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    its simple lowest common denominator ,

    if we classify that every human has the right to exist without being affected in anyway by the behaviour of other human beings then we have gone insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:insane:

    yes we can designate certain areas as public areas , but to take that into the home is insane and unmanageable.

    any person that has a job that entails visits to a private residance ,would have to consider that the job will come with certain risks.

    we all should answer the door naked to anyone who wishes to visit us , and if they ask us to get dressed say no !!

    its a point raised in this insane world of finding the lowest common denominator.
    but it will never exist . even if they try to instigate it, it will become unmanageable
    and therefore redundant
    the same as all the other laws out there that are ignored

    intresting self fullfillment which in turn enables a life helping others .

    this is good
    but do you not accpett that this path you take is yours and that you are loved because of it
    and that someone who makes you smile ,is doing so because your kind of love is making them want to make you smile

    how you rationalise that people seem to exist around you yet you seem to think that they feel no love is so intresting

    its like there is many reasons to live your life as you want and that love is the last one we should consider.

    in fact correct me if im wrong ?

    but love is possibly the reason we dont achieve the possabilities we could achieve ,all that neediness and clingyness just gets in the way and slows us down.

    so love does not overcome everything ! it is the reason we fail at everything ?
    love is the ultimate in human weakness , how dare we cry just because we feel alone !!!!

    do you not realise deep down that if we do not attempt to love everyone we meet it is hell, and that we all are trying to love the community we are in. learning what love means to each other. how we can nuture the love we feel for each other. teaching ourselves to accomodate our type of love with our partners without letting it be the reason we may come to blows. this endless love of each other and ourselves is the ultimate reason for our existance .
    if you dont see this ,then thats when you need help .
    to not be trying to bond with anyone or anything is a sickness , a mental disorder , if you can feel anything ? That feeling is a need to be recognised as a needing human being . a person who wants to rewarded with words ,smiles , eye contact , laughter ,hugs , time spent with them , a need for a common existance a common goal , to feel part of something ,
    that is the love that conquers all
    a hand reaching out to aid each other in anyway we can
    and there is a hand out there for everyone who is looking , in fact there are a million hands of love

    yes love it conquers all , we wake up, we go looking for it again ,it overcomes every fear we have ,yes i suppose there are exceptions to the rule , but they should seek help from a professional if they are not looking for love in thier life

    i agree bummed out on drugs .lying in a sleeping bag thats wet becasue some twats had a piss on me during the night ..

    who were the people that brought me tea in the morning and gave me some light in life .those stupid religous people


    now we can preach about how horrible it is that anyone has found any faith in something ..

    but you said he was your mate just be his mate still ..let him decide how he finds his own personal answers ..
    i think you should not over react everything evens out in the end no matter we try to achieve in life


    this is what was happening around that time..
    and again you are debating the incidentals
    not the important stuff
    who cares if they were black white green aliens who wrote it
    its the ethics of the stories that matter
    and yes rome had realised at this point that it was expanding no more
    and anything not growing is dying

    rome was falling apart

    the roman scholars had seen egypt rise and fall .they had seen greece rise and fall,they the romans had ruled and were now losing it..

    these scholars i think realised that materalism and the greed of consumption

    where not the answers for mankind
    so thay wrote a book .collected stories and fables and passed them down to the next scholars like a doomsday book
    this collection of stories became the modern bible
    centered around a supernatrual being just to give it some kick for the peasants in the back waters of europe

    it is a good book .
    sometimes lost in the modern world ,,
    but amazingly not that lost for something that was written so long ago

    did jesus exist seems to be the queston we debate today

    but really we should be debating the stories not the central charecter

    but it just shows how infected we all are but the diasease of concite

    i like to think that you have to have a taste before you can decide if you like it or not..

    i will let other people teach my kids the beliefs that are around and if they ask me i will decide what to tell them by thier age ..

    i mean im still not gonna tell my kids their is no santa clause so why tell them how i feel about christianity..

    i like to think the day when each child realises there is no santa clause will be the day i start to give my true opinoin on the rest of his teachings..

    and that encompasses all subjects

    until then i will let the teachers teach

    no i said i believe in things ,and i have an opinon ,but i also very much believe that i can be wrong .and may change my mind at a moments notice
    i will stand my ground for what i believe in but im always debating with myself let alone anyone else
    to see if what i believe in is right..
    devils advocate
    but some things will touch my heart and then it just kinda comes out..
    no offence meant
    just a subject that i guess is not up for debate
    only an actual experience may change this one for me

    Quote from matthew
    • The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel and without proper regard for safety.
    • The resulting steam explosion and fire released at least five percent of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere and downwind.
    • 28 people died within four months from radiation or thermal burns, 19 have subsequently died, and there have been around nine deaths from thyroid cancer apparently due to the accident: total 56 fatalities as of 2004.
    • An authoritative UN report in 2000 concluded that there is no scientific evidence of any significant radiation-related health effects to most people exposed. This was confirmed in a very thorough 2005 study.

