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    If your in a situation like me , money troubles etc don't forget about the fact your entitled to food parcels swallow your pride peoples ,
    The job centre have sanctioned my money for not letting them know I had started a training course not declaring hours etc.......punished for trying to better myself but forgetting to fill in the forms required to do so. Oh well keep on trying lol

    I used to go to Glastonbury ( before it was cool) lol
    I used to volunteer in the goose hall and do litter picking get in early leave late and get to keep what you found when litter picking ahhhh good old days,
    As I grew up I used to tell people I met that I saw pink Floyd play live on the pyramid stage.......years later I discovered it was a tribute band ....but hey ho it was real for me as a kid and they where really good....
    I miss my childhood lol

    Unless you need the moolah of course......why not list them to raise funds for ukhippy.......and. No I don't work for them lol I just like the site lol

    On JSA here too, and yes it sucks 17 years as an engineer self employed means nothing on a CV so it seems, I am applying for any job myself and yes it is very depressing.

    This is nice, I haven't been able to speak to any proper hippy peoples in a long time and its great to read things I can relate to again, I too have shouted at the sky while laughing "bring it on is all that all ye got lol"

    Lol oldkeith, I try and do that blend in thing, but fail miserably I just tend to steer clear of non me like people, I struggle allot in crowds , noise, and general clutter of towns so living where I do at the moment where the town hobby is to drink or be excluded .....I'm happy to exclude myself lol

    I hardly ever had my dog on a lead myself but then I never had to take my dog to town , dogs on a lead in a town centre is as much for the dogs safety as anything given traffic etc , the only reason I even mentioned it is there are sighns where we where requesting dogs be kept on leads and I know the dog warden is very on the ball here and doesn't think twice about snatching unattended dogs.
    It's another money making thing cos here you have to pay to get your dog back out the pound under certain circumstances,
    But all in all I agree o.Keep yer head down principle.

    Going to Google nearsfoot oil! Ohhh not heard of that one I likes me interesting. Things lol
    When ii woke this morning I never imagined boots and oils would make me think....I really like this forum

    As a born hippie I was always brought up with do what you love, which is probably why I'm so passionate about my ideas,
    My father once told me with regards to work if your not enjoying it STOP
    I agree totally you will gain more in life mentally and feel happier doing what you love than working at a till all day......unless you lo e working at a till all day and in that case go for it lol

    Right this one should make people think but please know before I tell you about this ...keep an open mind and think about it, I would be very interested to hear your views.
    Today I went for a walk bumped into a guy in town with his dog,
    His dog had his lead on but the dog was running around begging for food by the burger van it's a dog they do that granted,
    We got talking and I told him that if he was in my old town the dog wardens would snatch his dog off him in a heart beat for not being under control,
    He replied with "the law says I must keep my dog on a lead in public places.....he's on a lead it doesn't say anything about me having to hold the other end of the lead"
    Pedantic yes...true as far as I know yes..... But by doing things like that and fighting the system so to speak I.e reading laws to the letter and taking advantage of loopholes, isn't that giving the lawgivers no choice but to tighten said rules to avoid circumstances like that and make everyone's life even more miserable.....
    The above story goes for everyone who does this be something like the above or the people who when stopped by the police take it upon themselves to state every statute at the officer standing up for rights so to speak.....
    It's a difficult one for me to understand although I admire those who stick it to the man so to speak, isn't what they do actually making it harder for the rest of the people in the long run?
    I know the above will probably get me some abuse lol but its an genuine thought and I just want to find out others opinions and discuss it sensibly .

    Gotta try and post this ...I took this the day I built the bike above....promoting safety first lol

    Don't get me wrong...... As I started this post I want to make this clear, I have nothing against weed or alchyhole , I just find it difficult or nigh on impossible to relate conversationally to most I have met that are partaking at that moment,
    Also the smell of weed makes me feel I'll a good reason for avoiding it lol

    Hmmmmm tough one , I will be honest though I've met a lot of vegans that wear leather boots,
    I tried to be began for a while but found myself just sticking with veggy , I admire anyone that can deal with the amount of thinking that has to go In to being vegan,
    Who new so much in this world uses animal products I was utterly shocked when I first looked into it.

    That's greatalisciouslywonderific cheers friedonio . thank you, no it's not there.... It's a pity cos I was thinking about writing a huge bit o. How to make free cycle hubs for a trike..... But I have quite a few descriptive pictures.

    If I won the lottery it think I would buy a decent camper with onboard workshop........and go around the world finding hippies and non hippies that want bikes ....sit down with them over a nice cuppa , and build people their dream bikes just for fun lol

    Also I'm Into sharing ideas with regards to my building, I have a way to build wheel hubs that costs nothing but your time and some tools , hubs are very expensive to build , but anyone wishing to learn how to build them for free is welcome to have a chat with me and I will share freely,
    You may have noticed I love talking lol