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    Diddley Squats fantastic stage-invasion-baiting performance on the drystone was my moment of the entire festival season, not just the best bit of Solfest. Catch it anybody?

    Last years was my favourite festival ever, bar none. A uniquely quirky festival set around a beautiful lake and with more to see and get involved in per square meter than anywhere else on Earth.

    See you there!

    Racism is the norm here, even though there's quite a diverse mix of cultures. Well, I say mix, but mostly each group keeps to itself.
    If I pull somebody up for casual racist remarks, 'nigger, paki' etc, it's usually ME who gets the odd looks and sniggers from people rather than the ignorant bastards peddling their idiocy.
    Local message boards have racist joke threads without any complaints, and even the few people who I know that aren't racist as such still fling racist comments and jokes around without any obvious realisation of how Neanderthal it makes them sound.

    Racism is still deeply ingrained in this country, is pushed forward heavily and legitimised by tabloid headlines like: "Illegals caged" and "Ethnic benefits cheat",
    ...and it makes me feel like I'm losing the plot to be surrounded by these people on all sides. This includes most of my family too. :mad:

    They are still looking for stewards, so anyone who fancies doing a little bit of "work" in return for free entry into a lovely festie; get applyin'.

    Reading all this, I realise that I have NEVER actually looked into the BNP beyond reading their manifesto at the last election, and that pretty much EVERYTHING I know about them comes from third party hearsay.

    Has anybody got some useful links to either videos, transcripts, or articles that show Griffin and the BNP as the monsters that they are hyped up to be?

    Oh yeah, I agree with that. I'm not backing the protest at all, I'm saying that they could have gone about it a lot better if they felt like they needed to do it at all.

    I too would like to see Griffin on question time. On the news he's been saying that the protest was organised by the labour party and moaning about how all the major political partys are ganging up on the BNP.
    He probably sees it in his head as being very similar to the struggle that Hitler and his 'party' went through to get into power.


    ......because some people are not allowed to have their words heard? That isnt so far away from the BNP themselves :(

    Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you're saying here. That making a noise is more akin to what we expect from the BNP than throwing eggs and 'stampeding'?
    I just think that egg throwing and charging down a press conference says nothing for peace.

    Oh, and I just heard a protest spokeswoman say that she 'believes in freedom of speech, but not for fascists'.
    To be truly meaningful, freedom of speech can not come with any caveats or loopholes.

    I think it's a damn shame that him and his party are now able to look like victims. In fact, to look like reasonable human beings in the face of a wild angry mob. The protesters could have broken up the press conference peacefully simply by making a lot of noise, instead they've given Griffin a platform to talk about HIS 'non-violent' views.
    This protest was 100% counter productive if you ask me.

    Quote from JimBeam

    Try a kryptonite lock in the back and side doors.

    Woah, that thing looks like it means serious business. Looks more expensive than my van! Surely having something like that on there makes it really look like there's something worth stealing though? There's nothing between the cab and the back, so a simple brick through the window would negate whatever lock I put on there, but I do like the idea of some sort of internal reinforcement - particularly of the rear doors.
    Also, a hidden isolator switch sounds like a fantastic idea. Will be investigating that immediately.

    Quote from Beedup

    We got a little motion detector from Maplin for about 15GBP

    Cheers, I'll start researching them as well then. I'm also thinking of getting a cheap rape alarm or something for when I'm in there as that's when the paranoia sets in the most. Thursday evening found me chasing phantom noises with an axe. It turned out to be an army of hedgehogs. Noisy buggers. It's a good job I'm veggie :reddevil:

    Quote from Stardust

    Maybe see if you can get some "this vehicle is alarmed" stickers.

    There is actually a little red blinking LED in the cab which seems to serve no purpose what-so-ever, other than to look like an alarm. I'm not sure how efficient a thief deterrent that is though, especially if they're standard?

    Quote from Medusa

    What do you do for heat?

    At the minute...I'm relying on hot water bottles! If it's really really cold, there's my little camping stove, but that is far from ideal. I think my van is too small for a burner really, and since I may be selling her at the end of the year, I'm loathe to start cutting chimney holes in her.
    What other options are there? I was looking at paraffin heaters, but read that they put a lot of pollutants and nastiness in the air?

    I should be setting up a charge splitter + leisure battery in a few weeks so will have some spare electricity to play with.
    12 volt sound system is my first priority, but then perhaps some sort of electric heater might be viable?

    Quote from Bogwoppit

    Well you would be most welcome to come and park up for a few days anyway. Not much to do here but plenty of :peace:

    Excellent. The next 3 months are pretty much full, but I'll probably be somewhere around Halifax come the end of the festival season, and if my geography isn't too bad, then Lincolnshire is just a county or two over. Peace and 'mean' food sounds perfect. :)

    Thanks everybody, glad you all like her! I'd say that your comments make it all worth while...but, well, having a sweet van to live in this summer already made it worth while. Been planning new additions today already. Sorted out running water and hoping to work out how to afix an old shop awning to the side sometime this week.

    Quote from Stardust

    that looks fuckin awesome!! and you've made a way better job of it than i did of my transit which was exactly the same as that one but with more gaffa tape.

    i'm really seriously impressed man!!

    Thinking back, your magical bus was the first live-in vehicle I ever set foot inside, and in a strange way, that (and yourself) has turned out to be a massive inspiration in my life. So...before I get all senti-mental...thankyou so much! Guided tour coming up in a few months...

    Quote from starcatkel

    the bed looks lush with the crochet i really like it

    Thanks, I found it in my mothers attic, but she had no idea from whence it came. It and the rest of my decor have been accused of being 'a bit gay' this week though...

