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    Ancient Sumerians had a lot of stuff including what is believed to be the first written language, the Anunnaki (those that came from heaven) feature in their mythology. Meanwhile in South America where the Aztecs and Mayans lived there are similar legends , not to mention big stone structures .

    Same legends/beliefs existed globally in different forms ,all very interesting stuff , especially depictions of the Solar system and many referances to Orion and his belt.

    A very good (and quite difficult ) book is ' Hamlets Mill' , far deeper than Von Daniken and his latest sidekick Giorgio Tsoukalos.

    I have started and moved Bubbles back and forth a few times .last week I blipped the trottle and it stayed blipping , tried a few little stabs on the pedal, pushed it to the floor then had t kill the engine and fiddle about before I admitted to myself the cable is seized up a bit.

    Hmmm, repeats of 'Love thy neighbour' are getting harder to come by lately, Anyone watched the movie of it and remembers laughing like fuck as they pretended to cook the 'honky' in the factory canteen?

    I went to open a house window and found a very sleepy looking white-tailed bumblebee , I scooped it up with some tissue (worried about hurting it), and set it aside while I gave a dessertspoon a quick warm over the hob , added water and a good pinch of sugar , offered it to the bee and immediately his feeding tube was out and at the sugar water ,I carefully walked outside into the sunshine and within 20 seconds hes was flying (twice around my head that I like to think was a 'thank you' ) and joined his mate on some bramble flowers :)

    IF (and that is a big 'if' ) I was to encourage rats I would find it prudent to regulary check all cupboards including taking the drawers out , then check under the bonnet and the running gear, then check around in the luggage bay and all my tat cupboards on the bus especially gas hoses ,electric cables and not forgetting the waste water pipe (they get thirstyas well as hungry).

    ''Who are these fucking arseholes, & why are they allowed to destroy & despoil any or our traditions & ancient rituals? '' At, first I wondered if 'fucking arseholes' referred to the black morris peeps letting ladies have a go and dressing differently thus despoiling 'true' morris or the people showing distain in the linked article ... , well to be honest its a newish thing in that its been around since the 50's but hey , rock n roll was a new thing then much as dance music is now , things evolve.

    For anyone that thinks there is even an inkling of racism involved they could do worse than google 'mummers' , a tradition that obviously influenced the black-morris and was practiced long before we were aware of people with other coloured skin.

    Moving on , Happy Saturday :)

    When I first got mobile wifi I tried google maps while parked up at the sanctuary , I zoomed in on 'my location' and thought 'ha, its out by about 12 feet' , then I realised that the dongle was on the dash board and I was sat at the back ... , so the maps thing is very accurate but relies on interwap , just having the phone on standby it will still be hooked up or searching for nearest towers and triangulation from that data will get close to your location.

    I aint no expert but I think the only safe way is to have it turned off completely , I know of 'burner phones' but they are susceptable to being found soon as you turn it on and rely on the fact that they are not linked to anyone .


    One of my daughters just rang and informed me that delivery slots are available, I managed to book a slot for Monday morning and have ordered my quota of 80 items , I did get the 'more than 80 items' warning so deleted one of the 5 ltr bottles of wate,quite a few things not available and most limited to 3 per item. Good luck :)

    Nah i think gates is a good man i think youve got him wrong, he woke up one morning decided he wanted to give something back to the world

    do a quick google search for Mr Gates senior ,especially his interests in 'planned parenthood'.

    it’s the start of a Bivrost rainbow bridge shroom, a viking has died and is on way to Asgard.

    stranger still then as we has no vikings left round these parts nowadays,didnt think it was swamp gas or a weather balloon , and far to early for them pesky circle-making aliens . logical thought is high altitude ice crystals catching the first rays of sunshine ...

    Its still visible on the page if you check out the box between 'live' and 'sunrise'. With hindsight I should have loaded the web cam thats up at Pilton , you can point that in a westerly direction towards St Michaels mound .

    I know , you can play with it a bit as well , I was actually waiting for someone to post 'hey thats me up on the drove' ,theres a few specks of life up there and the grey goose springs to mind...

    One thing I always carry with me when its dark is a good torch , helps avoid stepping in or kicking dog turds , hedgehogs ,incumbant hippies etc whilst also avoiding ankle turning divots ... , said torch does not need to be big (pocket size is fine) but I highly reccomend a 'cree' led type , dimmest setting on wide beam for walking , brightest setting and focused for longer distances and up close if threatened , apart from dazzling and temporary blinding they have a nicely sharpened correlated front edge.I charge my torch batteries via a small USB charger plugged into my solar controller, so always got 2 or 3 charged .

    (1) Raises my suspicians that the 'small self isolating flat above No11 Downing St' is actually a bunker in the highlands that he is sharing with Charlie and a few dozen other select 'important' people. I personally wont believe he has it until I see pics of him hooked up to the latest Dyson.

    Video updates from dubious locations do nothing to reassure me, and as for Trump thinking he can buy his way out...., he needs telling that you cant do trade deals vith a virus.

    ''Who else is happy they have a stash of THC laden smokeables to see you through''

    I got 12 weeks worth if I stick at half oz per week , but getting through the munchies will be a right bastard .....

    Worked that out, its a bit annoying, so i get my misile launchers place them stragically and buy them as the threat becomes greater then at the right point i buy the anti aircraft gun, then i ve found i can sell some of the misile launchers and buy the nuclear silo, its all timing bloody annoying to be honest its very simular to whats going on at the moment. uncanny

    dont get the AA gun till needed , then just the one placed in the middle , buy more as needed (tells you whats coming next).. , selling stuff back is bad , you need walls , nukes , gloo guns etc I said it killed hours lol , I only play on hardest level and if a single one gets through before level 12 or so I tend to

    restart . completed it a few times but only once with all 10 lives , good luck !!