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    My partner Is a manager of a charity shop, working 6 days a week with less than 2 weeks holiday a year working for minimum wage and most days working alone due to shortage of volunteers. Overworked she then has to make the shop profitable, her wages need to be covered and the rent for the store. Just because it's charity doesn't mean they have cheap rent, the landlords treat the shop like any shop with greedy pockets wanting the charities money.
    When you consider the weather as a factor too, people aren't shopping on miserable wet and cold days. Can't just shop online from a charity shop so footfall is a critical factor. On top of that people think charity shop means they should sell for any amount of money because 10p is better than nothing. If they all had crazy low prices we would have NO charity shops as they wouldn't even break EVEN let alone make a profit to go to the actual CHARITY to help people. Each year large numbers of shops close due to making too many losses. If you think a charity is being greedy, please look at the top brass with high incomes as THEY are the greedy ones but remember when you visit a charity shop that has one paid manager that works their arse off to turn a profit just to SURVIVE as a shop and keep doing business. This isn't even accounting for quality of donations and time wasted by staff having to sort through donated goods only to find that it's all trash, ACTUAL trash. We're talking lazy people that take a bag of used tissues, pieces of paper, empty bottles all kinds of genuine trash with zero items that are sellable.

    And no manager gets a decent living wage, you get more to work at McDonald's than run a shop with zero support from the charity upper management.

    If you don't want to spend money heating water for the washing up then why not make yourself a solar water heater? Could even use harvested rainwater and save water and gas at the same time while helping out the environment by not being wasteful.

    Thank you for the responses.

    They certainly looked like blueberries rather than deadly nightshade. But not knowing enough I left them alone, it's just down the road so I can pop down and take a photo if anyone is able to identify them.

    I was picking wild blackberries yesterday and noticed a ton of wild elderberries but also found a large amount of what looks like blueberries. Do blueberries usually grow wild with blackberries and elderberries or could this be something I shouldn't eat?

    Open Settings.
    Scroll down to iTunes & apps store and select that.
    Once in iTunes & apps store category you'll see something that says 'use mobile data' make sure that's turned off. If it's ON it'll download app updates using data, once switched off it'll only download updates when your connected to wifi.

    To see where your using data:
    Open settings.
    Select mobile.
    Scroll down and you'll see 'use mobile data for'
    This will be followed by a list of apps and will also show how much data each app has used.

    Sounds like you've got the problem I had with windows updates. Took me 3 days to fully update new PC few months back. Can't instal 8.1 until 8 is fully up to date.

    Made me miss my Mac, they aren't perfect but updates can skip previous updates rather than taking forever.

    What happens when you update windows? Is it failing? Do you have a windows update UPDATE that's failing? If so then that's the problem regarding updates. Manually select only that one update and try again and should allow that one to install which fixes a bug in the windows updater and rest of updates should work from that point on. This is going back about 3 years so lots of updates to do after that. Maybe 3 years worth of updates can take that much space downloading as they haven't actually installed so not getting any space back.

    Even round shouldn't be too bad, jigsaw, good blade and be careful. I used to cut acrylic glass with jigsaw, now use a table saw but jigsaw still does the job if careful. Didn't want to pay for new window in my shed so I ripped out old frame and made one from scratch with pallet wood and used acrylic glass. With a round one, just made sure the frame is large enough that if any cracks on edge they'll be hidden sandwiched in the wooden frame.

    I accept they eat dog meat, as I accept people eat other meats. But the festival takes cruelty to a new level of filth. Just evil. I know an eye for an eye isn't best but... Maybe some of those taking part should be beaten, burnt and skinned alive. I'll never understand society.

    Beautiful cats and dogs, your in mother natures hands now. Enjoy your new life as free spirits. [emoji173]️

    How do you get the M&M's out?

    Sheds looking great!!! Always wanted to build a pallet shed but never got round to it and now I have a brick one. Maybe do a pallet greenhouse :P sounds simple enough but dunno how id do the glass, I guess acrylic sheets would be ok even if not reclaimed.

    Feeling proud of what you've made? I'd buy that over B&Q firewood every time :)

    I warn you now mate, you've got the bug. You'll be making everything now. Sheds, fences, gates, planters, furniture... :P speaking as an addict myself.

    Is it downloading any ridiculously large updates without your knowledge?

    I'd have a look in your installed program list. Maybe post the list here, maybe someone will recognize a nasty. Some are a pain and even malware bytes struggles with them as they self replicate which would explain the hard drive filling up.

    I think the ultimate problem is just mankind. Stop breeding too many animals more than needed, don't need to farm animals to sell as pets, pets are for life not just until it's inconvenient. Seems it's human intervention in animals lives that cause the problems charities try to solve in the first place.

    I regularly get pallets from skips, with permission, also have a local leisure venture that saves them for me. Use them in my hobby giving them new life. My uncle got a all in one printer recently from a skip, wasn't working due to use of cheap ink cartridges 10 min clean up and he's got a nice perfect condition all in one printer. Anytime visiting recycling centre breaks my heart to see what people throw away, is it more effort to drop items at a charity store? Wasteful society we live in.

    Seems to be the same with all large scale companies, preach animal protection but ultimately don't want to deal with the animals or expense so 'humanely' murder them instead of trying to rehome. Think the smaller organizations are the best ones.

    FriedOnion yeah I know quorn isn't vegan. I'm not vegan... Yet... I don't like having non-vegan products :/ currently trying to find enough alternatives as I'm underweight and struggle to eat enough. Finding stuff in UK, unless it's just me seems a pain. Need more mainstream options. Whenever I find something good it seems to disappear from shelves.