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    Well, a few years back I had a friend who was being pursued for an old debt. I happened to be browsing the internet and happened upon a site for Witchery. After reading various postings I saw one posting from someone who was desperate as writs and demands for payment had been issued - not unlike my friend. The advice was to take the letters and place them in the freezer. I passed on the info and as there seemed nothing else to do she did as the advice was and put the letters and bills to do with this particular issue in the freezer drawer. Strangely enough - since that happened nothing ever came of the problem and all pursuit seemed to stop dead in its tracks. I have no idea what happens if you take the missives out of the freezer so I suppose they should stay there till the six (?) year time limit is up.

    I see you having a good think about things, revisiting thoughts and ideas, reconsidering. Maybe something a couple of months back acted upon in haste, which might have led to a feeling and actual instance of isolation. This is not finished, and will again rear in either 8 weeks from the posting of this picture or 8 months. I see a person relating to a scorpion - could be the Astro sign or a person with a sting in the tail - juggling finances or something you value, but surrounding that cancer the crab is locking in a fight with another. Its a struggle neither will win as they both have a grip on each other in some way.

    I was told - and things might have changed since then, that if you are going OUT of the country and do not plant to return - then you can contact the tax man if you have paid tax in the preceding year and ask for all the tax to be returned but for best benefit it should be at or near the end of the tax year, and you do need to state in writing that you never plant to return to UK. If you do or not then I don't think it matters. But be aware in this country skipping - its fun and manageable when you have youth and health on your side but it could be wise to keep up state pension contributions to ensure at least a basic pension when you return or when you get to pension age and wish to claim it.

    Some people get PAID for house sitting. In some cases its a permanent arrangement - keep the dust down and the burglars out - sometimes its just for a couple of week whilst they are on holiday and you might have to feed the dog and cat. Depending on where you are - it might be an option to house sit and carry on with your present employment if theres a need nearby or just give up and go permanently house sitting and doing a bit of gardening. Might need references though.

    I am knocking out fruit wine ,3.5 lbs sugar /gallon. Lidl sugar £0.49 kg, fruit is free, and I use previous batch yeast to start new batch.20 p a bottle ? dunno ? to trollied to work it out , hic !!! Hic !! fart , follow through !! OK , need to refine the proceedure hic

    I used to home brew a fairly good few years back. The beer - I was told went well and they partakers did seem to get red eyes. Just recently I was given Demijohns and you know I just had to. I got a kit from a store and followed the instructions for Blackberry wine. It became obvious from the start I had forgotten more than I ever knew and its more down to luck than management that the MR in our house who is the only wine drinker - has tentatively decreed the wine " possibly drinkable". This fulsome praise has spurred me on and I would like to perfect my wine making. The mistake I made before was following the kit instructions and not doing the initial brew in a bucket. ( Oh that WAS fun!) Not so much fruit about just now - so my attentions turned to HONEY. Does anyone think this is a good idea - it would be supermarket bought - of should I once again put my faith in a KIT? Anyone know of FOOL proof step by set instructions? :D

    Not that I know about these things but sometimes - if I am thinking about something and fretting - I will find coinage. Might be £1.00 more often a penny or 2P. I take it as a sign all will be well. It usually is after a find.

    A MEDICINAL ONE - very likely everyone knows about this but its my latest discovery, and I just have the share! This is mainly for the people who have access to a garden or garden centre I suppose. Theres a silvery low growth plant - like a thick fern type thing. In summer it gets multi heads of mustard coloured flowers. I can't say I noticed any fragrance. The name is HELICHRYSUM
    and I read the crushed leaves, or juice of this plant heals wounds BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES, and bruises just disappear. Reputed to be more effective than COMFREY I looked it up and found I had one such plant in my garden. Being a gardener - WITH an accidental bruise I wasted no time at all in retrieving a sample which I pounded to destruction. Rubbing the resulting green mass on to the bruise, I awaited results. From a black bruise, next morning it was half the size and half as dense. The day after - with another application, the bruise had almost gone. Apparently, you can get an essential oil with which you can treat thread veins etc. I am considering drying some leaves and stashing.

