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    Particularly liking the protective footwear. Or lack of.......

    lol yeah but even though i screwed up my post and i apologize for that, the whole idea behind what i have one...which is working great btw is the lack of hacking the batteries remain usable and serviceable .

    Step one should be parallel to double the ah.
    Step three is correct.

    Following the original instruction you would have a 72v 3ah pack.

    thanks i will look into idea how to edit my original post though? i must have got me parralels and series's''s' wrong cos my battery is working great and chucking out the correct AH i needed

    i was cycling to work knowing id typed summit wrong lol bugger ...s for the spade connectors no not ideal but they for the usage i need them for quick removal is ideal ....but thanks for pointing out the mistake shall edit accordingly

    I thought i just thought i'd share an idea with regards to batteries.

    If you want a 36 volt battery for an ebike your looking at around £400 give or take for a good quality lithium-ion which is beyond allot of peoples price range,

    what if i told you you can make a 36 volt lithium ion battery safely with 6ah for £130 without having to solder without having to strip old batteries out of laptops and very little work?

    6 ah doesn't sound like much but it will get you around 9 miles with a power assisted lekky bike and given the price you can make it for you could make two batteries and extend your range to 18 miles for still less money than a genuine bike battery and they don't do much more mileage.

    ultimately it's up to you how you want to do it but i will explain the pluses of my way of doing it which to me are entirely practical .

    right here goes:

    you can buy 18volt lithium ion drill batteries on some buying sites for as little as £35 just look around they do exist

    you can wire these together easily with with spade connectors very cheap ...pennies

    you need four batteries to make this work, for the record though you can pick batteries up at bootsales too just bear in mind the batteries you use must be the same power and tech i.e all lithium ion....or all ni-cad etc or indeed if you wanna go super cheap but mega inefficient lead acid.

    step one: take two 18 volt 3ah drill batteries and wire them in series, this is simple but just in case it gets misunderstood i will suggest you look at youtube to find out how to wire in series to save me getting shouted at lol.

    step two: repeat the above with the second two , this will give you two seperate banks of batteries still individually 18volt but both with now a higher rated amp rating of 6ah.

    step three: take the two pairs of battery banks you have just created and wire them together in series again get yourself on youtube to learn how to do this it really is simple.

    This will now give you a battery pack rated 36volt and 6 ah, obviously if you want to increase the amp hour rating you need to add batteries whilst in the series configuration but you need to keep the configuration equal.

    the reason i think this is a good idea is few things, one its possible to make your own bike battery thats just s good as any commercially available one at less cost but also you can spread the cost by buying the individual batteries one by one,
    multi sequential chargers are available at around £70 quid but individual chargers are allot less,

    but heres the really good bit if you do it , theres two or three good points, one cheaper, two you can still use the individual batteries for you power tools, three because you are not disassembling the individual battery units as long as you dont tell the manufacturer what your using them for you do not compromise the makers warranty if bought new.

    anywho any questions please feel free to message me, i am only just getting back on my feet after being homeless so as yet unable to upload diagrams and do videos, but as soon as i am i will be uploading some stuff detailing builds and sharing as much of my limited but useful knowledge as i can...peace and love people i hope the above helps someone.

    I for one m very proud of this sites users, any other site and this page (given it's topic) would have been brimming with hatred speeches ,
    well done hippies keep out the hate spread the love xxxxxx

    Thanks.Part of the frustration is that its others whose actions i have no control over that are messing things up.Sometimes in life you have to relinquish control.Those people are in big warm houses who have never lived out of a carrier bag.But i am lucky.I am fed ,warm and dry.Too many are afraid,hungry and cold outside tonight and every night.Many will die this way this in the uk.

    up until late last year i was homeless for 16 months on the street, my advice to anyone in this situation given my experience, is never give up seek help everyday, go to your local council and keep going to keep them informed of your homelessness, but my biggest part of advice is if you physically fit DO NOT beg you loose a part of yourself and your sense of self worth drops through the floor i tried it and it nearly killed me i was so desperate i cant even express it,
    dont be afraid to go round the back of your local supermarket and make the most of the thousands of pounds worth of perfectly good food they throw away, yes you may get arrested for doing this i did twice but they rarely prosecute knowing your situation, foodbanks are also useful but entirely impractical they give you 20kg of tinned or dried food yayy thats great, but if your homeless you have to then carry that around with you?
    last of all i want to praise the SALVATION ARMY such wonderful people who helps me see my self worth fed me let me use resources and supported me through suicidal crisis without cramming their religion down my throat they are wonderful people and if ever there was a charity to support in aid of the uk's homeless theres one, i am now working again relatively mentally healed (that crap doesn't go away unfortunately) .
    i guess what im saying here is you really do need to help yourself in this world but dont be afraid to ask for help 90% of the time it WILL be refused but now and then given the odds your giving yourself by refusing to give up and keep trying you WILL be ok and it DOES get better,