    Quote from Bogwoppit

    I have a drive someone could probably live on in their inconspicuous white van for a few weeks... :whistle:

    Oh really? ;) That's not beyond the realms of possibility, although I'd feel pretty damn nervous as I've put a lot of 'me' into this conversion. Doing it for somebody else would feel kinda weird, and I wouldn't feel as comfortable leaving any rough edges as I have been with mine. But if you're serious, I'd definitely be up for coming and helping out in any way that I can. :) Same goes for anyone who can offer me a park up spot and the odd meal.

    Quote from Colin M

    Looks pretty good to me! And this is your 1st van?

    Well, technically my first van was a Bedford Rascal, but that poor thing died a total death on it's maiden voyage up the M1. Still not sure why exactly, but the radiator appeared to be full of metal shards. Obviously, not a good thing. Got more money for scrap than I payed for her though, so can't complain!

    Quote from Pixie

    your steering lock is amazing

    Hehe, I like to think so. It's made entirely from discarded bits and bobs from last years festivals. It became my soul/sole purpose for the entirety of Glade where I don't think I looked up all weekend...

    Quote from Julianthegypsy

    I like the hi-vis jacket, very stealthy

    And warm! The only thing that I wonder though, is that if it looks too much like a working van, then people might assume there are valuable tools in it? Any thoughts?

    Anyway, thanks again everybody who has commented, hopefully it will allow me to get to more gatherings where I can make everybody tea whilst jealously regarding other vans. It'll probably look totally different in a week after I get bored, rip everything out and start again....:insane:

    Just thought I'd share some pics of my current pride and joy, 'Yolko'.
    She was a bare bones work transit and hadn't been shown much love. The back was filled with dank, slimy rotting plywood which I had to rip out, leaving quite a mess to clean up.
    As my first van, I've been totally making it up as I've gone along, but I'm so pleased with how she's turned out that I just have to show her off a bit.

    From the outside she looks pretty average, right down to the flashy orange light on the roof...

    The drivers seat is maybe slightly more conspicuous...

    As is my shamanic steering lock...

    But then...


    Both the futon and this back sheeting found me at just the right time. The futon however fell apart... which was good, because it meant I got to learn how the damn fiddly things are made while I relayered it!

    I'm particularly proud that apart from the insulation, and the price of the van itself, this whole thing cost me pretty much nothing. All the wood was stuff I've found or other people have had lying around. Oh, the curtains were a few quid from a charity shop and required sewing, but I've learnt to do that too now! Carpets were all found, some at festies, some in attics... I built the cupboards, the bed...everything really.

    All in all, I'm pleased as punch and am now on week two of living in her. The main problem is...I've got nothing left to do! Anybody want some cupboards building? I need a new project now...

    I'll be giving workshops on LED lighting with 'LED FANTASTIC', in the green fields, in a green and white striped, octagonal, medieval-style tent.
    Hopefully be dishing out guarana truffles and some home brewed chai in the evenings too, so do drop by!

    It's an interesting concept, which leads us to question many other things including the nature of knowledge itself. In the end, all that we know for certain is that we have a network of shared meanings that connects us to the world around us, the meanings themselves being more important than what we call 'fact'. Your curves are my straight lines, your joy is my sorrow, your pleasure is my pain. Everything is extremely limited to our own narrow field of perception, consensus reality is the only thing that prevents us from veering off into a topsyturvy self-generated world of craziness.

    An apple is red, but in the dark it is black, so what actually is it's true colour?

    Very much looking to another Workhouse. Hopefully loads of you ukhippy crew are gonna be there again. Weirdigans is in the main arena this year, which means no night shifts for me! Woo. Plus, I'm gonna be with 'Yolko', me Transit, so save us a good spot, yeah?

    What about those who are convicted of minor offences? I was convicted of aggravated trespass for my part in an anti nuke demo, and as such, I don't think it's fair that my DNA will be on there alongside the DNA of rapists and murderers etc. Does this new ruling go far enough?


    the fact that the home secretary finds this judgement "dissapoining" is the most disturbing part...

    I've never hated a politician as much as I hate Jacqui Smith. I'm pretty much a pacifist, but she makes me want to go all V for Vendetta... :angel:

    Wow, quite a mixed response to CBT then. My problems are all based around self-worth, social anxiety as a result of things that happened to me when I was a child.
    But I feel kinda bad taking up NHS resources for what basically amounts to simple shyness. Admittedly it's got worse lately, but I know somebody who's on a 4 month waiting list for CBT who cuts himself a lot....

    I've had one session. It was more of a getting to know you kinda of thing, but even then it made me see things that I hadn't before. I came out of it quite hopeful, but days later I feel far worse than ever before.
    It's 2 weeks minimum between each session, and now that I've started the process I fell particularly vulnerable and emotionally raw, yet I haven't been given any of the tools that the therapist said she'll be teaching me to cope with it.
    I had a good cry last night. The few friends that I had have all drifted away, so I'm pretty much alone now.
    Ah well, onwards and upwards. The friends that have disappeared obviously weren't worth a damn anyway.
    Thanks everybody.


    I've just started a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help me get over some issues.
    I was just wondering if anybody else has any experiences with CBT that they'd be willing to share, as I'm a little unsure of what I should expect from the sessions.

    Went to it last year.... it was the worst festival I've ever been to. Practically nothing going on and really rude snobby people. Unless it's changed drastically, I could not recommend it to anybody. :(


    I need a lift from Cambridgeshire to Trevstock on Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th of June. I could get somewhere else in England for the lift perhaps, so if you're travelling from somewhere not too far away from Cambridge to Trevstock and have room for a hippy, please let me know. :0)

    Like an acorn buried by a squirrel misses the sun and breeze it once enjoyed whilst hanging from the branch of it's oaken progenitor.

    Nah, not really, glad to see the back of you. Couldn't get away from you fast enough at Workhouse. :whistle: