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    Just a review/update as I come to the end of my first month using giffgaffs 20 quid goodybag.

    As long as I dont watch any catch up tv ( I watched about two hours ish) the 9gb allowance would be sufficient however I cannot access/use the internet to the extent I was doing. I used you tube alot for tutorials but cant now :( so my crochet has taken a dive..

    The last couple days or so I have been on slower speed but it hasnt stopped me much.. tethering has been easy too.. better 4g signal upstairs than down..

    So all in all.. definitely better than nothing :)

    Thanks for the advice and help :)

    Thanks folks.. didnt have a very good night.. very broken sleep with bouts of quiet weeping and smoked too many fags... now feel like I have just done a 12 hour journey to Scotland ..but the sun is out today at least.. helps lift the mood :)

    Pancreatic cancer with secondary liver tumours. At the moment its my mum, me and my daughter who knows.. we found out late this afternoon.. my mind is awash with everything.. mum does not want everyone to know but I want to scream it out to the world, but respecting my mums wishes for the moment I have to keep stume and I have no where to divert what is going through my mind.. except here.. where noone really knows me or my mum.. am just a bit numb, scared, worried... I will look after my mum but am not sure am going to be able to cope seeing her suffer and hope that she does not suffer too much.. why cant we all just go to sleep and never wake up.. the perfect ending?

    Anyway.. just getting it out there..


    If someone needed a quid and I mean really needed and I had a quid left in my purse but yet had all that I needed to keep me going.. I would give them that quid.. despite being impoverished myself..

    If someone was hungry and I had enough to spare I would feed them.. if food is all they needed to get them through I would rake my already bare cupboards and see what I could spare..

    If I could do none of the above, then I would offer my time if needed..


    Well kinda disappointed that the snow didnt manage to creep up my front door to the point of needing to dig myself out, but instead it turned to rain as they predicted and now the snow has a reasonably thick layer of ice over the top of it.. dog wont go out in garden and its very difficult to walk on.. let alone drive on.. however cant wait till light comes up as there are some fantastic icicles forming all round the garden at various points.. good subjects to photo :) Stay safe and warm all :)

    We had proper snow fall .. yaaaaaaaaaaaay... for about a whole 20 mins hahaha.. got the dog and cats out in it.. they never seen it before.. really hope we get a huge dumping.. I did my panic buy shop today.. so bring it on .. wont starve and wont be cold either lol

    About 10 snow flakes here in East Devon.. brass monkeys.. and now its going darker as clouds are gathering.. hoping for snow as Nellie never seen it yet.. curious as to her reaction and playfulness.. however.. mother hubbard here and cant get supplies in till tomorrow..

    PANIC BUY .. BUY BUY BUY!!! Hunner loafs of bread per family lol

    Mmmm cheesecake.. my friend made me this awesome vegan choccy cake for my birthday.. it was lush :) You can only but try P&C :)

    Its a D3100 actually.. the older one is a D3000.. and it didnt have live view and as I have progressed, its become a pain when using the tripod above head height.. not tall enough to see through view finder.. this one has live view.. much easier :)


    A parcel.. all the way from my da' in Aus.. a new camera.. !!!


    Obviously not brand new, but new to me and the next model up from what I have and it has live view monitor which my old one didnt.. have to get out habit of peeking through eye hole!!!!


    My neighbours last package was the top package and so my data usage was probably not an issue.. however, their new package might have a limited data usage and its only right they have it all to themselves.. am coping with this tethering business at moment.. will see how it goes..

    Still very much thought processing the spare room malarky, thanks for the hints n tips xx

    yup.. Way down here in East Devon. .. sitting on kitchen chair and I felt a rumble.. thought at first it was dog getting up on sofa in livingroom and the sofa knocking the dividing wall.. just found out it was a quake..

    Perhaps they have started fracking???????????

    Thanks Rick.. funny because mum has just seen her monthly payment to BT and is now considering moving to another provider.. I mean 65 quid a month is a bit steep.. and she only seems to get calls free on weekends.. and hours call to my sister has cost her 7 quid and on two occasions.. its just extortionate..

    Anyway.. mums now moving so bt is out.. just set her up with SSE as she is already a customer.. god knows what it will be like.. amazed really as at the breakdown at the end of the order before hitting confirm button.. it states.... broadband just 2 quid.. landline calls 26 quid.. whole package is 28 for basic BBand.. just goes to show that broadband is not that expensive to run really is it??

    Would giffgaff be any better for you? £20 per mth gives me unlimited free calls to any uk mobile or landlines, unlimited texts, plus "always on" data. First 9gb at full speed, then slows down through the day but still connected. Saved me shit loads when I joined. even get a good signal cos it runs on o2 network. Just top up o ce a month then use the credit to buy a goody bag. Sim card free just get in touch and order one. Hope that helps.

    Thanks BB .. already with giffgaff.. have looked at their gigabyte packages .. just dont like using my phone.. its fiddly! Worth Considering.. :)

    Sorry if this is not in right forum ..

    Past couple years my neighbour has kindly let me surf off his wifi.. but a recent change in providers means I no longer have the wifi password and they have not yet given me one, so I am just assuming that my free run has come to an end.

    I am not very tech savvy and all I have is my smartphone and a laptop.. I dont get on well with my smartphone and I have a very limited amount of data with my monthly top ups, but its a bit hit n miss with connection.

    I cant afford to have a phone line and broadband and even looking at the bt basic package you only get half an hour a day to surf.. and then only able to watch one movie a month.. its not alot..

    Its only in last day or two I realise how much I rely on the internet for many things the first and foremost is to stop me being isolated and keeping up with friends/relatives.. to even learning new things.. and it helps with my memory too.. so feeling like I lost a couple of limbs ..

    My mum has bt broadband and I know they do packages for out and about but yet to find out if she has the package that allows that as I live on the edge of a wifi hotspot but not sure how strong the signal would be..

    Any advice would be greatfully received.. there is not much room for manouvre financially really.. but am not sure I could cope with not having access to the internet long term.. although, my house is looking a lot more spic n span because I cant sit still hahahaha

    Thanks again :)

    I have decided to decorate my front bedroom and eventually move into that and because I cant afford a new carpet I have decided to try to paint the floor instead..... only thing is, its a new build type house with that chipboard squares stuff for floorboards.. anyone any experience with trying to paint them?

    Or indeed any nifty alternative easy, cheap or free flooring ideas?

    Thanks :)

    That made me chuckle P&C.. not that you called to the crow, about the dog walker turning up .. I talk to Robins and they sometimes twitter a lovely wee story back :) xx

    I learned that you can take the girl out of the 80's but the 80's is always in the girl... getting ready last night for my birthday night out - 80's disco and it occurred to me how even now in my 50's .. much of my wardrobe/accessories are all still very influenced by the best era of my life lol.. I even have the green marks round my wrist from my bangles this morning hahahaha

    feeling pretty lost right now. The visit from the landlord's heavies at the weekend is still sinking in.

    We've now hot less than two weeks to get out, and as yet nowhere new to go.

    Vanman took the dogs back to London, so I woke up completely alone this morning.

    I am going to see a new yard today, and another tomorrow.

    Not so good VW.. stressful times.. anything I can do to help???? xx