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    that's the opposite of how my instinct operate, I'm secret squirrel, why would I want to invite confrontation? when in my mind I can never win and don't want it?

    What confrontation? I'm asking, do vandwellers really have to be so secretive?

    Yes this 'invisibility' thing. Say you just parked up on a high st, village square, town centre, threw the doors open and just sat on the doorstep watching the world go by..

    Leaving aside the PSPO issue, I present this question:

    With all this talk of 'stealth', is it actually illegal to sleep in a van?

    It is sad.
    I was on a Catweasel fan site once. There was a story about a reunion of all the characters that took place. All the actors said the series had a special place in their hearts. It was unique.
    I got a bit emotional.

    It began when owners began to realise that (hippy) squatters actually protected properties by their presence, and even did them up.

    I missed the transition but i imagine the more enterprising squatter 'housing cooperatives' evolved, or were overtaken by, the companies we see today.

    It seems a lot of people have quite a negative view of community living. It saddens me somewhat that people often have such a poor opinion of other people. Of course some experiences may well justify this but what does this say about our humanity? Are we a lost cause?
    I agree that we need our own space within a community but why can't working and building together be achieved? Must we all live out our own separate insular lives, where every time we need help we have to go cap in hand to the government for it?
    Surely what is required is some thought about not what are others are like but what is each one of us is like? Do we make good neighbours or good friends? Are we generous and kind or are just a little too wrapped up in own ways?

    I hear what you are saying. I have mentioned on this forum that a lot of positive posts, particularly those suggesting practical actions, are crowded out, and each thread is effectively hijacked into perpetual conjecture by a bunch of regulars...

    All this talk of gym: I've never been in a gym in my life and don't want to.
    But I was going to say, I work out daily - push-ups, sit-ups, weights. How does that get done in a van you can bearly stand up in?

    Some of us seem to be living a country life, which is fine: Cook on a fire, shit in the woods, throw waste water in a ditch, exercise in fresh air. Easy.
    But if you need to be near your
    workplace in the town, all you have are residential streets. Supermarkets and their car parks are not on my radar.

    Maybe this kind of situation is a blind spot in the nomadic lifestyle..

    The van is a bit scruffy, and the neighbourhood is a bit sniffy.
    I don't think it would be good for the suited residents to see someone emptying the contents of a portable toilet down their drains..

    If you live in a city and have a 9-5, mon-fri job, how can you manage to live in a van etc?

    Even on the quietest of roads, I imagine people walking to work past a van with the sounds and smells of cooking inside. And where would you empty your dirty water etc?

    Not all that stealthy is it?

    If you're having a demo, it doesn't help to mix one cause with another.

    If you're in touch with Brighton, as you seem to be, I suggest you get fully involved and try to see things through personally, if no-one else is. Or at least try to encourage someone who would be good at it.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions and challenge people, or the council will just pick up the ball and run with it.

    Hi again, sorry, I've been away (with the fairies).

    I'd like to thank Paul very much for realising the importance of this matter, breaking his admirable position of neutrality, and giving this the attention it deserves; also VanWoman84 for keeping the ball rolling.

    I've just been reading this thread like a tense but exciting novel, with the happy ending of over 2000 signatures. Well done to everyone for engaging in this!

    It's very heartening to read the stories of PSPOs being quashed in certain areas, and also to hear that Liberty have taken up the fight, and that there is a protest festival in Brighton this weekend.

    I first learned of this petition from a post in the FB group 'Brighton Van Dwellers'. The poster said 2000 names will bring about a 'discussion', rather than automatic implementation of the laws (We should look into how some of our more presentable members could attend such a meeting). Some people here have said that a petition won't do much. I say it's the least we can do while we work on other tactics. If anyone has any better ideas, let's hear them.

    Also, remember PSPOs affect every citizen in the country, not just us, so we need to spread this info into the wider communities and media organs.
    I don't normally do politics, but we seem to have moved into a climate of open fascism, albeit by stealth.

    Yes this is a much needed thread.

    Interesting distinction between hippies and travellers. Someone recently told me that most travellers they've met are ex-army. I'm not sure how true it is, but it does account for some of the 'conservative' views and rough language we encounter.

    I know this is only the start, but looking at the list it seems to mainly prohibits camping/living in parkland. I wouldn't in a million years pitch up in a public park.
    Obviously this doesn't need (in the eyes of the council) to be a full and final list. It could be added to, and be extended to all of the council's property, including any public street.

    That's exactly what it's about. If a homeless person uses a tent they will have it confiscated and be fined.

    Any space defined as public including car parks, fields, roadside, etc. Even a bbq in a park would qualify.

    maybe they were answering the original post using the benefit of experience ot maybe just personal taste,either way I dont see much positivity in your post .

    So by that reasoning, aren't you also being negative by mentioning it?

    It doesn't take much research into this site to notice the same names cropping up with long-winded posts in which they attempt to cover every negative response they can find, even if it means contradicting themselves.

    Innocent newcomers tend to either join in with them, or leave.