    im thinking of writing a pamphlet on urban homeless survival techniques i employed and giving it to the salvation army shop to give out to our local towns homeless people anyone with questions about my experience or if you want to share you own is welcome to message me it helps me to talk about it an im sure it would other people.

    its 5am -4 outside, i have 3 miles to travel and 2 coats on with one hour to get to reason for this post except just to moan about how cold it is outside lol:eek:

    yeh i mean you have to be realistic they boast 20 miles on lowest setting at optimum weight in ideal conditions thats just the way life is and people lie to sell things

    but...having sid that the bike itself is one of the cheapest around and becuase its a 24 volter additional batteries arent that difficult to get hold of so extending the range is easier than it would be on a more pricey bike with higher voltge.

    i decided that next pay day i am going to purchase a lekky bike after having borrowed one fro friend for a few days to help make my descision, the EGRIN that is spoken of in various forums is very real ....i mean you still have to pedal but you dont need a wotsit to get your woosh when you want it woooohooooooooo looking forward to payday!!:D

    As I found out recently ..talking from a skip is illegal, even if you ask permission as soon as it hits the skip it becomes the skip owners property,although rarely prosecution, bear it in mind if someone decided to get arsey

    No offense taken , I've paid my taxes 99% of my working life I became homeless, and only signed on through desperation ...turns out it was a waste of my time anyway so I agree with your policy

    From what I understand its not the training they are bothered about its the fact that I've gone over my 16 hours voluntary work and training without declaring it, tbh I'm done with them ,
    I'm signing off I'll find a job under my own steam

    I'm still going to do your idea ffs, but with one small difference, I'm going to build my new ideas in reality, patent the fkers .....before I plaster them all over this internet and end up having some big company take credit lol and for that I need to sort my funds out,
    I want to be the guy that sells them for my price not slap a label on them and quadruple the price just for a name my whole principle in what I want to do in life is make these things affordable to everyday folk,

    Never been online before with regards to anything more than emails,
    And up until now Ive never wanted to run officially, off grid lifestyle dictated discretion so known by the crazy scruffy hippy that makes shit, hardly worthy of a logo lol
    I'm off this morning to have an interview with a car dealership as valeter to get funds the old fashioned way lol
    Fingers crossed.

    Sounds like a plan, it can't hurt to try I suppose,
    I never had any trouble selling them when I had the bikes to show this is a new avenue for me but got nothing to loose, will get started doing me on paper designs. And thank you for your thoughts "ffs" put that like I did cos your username could me misunderstood lol

    OK I did miss that point sorry lol
    For 3000 let's see my average sale price depending on model was between 3 and 400 so between 6 and eight orders ,
    But I have never made a bike with up front cash before?
    Tbh if it did work like that if I could just sell 2 or three bikes I could at least get started ,
    I like the idea but I never met any one of my customers who would of payed up front without first seeing a working prototype, catch 22 I can't even make the prototype at this time,
    And yes I know I sound defeated but I'm beginning to realise I'm going have to most likely go stack some shelves for a few years and save up lol

    I only have two confirmed pre orders from existing customers, I need that sort of money to secure the workshop I have lined up for 6 months and to get the tools I require again , steel, parts etc to get building,
    I have run the business before,
    If the job centre get their arse In gear lol and give me back my business plan I have that to wave around too lol its been signed of as viable by my business advisor,
    If I dont get it back by tommorow I will!l have to re write the damn thing,
    The investment question wasn't Aimed at any one person , Nice as that would be there are few people in this world that would help no matter how good my idea was,
    My question was if anyone knew of any legal business financiers who take Into account the business idea and plan more so than the dredid credit checks , as I ran my business through my ex wife and she is none to friendly towards me, and never having had a bank account before my credit history is as one would imagine non existent lol