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    After van broke Its been stored in old shed. Maybe one day I'll want another but rather someone have use of this rather than it go to waste

    I'm in south.Wales near Newport
    Not sure of price what's reasonable

    I.Do.Have pictures but how.Do I post

    Medium-sized burner for sale as made by Julian

    No longer needed as van packed up and have gone back between bricks.and.mortar.:/

    Thanks for your help very much appreciated

    That's one option sorted I'll and buy power pack

    So.for a 12v on battery I need a 2port 12v like shown in picture

    Some wires a fuse and battery?

    I'm willing to buy a separate leisure battery which in time I.will have split charged

    Just for now I.want the tv powered and phone charged

    Do you mean plug it all in cigarette lighter?

    I.understand that

    What I.Don't understand is how I.would connect an outlet for power to the stand-alone battery

    Decent size not too. not to small

    But if I know how to connect a 12v tv to a leisure battery I will go.with that

    It's a.Samsung 32" not rear projection

    Just tv and.charging

    This.Is.absolutely doing my head in

    People.say don't need an inverter but then to the battery

    And solar panels co next to.battery

    Reward for anyone£350 and up

    Near tears here just want.power reliable power in the van asap

    Hi guys initially I was planning on pure.sine inverter off a leisure battery

    People say as I only plan otonight charge phone and power a tv this is not.needed

    Any step by step advice.please

    Just been quoted fit split charge relay

    Is it as simple as connecting relay to starter battery then to leisure battery

    As guy.mentioned fuse box

    Don't have clue

    So my life my setup.I.mentioned is okay to get me going

    And then may be when I can or have help upgrade to.something else?

    I'm not up with electrics and stuff

    So how would it all work

    I Start with 2 leisure batteries one split charged off van battery

    One trickle charged.through solar panel


    Sorry but don't have a clue thing at all

    Not really got much

    But 32" tele about 2hours a night thought I would need pure sine wave encase of interference

    Phone charging
    Cool box but that could be run just when engine is on

    Right guys just got some money from work.

    I need power in the van

    I was thinking pure sine wave inverter
    2x 12leisure batteries
    Solar charger for battery
    Split charger from van battery

    Any advice please

    And any one want to earn some ££ to fit split charge system

    Thanks in advance

    How about a shorter one llangorse 27th September

    Or just a swim in the lake on the Saturday

    Not done any kind of distance swimming outdoors - any advice

    Hey guys,

    Just spent night day in Tenby watching the ironman Triathlon

    2.4mile swim in sea, then 112mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile run

    Very inspiring, first of all any one there it?

    Secondly would any one consider doing it next year or generally any triathlon


    Personally I think you have a decent budget for a starting point

    By a big van a long wheel base

    By all means go for the army sleeping bags and if need be get 2 single mattress from a 2nd hand shop

    Tables etc for study. In time you could adapt a front passenger seat to swivel to the rear and study comfortably. As for data - use McDonalds, or something for free Wi-Fi and use mobile data when out in the sticks

    Build your van up bit by bit. You will never finish Your van as you will always be changing little things to adapt it to your current life

    I was thinking of getting a leisure battery as well and pure sine inverter with solar charger too
    So as opposed to.this I need what exactly?

    Charge phone, run cool box off 240 or 12v and power a 32" tv

    Maybe even split charge connector if I can find someone who can