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    We're not talking about DRUNK-drivers here though. We're talking about people who've had one or two pints.
    If 2 people drink the exact same amount, and drive in exactly the same way, but one is unlucky enough to hit someone and the other isn't, in what way exactly can you call one a murderer and not the other, because they've both behaved in exactly the same way.
    The sad fact is, that even if alcohol didn't even exist people will STILL die on the roads. Cars are dangerous, and no amount of laws and finger pointing is going to change that.
    And why the hell doesn't the government make it a legal requirement that you have a limiter on your vehicle preventing it from travelling at over 70mph? I mean, it's not legal to do that speed anywhere?!


    Alcohol also makes you feel slightly over confident.

    No. Alcohol might make you feel slightly over confident. And a lot of other people. Not me. If anything, I am more cautious.

    Another problem I have is that to get a pint of orange juice in most pubs near me costs at least a pound more than a pint of ale. What a fantastic way to encourage the designated driver system.

    I understand what you're saying James, but I agree with Zee in that I'd like to see an overall better standard of driving. I think the licensing system should be more rigurous (but not by hiking up the price again because it's already an absolute f**king joke).

    Could somebody tell me if I've got this right: you're body disolves one unit of alchohol per hour? Therefore, if I drank two pints at 1 & 1/2 units each, then stuck to water for 3 hours, I'd be completely alcohol free by the time I left the pub?


    Don't rely on the law to tell you what is right and wrong


    If only they'd subsidise public transport so that it wasn't a fucking joke, then maybe people would actually have some sort of choice.

    I will very occasionally drink up to two pints and drive. Why? Because I like to leave my house sometimes. I'd never be able to drink in a pub again if I didn't.
    Buses don't run to my village after 6, and public transport where I live is the second most expensive in the country (after London). I'm a very safe driver, and I'm a sensible guy. If I felt in anyway that my driving ability was diminished, then I wouldn't do it.
    I agree with the drink-drive laws, because I know plenty of people who get drunk from merely sniffing a pint of lager, but alcohol effects different people in different ways. I understand that a line has to be drawn somewhere, and I think the limit is fine where it is.
    I personally believe that if the government is serious about cutting down on road accidents, then they need to raise the driving age to 21. Or at least introduce some sort of system that weeds out the boy racers from the people who just want to get from A to B without being shafted by extortionist taxi drivers.

    I should definitely be doing:

    The two Knochengorrachs,
    Green Man,

    ...and hopefully Glastonbury, and possibly Workhouse and Big Green Gathering. Does anybody know what's happening with Big Green this year?

    This time last year I noticed a few grey hairs in my stubble.
    A year on and I have just realised that I have two fairly large patches of grey in my beard and they look stupid. Several grey hairs on the head too now, but they aren't noticeable...yet.
    This can't be right, I'm only 24!

    Anybody else go grey really early? Is this the start of a slippery slope? Will the greyness spiral out of control now and by this time next year I'll be silver all over? What is the average age that people start going grey? Help!

    Oh my god, that's brilliant! Only £500 though... The temptation to wipe him out completely would have been too much for me.
    However, what's this crap about the bank not being able to stop it from happening again or reveal the identity of the person who did it?! Surely what they've done is a type of fraud?

    Fleassy, however you're picturing this scene in your mind, it wasn't that erotic. Seriously. And I find toast erotic.

    ...Melyn seemed well gone....
    ...or just not a morning person :p


    i did meet Em&Dave in a pub in halifax..we got very *tipsy*

    Haha. Yes, they are very lovely. The best people I've ever had the pleasure to work for ever. Love them to bits.


    'Tis a shame I didn't actually recognise any of you or vica versa

    With the exception of Melyn who I caught dancing barefoot alone in an extremely deep mud puddle at stupid o'clock on a cold welsh morning.....

    Quote from moonpup

    wasnt there the weiredgans cafe at shamania?????

    Nope. Not this year.


    ..used to come on this forum but doesn't seem to have been here for ages.

    Really? I never knew that! Small world.


    Possibly the best tablecloth in the world...

    Now deceased unfortunately...bloody Glade mud finished it off I think.


    Aren't you the guys who do the amazing cheese on toast that helps retain the sanity of us festy organisers after weeks of dodgy crew food?.

    Yes. Yes indeed. The best cheese on toast anyone will ever taste anywhere ever.

    ....crew food.....:vomit:

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I'll pass them on to Em and Dave (The actual owners. I'm just a lowly gopher).

    'Tis a shame I didn't actually recognise any of you or vica versa. Maybe next year!

    I was just wondering how many people have visited Weirdigans Organic Cafe over the course of the summer, as I've worked there at pretty much every festival they have done, and I think that there may be a good chance that I've met a some of you without knowing it.
    We were at:

    Workhouse Festival
    Big Green Gathering
    Ragged Hedge Fair
    Northern Green Gathering

    I've already spotted a few people on here with pics of themselves on Weirdigans, so come on! Own up! Were you the munter passed out on our luscious carpets at 5 am Sunday morning?

    Full-on ego death. No self, no fear, nothing understandable to an organic human mind but something that resonates universally with the soul of infinity. Warmth, light, love, creation. The physical universe is just a blanket thrown over these things. We are on the crust of existence.

    That sounds like a load of twaddle, but kinda goes a little bit of the way to explaining what I believe sometimes.

    Hmm..... the fact that we can't adequately describe what our conception and birth was like should factor into this kind of discussion somewhere too. What was it like to be conceived?


    I officially fail at the internets

    Dude, you gotta stop pickin up on all these internet memes... I can haz kentukee fried moovy now? Nooooo they be stealin' mah moovy!

    I used to get hayfever, but thankfully I don't anymore. But...oddly....reading this thread is making my eyes water and my nose run! Hayfever is all in the mind!!!! (Yeah, my mind :p)
    I live in the middle of a shit load of rapeseed fields and I reckon it's that constant exposure that has made me no longer succeptable to hayfever. Thankgod. I hate hayfever.

    Quote from Little Mouse

    Kristen did only leave last week and the hayfever has only just flared up again

    Hmm. Forget about local honey, I'll cure ya somehow... :sex:


    Most birds kept in captivity are bred in captivity so they know no different

    This is not true. I read a report stating that upto 60% of exotic birds kept as pets are illegally trapped in the wild.
    According to a report funded by Animal Aid, "Most of the beautiful parrots on sale in pet shops, markets and bird fayres will have been trapped in the wild".

    My personal belief is that if an animal needs to be kept in a cage, it is wrong to keep it as a pet. What is the cage there for if not to deny the creature it's natural instinct to roam?

    Fun fun fun!!! One or two ain't quite confirmed yet per se, but I'm sure they will be soon. Gonna be fantastic. I'm basically stalking Imogen (Little Mouse) all summer :p. Funny what love can do to a guy...

    Hmm....all this talk of KFC is making me want some chicken....hmm...honey roast nuggets....hmm....

    Seriously though, I never go there. In fact, I don't think I've ever had a kfc, even when I used to eat meat. Their crimes stretch beyond animal cruelty anyway, but as has been said, the way they treat their animals is pretty much standard across the fast food industry.

    Still, with all the recent talk of humane slaughter within the food industry, I can't help but wonder what type of slaughter could possibly be "humane"?
    No matter how these animals are murdered, even if in the most gentle peaceful way imaginable, watching it would still make me feel ill, and I'd still boycott the place.

    Good ol' Pammy though, eh?