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    You see, I like those Maths LV,
    I've only had this particular Motorhome for a short while, So The Daily Maths are working out expensive for me at the moment,,,,! BUT FALLING EVERY DAY LOL LOL.
    Mind you,,, I have spent a lot IN TOTAL if you include Vehicle Purchase Price, General Purchases, 7 Tyres, Full Service and Greese up, Cam Aux and Fan Belt replacement, Tax, Mot, ALL my Fuel, ALL my Food, Drink, Durex 'Tingle' lube, 10 days in a Hotel while having some work done, Cider, Donuts, Entertainment, Crazy Golf, Ice Cream, Laptop oh and LOADS of other bits I do mean ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING & is TOTAL LIVING EXPENDITURES & OUTGOINGS, as opposed to just Vehicle costs ofcourse, is about 20k since the 15th of January to Date...easy to calculate, as I just looked it up from my Bank !,,,I need Help !.

    Blinking HELL, I've GOT to stop Spending !.

    Been putting off buying a Laptop, Bluetooth Speaker, 12v in car Charger & 3GB of Wi Fi Box Thingymajig for ages, I just Can't understand them, and have always struggled to warrant the cost of around the £400 mark to be honest. But I Decided to Bite the Bullet, and Get the whole set up Today, So I can Use the next few days at this lovely Farm Park up to Get it all up and running !


    I Smiled when I opened my Donut Draw, and Found TWO Argos Gift Cards that I forgot I had totalling £60, and When I went to Argos The Laptop I wanted had Been Reduced by £20 !,,,WOO HOO A £80 SAVING in my mind !!!.

    6 different shades of green face paint have arrived for the weekend - Jack in the Green at Hastings - so looking forward to dancing there again :-)

    That's always a good long weekend !, I have been a cpl of times, but most of the time was spent on West Hill, The Parade is GREAT and ofcourse Toasting The Slaying with Cider !.
    Hope the weather is kind for you Col, Enjoy...

    Well,,I've just had a Mental Tally up of what 'The Nest' has cost so far, and I can't stop Sobbing !.
    But if as DB suggest above, it's still going good in 11 years time, Then I will be a Very Hapy Bear indeed !.
    Although I'm NOT so fortunate with the insulation fitted as she has been !

    Hey LV,How about YOU Buying the French LDV CHEAP, Take off the Tail Lift, Drive it over here (I believe you suggested you was coming over anyway !),, Sell it, Make some Money to go towards a van that you DO want, Then Drive it back !.

    Hi ya Foisty,
    Don't let any Darkness or Negative thoughts into your Nature or Body, I get what you're saying, Only too well infact, But treat this moment in time and your foreseeable future merely as a Stepping Stone on your journey through life.
    & if all else fails, Have a Cuppa and a Donut !.

    Have a Goal in life,,,& Spend your life realizing your Goal !.

    I have to say, As far as Park ups are concerned, I've had some Lovely stops at The Bigger A Road Cafes, The ones with their own off road carparks, Often a Breakfast and a few pounds gets you a Chance to fill up your water tank, Get rid of your Rubbish, & Pour your Cassette !.

    Hi ya,
    Another Member has provisionally expressed an interest in it, but the details are -
    Flamma F45 XL.
    Approximately 4.1 Lts Long by Approximately 3mts Wide, You can have it as aJust a Wind out Sun Shade, OR fit all the Side Pannals to create an extra Roo.. Do a bit of research, Then make me a sensible offer matey.

    Yep, I'm also a Live in Vehicle Fulltimer, & I Choose To try and have the least Footprint and Fall out for my chosen lifestyle.
    I actually 'Travel' ie 'Move' Often Daily, So its astonishing that 'Traveler's' Need outdoor space for their 'Stuff'.

    But each to their own, and be happy is my motto.

    Absolutely, it's always the few that spoil it for the many isn't it, Wether it be by Drawing attention to themselves through their Behavior, Over Staying, Personal 'Site or Park up Management' , Lack of Thought etc etc, I've actually seen it many times at various spots that I've passed where the same area has got the same vans, in the same places, and then 'Comendering' even more space than the Actual Foot print of their vehicle for the likes of Storage of Fire wood, Bags n boxes and some such things. Then don't move until pressured to do so !.
    Yep very sad, & Bad Press for us all.

    I have to say, I actually spend a fair amount of nights in suitable Laybys, Normally in company of a Lorrie or two, Easy to find, Safe, Hard Standing, Easy to get in and out of & people DON'T tend to pay much attention to a vehicle in a Layby for the night as opposed to in a quiet carpark or in a Field !.
    It's like most things, you soon get use to the noise lol.
    Thanks Simate !.

    It would be an interesting statistic if it could be worked out to a degree of accuracy, The Currently available Open Workable / Plantable type land (ie Not Villages, Towns, Cities, Industrial, Commercial or Military as this would still be 'Proportionally' required to 'Run' the county to a Degree !) Then Divide what's left between the Head count of population lets say from 18 to 70 ?.
    Just to see how much you would get , & would you get a bot more 'Entitlement' if you had say a North facing, Odd Shaped, Concaved bit susceptible to Flood, or Bogging !.
    Rather than a Nice, Square, South Facing bit That's got a Gentle Slope and a Stream at the Bottom !

    I use to use one as a Sea Anchor on my Boat, In order to Stop Drifting to much in open water & while I partook in a Beverage & a Donut ,
    Similarly they make Great Droges,
    You can also Fill with Soil, and Plant Potatoes in one, Strawberries in another etc, You can also fill them with all kinds of Rubble, Rubbish and position them as a Wall, Growing BlackBerry on the top, You could Plant Dwarf Fruit Trees in them, this way they are Ok to plant if only got a Hard standing area, and are portable ofcourse.

    Brilliant discussion topic,

    I Personally DONT think land should be shared out evenly amongst the population,,It just wouldn't work, The Population Changes almost Daily on this country, so you might have 1acre one day, then .85 of an acre the next, a real bummer if the bit you have to give up in ordi to share the patch evenly has just had all the Vegetables planted in it !. And you could never be settled on the patch as you won't know how much you might have the following year !.