    i work in a resturant
    last year we had to feed 30 russian kids
    kind of things we do as the norm
    we got talking to the people that had brought them over from russia
    turns out
    these kids were all from around cheynoble all had leukemia
    all thses kids from 3-14 were all dying with no hope of saving them
    the poeple that had organised this thing do it yearly
    they have had 350 children go through there books
    most of them now dead
    please dont ever believe written reports
    if you want to talk about cheynoble i suggest you go there

    nuclear is a short sighted way to keep some people very rich

    i would like to pass on my experience today
    as i was falling asleep the other day in my house i had a small vision of my dad standing over me smiling
    as he is a very old man of 77
    i was quite scared and mentally prepared myself for a phone call in the morning telling me the worst
    thankfully no phone call came
    it is his birthday today
    grand old age of 78
    as i got my kids to make his birthday cards and thought about what present to buy him and card to get..i realised that i wrote lots of soopy stuff to my wife on her birthday in her card
    so i thought of doing the same for my dad
    as im older and analized what type of man he was and how he had dealt with life..something i have discussed at great length with my brother from time to time
    tears streamed down my face as i let all my feelings pour out
    i wrote as truthfully and acceptingly as possible a page of thanks for my my father as i accepted what a great man he was..
    and believe me there was a long time i did not accept him for who he was and hated him...never understanding what he stood for as a human being

    my dad has never shown emotion ..except maybe anger...he has never reached out to us ..but i now know this to be a common aquarian trait

    i cannot put into words the emotion that ran through me as halfway through the reading of the peom he started to cry

    so go on tell your dad you love him and accept him ..IF YOU THINK he done his best ..
    before its to late really glad i have

    i think someone is misunderstanding me

    i earlier stated that the acceptance of what is normal is always becoming broader and broader..
    and that what was once taboo is now accepted ...
    and we slowly overcome the difficulties of life in a much more accepting way
    with the help of education of the mind and soul
    im never saying we should go back
    just that its very easy for us to realise how far we have come
    by looking at the past
    i just dont go for the everything in the past was way out of order ..we were learning..and have learned..
    i just dont like to damn the people before us as complete and utter idiots
    they had thier reasons is all im saying
    of course things that happened in the past should not happen again

    e.g. i suppose we had to drop a atomic bomb or two before we realised that it was not that good an idea to do it again

    i think we should concentrate on the now not belittle the past

    be careful about making blanket statements about the past ..
    look at the facts
    the past was not today..
    how old were these unmarried mothers ????
    12 ,13 , 11 , 14 ,
    at a school my niece goes to a girl of 12 was expelled for selling sex to the older boys in the toilet
    so how else in olden days were they to persuade young girls to not get themselves pregnant before they were married..
    coz life must have been a whole lot looser in them days
    and what other ways could they have used ..
    considering there was no school..
    just lots of little girls just come of age ..
    and a lot of older men just waiting to take advantage of them

    i retired years ago when i was .. 19 considered id made it...gave me loads of free time and nothing to do but got boring went and got a job....god knows what it must be like and how boring it must be to have all that free time when youre past it....pension plan naaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, what do you define as normal? Where do you draw the line?
    Is the dictionary definition of abnormality as widely accepted as we're led to believe, or is it still an issue of personal opinion?

    spirituality is a search for answers..its not a way to catorgrise one human being from another..
    im more spiritual than you so im a better person

    every teaching tells us that just live your life thats the most spirtual existance
    we all cant sit on a mountain in tibet depriving ourselves off all desires

    normal is to exist within the boundries set by god..
    ill keep stating this
    god is a old ethopian word for the mind of the tribe
    the universal tribe we know deal with worldwide has learned to accept things as normal that hundreds of years ago would be very abnormal
    there are still people that exist in places we and no one else in the tribe understands
    these are the poeple i would class as not normal
    but who knows one of these people may lead us in new direction one day
    or they may have been the leaders in the past..
    todays locked up psychopath may have been the reason we survived as a human race eons ago
    or may survive in the future

    or another way to put it may be normal people achieve nothing at all

    my boys calles myles
    girl called kaitlyn
    new one not yet viewing the world

    is girl imogen

    boy maybe keelan

    but we are struggling agreeing on the boys name


    so the debate stops let me be more lucid..

    i believe that everyone is easliy expendable for the greater goal..corprotes do it...the military do it ..send thousands to there death to achieve a greater goal..
    the twin towers needed to come down ..unsafe
    it would cost 20 times more to dismantle than to blow up..
    the yanks also needed to get into iraq..
    kill two birds with one stone..thousands die for the greater good ..
    would they do it...yes i believe they would..
    you might not
    you might have a higher sense of individual worth than me,,
    im just telling you if i was sitting in a room knowing i was safe and seeing the outcome of losing control of the oil supplies that run my great nation ...and the death mayhem and choas that would cause
    i would give the order to do it
    and i think they did

    and the real injustice to the people that died at 9/11

    is the way the stock market reacted the moment it happened

    war creates wealth..
    so when you go into asda and buy a never lower can of baked beans
    because wal-mart made loads of money out of 9/11
    and you dont even realise that people died so you can get it at a lower price
    thats the real injustice
    when you get in your car and fill it with nice cheap petrol
    thats the reason they died..
    so the money making in "GOD we trust" machine keeps rolling
    and yes there are some people out there that want the major currency of the world to say "in ALLAH we trust"
    but really what do you expect

    we care for each other

    those that try to create an enemy are just victims to the media and the lies that are told ..
    to justify war..
    other than they got what we want
    its been going on forever

    and it aint any differnet today..
    and the those at the top never go and fight
    are you at the top????
    or are you cannon fodder

    ok my beliefs are that ..
    yours are yours ..
    but for every realigous zealot they have we have a equal number that will get on a plane go a hundred miles ...and kill and maim for a few dollors more..

    so dok tell me exactly peolple the yanks sent to die in vietnam .fighting a war they knew they werent trying to win..

    and how many lifes were lost in the 9/11

    and you we will see that 9/11 was cheap..
    and how else were the yanks gonna justify going into iraq to build there pipelines

    also just start listing all the major hoodwinks the corprates have done over the years that have cost many lifes ,,and they just tell us were sorry..

    yes we are all cannon fodder to the great search for enlightment that mankind travels..
    youre telling me that the great purpose we set out on all those years ago cares for you
    please dont be so naive