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    There Be Defo More Things Out There Than Ghosts ....HAHAHA :)

    And I Defp Believe In "Spirit Walkers" ..Meaning Ghosts As You Call Them ...And I Be Seeing Many Many Things Not Just The Spirit Walkers Both From The Light And From The Dark Out Of My Eyes Over Time Of Time Years ....Eeeeek HAHAHA:)

    Hi Folks, here's an interesting one: Would it be possible to find traces of an earlier, possibly non-human civilisation that existed here perhaps millions of years ago?

    Here's the popular approach:…rst-civilization-on-earth

    Here's the science approach:…the_geological_record.pdf

    Wowwwww I Sooooo Loved Reading And Learning About This In Your Great Links OldKeith So O Thsnkyou Very Muchly For Showing Me In The Links New Fascinating Words Which I Found Really Great And Very Be Interesting And Very Learning Too:)

    And I Say In Answer To This Threads Heading Etc That I Defo Believe That Non Humans Life Existed Well Before Man Came Along :))))

    For There Be Sooooo Much Out There But Mans World Does Not See It And Do Not Believe It Either:)

    I Did Giggle At Your Bad "Doris Day" (Just BLEW IN FROM THE WINDY CITY" OldKeith Words HAHAHAHA ...:))

    Maybe You Should Of Tried Eating Flowers And Petals and There Fruits Instead HAHAHA .. It Gave And Gives Me "Flower Power" Then And Still To This Day And Yep DEFO NO DORIS DAY Problems HAHAHAHA ....Unless You Call Mahoosive Amounts Of Hypo Bouncieness A Problem HEHEHEHE :),

    Im Sure There Is A Big Posh Totty Word For "Flower And Flower Fruits Eaters Like Me" Because As Said I Eat Lots Of Wild Flowers And There Petals And Fruits Etc They Make More Than Vegetables But I Just Call It "Flower Power" HAHAHAHA :))))

    Off Course Also A Lot Of Hippys Lived Off The Land Also And Those Who Did Eat Meat Could Not Afford Meat Added To Why Many Hippys Turned To Veggies But Many Also That Would Eat Flowers And Plants And Veggies As Flower Power Was A Great Thing hahahaha.

    I Would Say That I Eat More Flowers And Plants And Its Fruits Rather Than Mostly Veggies So Thats Why Maybe Sooo Bouncie And Hypo hahaha

    Cos We All Heard Of "Soul Food" But I Prefer "Flower Power Foods" HAHAHAHA

    Etc But I Would Say That Those Who Did Not Eat Meat Were Mostly Veggies And Not Vegans Purely Because Many Would Wear Leather Or Buckskin Or Suede Etc Etc So Could Not Really Be Called Vegans.

    And Did You Know That USA Paul Has Many Things Also That To Me Are As Bad As China But Where China Its Out In The Open In Plain Terrible Sight :(( Whereas In USA Its Not Out In The Open And Hush Hush Esp Military .Where They Sadly And Terribly

    String Dogs Up By Head To Hold In Place And Top Legs Spread Wide To Posts And Tied And Then Bottom Legs Spread Wide To Posts And Tied So That SOLDIERS Can LEARN TORTURE TACTICS To See What EFFECT It WOULD HAVE ON A HUMAN!!!!!

    Yep .This Happened And Happening Even The Soldiers Themselves Found This Very Difficult To Accept And Do And Complained ..Thankfully Many Of This Cruel Evil Terrible Thing Was Banned BUT Sadly Some Places It Still Goes On:(((((((

    But Lets Face It What USA Has Done And Killed And Raped And Hung And Burned Alive Etc Etc Etc To The Native American Men Women And Children Sadly Both Past And Even Now Still Which Off Course Is Hidden .. It Be No Surprise That This Sickening Evil Cruel Disgusting Torture Of Poor Innocent Defenceless Dogs Is Also Hidden :(((

    Well A Few Of My Big Sisters Were At Classic Hippydom Woodstock And Lived In Hippy Community Both USA And Hawahii

    They Told Me Through There Be Eyes There Tales Of There Tales Of Hippydom At Its Highest Etc Etc The Love Peace And Make Love Not War Was What They Lived And Breathed And Many Demonstrations They Went On Against USA Gov And Wars Etc Etc

    Now They Ar That Time As Would Many Hippys Would Not Even Kill Anything On Purpose Meaning An Ant Stepped On By Accident And Even Mosquitos Or Flys Etc Etc Were Not Killed Sinply Because "All Life Is Beautiful And Should Be Treasured Be It Man Animal Insect Etc Etc Etc Just As Mother Earth Trees Forests Seas Etc Etc ..

