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    One thing I always carry with me when its dark is a good torch , helps avoid stepping in or kicking dog turds , hedgehogs ,incumbant hippies etc whilst also avoiding ankle turning divots ... , said torch does not need to be big (pocket size is fine) but I highly reccomend a 'cree' led type , dimmest setting on wide beam for walking , brightest setting and focused for longer distances and up close if threatened , apart from dazzling and temporary blinding they have a nicely sharpened correlated front edge.I charge my torch batteries via a small USB charger plugged into my solar controller, so always got 2 or 3 charged .

    (1) Raises my suspicians that the 'small self isolating flat above No11 Downing St' is actually a bunker in the highlands that he is sharing with Charlie and a few dozen other select 'important' people. I personally wont believe he has it until I see pics of him hooked up to the latest Dyson.

    Video updates from dubious locations do nothing to reassure me, and as for Trump thinking he can buy his way out...., he needs telling that you cant do trade deals vith a virus.

    ''Who else is happy they have a stash of THC laden smokeables to see you through''

    I got 12 weeks worth if I stick at half oz per week , but getting through the munchies will be a right bastard .....

    Worked that out, its a bit annoying, so i get my misile launchers place them stragically and buy them as the threat becomes greater then at the right point i buy the anti aircraft gun, then i ve found i can sell some of the misile launchers and buy the nuclear silo, its all timing bloody annoying to be honest its very simular to whats going on at the moment. uncanny

    dont get the AA gun till needed , then just the one placed in the middle , buy more as needed (tells you whats coming next).. , selling stuff back is bad , you need walls , nukes , gloo guns etc I said it killed hours lol , I only play on hardest level and if a single one gets through before level 12 or so I tend to

    restart . completed it a few times but only once with all 10 lives , good luck !!

    I have had lower back pain for decades , long story but basically construction in the 80's was not all about spinal care. Nowadays getting socks on/off or wiping my own arse present risk in that twisting or bending too quickly or 'the wrong way' can bring on that 'oh fuck it hurts and I cant move' feeling.

    I think my point here is that you dont even need to fall , never mind fall hard if there in an underlying problems.

    Zendaze you are facing the extinguisher the wrong way !!!

    On a serious note , my burner is enamelled cast iron , last thing at night I can chuck a handful of 'multi-heat' smokeless briquettes on then damp it right down and it will stay in till the morning just needing a quick poke n riddle with a bit of kindling added to get her going again.

    Some scorn firelighters but I use them all the time as they are a lot stealthier than newspaper and achieve clean burning temps quicker , kindling I always chop thinner than most peeps for the same reason, oh and NEVER chop kindling inside ya vehicle aside from the possability of splinters it will definately piss off anyone within 50 yards ....

    From my experience the sites mostly likely to ban vehicles with chimneys are not traveller friendly to start with, anything less than a 50k vanilla van or bigger than a 'pretty' vw are scorned upon, summertime invite them in to see your 'ornamental stove', wintertime they might just be glad of your custom regardless ...

    I personally cannot imagine life in my bus without the burner, I have a 4 hob gas burner that heats the place in minutes but condensation is huge, bus has an erpspacher that I have had fired up twice and was not too impressed with.

    Err , its a bus not a horse box , nuttin is straight or square the burner is sat mostly plumb on top a wheel arch but at window cill level the bus narrows, you can see its almost same level as worktop which is very andy for pots or the kettle , keeping the flue parallel with the upper wall looked odd so what you see is a good (I think) compromise .

    I have been using my burner for the last 8 years and it has only smoked the bus out once, that was due to burning a few bags of really dirty coal that I was givenI have a pet parrot lives with me and we survived several winters including when it was down to -10 outside.

    I have fitted burners 2 caravans and the main problem is space,( a small squirrel or morso takes up the space of the shower as a minimum ), plus when you start to remove interier walls and cupboards etc you soon realise that a lot of that is structural...

    A Short flue stack can be disguised by covering with a beacon lens if it is an issue. My flue extends about 8 inches but as its on the roof its not noticable just walking past,when I was parked up on the highstreet I got dissaproving looks when lighting the fire so I used to drive a mile outta the village to a garden centre make a nominal purchase (usually parrot seed) and light the burner in the carpark , after 10 minutes the only thing you see is a heat haze so I damp it down and drive back where the fire happily stays in overnight and no one is any the wiser. Obviously I am using smokeless fuel, but well dried /seasoned wood makes very ittle visible smoke when the burner is up to temperature.

    A few points,at the moment the majority of boaters use red diesal for propulsion and a burner/burners for heating and cooking , a lot have hot water via the engine and in winter need to run the engine for an hour or so daily (especially if using a blown air system as you need to have enough in the batteries to keep it firing) to top up the batteries. 2017 it was announced that govt want to ban use of red diesal for boaters or at the very least declare what %will be used for what purpose , this is just another tax hike for people that are contractually obliged to travel certain distances wether they want to or not.

    Now lets add the woodburning ban , one of natures greatest spectacles is the gathering of the ditch crawlers armed with chainsaws at the merest mention of 'tree down', this alas will become a thing of the past and all such blockages to the waterways will need to be cleared by the authorities whom I would expect to be obliged to remove after , what will they do with it all (assuming the trees can be removed, a lot of the network in inacessable to vehicles) ?

    Speaking of Italy , there were a lot of peeps in that stadium for the rugby yesterday and they have all gone home now, other sporting fixtures have now been cancelled.

    Lets not forget all the boaters and miscellaneous ditch gypsys out there , the Kennet and Avon is in a bad way at the moment , times like these and the 'controlled water level' becomes a thing of fantasy.

    Boats are getting stuck at jaunty angles and many are stranded , I saw a pic of one boat near to a lock with water coming over the gates , and at 3 am Saturday a friend texted me saying something had just landed on her boat , I was expecting tree but culprit was a lump of masonry from nearby bridge.

    Breaking news , govt now saying that they WILL be quarantined , so I guess they will be holed up in an Airbase somewhere for the 2 weeks .

    I daresay our lot will just be brought back and sent home and be told to stay indoors........

    Worse than that , guy just been on bbc news says they will fly him back but he will have to find his own way home (thats gonna be an interesting conversation for the taxi-driver),where they advise him to stay inside for 2 weeks , the guy has refused his place because of the lack of proper quarantine measures.

    'Will this hard standing be allocated to large campers/motorhomes or access/parking?'

    guess it depends on circumstances ie a local boater in ther blat vehicle might be asked to give way to a potential paying punter .only thing I know for sure is that they want hit and miss gravel and grass , looking at 6 inches of big crush n run etc topped with 6in of type1 and some cheap n cheerful shingle/gravel to dress it held i by 8x2 in timbers.

    If I get the chance I wanna have a root around where the showers used to be at the base of the embankment , there is a patch that wears thin and displays what looks likes the hump of a sarsen , could be nothing or a potential monolith ..... if it is I would like to get it erect and named after me :)