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    I love it when feeling particularly exhausted after a hard day of being whinged at Constantly, you drift off into sweet sleep relief, only to woken 5 times to the harmonious sounds of more whinging and delightfully stupid requests. It'd be kinder if someone put me down now. Thanks.

    I'm toying with the idea of becoming vegan. My diet is currently meat free and I mostly use nut milks so it wouldn't be too big a deal for me to go vegan. I currently eat cheese and fish because I really love them and feel that fish makes me super healthy (strong nails, skin/hair). My biggest concern about going vegan is the time it takes to prepare meals. I'm a busy single mama and sometimes don't have the energy to do anything more than chuck something in the oven. What are your go to easy/ quick healthy and delicious vegan meals? Also any tips on how to get a fussy 5 year old involved would be gratefully received.

    I'm in a rush so don't really have time for a proper reply.

    Paul and I have DEEPLY differing opinions. That's okay. He's wrong. ;) But I'm happy to have a healthy debate about it.

    Unless you have been fat yourself, you're really in no position to comment on 'just losing weight' like it's some kind of stroll in the park. Our bodies are nobodies business but our own.

    So, Paul I'm curious to know;
    Is racism fine?
    Is lonesomestranger a 'victim' too?
    If someone has depression and anxiety as a result of being raped/abused is that victimhood too?

    On the subject of appropriate language... i've noticed you've sworn a few times yourself. Bit hippycritical, i feel.

    You have inferred that I see myself as a victim. It might be worth a mention that i also grew up with a lot of similar issues. I didn't get into drugs but I'm not a saint. Do I see myself as a victim? No! I feel grateful for what I DID get. Do I see myself as a victim of my health problems? No way! I'm lucky as it's given me so much in life that i wouldn't have otherwise. Do I see myself as a victim because other people are cruel about weight? Hell no!

    So what do we do with those experiences, do we shrink into victimhood, forever separating ourselves from the world and blaming the nasty people for being unkind to us, do we remain stuck in a problem that keeps us "special and different" - or do we lose the pride, say "so what" to it, sort through our shit and learn to move on?

    I think the whole concept of victimhood is really messed up! We're all humans, if somebody feels something more strongly than you does that make them less of a person?

    So what do we do with those experiences, do we shrink into victimhood, forever separating ourselves from the world and blaming the nasty people for being unkind to us, do we remain stuck in a problem that keeps us "special and different" - or do we lose the pride, say "so what" to it, sort through our shit and learn to move on?

    So with that theory, it's okay to say what you like and if people take offence from it then it's their bad?

    I didn't say "everyone", but even so, excess weight is still related to how much we put into our bodies.

    Personally speaking if I eat anything over 1600 calories a day I gain weight, and if I want to lose it I need to drop below 1000 - all depending on the type of food and how much exercise I'm getting (the former being more important). We're all different in that respect - but we can't pluck fat out of the sky, it has to come from whatever we put into ourselves - and as such, overeating is largely an emotional response to whatever other shit we have going on.

    Fuck me! Are you saying that health conditions don't/can't contribute to weight??????

    I stopped taking sugar in coffee 20 years ago and now we don't really have sugar in the place unless I am brewing beer.

    I do like Bee's puke though but we don't really eat a lot of it because we don't eat bread


    I wish i could do that but i love a bit of sweetness in my bowl. Honey in greek yoghurt and sometimes smoothies, yum! Is it really bee puke?

    I haven't read the whole thread Dreamsoffreedom, but from what I have, I am not getting that you're being shouted down !, I for one aggree with your last post !.
    My point being, Fat, Thin, Green or purple It SHOULDN'T make a difference, but sadly, my personal view,,,when it comes to Relationships and physical attraction,It just does.
    The art is to try and find someone who can look past all the surface stuff, and appreciate the real person below !.

    Around pages 5/6 after i first piped up.

    There seems to be such a sense of division on this thread. Fat vs thin. Fat people don't understand that thin people experience body shaming too!?! Well a) maybe some people don't but it's pretty patronising assume that all larger people are the same and b) we all experience body shaming to some extent regardless of size. This thread has had some moments of positivity but in all honesty it's made me feel really sad because I thought i might have found a community that accepted me! And I'm sorry that I'm a newbie and I'm vocal about my opinion. I have felt a little shouted down in this thread but I'm not going to hide or feel ashamed. I'm going to try (and it isn't easy, believe me) to stand up for what I believe in and feel proud of myself and who i am.

