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    Very tidy looking van. Are you keeping the color scheme?

    oh yeah!! I love the colour scheme, originally i wanted a less eye catching colour so if i wanted to continuously park down a quiet road for a week to sleep i could, however i couldn't say no when I viewed her! Now i need to find the paint to match for the inside!

    There are quite a few 12V cool boxes out there, thats what i am getting in my van, replacing the 12v fridge with a cool box and putting the fridge in my boat!

    Less than 2 months after buying a canal boat i've bought myself another toy, an 1983 Vw T25 camper, 1.8 engine, 17,000 legitimate miles on the engine and a pop up roof. I think i'm naming her Serena ;)

    I will post more photos later tonight once i've taken some. I don't know much about mechanics or how to do much to a van so excuse my idiotic 'ness' when i ask daft questions. That being said there are some great reads on here if you know where to look :D:D:D

    So here she is...




    There is one survey site i use which brings in a bit of money each month, it's not a get rich quick scheme, but for very little work i can bring in £10-£15 a month. That doesn't seem like much to start with but over the course of a year thats £120.

    I look at it like this, for 10/15 minutes per night when i'm sitting on my laptop ( which i do anyway) if i do the surveys and other things you can do for points which can be redeemed for money, that £10 a month over a year makes £120 which could pay for mostly everyones christmas presents in December, or a short European city break. Its weather it's worthwhile for you or not! If anyone wants the link to the site i use i'd be happy to PM it over to them!

    Thats a great website, it's lead me on to find loads more van dwellers blogs too :D mainly in america but hey, we're all doing it for the same reasons!!

    I would just tweak it a little. I would just remove the "boat" word. Going by your progress you may oneday own the canal it's moored on.

    haha I am already looking into the history of the canal, turns out the moorings were considerably cheeper once, then they sold it off to inland waterways who apparently... 'apparently' are loosing money on the canal, so maybe, just maybe, we may get the chance to own the moorings once day (for a hefty cost) but i would certainly be interested! :D I shall edit my signature now and start looking at vans ;)

    I'm 22, unofficially living in my canal boat, I will be investing in a campervan/van conversion once i'm on my feet with the boat :) Its the best way of living :) Much better than a mortgage ;)

    Slow day today, worked until 5, went down to the boat after work to put the stern cover on and i did about 15 minutes of patchwork painting on the lounge walls.

    I am after some reclaimed floorboards for the living room floor, i've put some adverts up on various buying and selling facebook groups and on freecyclye so i will wait and see what happens!

    You're right, the white brightens it up dramatically and in my opinion makes it look bigger! I am going to put reclaimed floorboards down which I will sand down and stain with a dark colour so there will still be some dark wood colours in there.

    Not full time unfortunately, I would love to however I am not able to get a residential mooring where I am and I cant CC as the canal i am on is only 14 miles long before i either hit a dead end of the sea! I have signed a contract saying I have a place of residence which is in my case, the palace of mum and dad. I then asked how many nights could i stay on the boat and the mooring manager said " as many consecutive days and nights as I want' :D Which was the answer I wanted to here!

    The before pictures look pretty nice to me as they are! I'm excited to see what you do with it though, the white certainly freshens it up :)

    A lot of people have said this, I posted these pictures on a few hippy/off grid Facebook groups and sparked outrage as i painted over 'such nice wood'. The before picture was amazing however after spending some time in it it doesn't feel welcoming or homely.

    Once i started painting it straight away started to feel like mine, it's great what a lick of paint can do :D

    Tonight I am giving the lounge area it's final coat then i'm off to buy some more tongue and groove for the bottom of the walls :D

    Here are some before and after shots so far.

    This weekend has consisted of painting... and more painting and more painting.. a water leak at the corner of the kitchen window has stopped the painting for a little while but it's a simple fix as i can (i think) see the leak, and i just need to seal it and replace the small bits of wood which got wet :D






    Once the living room painting is all done i'm going to put down some reclaimed floor boards then move onto the kitchen, the living room door will be re painted the same cloud white too

    I am quite happy to talk about how i established myself to finally get my dream of a canal boat, I work 9-5 as a special needs teacher, plus buy and sell on the side, plus do online surveys etc, i do everything to boost my income, money isn't everything however it helps ;)

    I saved, and saved, and saved, realised the true value of money and my time, and it got to the point where i was putting away the best part of £1000 a month. Then just on the off chance, i put a Facebook post up on some local buying and selling groups asking if anyone was selling a canal boat, 10 minutes later a lady messaged me with quite a short message containing a phone number and the sentence 'ring this number think he may have a boat for sale'. At this point i didn't know what sort of where abouts the boat was but i thought sod it.

    I gave him a ring and he said it was at hoe mill lock... which is half a mile form my house, and it was cheap, but not cheap in the sense it was a project cheap, he just needed the money as he had half a share as the other half wanted the money and he couldn't buy her out. So i bought her :D

    in short, thats my little story, on to the camper van next ;)

    This has made my year, probably more so than finding my spunk inside myself ;)

    Ah no river license for me, Im on one of the very few private canals in the Uk, saves me an extra 1K a year so search for hidden bodily fluids ;)

    I've finally done it, after months and months of saving, researching, living frugally and keeping every part of my boat crossed I can now happily say I've accomplished a dream at 22 by purchasing my own canal boat! :):):):waves:

    She's a 45ft cruise stern swan line Narrowboat moored on a canal in Essex!

    If someone has told me a year ago that with hard work and dedication in a years time you could be sleeping on my own boat i would have never believed them!!

    Time to finally thinking about the camper van now ;)

    If anyone is in the essex area they're more than welcome to pop down for a cup of tea :D:D:D

    13178771_10209931933234775_3478733865110465884_n (1).jpg

    Good luck, im in the same boat as you' it's frustrating as hell but you'll get there in the end :D

    It's risky business and not something many people would advertise doing if it's cash in hand work. You could post on local facebook sites like 'things for sale/businesses in *****' and advertise your skills on there, I've done a lot of fence/ shed/stable paints, the odd £40 here and there all adds up :D It also depends on what your skills are, can you weld? build etc!

    in my opinion it would be a must, the vans i've looked at are open from the cab to the back so i'd put a wall in, then curtain the doorway so i had easy access from the cab to living space, and andy says, it's stealthy. Your van has a solid wall at the back of the cab doesn't it? You could just cut a doorway in and put a curtain over the door instead of installing one :) I find it also makes the living compartment more cosy and it also helps insulate the living space by having a wall/doorway :)