it on car licence and had no issues .
    Just at the initial planning stages here, looking for as much info or help that I can get to plan the rest of my life !
    cheers, Scott