    Whilst I agree in principal with this, and am as guilty as the next person for joining in with and even instigating some pretty harsh and personal 'banter' amongst friends, it can be very easy to cross the line from banter to bullying with someone you don't know that well. Most people (myself included) just see it for what it is, piss taking between friends. But what initially started as a few flippant comments about the chubby kid at school, soon took a dive into two girls physically assaulting me in the middle of a Maths class for being the "fat ugly spotty fucker that everyone hates" and sending me home with numerous bruises, whilst the teacher just passed it off as 'kids being kids'.
    Yeah I took charge of my weight, went out on very long bike rides whenever I could, lost a ton of weight to become mr average in an attempt to blend in, but I was still a target for the last two years I was there, as people just remembered the fat kid. Still, they were only teasing me, right?

    This made me cry for young lonesome stranger and also a little for myself as I've battled similar things. Hugs. xx

    For the large part though, our weight is something we can take control of ... it's not like height, sex or skin colour - and being teased isn't necessarily the same as being shamed.

    I have several conditions and take medications that cause weight gain so no, it's not something we can always take control of. Plus many people have eating disorders which they battle their whole lives against. If it was a simple case of just being able to take control then nobody would have a weight issue.

    Glad you've taken some time to reflect on the 'bag of spuds' comment and I'm glad you never meant to hurt anyone but honestly, throw away comments like these DO hurt people. I have a history of self harm due to a crushed self esteem. A life time of hearing little comments like these, seeing ridiculous airbrushed/unachievable bodies in the media has a massive effect on MANY people.

    You know those mornings when you're running a bit late... you wake up in a puddle of piss (my daughters, not my own), your pup poops on the floor, you've been given three days notice to prepare a fancy dress costume for your child, child steps in poop and treads it all round the house, breaks her costume and your dog tries to lick up the poo whilst you attempt to clean up, your phone stops working and you're now so late your walking down the road swearing with your super hero child trailing behind. I only pray that my daughter doesn't go into school smelling like dog poo. Slummy mummy doesn't even come close.

    It's all fine now though I'm practicing mindful eating with a delicious and ridiculously snobby yogurt that tastes like a pot of wank. It has 'LIBERATED MY TASTEBUDS'. I'm going for a lie down.

    I'm inclined to think that sugar is the healthier option, just in smaller doses.Not necessary in tea for instance, in fact sweet tea makes me gag nowadays.

    Defo no honey, you realise it's bee puke, right? :D

    No way! Sugar is the worst. Black strap molasses is more nutritious but it's an acquired taste. I used to feed it to my horses.

    Not too bad..... could do with a decent night's sleep but hey ho. Had a nice few hours out shopping with my bestie, we live together but life is so busy we never get any quality friends time, so we used the excuse of food shopping to go out without any kids and have a cuppa and a natter and a bit of a spend in B&M. Very good for the mind is friendship.
    Then I have made a start on the shed...... I had tie a rope around my waist and attach it to the apple tree lol. But I think a day and I will be there. Too bad I have to go out tomorrow. But I'm excited because I'm going to get back the jewellery I had to pawn when I was in the refuge, jewellery bought for me by my daughters and my mum, so I'm not leaving it.
    That's another step toward the end of this particular chapter. Just waiting and waiting and waiting to see if he will ever be charged or NFA taken, he's been on police bail since May FFS. Then I can have some closure.

    I don't know your back story groove but sounds like you've been through some shit. Just wanted to send you hugs and good wishes and glad you've had a good day.

    Worried! Teeny tiny Tulip (my new puppy) needs an explorative operation on a lump on her paw pad tomorrow. She's in a lot of pain with it. Hopefully it's nothing sinister. Plus a little boy went missing in the park near my daughters school today. The mother was understandably absolutely distraught. The police just turned up as he'd been missing for 1 1/2 hours when some his friends arrived and said they'd found him! I burst into tears for some unknown reason. I think it may have been worry and also it touched a nerve as my daughter is only 5.

    Don't do it man. Below is something I read years ago that advised strongly against what you're contemplating.

    Aahahhahaha! Way too much information... made me feel a little queezy at times but altogether the funniest thing I've read in years!

    Congrats! What's your plan, just to learn some new skills or to make a living from it?

    Bit of both fried onion. I'm doing carpentry and bench joinery so I can make beautiful things and maybe making a living from it one day. Plus I really want to make my own house truck. That's my ultimate goal!

    Hello....I've just joined and would really like an avatar. Would you make one for me please? Something I would like it to say about me would be that I love laughing and making people laugh and hate cruelty in any way shape or form. Would that be enough or something else. Thank you hugely!

    Hi evies, you may want to email Sir real directly if he hasn't messaged you yet.

    Dreams x