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    Crazy ostentation will get you caught out... That brand new Range Rover won't pass muster as essential for work, therefore tax deductible..... and these days, keeping cash under the mattress is nearly as good a savings plan as using a bank.... Keep it sensible, hide most of your takings, and you'll be fine... :D

    Promise you will come and see us on visiting days?

    You only make enough to stay under your personal allowance, once all your fuel, vehicle costs, paying your secretary (missus) etc is deducted. Plus its a cash business, half of it isnt even declared if you've got any sense..

    That half is where the danger lies. An investigation by HMRC is expensive to handle. £750 pw = £39K pa, personal allowance is about 10.5K, bit of a gap to explain.

    we buy a lot of our supermarket stuff when its on offer or reduced. for example Branston baked beans are half price at most supermarkets at the moment. Lidl do some cheap meat packs-got some cheap pork there last week.

    When BBs are cheap I buy a couple of outers. Don't do cheap meat generally, it is not reliably pleasant, and besides, I'm trying to be more of a vegetarian. Damn hard when Morrisons have decent sausages reduced to 19p a pack, though.

    A Raleigh Caprice sell for around £80- £100 final bid price, you do the maths.

    gave one away recently, a really nice one. You would need a lot of them to make it worthwhile.

    Unless you got them really cheap, apparently there was a raid on Lampeter (a Welsh town with lots of students) some years ago, an old furniture lorry with the back doors open was driven around town and someone just picked up evry bike which wasn't attached to anything and threw it in. Maybe they were selling them in London too.

    On the news today ministers alluded that hard working and contributing europeans will be able to stay in Britain.
    Does that mean if you not hardworking and contributing to the nations wealth, as in unemployed, will they be told to leave?

    Maybe it is a hint that cash-in-hand merchants who don't pay NI will get the heave-ho. That would be a UKIP-pleaser, I'm sure.

    it is an erroneous assumption by some straight who dosent know any better and thinks everyone is just after the cash, well I know a few people who don't want any of that, me included, and would just like to build a "hobbit" house and live in peace and be left alone.

    Are you just taking a pot at me or did you actually read the post which I quoted? I will charitably assume the latter.

    How do you suppose that the planning officer can distinguish the dark money lust which seems to drive most of the population from the bright, lovely garden which is your soul, hagrid? And how does she know that you won't drop dead tomorrow and your estate fall into the hands of Ms Average Monegrabber?

    ...the planners assume that everyone as soon as they get planning permission will demolish the "eco" house and build a stonking great MCMansion...

    Quite a reasonable assumption, as anyone who has sold a humble cottage which then became a 5-bedroom luxury home with electric gates and guest accomodation over the garage can tell you.

    Can you earn money from car boots though? They can get rid of some crap for a few ££££ but wouldn't want to try and male a living from it.

    I get the impression that it is something of a career for the regulars, who can make a reasonable but not exciting income, with occasional windfalls coming their way in the form of wads of banknotes left in the pockets of garments, etc etc.

    Facing the sun would be best, but the extra weight of a mechanism to tilt it might be too much for your roof. I would not expect the existing box to be up to carrying it anyhow, think of those Gs as you hurtle around bends, avoid excaped chickens, moped riders, etc. Or was that Inspector Clouseau?

    Has anyone gone to prison in this country for not complying with planning guidelines?

    I new someone (last seen early 2000s) who had been very naughty regarding the use of a quarry and what started as him ignoring a 28-day notice ended in his incarceration. Whether for breach of planning regs or for non-payment of a fine, I don't know, a) my memory is a thing of the past b) he could have lied to me, but it was common knowledge that he "took a holiday" in connection with the affair.

    The law, maximum penalties, etc are in the public domain. If you have the time and resources, you could start here.

    My guess is that if you stick with the process, you will suffer nothing worse than a fine and the expense of removing structures, but if you take on the court system itself, you are in a different world. The person I mentioned above was moved from prison to prison so that his solicitor could not contact him to arrange his release, for example.

    If they had broken any laws they would be going to prison or paying a hefty fine not just having their house taken down.

    and so they will if they do not comply with the order, or so I believe, certainly used to work that way!


    You are right. There may be wriggle room as you call it but you have to be in the game to take advantage of that. If they had just applied for PP in the first place they would have just been refused for such a building. The only way to enter the game is to build anyway and fight later.

    Sure, their choice. I don't see them as victims.

    Kate and Alan Burrows are trying to change the law. They are campaigning to have the one planet development policy from Wales rolled out across the whole UK.

    and, presumably, to save their own project, great synergy there.


    I'm not sure they have broken any laws either.

    The planning authority is just having a little joke then. My bad.


    If it were made up of laws you could just employ a lawyer to navigate the system for you and ensure a 100% positive outcome.

    Thanks Paul for the first real good chuckle of the day. If only the law worked that way!


    Guidelines are open to interpretation extortion and corruption

    There is wiggle room which can sometimes be exploited. This is not in my view an excuse for ignoring the entire framework of planning, which would result in disaster.