    I wear whatever I please. Normally long skirts with dock martins or converse style boots or sneakers. My hair is very red right now so yeah, age is no barrier to being true to who you are. Oh you have to see the bright red duffle coat that I found in Oxfam the other day. Fucking outstanding!

    Sounds like my sort of clobber - love charity shops - and EBAY. I am toying with the idea of wearing lots of skirts all at once for winter. The "sane" can't avoid me more than they do when I am plucking and devouring fusia seed pods from peoples gardens! :D

    Ahhh well cup of tea with double tea bags. Walking on newly vacced carpet. Weeding the garden. Finding that comfy spot for snuggling on the sofa and dropping off to sleep. :D

    Well, I am 64 and wearing long skirts, colourful T-shirts and crocheted whatever I think at the time. Some things - it has to be said are better on another age of person. But the original hippy clothes style can be modified to suit. Maybe flat bum in jeans isn't really the thing, and creases down the front may be
    a DEf NO NO. But you know - does it really matter eh? Cover the bits at look better covered and be serviceable in the long run. No one is going to stop you in the street and tell you that you look trash. PLEASE yourself, be comfortable. I go about as I go about. People think I might be "odd".... I don't care any more. I am not dressing to please them and I can always offer to hex them! :D

    I like to be alone, but I also like to listen to others. I like to learn or weigh and debate one to one. Put me in front of a crowd, or ask me to speak up at a meeting and that's me hightailing it out of there. However - I can glare and dig my heels in of needed. And show me an under dog and I will swish them aside and stand staunch ready for the punch!

    I think keep the bricks, do the minimum it takes to be "in" this society, let that fund your wanderings. I say this because none of us are getting younger. When you have health and an ability to do any sort of casual work to fund the odd "need" then its fine. But I know a person who has not been in the System for years and now coming up to pensionable age when the aches and pains start - and sometimes serious medicine is needed - and the least of his worries is the dreadfully painful tooth abscess and no antibiotics. He has no pension to come and an awful lot of explaining to re-enter the system. I'd advise you to what we do. Love the life and do the fun bits - food foraging is fun and home brewing and fishing your meal, but bring it all back home - a warm bath after a cold wet forage is so NICE!

    If anyones in any doubt I think its apple picking time. We managed quite a lot from different locations last night. And due to our super bit of kit we can get the big ones near the top. It started off as my idea to use a childs fishing rod and net. With the hoop bent back a bit its perfect.... except not long enough. This is where Mr came in. He got an extendable fish rod and attached a fairly firm wired net to the end with some crimpers. Now we can extend the rod and make it smaller on retracting as the joints screw in. The technique is easy once you know how. Either pull or push the apple. If they are so ripe they are falling off the tree you need to be careful but "almost" ready gives chance to just get the odd one or two. The disadvantage of this bit of kit is at full length, and with less weight - say ONE apple it tends to flick - a bit like one of the medieval weapons.

    In answer to the original question. Yes. Undoubtedly it could. Indeed there are many who think it was. Its very possible. Those of us who are old enough to remember in the early 70's there was a national referendum. We were told we all had a vote on weather to stay in or out of the EEC as it was then. Jobs were promised. The votes were cast. And came the bombshell. Even though the local vote counters were deemed capable and reliable when it came to counting votes for elections, we were all told that the votes would be collected, seals up and transported to London to be counted. :D
    As well, consider this - those who do vote present themselves at the designated ballot station, "prove" their identity and are handed voting papers. These papers have a number printed down the side, that number corresponds to the one against your name on the list and the one you are issued. Its not hard to imagine in these days of rapid counting machinery that exactly WHO voted which was is more than possible to determine.

    Hi Ma Bungo. Yes I think you are right - this one is certainly lively! I wish they had mentioned the bucket idea in the leaflet. Anyhow - lesson learned. It is funny though! :D I am planning another one after but that will be a bucket job as I say.

