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    Okayyyy....i respect your beliefs and your opinions as they are yours ...and i believe if I am correct "Turkey" is very much Anti Gay, anti pot etc because of your religious beliefs and culture etc as said I respect that ...but for me ..and hopefully you show me the same respect as I see Gay Marriage etc in Any Country or anywhere in the world as Cool And Great and a cause for Celebration as Love is Love no matter what Sex be it Men/Women...Men/Men Women/Women etc they are...And they have the right to be treated with respect and have the same "Rights" as Everybody in Male,/Women relationships to be able to get Married..

    My Son is G.A.Y.E . .and I Love him more than words can even say..and I would not want him.any other way...and not want him to change one hair on his beautiful head and I am Very Proud of he is True and Real to himself...So if he finds Love and wants to get married .WHY should he NOT..I want my Son to have every right as his older brother who is "Not Gay" if He can get married to his Girlfriend Then so should his brother my son..

    We are NOT in the dark ages anymore ..we move forward and changes and the Rights of all people have to be "Equal" ..So No USA is Not Like Holland ...The USA had come into the light..the future While Many are stuck in the "Dark Ages Still"..and have you ever been to Holland,?? Nooo i think you have not...well they are very beautiful caring loving people and are about Love matter what sex...As for the Labelling sort of Holland as Legal "Pot Heads" they openly smoke it publically yes and have cafes etc wher you can go...But if you look at the number of Non Holland Peeps Hiding and Smoking Pot...there will be more Hidden Pot Heads than the Population of Holland ...haha..And you yourself earlier ranted off about chemical dangerous pot smoking in Turkey ..",You do NOT ''see or hear that in Holland "Anywhere" ...So it is all about ..Countries being Open and Honest and Showing themselves as doing the right thing ..coming forward..getting rid of Laws from Old Ages...and Coming Forward into This Century ...Not hiding and preaching in the dark ..forcing people to "Hide Who They Are and Take Risks and Some Even Die because they have Nooo choices because Old Laws from the Dark Ages Consider it a Crime and Wrong....So I thank the Goddesses when I see Any country do the right thing ..Give Equal Rights to Gay Couples..Accepting Gay People and pot as pot is a natural herb not dangerous chemicals .Etc as they are Also Saving Lives Too :))

    Marijuana and Gay marriage is legal in Holland but illegal in other countries. That's why I said the USA becomes a Holland. I just dont see the sense in a man's being married to a man. They won't have a child or something.Do they get married to have sex? I am like an atheist myself and don't like religions. My own opinion is that religion makes life boring. Why do we marry? Because of the culture that came from the religion. Why would I want to marry? It is for having sex. If I don't marry, it would be very difficult for me to have sex with a girl unless I go to a hooker. I don't want a child so the only thing for me to want to marry to a girl would be having with the girl because I won't have the abilty of having sex if I don't marry. I will always have to go to hookers and going to hookers means throwing your money away. If I marry, I have sex for free.

    They dont vote because there is no person they want.

    I guess this must be right place to open this thread. I don't think anything good about them. Most of them are bum men. The kind that you walk in a street and they tell you what the fuck are you looking at? If you respond, they can even stab you. So there are these kinds of people in streets. They use dirty synthetic street drugs. They don't give a damn about their health and all they care about is to get high. They can smoke anything that will get them high. Synthetic weed is the most common illegal drug in Turkey. It is very deadly and a lot of people overdose and die from synthetic weed but those kinds of people don't give a damn about their lifes. They have nothing to lose in life. All they care about is to get high. What do you think about these kinds of people that kill them by doing such drugs?