    ...and so for some people the only way of having a chance of building and living on their own land is to do it and apply from planning retrospectively. Kate and Alan have a much greater chance of success doing it this way than applying for planning permission first. That is why they chose that course of action.

    Possibly, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.


    And good on them. This is how the system is changed. Get the press involved -in this case the worldwide press- and show to the world what a fucked up corrupt system we live in.

    100% behind changing the system, and if they are campaigners first and foremost, great, they know what is at stake and they place their bet on their own success. Chancers, yes, but in a noble cause. The world-wide press, accustomed to dealing with the trivia of so-called world-wide emergencies, massacres, famine, rising sea levels, etc, will no doubt be suitably impressed by the terrible yoke of oppression under which we Brits must toil. :rolleyes:

    MCS is a terrible affliction. Building your own eco-house is a grand thing to do. Being hardworking and lovely too is laudable. But they have nothing whatever to do with the guts of this matter, which is that the LA have refused retrospective PP and could hardly have acted in any other way in the circumstances. I don't see anything "fucked-up" in their action.

    Anything which gives more exposure to OPD is good. OPD is not the "second coming" IMO, but just a step along the way to educating people how to live.

    Sorry to be so resistant to the tribal gathering-call on this occasion, but I feel that issues are being blurred and the single OCD gene in my DNA is triggered by the blurring of issues.

    Can we put away the violins now? If not, maybe chuck in some cute penguins, but I'm out of the discussion.

    A lot of people of your age worked in dirty unhealthy jobs (mines steel rubber asbestos glass farming etc )and few H&S laws to make conditions they may have ate better quality food not processed but most smoked heavily and were high tar cigs. ilIm sure you remember how many people around had bright orange fingers from smoking pall mall and players and capstan full strength, I do and my grandparents smoked them and getting onto trains and buses and going into pubs and cinemas,clubs and restuarants that had a dense pall of cigarette smoke hanging in the air.

    Right on the occupational disease point and right about smoking. As it happens, HMG did eventually do something about both problems.


    The terrible air quality in industrial areas,the towns covered in thick yellow cloud of foundry fumes....theres inevitaby going to be a percentage of those people passing through the health system today wrecked by their work and lifestyle.

    For sure, though we are now so de-instrialised that it is traffic polution that causes the most trouble, and HMG are well behind the curve in implementing EU clean air standards, which they will be happy to ignore now.


    Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure but the government of both parties is always more interested in finding ways to tax people for their lifestyles as a faux means of control but not quite enough to eradicate the lifestyle choices or theyd loose revenue....always the carrot and would be refreshing to see them take a holistic approach to citizens heslth from cradle to grave that didnt involve cynical manipulation to extract more tax revenue

    Agreed, but they are so far in debt now that raising tax will come first, second and third. Something has to give, somewhere. It would be a good move to raise tax on sugar content across the board and ring-fence that revenue for the NHS, morally justifiable too, but the food giants would oppose it and with a Tory government in place it is highly unlikely to happen. So what we need is a credible, electable opposition, for the sake of our health! laws include waste-carrier PERMITS for EACH local borough which is aside from the main waste carrier licence needed from the government for any "work" done collecting scrap.

    I wonder if I need a permit to carry waste on my pushbike?

    The one I used pays through the bank, so there is a clear audit trail for the taxman.

    I had an idea to get paid for scrap in scrap, but something which is currently out of favour, and do the same when the price of that metal rises, but for that storage is required and no doubt licencing. But in theory you could transmute base metals into gold that way... I know a scrappie who deals in both!

    When decent honest people are placed on the wrong side of the law through seeking to survive either through a change of circumstance or a change of life style at no expense to the community, the sheep who accept being kept in a slot, then that law is morally wrong and needs to be changed.

    So change the law, agitate or something, but don't just break the law in an idiotic way which will clearly and predictably get you kicked out and then expect sympathy for being decent and honest but unlucky and victimised.

    I have no doubt that planning law could be changed for the better, or implemented in a fairer way, but when you throw the laws out, it will be one big free for all.

    And never mind how virtuous the people are, there are damn good people everywhere.

    Ive seen plenty of rabid violent intolerance from ordinary folk thank you ..and for all kinds of nonsensical reasons...Britain is a swamp of intolerance and ive not seen much tolerance of peace loving people by the governments of the past either (Nostell priory and Beanfield just two examples)A change in the law in 84 made ravers and NATs a pariah to add to the anti gypsy traveller laws so spare me your lectures on sympathy and being on the right side of the law...I trust no one in the establishment and i take everyone else as i find but that doesnt mean i trust them either.Most have their own prejudices and agendas to protect and a few harmless van dwellers and hippys isnt on most peoples list of persons to be tolerated.

    You can probably get something on prescription for that m8, and it will be my pleasure to spare you.

    Nothing today, but vanloads to charity shops recently.

    Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the local tip - seriously, I have a 2-hour slot in which to dump and a printed licence to do it. They hate vans, see?