    So NO They And The Hundreds Of Hippys/Hippies They Knew Or Lived Alongside Etc Woukd Nevr EAT MEAT ..Any Animal Etc Etc And Were Vegan And Still To This Day They Are .

    So I Agree With What Has Been Said Before That I Know Hippys Who Eat Meat And Also Know Hippys That Dont Eat Meat ..And It Does Not Make One Better Than The Other Or One Good And One Bad ...

    Simply Because Being Veggie Or Vegan Is A Choice And A Choice Of Lifestyle That Hippys And Non Hippys Choose Freely To Be Simply Because They Want Too And Not Because They Hippy Or Not Hippy

    But Yes Most Hippys Do Tend To Be Veggies Or Vegans Etc Simply Because Most Belueve In Love And Protecting All Living Things And All Life No Matter How Big Or How Small ..So For Many Eating Meat Etc Would Go Against There Beliefs Etc But Also As Been Said Many Hippys Do Eat Meat And Does Not Make Them Any Less Hippy Because As Said Its MORE About "FREE CHOICE" And "FREE LIFESTYLE CHOICES" Than About Simply Being A Hippy.

    Weird Dreams As This Topic Calls Them In One Way Be Very Right ...Because Dreams Come In All Types And Shapes And Forms ...From The Happy And Wishful Dreams Like Say Peeps Winning Lotto Etc Which Fall Into The "Wishful Dreans Of What Someone Wishes And Desires..Which Makes The Dreamer Happy

    .Which Are "Dreams Of Light"

    Then There Are The Sexual ...Erotica Fantasy Dreams Where The Dreamers Secret Hidden Desires Of Sexual Pleasures Where The Dreamer Can Also Bring In A Person They Sexually Want And Desire That Feels So Real And Be So Powerful They Can Even Orgasm In Dream State Which Usually Then Awakens Them HAHAHA ...And Fascinating These Dreams Be That Many Of These People Who Dream This Way Cannot Orgasm In Real Life And Can Only Orgasm In Dream Which Shows Us Just How Powerful Both Mentally And Physically Dreams Can Be ...And These Dreams Be Still "Dreams Of Light" As The Dreamer Is Feeling And Seeing And Bringing And Pulling In Another To There Dreams Giving Them What They Want Wish Desire Etc And Off Course They Are Happy Too HAHAHAHA..

    Then Off Course Sadly There Be The "Dreams Of Darkness" Just As Powerful But Not Wanted And Sadly Just As Physically And Mentally Powerful ....As Many Dark Drrams Sadly Leave Scars In The Mind Of Fear...Terror ..Pain ...As Many Wake Up Quickly Rapidly With Fear And Racing Heart And Sweating As They Are Hurt Injured Attacked Even Killed Yep At That Very Moment You Shoot Up In Fear And Fright And Feel Happy One Min As You Realise Its A Dream Because It Felt Sooo Real You Felt The Pain The Terror Of What You Felt Being Done To You ...But Yes You Felt Happy And Calmer After You Realise It Was Not Real And A Nightmare ...BUT Its Shortly Followed By The Fear Still Lurking ..The Fear Of Going Back To Sleep In Case You Get Took Back To That Place Again "The Nightmare You Just Had Etc Etc And Can Make You Want To Put Light Or Lamp On Before You Drift Back To Sleep Again Because The LIGHT Comforts You Etc..

    So Yes Dreams Have Many Types And Can Be Very Happy And Very Scarey And Very Weird ...But Yet Most If Not All People Do Not Read Learn Etc Etc About Dreams Or Understand Dreams...Which In Wisdom All Peeps Should Do ... Because Dreams Are Powerful And Can Both Mentally And Physically Affect Us All ..Both In Good Ways And Sadly Bad Ways ..Because They Can Control Our Wishes And Desires And Emorions And Also Control Sadly Our Fears And Terrors Which Can Then Make Us Both Mentally And Physically Unwell And Sickness ....

    So It Is Wise To Seek Out Knowledge And Understanding Of Our Dreams ...Because Somwetimes They Are Showing And Telling Us And Giving Us Messages But Through Symbols And Signs Some Maybe Weird Dreams Which Seem Weird Or Crazy And May Make No Sense But In Truth There Is A HIDDEN Message Within And Also It Is Wise To Control And Learn How You Can Help Yourself When You Dream Walk In The Dark Dreams ...What You Can Do And Call Upon And Pull Into Your Dream When Your Within The Datkness Dreams .