    Many moons ago - I did used to home brew. I don't like wine so I never drank it but I liked making it. Then as times went I didn't do any brewing for years BUT - someone kindly gave me three glass Demmi Johns. I have never brewed from a kit - but thought it would be easier for my "first" second time around. I bought BLACKBERRY. I followed all the destructions and all looked well. Until day THREE which said - fill up to 4.5 lit. So I did. just over the shoulders of the jar. Replaced bung and airlock. And then it started. Just a little bit of bubble to reassure me at first. Set on top of the freezer I could keep an eye on it. Day two started the terrible fierce and rapid blupping. And the foaming. Like it was possessed. The airlock turned purple and despite cleaning repeatedly things didn't look as they should. I got advice. Seems I should ignore the destructions and should have started the whole thing off in the bucket. Opinion was split between decant 50 / 50 now or wait. One person said same thing happened to him and after ten days things settled down. But next time use a bucket initially. To-day - day three of the "Seven days will be ready to bottle and drink " ( I think NOT!). And things are slowing a bit. Just cleaning the spatters off the wall, the freezer and the huge sludgy puddle on the tray under the jar. SOOOO take heed..... bucket and then jar!!!

    I think going back to the true policies of the Labour party is whats needed. Hes swung it and this proves that people Do want him. I think hes whats needed and I think provided we have a FAIR and unfixed election next time he will get in. he will win it. I do hope the labour party will keep him. But the day is young yet. Initially he looks good. But time will tell. I think - God Bless him , Andy seems to be one to be astute enough to change his spots at the drop of a hat depending on circumstances - which is a survivor trick. The other two ladies - for that vicious urging to gang up against Corbin - not nice. Not nice at all.

    I backed smoking for many years - there are actually SOME small benefits to it but in truth it brings about more disaster than good. It DOES play havoc with your whole system, hormones, vitamins everything. The bleeding gums - could be a sign of gum disease - and as such yes the breath will smell. It could be due to shortage of Vit C and many other vitamins.
    The feeling low could be due to lack of vit D3. There are supplements available but check it is D3 and not the manufactured D2 which is useless. Personally - I would get a multi vit and mineral tablet. Tesco do a cheap and effective one. Eat plenty of leafy veg and make sure you SLEEP at NIGHT and are up and about during the DAY - to get as much daylight and sunshine in to your body and eyes as possible. Just for one week.... so its not long - Be the parent to your body. Treat the body like a child and parent it as you would a child. Regular good meals, vitamins, exercise - even washing in a morning has a value. Treat yourself. Sign up for FREE samples and then go to town on a lavish treat, bath, shower, massage your legs and feet.... Swishing Listerine through your teeth twice per day and cleaning with a SOFT tooth brush with a SENSITIVITY tooth past will eventually clear up the gum problem. Remind yourself of TEN positive things in your life before sleep. On waking - plan to do 5 extra jobs about where you live. Tick them off as you do them. You will feel better soon. I know you will.

    I am SO SO sorry to hear of the problem and no doubt its all sorted now but for others or IF theres a next time then turn the tables. Go to manager and tell him you feel awkward with this lady. You like the job but certain aspects of her behaviour and things shes said make you suspect she has romantic feelings for you. As you are in a relationship right now - its making life difficult. Is there a chance you can learn off another person please.

    All parts of the TUSSILAGO plant are useful for coughs. Its that bright yellow flower on a stem that looks a bit like Asparagus for the layers, its got wide flat thick leaves with a fluffy silvery backing and some call it COLTSFOOT. Just rip a bit off and chew. Any part will do - chopped and dried is good too.
    In a real emergency then Brown sauce is a good aching tooth fix. Gently working a clove in your mouth till soft and then biting on it is a good bacteria killer and it takes the pain out of an aching tooth.
    Garlic is a superb antibiotic, best chewed raw ( burning!) or chopped in small bits and swallowed with milk.
    Any raw onion eaten will loosen phlegm, as will ten drops of Tabasco in a glass of water.
    Honey applied to a would will kill bacteria and heal the would fast. Comfrey - chopped and bruised, or chopped and brewed will heal cuts fast, mend sprains and broken bones. Use the leaf, and the juice.
    Grinding an Iron tablet up to dust , and sprinkling this on an open would will stop bleeding FAST.