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    The truth of the matter is lowconvoy....... I need to either start my business again or find a job cos much as I would enjoy building bikes for people just for fun and in truth if I didn't need money I would ......
    Recumbent bikes trikes and anything HPV is my passion it a vastly underused form of transport and most people that don't ride bikes usually it's just becouse of health issues or the balance saddle sore etc recumbent get rid of most of those problems , when I rode my junkers around initially the response from the public was ridicule......I taught back with a good attitude and got those people to have a go on it.....90% of them you saw a massive childish grin and you couldn't get them off the damn thing.....
    Great feeling,
    So I suppose I do t undersell them I just know when. I start building again they will be a side project to be enjoyed but I will unlikely make a living from them lol

    The above trike I built for a family in Kettering and. I was homeless for their autistic kid who had never ridden a bike he had absolutely no sense of balance, I got on well with the family and they let me stay there and have free food and board I. Return for building it for them truth is it took me 2 days to build and I had only a welder a grinder and the toolsni had in my rucksack so it wasn't one of my best bikes but I did what I could with what I. Could find lol
    The rear seat part made it very heavy but the kid was only ever gonna ride it on the flat in his yard it I tell ye what rode beautifully lol

    When it comes to my junkers.....I build bikes trikes quads I even built a six wheeler offroad HPV tank and a handcycle wheelchair adaption......I love junkers never sold them though it was a sideline with my business, and i gave them away,
    basically I had a scrapyard and each morning I would look upon the piles of everyone else's rubbish and just see where inspiration led me lol also building a junker was a good way to try out a new idea I had without investing in new materials, I would give anything to get back into building them, give me a shed to live in an garden to grow food and some tools to build with,, I'm not religious but that would be my heaven.

    My father always drill trained me to bull my boots lol ,
    Much as I hated him for it at the time I still have a pair of boots I had when I was 24 boot care does make a difference financially and its good practice for being eco friendly ....
    Lots of ways to look after yer boots and the above way that old Keith recommends is a a very good way to go I agree wholeheartedly .

    You can't beat that feeling when your cycling in heavy rain....the bit where you wet all the way to the skin and still have 20 miles to cover........for me its an incontrollable laughing fit lol

    Thank you Paul......wait you got to test their kit.....for free ..... Monty python would say you lucky lucky ........... Huge fan of their full fat ,they keep their designs simple and it works never had the pleasure of riding an ice trike but they where one of the reasons I started building ..... Along with mike burrows's windcheetah, I have to nip out for an appointment this minute but as soon as I return this afternoon I will work out how to private message you, I'm new to this site .

    I am in south Wales.......i would be very interested indeed in any opportunity
    I have allot to offer and even more to learn so would appreciate if relevant being put in touch.

    OK one more lol the idea behind finding people to ride my prototypes is as follows just to be clear.
    As and when I build a new model I will need it to be thoroughly tested before I can put it out there to the general public so before you message saying you would happily ride one this is what I would need from you in return.
    Ride the bike as often as you can ,document your experiences for one month and report back with any issues so!I can improve or change things to get it right ...that's it and for that you will get to keep one of my hand made custom bikes, I want to do it like that because it helps me to improve my ideas and road proves the concepts. OK I will now shut up lol

    I know I'm going on but...... When I do get started again .....and it will happen I'm going for it ...and I will be looking for volunteers to ride my prototypes free of charge to promote my ideas and to promote a better way of riding , if you want an example of why I know its better ,here's one,
    I am not super fit neither am I a great cyclist, on a standard bike I can ride about 20 miles in a day before saddle sore and genital numbness becomes unbearable lol on a recumbent saddlesore is irradiated and I've been know to cover 47 miles in one day .....anywhoodlenoodle I'm gonna shut up now cos I have a tendency to get carried away talking about bikes.....if you hadn't already noticed lol

    Also on a side note thats what I need to gain the equipment again basics and the materials to get started ,if I where to get started just building junkers again it would be far less but I'm looking at in relation to starting a viable business and fun as junkers are from a commercial perspective they are a hobby which I love but not sustainable on their own unless I found a second income.

    One of the most common questions I got asked about recumbents was are they safe because they are so low....the truth is any bike can be dangerous, I combatted this by lighting all my bikes up like a Xmas tree and usi g an array of if you can't see me now you shouldn't be driving flags.....but think about it also if you do your research in almost any area in the UK the cycle networks are now better than they ever have been and with commitment by local cycling groups it can only get better.
    The investment I need to start my business again is £3000, or in layman's terms a whole years worth of this job seekers allowance they've put me on lol

    To anyone reading this ....all I want is to start building my bikes again they are my life lol if that means I have build bikes for people for free in order to get started again I is deffo about more than money for me its about creating ...ATM I am stuck in a bedsit with no workshop no tools and living what I class as my own personal nightmare.
    Too needy? Lol probably but I am really struggling to find a job to fund my chosen hobby ...self employed all my life employers seem to frown on that for some bizzare reason.

    But if you want my professional oppinion ..if you ever intend to go for a trike stick with what's called a tadpole configuration deltas are nice to look at but unless you spend mega bucks and get one with a diff they are useless up steep inclines.

    I love rat stuff, I trained as an engineer but started my career restoring vintage machinery, there was so much I wanted to do to improve it but its sacralidge to change vintage stuff .,so that's where. I decided to build my own stuff.

    I've not long finished building what I call a junker .....cost me electricity and a bit of welding wire and gas everything else made of junk and it rides like a dream I've no idea how to post an image here or I'd show it to you......but imagine this its built out of
    Part of a Vauxhall corsa
    Part of a citreon
    A scaffold plank
    A ripped leather coat
    Two bmx wheels
    One mountain bike wheels
    An old bunk bed
    A caravan wheelbrace (broken)
    Now imagine what it looks like lol

    Lol if I knew how to upload images I'd show you one of my projects I like to make out of junk.........I don't have me workshop anymore but that's what made me happy doing what I was built to do ....create wierd and wonderful creations.

    For me when I had my van it didn't take long but I had a small stove with a boost button I created which was a metal pipe that you blew like crazy in to make the fire do da God good memories of living in me tipi with the old fire booster lol ...but a warning this sounds like common sense but it happened to me with my van.....make sure your stove is out and you chimney is capped before traveling .....I once drove off my stove was cold the ashes seemed cold but as I drove ....down the m4 the draw of air from my chimney relit my fire and I was most aggressively stopped by the police as I hadn't realised the plume of white smoke behind me on a busy I said common sense it would seem but I lived in a tipi from birth till aged 8 then off grid for a further 7 years so well used to open fires and stoves and it happened to this numbnuts

    I am not sure where this belongs as a post...... But here goes I'm sure I'll get rollicked if its In the wrong place...
    I build bikes recumbent bikes...or at least I used to before a rather messy breakup in which I lost everything including my tools.
    I went to my local job centre to find out if there was any help with regards to restarting my business ......which was before the collapse of life and living recumbent bikes ...more to the point affordable ones for normal human rather than rich as far as doing my business plan that was described as great and had no problems there ....but when it came to finance......uhoh no credit history I ran everything in my exes name so am unable to get anything ..have tried my question is does anyone e know of any lending companies that go on the business ideas rather than a credit check? Are there such people? Other than loan sharks