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    I would say, dont knock it til you've tried it! :) It makes sense to me to have an extra medium for meeting potential dates, especially these days where people seem to be more physically isolated then ever. You dont necessarily need to meet "the one" for it to be worthwhile experience, IMO.

    noo im not talking bollox , i used to smoke weed for over 20 years , you have a joint ,it puts you on a level , you continue to smoke to maintain that level,consumption through the stomach has very little ,or no effect atall ,the best and fastest way to get effects from cannabis is inhilation through the lungs ,,

    Consumption through the stomach has very little effect? Yes that's true, if you eat your cannabis buds, but generally edibles are more potent than smoking regular weed.

    Here's a link explaining why you cant just eat regular cannabis, and why it needs "decarbing" before you can eat it to get high:

    iff you smoke a joint it gives you a buzz and puts you on a level , that buzz will wear off after a few hours , iff you continue to smoke ,that level and buzz will be maintained ,that high will be maintained ,it doent work like alcohol . which is ,the more you drink ,the more pissed you get ,cannabis doesnt work like that

    I've no idea how you came to this conclusion. Why would anyone smoke more than 1 doobie if it didn't do anything? When my tolerance was super high, I had to smoke alot to feel more than that initial buzz - is that what you mean? Coz as a rule I get more stoned the more I smoke, and I'm pretty sure this goes for most people.

    Not sure how tolerance works here, in regard to smoking and driving. When I was smoking alot, I could probably smoke 0.5g of strong cannabis and you wouldn't be able to tell I was high; now, after a long break from cannabis, if I was to smoke 0.5g, I probably wouldn't be safe behind the wheel. Tolerance varies so much between users.

    People forget that smoking cannabis makes you intoxicated, and you cant drive as well if you're intoxicated, even if you drive slower or concentrate harder.

    Trans people have a really high percentage of depression, self harm and suicide. Those who are "out" are often exiled by close friends, family, their partners and work colleagues. They're stared at, ridiculed and sometimes attacked just for being trans. Sometimes they are truely alone. Why would anyone "choose" to do this as a fashion statement?

    That being said, on another thread other "genders" were pointed out that just made no sense to me. Gender being a spectrum makes sense to me, as most things are a spectrum.

    However, people choose to consume animal products because they choose to consume animal products -- in my experience it doesn't matter if people are "nice and fluffy" or direct and "in your face", people will find excuses until they're ready not to.

    I think if there ever was a place to convince people to practise veganism, a hippy website would've been that place. Besides, an "in your face" approach is not what I'm seeing here. It's almost as if she doesn't care that more people aren't vegans. You seriously cant see it Paul?

    "The majority of humans should be shot" - really sounds like someone commited to changing minds.

    And wouldn't you just hate someone to be better than you?

    Oh wait, I am ?

    Is everything a dick measuring contest to you? If you really cared about the welfare of animals, you'd be trying to convince more people to be vegan, rather than lording it over everyone to feel superior. You're really harming the cause, but hey, I bet you feel pretty good about yourself, and that's what's important.

    Wow, it's an honour to finally win the last post thread.

    I'd like to thank my friends and family for always supporting me, and I accept the honourable position as rightful ruler of this thread, the Lord and Emperor of the Last Post, Sir 4score the Conqueror, with dignity and grace.

    With my million, I would buy 4 okay houses, rent them to my family for £300/month, rather than the 6 or 700/month that they're worth, so they're happy. Pay someone to fully restore my truck and then live happily ever after on the road with what's left and my £1200 a month.

    I see, so what you are saying is if you won a million pounds you would be happy to give most of it to the government. Is that what you are saying?

    N'aw man, but I wouldn't feel bitter about paying VAT on stuff when I'm buying toys with my million, or any other kind of tax. My point was that I don't think taxes are a bad thing. I would buy health insurance though, so I dont cost the NHS anything unless I needed an ambulance.

    Don't taxes pay for the ambulances, firefighters, schools, roads, stuff like that? The more tax money the government gets, the more money is spent on those things? Isn't that a good thing? I'm super glad we have a national health service, and am willing to pay my share to keep it running.

    Not sure how accurate this is, but it shows how much you've cost the NHS in appointments and treatment and stuff, and how much you've payed towards the NHS in taxes.…rance/the-bill-of-health/

    The point being I guess,is that the time to stop is when your fans do not buy the tickets.

    I agree. I think if his fans are enjoying themselves and buying tickets then there's no reason to stop gigging, especially if he's enjoying himself too.