    So Dreams Are Powerful But Yet You Let Them Control You Without A Second Thought You Accept It And Give It All The Power To Control You ..To Control Your Emotions Your Happiness...Your Desires ..Your Wishes ..Etc Etc ..AND Even Go As Far As Letting It Control Your Fears And Both Physically And Emotionally .Etc Etc ...Without Thought ...Because To You They "Are Just Dreams" And Not Real ....

    But When The Darkness Comes And You Are Scared And Afraid ..It Then DOES Become REAL ...Because Your Scared To Go To Sleep...You Fear Sleep ...You Become Unwell Both Physically And Mentally ..Exhausted .. Etc Etc ...As Those Nightmares And Fears And Unwellness Then Are Carried With You When You Be Awake Too ...Unless You Learn To Control The Dark Dreams So That The Dark Dreams Dont Control You ..

    Because Without Control Dreams Have All The Power Over You ..

    Instead Of You Having Control Over Your Dreams ..

    Some Say Dreams Are Spiritual Messages From Another Deep Consiouness Within Us That Allows Us To Hear See And Receive Them ..But To Be Able To Know What They Mean And Are You First Have To Have Knowledge Of How To Learn To Understand What Your Dreams Mean And Are Trying To Show And Tell You ..

    Just As You Have To Learn How Also To Protect Yourself In Dreams As Well ...

    For Then And Only Then Do You Have The Power And Control Of Your Dreams And Not The Dreams Have The Power And Control Over You.

    Whether They Be Weird ..Happy Or Sexual Or Nightmare Etc Etc ...Because

    Dreams Are Just NOT Simply Dreams... Because

    They Are Powerful Both Emotionally And Mentally And Physically To You.

    And In Truth I LOVE SCEPTICS ....Well Nice Sceprics Aa They Not Rude ..Not Unkind And They Tend To Have SUPER BRAINZZZ HAHAHA Which Hold BUCKET Loads Of Learnings And Wisdoms All Scientifucall Peoven Etc Etc Off Course But They Be Like Sponges Of Learning Wisdoms Of All Things Which I Think MAKE Them "Sceptics" .. Because All That Learnings And Wisdoms They Suck In And Store Are All PROVEN DOCUMENTED FACTS .. Not Heresay Or Stories Or Tales And Beliefs Nope Nada Nay They ONLY Deal And Accept Whats PROVEN..SEEN...DOCUMENTED..AS "FACT AND DEFINATE PROOF" ...So They Simply Will Debate And Ask And Want Document Actual Real Proof Of Somwthing That Can Be Explained Fully With Its Proven Facts To Be Real Snd True To Accept It ..Otherwise They Doubt It And Wont Fully Accept It But Will Debate And Discuss And Share There Thoughts And Reasons In A Polite Chit Chat Way And Be Respectful Of Those Who Do Believe In Something..Unlike The BIGOT Who Just Shuts It Down Usually In A Disrectful Snd Odten Belittling Way Or Sarcastic Rude Mean Way ...

    So A True Sceptic Is Far Far Away From Being A BIGOT And Nothing Like A BIGOT ..

    Not Sure What Dogma Is Or Regurgitating Dogma Cos When I Heard That Word I Thought Of That Movie Dogma Esp The Poo Monster In The Loo HAHAHAHA.

    Sooo Hmmmm? "Dogma" And Regurgitating Dogma Means

    "Somebody Who Talks POO" HAHAHAHA.

    I Always Thought That A "Sceptic" Is A Being Who Will Mostly Need If Not Do Need 100% Proof By There Own Eyes Or Written Documented Aurhentic Proof With Maybe Also Authentic Photographic Proof And Scientific Proof Etc Etc Before They Believe In Something That Say It Not Of The Normal Everyday World Etc...

