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    Must admit, I’m not too fond of doctors. My hypothyroidism was dismissed for years until it was obvious I was grinding to a halt. A friend of mine who survived breast cancer had an odd spot in her left armpit and was told it’s just a weird spot. She went for scans and got vague feedback. After months of nagging the doctor her cancer was found to have returned and was in her lungs and other places. She’s pulled through now but it was a really close shave.

    Whatever else the body can manage, you need certain amino acids and vitamins because the body cannot manufacture these. Some foods like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergine have shared ancestry with Belladonna and all contain a small amount of the poison solanine. This accumulates in the joints and inflamed them. I remember eating a load of tomato dishes a few days running - boy my hands were set solid! I stopped the tomatoes and replaced the potatoes with swede, parsnips and squash. A few days later my hands were better. Fast carefully by all means but me - I like a good plate of dinner any day.

    I learned to touch type at school on a typewriter! We had to rest our fingers on asdf and jkl;. The teacher would tell us how to move the relevant finger to the next letter to do the alphabet and exercises to build up muscle memory. Takes a while but you always remember and your wrists get stronger with practice.

    Well done you guys! I normally dive in winter but I think I’ll start early this year. Found a box of soap earlier and very nice shirts for the other half.

    Fed daughter, husband cat and quails.Picked blackberries, hawthorn berries and damsons. Washing up and hoovering. Listening to hubby fix stuff he wombled earlier.

    Hi! Just wondering your shocked cat is associating her sister with the attack? Cats take in what is around them at times of great happiness and fright. Any particular people/objects/other animals that happened to be nearby remind the "patient" of the attack and the cat can sometimes think the associative object announces another attack. This can get better in time but you can reset this a bit by keeping the cats apart completely but feeding both cats at the same time with a barrier with a blanket on between them so "patient" can't see or touch her sister but they can smell each other. The patient will gradually associate her sister with happy eating. You should be able to gradually remove the blanket then the barrier after several days. Hope this helps!

    It's great hearing about other people who've shrugged off the bull of "normal" life. I did some volunteering at one of the most beautiful nature reserves ever... all day surrounded by flowers, trees and sky!! Hardly any people either. Started a part time job in a hotel now because I need some dosh but I've still got enough time to do my pet sitting and life modelling which I get paid for. Hoping to do more Reserve work in the future, though! Good luck everyone do what you love and have faith in yourselves xx

    Hi! I'm just starting out in this so I'd appreciate any advice. To answer the question, though, yes to have people paying attention to you and painting, sculpting and drawing you in the same way as any other beautiful structure or arrangement I think would be really awesome. The model has to have a unique set of skills and employ a certain state of mind to stay still and maintain position with not much on.

    I left my job of 10 years as a lab tech in a school. The senior staff didn't like me because I didn't suck c0£k and be manipulated. I'm a housewife at the mo. Really like it as I know my schedule and budget and my time limits. Want to volunteer in another school eventually. There are loads of bread and butter jobs that earn more than my skilled science job paid me so I'll juggle that.

    Overpriced restaurants that charge loads of money for rubbish food. If I wanted to eat crap I would make it. I try to bring my own anyway. Even worse are those children's softay areas that don't allow you to bring your own food then serve expensive crap. I can't eat wheat so they've got nothing I can eat . So I'll pay them to starve me?? I think not. I bring my own and put it on one of their trays. Sod em.

    I'm sure there's a presence in my house. I was at home with a cold some years ago. Lying on the sofa I heard the front door open, close then footsteps up the stairs. I shouted up the stairs, thinking Mum had come back from shopping. No reply. I searched all over but I was still the only one in the house. I've also sensed the presence of my dead parents sometimes and my old cat.

    To my knowledge you don't have to tell your employer you are pregnant when you apply for your job. Look up the conditions you have to satisfy in your probation period to make sure who is at fault. As the others say, call CAB. Most solicitors can give a bit of free advice over the phone, too. Heaps of luck!

    My friend Chris (female) is a good wood carver and lives in the Forest of Dean. PM me and I will arrange for you guys to swap numbers. She's done some wonderful carvings of people's dogs and horses, Green Men of the Forest etc. in different woods and they've lasted ages. Hope this is useful.

    Hiya! Have you been tested for ovarian cysts or insulin resistance? These can cause awful skin problems. Another thing may be a bacteria imbalance in your gut. The home cooked food you're doing now sounds great but it might be worth topping up your gut bacteria every now and again with probiotic yoghurt. The skin is an organ of excretion as well as a covering and if your body is trying to get rid of anything skin problems often appear. The porridge is a really good idea both to eat and on your face. Plenty of water and avoid sugar and yeast for a while. Definitely go to the doc and get your guts and hormones checked out. Stress can do awful things to you. Keep going with the clean beard thing - I caught impetigo on my cheek from my husband's stubble years ago. Soon sorted HIM out.

    Thanks guys, you're right. I'm keeping myself busy and been able to spend more time with my older friends who have far better faith in me. Lots of time with my daughter too. There's an apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine at an apothecary not far away from me that I've enquired after so hope to sign up to that for next year. It's my other love so fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone who's struggling with the everlasting hamster wheel. Hugs and light to you all.

    I've just walked out of my job of 10 years. A trusted colleague just hauled me over the coals for something I didn't do. I sorted the problem out with HR. everyone expected me to go crawling back and say sorry for something I haven't done! This narcissistic ba£!@rd was trying to humiliate me and he lost ha ha! I can't get my head round it. It was fine before- we had such a good laugh all the time and got the job done until a new boss arrived who wanted everything their own way and wasted time re- inventing the wheel. My colleague disappeared up New Boss's arse. They find my knowledge and patience a threat and prefer their battlefield thinking. Well good luck to them - when they have a problem to solve I won't be there. I feel like a medicine woman who's been burned at the stake by ignorant villagers. Fortunately I have savings and hubby can afford for me to stay at home for a while but the whole thing ruined my birthday and 10 year anniversary there, not to mention leave a huge black cloud.My colleague has always listened to my advice which has saved his marriage! He can't cope with not being constantly admired. Mind you I could have wasted years working my ass off for these narrow minded twats and still get no recognition anyway. Still rather in shock and grieving for the good old times I can't believe he did this to me. Could do with a hug I feel trampled.

    Just think, though. Build a modest lodge and rent it out for poetry, meditation, reading and yoga holidays in summer while you live in an earthship house across the field with water and wind turbines.There are loads of annoying people I could send there in winter. Grow potatoes and make your own vodka. The possibilities are endless.

    I've always been in crazy happy jobs with little money. The place I've been in for 10 years just wasn't Kansas anymore so I left. All the people I loved retired or left ages ago and the new people are box-tickers who don't listen to me. Sod it, I can live on a shoestring and we have enough to keep the wolf from the door. There's a wonderful poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson "What is success?" which truly defines REAL success in life.