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    The fear of break ins far out weighs the reality, you have to be very stupid to enter a van with someone in it!, if left unattended its slightly more of a target but really dont worry and dont believe all the horror stories from peeps who stayed in a van one weekend!!

    Exactly that ,even if you are alone there is a big plus in that you occupy the high ground,3 steps to get in to my bus through a narrowish door and if you are up to mischief your face is at my boot level before you get in :)

    Parked up at Westwoods I was woken early in the morning by a horrendous sound much like steel being ripped , I cautiously shone my torch around and found it was a Pheasant.I dont think that I have ever heard one before....

    I have a rounders bat and ball in the overhead by the front door ;) , first line of defence for me is a dazzling bright torch , if it can be focused and set to strobe then all the better and if it dont work as a deterrant it still a god lump to have in your hand,usually its only the police nosing around at silly o'clock in the morning and thay have been known to lose interest when temporarily blinded !

    I have a few 'Smile you are on CCTV 24hrs' stickers and a fake camera on my bus, less than a fiver for both.

    If I have to leave the bus unattended I always leave radio 4 on , sounds of conversation deter most wrong uns. With all that said I have never needed the bat and not been broken in to .

    Maths , physics and chemistry are my 3 favourite things, cooking generally uses all 3 ;)

    Religions as a whole do have similar themes regardless of location on the globe, thats odd.

    Big stones are very difficult to move , also very odd but I dont buy into the 'alien gps' theories, I would hope that an intersteller craft or planetary orbiter would not need to rely on some stones laid out on the surface .

    In short , I believe most religions are based on things that were witnessed millenia ago and recorded in the best way achievable at the time, this in turn led to embellishments and additions that have carried throught to present day.

    Why is the book of Enoch not widely mentioned ?

    I only drink the bottled water, the other for cooking,cleaning etc.

    I cut the tapered tops off empty bottles and they become a bin. I crush all non organic waste that I can and can fit two or more days rubbish in them.

    If it's edible or quick bio degradable it goes outside to my non bipedal neighbours.

    Sounds a bit elitist mate, aside from using the waste packaging of your water to hold more potential recycling materials whilst they are sent to landfill , you also seem to discriminate against bipedals , I like to feed the birds :)

    I use the 5 ltr ones, they only cost a quid and I refill the empty ones from wherever potable water is available, almost always the handle snapping is the only reason I get new ones , they also make good cupboard door stops when full.

    There was quite along thread on this before and I am sure it went on to water saving tips ..

    Without getting in a fight I personally find that branding (pun intended) anyone that does not agree with you a 'sheeple' regarding common sense issues is fucking deregatory.Unfortunately it has become a buzzword that people with little scientific knowledge .

    Alternative, free thinking, anarchist , all good hippy traits, but are we forgetting respect ?

    I had to venture in to a corner shop yesterday ,parked right outside and saw 2 peeps enter with no masks, both were asian in appearance so I assumed they owned /worked there.As they went in I saw an A3 sized laminate 'PLEASE WEAR A FACE COVERING', so I adorned my mask and entered, the shopkeeper had erected a screen and was wearing gloves so was taking it seriously.

    Personally I would not show the disrepect of entering HIS premises and going against the 'house rules'.

    Two more words .... 'common sense' , if it is the new world order trying to kill everyone on this flat earth with a deadly virus spread by asian hornets living in 5g masts so that queenie and the rest of the lizard peeps can take over then not everybody is in the know , those average non illuminatti medical persons are doing their best to mitigate a relatively new and nasty disease,if they say a mask helps then who am I to argue ?

    I use shoes as an anology..... if you had to run across a field of broken glass barefoot it would be dangerous , what you really need is some tough walking boots to be safe, however if all you had is a pair of flip flops they would be preferable to barefoot .

    Maybe the path is not healthy for them in some way ? Usually its because they have gotten cold or ran out of energy , recently I have revived a few with some suger water on a slightly warmed spoonspoon, they all have a few sips then buzz- off.

    Weedkiller or pesticides maybe , I did see a pic of a bee with glyphospate poisoning .

    Ancient Sumerians had a lot of stuff including what is believed to be the first written language, the Anunnaki (those that came from heaven) feature in their mythology. Meanwhile in South America where the Aztecs and Mayans lived there are similar legends , not to mention big stone structures .

    Same legends/beliefs existed globally in different forms ,all very interesting stuff , especially depictions of the Solar system and many referances to Orion and his belt.

    A very good (and quite difficult ) book is ' Hamlets Mill' , far deeper than Von Daniken and his latest sidekick Giorgio Tsoukalos.

    I have started and moved Bubbles back and forth a few times .last week I blipped the trottle and it stayed blipping , tried a few little stabs on the pedal, pushed it to the floor then had t kill the engine and fiddle about before I admitted to myself the cable is seized up a bit.

    Hmmm, repeats of 'Love thy neighbour' are getting harder to come by lately, Anyone watched the movie of it and remembers laughing like fuck as they pretended to cook the 'honky' in the factory canteen?

    I went to open a house window and found a very sleepy looking white-tailed bumblebee , I scooped it up with some tissue (worried about hurting it), and set it aside while I gave a dessertspoon a quick warm over the hob , added water and a good pinch of sugar , offered it to the bee and immediately his feeding tube was out and at the sugar water ,I carefully walked outside into the sunshine and within 20 seconds hes was flying (twice around my head that I like to think was a 'thank you' ) and joined his mate on some bramble flowers :)