    I Know Many Sceptics Who I Must Say Are Not Rude Or Unkind Or Mean Or Bigots Etc They Just Like To Use Scientific Head Thinking Thoughts Etc To See And Think Things And Make Up There Own Minds .. Yes They Will Debate And Even Dispute Certain Beliefs Or Unexplained Things And Pheonomia And Beliefs Etc Etc But Its Usually Done In A Respectful Banter Type Of Way ...Whereas And Wherebe The "Bigots" Type Of People I Have Found Tend To Be More Aggressive And Disrespectful And Unkind And Mean In There Ways Of Shutting Something Down They Dont Believe In Purely As Its There Way And There Thoughts OR No Way And Can Be Racist Or Borderline Racist Too Etc Etc Which Is Totally Different From A Sceptic ...Well Thats What I Have Found And Why I AVOID BIgots And Bigotted People As They Tend To Be Rude Mean And Unkind Sadly :(

    So My Answer From A Very Few Close Friends Who I Let Into My Ways Or Beliefs My People My Ancient Ancestors Etc Etc Even Though Not Truly 100% As I Always Hold Some Things Back As Somethings Cannot Be Ever Said Shown Or Seen As There Be Reasons For That And As You Call Them Rules Etc And In Truthfulness I Have Not Met In Skin A Being Who Could Even Maybe Open There Mind Enough To Such Things HAHAHA Well Yet Anyway As Yes There Be A Lotta Difference Between Talk Airwaves Than See Touch Scent A Being In Skin Yep A Whole Lotta Difference HAHAHAHA As All I Have Met In Skin Who I Thought Hmmmm? Maybe I Could Share Thoughts With Have Sadly Been Lets Say Not As Fully Open As I Be Thought They Be And Still Use The Senses Of Man And Not Expanded Or Learned More Senses Which Closes Mans Awareness Of Open Expansion Consiousnesses Of Both Senses And Awareness Of Consiousnesses HAHAHA See I Do Know Some Of Mans Big Fancy Words HEHEHEHE:)

    Oooops Got Off Topic HAHAHA

    So Anyways I Would Defo Say That A True Sceptic Cannot Be A Bigot At The Sams Time Errrm Well The Few I Have Spoken To Over Airwaves And Met In Skin.

    But These Just Be My Own Thoughts Made Up Of My Own Experience Of Having Met Happily A Few Who I Like To Think Of As My Friends :)

    smilin cus we re back on site..a few dodgy weeks of worrying what was going on..planners visited on a seperate issue,but didnt want to make us park of it..moved up the track and hid..wierd how half a mile can be so different..not at all as nice ,but were back and seems we re safe...hope all here are well xx

    Thats Great Happy News Rainbomama And Made Me Big Mahoosive Smile To Know You Be Safe Now :And Back On Site :))))

    I hope you're not being suggestive, Ayami? Surely not?

    My O/H's 'shaman stick', as I call it, is an ash staff with encrusted honeysuckle entwined. She sometimes takes it to pagan rituals, and all that jazz.

    It would look pretty good on a chap like myself, dressed as Gandalf, of course... :D

    Wowwwwww I Be Me Little Ducks Ash Staff Is Soooooo Beautiful OldKeith As Your Words Describing It Makes The Ash Staff Sound Very Soooo Beautiful :)

    And I Be Giggling My Head Off At Your Gandalf Words HAHAHAHAHA:)

    Yeah, I can imagine it, looking out of the upstairs flat window down into the communal area at the back as darkness falls:

    "Jeez, is that Danann dancing on the grass down there? WTF is she up to now, like doing some kind of ritual dance?

    Hey, hey, Marian, pick up your shaman stick and we'll get right down there....":)

    HAHAHAHAHA Your Sooooo Funny OldKeith HAHAHAHA ....And I Could Really Pic That And See And Hear That As I Be Reading Your Words HAHAHAHA:)

    Firstly I Would Be Saying That If Your Hippy Or Hippie That No Mattee What Place Or Country You Be It Not Matters Cos Hippy Or Hippies Is Spirit And Heart Not Places Or Country Or Clothes Or Pot Etc Etc Etc As Spirit And Heart Comes From Within Heart Mind Body Spirit And Love For All Things :gpac::dready::cnd::hippylove::hippie::hippy::stoner::flowerpower:

    So The Only Difference I Have Seen From British To USA Is You See More Hippy/Hippies In USA But Thats Mostly Cos USA Is Mahoosive Country And Pot Is More Seen And More Openly Used And More Common Over USA I Think And They Have More True Hippy Gatherings Out There Aimed At Hippys/Hippies Than The Dress Up For A Day Or Weekend Fancy Dress Costume Wannabee Hippys That You See Here In UK ..And You See More "Classic Woodstock Style Hippys/Hippies" "Syle" ... In USA Than UK As Here In UK A Hippy/Hippie Is More About Lifestyle Than Say Hippys/Hippies You Would See In Say Youtube Woodstock Video ...As In USA Not Only Is It Just Lifestyle/Beliefs/Spirit It Is Also About "The Classic Woodstock Hippy/Hippie Look" Meaning "Flowers In Hair ..Long Hair..Body Painted...Clothing "Less Off" Loving All ...Openly Kissing And Making Out Etc Etc HAHAHA .Its Very Wild ..Free And Openess For All Etc Etc Its Sort Of Like Being Time Warped Back To Classic Woodstock" ...HAHAHAHA ...

