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    Its an awkward one because as an Autistic person, I love animals very much and have a Great Affinity with them, I hate the way we have become with the production line for Meat, I feel a strong bond with the old ways of taking no more than we need and being grateful to that animal for its sacrifice. So its not a simple question or answer, sadly in some ways my body does require that protein, am a muscular guy, despite being a slob (health) for some 10yrs and I genuinely, get cravings to feed my muscles.

    Hi Folks

    I think being Veggie or Vegan is such an individual choice, I am an Omnivore, I tried being Veggie back in 1991, for nearly a year, my body DID NOT like it at all, i got major indegestion, and felt weak, and ill. My body tells me it needs the protein, I am naturally a big guy and carry a lot of muscle despite being a slob for 10years (Health Pooh), but I really do need the energy from meat, I have tried other sources of protein but non give me that benefit I get from meat

    I totally agree that we need to look after the planet, BUT there is one huge question I have and that is, the problem is not what we do so much as how much we do it, and what I see a lot of with E.R is mindless breeders who wont stop and control nothing more than a base instinct to reproduce, it is not a right to reproduce and endanger the planet because ultimately too many people on this planet. I am sorry if you find this offensive it is not my intention, I see thinks rather black and white due to Autism, but that doesnt make me stupid

    Hi People

    I am in the process of buying a hobby caravan, am unsure of what battery capacity am goin to need to run for 10 hours, i will have a Gene in my Tow van, but piece and quiet is what I want not a gene running. I took a guess at a pair of AGM 250amph should give me fair bit but am sure someone out there has way more knowledge, any advice would be gratefully received, i want to set van up for long stays away from sites.


    Dude stop worrying and looking for answers to questions you may not want and start living, I do not mean this to sound harsh as I have plenty of experience with mental health, but dude you got live life, take it by the balls and go for it, things you cant change like the past and other people aint worth stressing about, example later this year I am going to take a road trip over to med and go see if I can find what am looking for, as i have learnt no risk no reward, and am no spring chicken at 50, go achieve a goal dude and the shit will seem easier. Get a bit self respect and self worth its in you, you dont have to smile at everyone but it helps, you have to break the cycle and enjoy life bro.

    Hi guys
    Am putting this out there to help my best mate. He has PTSD and I am so worried about him, we served together in the military, and his mental health has not been good for a lot of years now, I am watching him get lower and losing his will to live, and I dont know what to do. Of all the people i have met in the world he has a heart so big, but his life has been very complicted with more pain and loss than I can imagine, I have watched as his life has turned to crap because of bad relationships over many years, he has been tricked and robbed of all his life savings, he lost his home and business in 08, some may say unlucky but if you knew the circumstances luck had nothing to do with it. He had councilling but I dont think it helped him, since 09 he has had to live with family as the panic attacks he gets and bouts of depression wipe him out, he has lost his self worth not being able to work. I am not talking about some weak willed person he was the strongest of us in training helping those who struggled, most people judge the book by the cover, he is a big guy, some describe him as a hardcase, all i can say is shame on those who do, this is a man who would help anyone, and has, and yet the only thing he seems to be rewarded with is more crap and its got to the point where I think he could do something terminal. Any advice you can give would be gratefully recieved, as I dont no what to do to help him and I am terrified I may lose my best mate.

    Well am jealous!!! I love the country, lived there for 8 years. But its france your goin too, not a 3rd world country, just make an effort with the lanugue and should be ok, ENJOY!!

    And stop worrying about food etc, its easier to be vegan in France than here, and veggies actually taste good, they eat way more pulses etc than we do, Autoroute is pricey so if you want too see some of france get off them and try planning a route away from them not to hard look for N roads thats route national same as our A roads, its a pretty place for a road trip. Have FUN

    Oh and if your car aint spot on you are best staying off motorways, they do like cars to be in good order on them, not so picky on normal roads, they love given brits fines, you can get cash any where at all cashpoints and your debit card should work fine, you usually get better exchange rate with debit card. Your worrying too much