    My ears are far better than my voice, so I reckon I'd be able to tell if I was losing it, but so many singers just have raw singing talent, and cant really tell when they're off, or when a melody isn't working. I can hear exactly how bad I am when I sing - ignorance is bliss sometimes.

    I'm much more articulate and together on this forum than I am in real life. In person I find it hard to voice what I'm thinking, but I have time to carefully think about what I want to say on here. People make me far less anxious if I dont have to speak to them face to face.

    I think on the internet it's easy to broadcast your best features; I'm not likely to mumble or stutter or make silly mistakes, because I can take my time with replies.

    Its good of you to redefine my words into what you consider a more accurate statement.But really its okay i can manage to communicate very well on my own thanks.As you appear to be from a different generation to me, where labels were the all and females needed guidance on constructing conversations,your perception is different to mine.Labels are judgements,made by others most often, to categorise everything in their environment which gives a feeling of control,the known,the quantifiable.People are highly complex individuals,in my experience, extensive experience of people with differing needs and levels of health,i have seen much suffering caused by being labelled.It is also arrogant to presume the right and /or ability to label another.

    Okay, I'll bite.

    You said "labels dont matter." They may not matter to you, but they do to other people, so were you wrong, or did you communicate badly? If a bunch of people all behave in a certain way, what's wrong with giving that behaviour a name? It's not arrogant or judgemental to see a pattern of behaviour, and give that pattern a name, IMO. This talk of labels started from a mention of an autism diagnosis; is that what you think is happening, doctors are just "categorising everything in their environment which gives a feeling of control"?

    Not sure how you came to the conclusion that I'm from a generation "where labels were the all and females needed guidance on constructing conversations" - I assumed you were human and just as capable of making mistakes as the rest of us.

    i mean people are people labels dont matter.

    If someone identifies a certain way, then that label would matter to them, because self identity is important, right? If someone's brain behaved so differently that they had a name for it's behaviour, then that label would matter alot to them, wouldn't it? We're all here talking right now because we feel some sort of connection to the label "hippy", and I like that connection. I think I know what you mean though, maybe a more accurate statement would be: "I wont let labels affect my opinion on someone", which I agree with. "Labels dont matter" sounds dismissive.

    Sorry if I missed the point again

    Diagnosis is just someone, who took a course got a qualification hopefully, looking up the main indicators of a persons mood and or behaviour,finding a listed category they fit into then giving them tablets to chemically "normalise" /alter that persons moods/behaviour.Zendaze i have no idea who you are,just a stranger online,I just find it sad that any person feels like they need to stand there holding up banners, other people designated for them,saying who they are.You are you.That is good enough hey?:)

    It's a nice theory, that doctors are just pointing out all the ways that you're weird, and giving you pills to try and help you "fit in", but the reality is that a diagnosis can really help people understand how their mind works a bit better, recognise their triggers and develop coping mechanisms, and medication is sometimes a necessary step for people struggling to cope. Not always, but sometimes.

    "Cant say I'm excited as awkwardness/anxiety and just being in existence in the modern world are overwhelming enough.

    It is though a realistic opportunity to be in close proximity to similar souls. A good thing!"

    Are you Autistic?

    I was pretty sure you might've been on the spectrum yourself when I read this comment NC, and I understand why you may have come to that conclusion.

    As for for social awkwardness/anxiety, I can vouch for the Dovedale gatherings being very accommodating if you're that way inclined, they were great with me when I visited. It's like stepping into a tranquil bubble that the tension and general shitness of the outside world cant get to.

    Spoke to my old man about it, and he said he'd argue that a cervo assist is to assist the driver putting pressure on the pedal, whereas with over run brakes you have the whole weight of the towed car (in theory) pushing on the brake pedal, so easily more pressure than a driver could apply. Whaddaya reckon?

    And yet you go to great lengths to boast about how generous you compared to everyone else are in this thread.

    I have known very few people in my life who would actually give you the shirt off their back if you needed it more, most people have limits to their kindness, 2 of them in fact, neither would consider boasting about it, or for that matter even remembering who they gave something to, because the way they see and interact with the world that is normal behaviour. Oh, and both had nothing to type their boasts on, as both had given away pretty much everything previously.

    This begs the question, then: did you give away your bus conversion to your homeless friend to make yourself feel good? Seems strange to me that people cant talk about their experience of helping others (on a thread specifically about helping others / being generous) without being labelled as boasting. Were you boasting?

    Bananas should be expensive, it's not like they're grown in this country, I dread to think how many dinosaurs were burnt flying that banana over here. Fruit and veg that can be grown in this country should be cheap.

    That said, I doubt that's the reason your M&S banana was so expensive.