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    Was strangled by Keith cheggars in shhrewsbury flower show when i was a kid .Ive stepped backwards into charlotte church's breasts ,excused myself and carried on working ,didnt know it was her at the time till my workmate told me ,and met Derek ackorah in swansea library .

    I have the 2.4 duratorq low roof van, the engines get a bit of a raw deal from some ,cast off as inherently bad but looked after they will see 200k easy. hidden rust under door step plastics and prone to water ingress from the cab and or seams where the sealer has cracked, , kingpins if not looked after (greased regular) give the front wheels a good 12oclock 6 oclock shake for movement, kinda the same for rear hub bearings . If it has the fiberglass roof they are known to hairline crack and leak look for stains /discolouring . There are bad bits you can highlite on every van but get a good one of anykind and your fine ,minibuses tend to be less abused though. Spares are still relatively easy to come by and if you have the room buy a breaker too. Scrap metal is worthless at the mo so some gems can be had .

    Well i had recommended T and J autos in swansea , they did my mot and king pins , had trouble with halfshaft bearings on the convoy , took it in they had it 2 weeks charged me £84.00 for telling me they couldnt get it off, i bought a donor axle to do it myself on taking apart my old one they hadnt even taken the hub off , so wouldnt use again

    Hi have you been camping for any period of time? , it really can be tough going living in such close quarters , we do a month or so at a time (we dont have real ties anymore either) travelling about selling. have you had a trial run of any kind ruff it in the car over night a few times see what you think

    I dont know what make the one i used on an escort van was , but i rolled it on as per the blurb and by the next day hay presto it was still soft and covered in allsorts of flora'n'forna

    my wife and i probably 10 years ago pulled onto a travelling gypsy site to give away our childrens small clothes , we were met with immediate suspicion , quickly followed by gratitude . the only bad experiences i have had with any gypsy group was when i was working for ( as i found out) a dodgy garage when they came in looking for money owed for a stolen tipper, that had been bought from bad people in every walk of life , we've even had our tent pegs knicked from "posh" campsites and things out of the trailer taken. Treestump you missed out the welsh and our liking to sheep.

    fantastic stove its a coleman make , easy to use no faffing with gas canisters , petrol available everywhere 1 litre lasts about 5 hours , thats about 60, 2 litre kettles from stone cold .have used it inside the van (with ventilation) with no real smell of petrol or fumes . Its pumped up to prime the tank and away to go, it has a saftey tank so if it becomes detached it cuts everything off . we shopped around and picked up a new one for £90. have seen them on ebay for around 50-60. and thery are easy to maintain.

    Oddball thats what im going to do in the morning my own wires for power and earth. I just dont know how the hell they knick these vans with immobilisers I need to find an old school car thief , i'd try anything but as long as its not going to bugger it up.

    Mines a durotorque, which seems to be shrowded in mysteries and magic as regards to immobiliser removal , read things like bypass the yellow relay to grinding bits off and rewiring . at the mo it was just the van throwing a hissy fit at having a new radio put in, but still havnt installed it to the vans requirements .

    havnt put a pic up of progress ever so ...SAM_0006.JPGSAM_0007 (3).JPGSAM_0009.JPGSAM_0010.JPGSAM_0010.JPGSAM_0015.JPG because we need it as a van , we are resigned to roll out mats extra for my goddess and we were passionate tent campers we gonna use our chairs during the day when needed and our petrol 2 burner as a main cooker , tripod and pans and kelly kettle tucked away for as and when.if we were going away for more than a month or so at a time bigger van definitely

    Tell me about it im a bit of a luddite at heart and love simple , just cant afford old and trying to find something like a dormer or old model tranny is nigh on impossible . i tell you a horse and carts looking good

    Clever me fitted a radio into the trusty convoy, theres loverly all pleased as punch ,got up today turned the key nothing, nada , zip. Fiddled with anything in the vicinity of the back of the radio still nothing , took the radio back out disconnected it still nothing .Went in had a cuppa back out the bugger starts .still none the wiser. Does anyone know how to bypass the immobiliser i want it gone before it plays up