    As an Ex soldier who regrets ever picking a weapon up to fight so the rich get richer, and the poor get killed. I believe there is only 1 chance and thats a revolution, It wont be long before the rich live in there armoured domed cities and the rest of us live in the polluted remains of this planet. Its funny how we see the only people with enough balls to fight the corrupt west as the enemy, through out history its always been the extremeists who take the fight to the greedy rich, I would put a bullet in every profesional politician. maybe 1 good thing will come from genetics, we may find the gene that makes you wont to control have power and be a politician, then we could abort the bastards before they are born. Lenin and Stalin where right sadly

    Heres a tip for all you guys even off grid you need tools n supplys etc.Have you heard of a company called CPC Farnell, I have dealt with them for 20+ years, they sell so much its untrue, from computer products to tools to solar panels, to screws, they are a good company to deal with and deliver to your door, have a look at online catalogue you prob get bored as they sell so much stuff its untrue. Hope this helps and saves you guys some £.

    "Oh my GOD, some of you know nowt bout engines. The camshaft does not move pistons thats the Crankshaft which you seem to be."

    Now a mechanic I aint but I was under the impression that the pistons moved the crankshaft not the other way round

    Well!!!! I see like the real world this virtual world is full of perdantic hair spliting folk, actually the con rods connected to the pistons and crankshaft move the pistons, otherwise pistons would fall out into the crankcase the crankshaft turns an up and motion/force into a circular one, the whole point was to give a lovely lady some helpful advice not get in an pointless argument with a bunch of arseholes. as an ex soldier I ask myself WHY I fought to protect arseholes in the western world. Lesson learnt.

    Bull shit.
    Assuming it is overhead cam ...the crank shaft drives the cambelt which turns the camshaft, which rests on small pistons which push the valves.

    Not the pistons attached to the crank via the conrods, the small valve pistons in the rocker box. Rocker boxes do not have rockers these days.
    What van is it?
    I/we will see if we can save you a few £ hundred.

    They are not pistons Uncle Knobhead you either have direct contact shims or tappets with followers so if your goin to comment get facts right. Pistons apply a compression or pushing force, the only force on your valves is the springs for closing the valves, so dont give me Bullshit you muppet

    Go Green house, you will get same prob again with tunnel, and plexi glass (Poly Carb) its cheaper and more durable to impact, however as with most things £ are major factor, so price your new sheeting and compare to cost of greenhouse, if you can buy 20 recovers for tunnel for cost of greenhouse then it would be sensible to recover in my eyes. good luck and hopefully better weather

    OH my GOD, some of you know nowt bout engines. The camshaft does not move pistons thats the Crankshaft which you seem to be. the Cambelt is attached to the crank pulley and cam pulley when it turns it spins the camshaft which opens the valves via pusrods or followers and other bits I wont confuse you with. if the belt snaps or comes off, your camshaft stops along with valves opening and closing, your pistons then impact on valves, with the result of smashing pistons bending valves etc etc, basically the motors SCRAP, I have known people get away with it but its just pure fluke.who said valves can be straightend not in a month of sundays would I even think about that, they will just bend again total waste of £

    You have learnt a hard lesson, ALWAYS replace your cambelt and tensioner when you buy a used Van, even if the seller says its been done, Oil change and filter also a must do as recommended by manufacturer for both. Do some homework, it will prob be best to get a recondtioned engine,at least then you should get reliability or a good second hand one but fit new belt and tesioner etc. As a tip for the future vehicles are like people you got to treat them with respect, just be careful there are loads of rip off merchants in the van world, your budget is not goin to go far. feel free to ask any questions of me if your unsure, I am a mechanic.

    I couldnt agree more, Russia aint the enemy, since she got rid of the Tsars shes been a fairly peaceful country, Tarred and featherd by the greedy west, who a terrified that she believes in the people more than the west, you dont see YankLand a country founded on Theft, Murder, Genocide, and Greed, jailing its Billionaires for theft do you

    Am sorry leaving EU is way bigger than Animal Rights, am an Animal lover I would break some ones Jaw for being Cruel and face consequences, however what you have to think about is most of the countrys where animals aint treated so well are usually a lot poorer than the filthy rich UK and lets be honest some of the welfare rules came from the EU, otherwise this poxy country wouldnt have changed, its about profit dude thats what needs to change, so engage brain before operating brain dude, I agree about Veal etc I would far rather have a steak from a mature animal, but am no Veggie or Vegan and we have to learn to grow what we need not grow for profit