    Where Be Here In UK Its More Sort Of Reserved And Not As Wild Or Open If That Makes Sense ::)

    And More As Said A Mixture Of Lifestyle And Mixture Of Clothing Styles Etc Etc And Not So Woodstock Vibes Or Woodstock Look HAHAHA

    BUT We Are All The Same And SHARE And HAVE The ONE Thing In Common That There Is NO Difference Between UK And USA And That Is

    The True Hippy/Hippie HEART AND SPIRIT And That Belief Of Love Peace And Happiness And Acceptance And Love Of All Things And All Earth And Nature Etc And The True Saying Off

    "Make Love Not War" Because Hippy/Hippie Is About SPIRIT/HEART/LOVE Etc .

    Because That Is What TRUE HIPPY/HIPPIE Means And Is :):flowerpower::gpac::cnd:

    Wowww Oldkeith ....This Indeedy Be Very Very Scarey And Terrible ....

    Night Dreamzz Like These That Bring So Much Fear And Terror Can Affect Us In Soooo Many Ways And Even Tipple Over Into The Daytime World As Well And Can Both Follow Us Daytimes And Nightime As Well....Sadly They Bring Nothing But Fear For The Dream Walker And Day Walker Too .

    Sadly ..These Terrible Very Dark Dreamzz Feed On Fear Pain Terror Etc Etc And Are Fed And Become Very Powerful On Those Fears And It Is That Feeding And That Fear That Brings Them And Pulls Them Into The Daytime Too As They Follow And Cling On To The Now Both Nightime Dream Walker And Dayrime Walker As Well Sadly And They Consume And Suffocate And Smother The Walker Until Sadly The Walker Becomes Drained Or Energy And Power To Fight These Bad Terrible Powerful Dream Spirits Until The Walker Almost Nearly Sadly Ends Up Like An Empty Husk And Then And Only Then Will These Dark Bad Dream Spirits Fade Away As They Slink And Crawl Back Away Until Sadly They Are Brought Forward And Out Again :(

    So It Be Very Good And Blessings OldKeith That You Be Strong And Wise Enough Naturally Guided And Given Wisdom That You Took A Weapon To Fight These Terrible Darkness Night Dream Spirits Because Once You Did What You Did They Began To Fade Back Into The Nothingness Or There Terrible Darkness ....As That Be How You Have To Be Doing To Fight And Beat Them Before They Consumed You ..

    Yes I Know It Seems Something Out Of Horror Movie What I Speak Off And No Doubt There Be Books Etc That Say That Nightmares/Night Terrors Etc Etc Are Caused By Things In Our Lifes Etc And Ita Oir Emotions Or Hidden Feelings Etc Etc Etc

    But Believe Me Or Not .. But Bad Dark Dream Spirits Are There . They Are Real ...And Dream Walking Etc Etc Is Very Real And Very Powerful And Can Be Very Beautiful But As With All things Both In Life And In spirit There Has To Be "Balance" So Where Theee Be Very Beautiful Happy Dream Walking For The Walker There Is ALSO Very Dark Evil Terrifying Dream Walking Hidden Spirits That Can Come Forward As Well ...

    Just As There Is Many Types Of Dreams Which Most People Walk Normally ..Sometimes But Rarely For Whatever Reason They Can Turn Into Dream Spirit Walking Which Be And Is Very Different From The Normal Everday "Mind Dreams" ...

    And So When I Read This OldKeith To Me It Seemed You Indeed Move From The Everyday Mind Dreamzz Into The World Of "The Dream Spirit Walker" ...

    But I Be Very Happy It All Turned Out Good For You As Your Natural Inner Wisdom Guidance Showed You the Way To Break Free Of That Very Dark Bad Place And What Lays Hidden Within It Being "The Dark Bad Evil Dream Spirits".

    But Like I Be Say OldKeith That Be Your Free Choice As To Believe Or Doubt My Words

    As Main Thing Be That You Beat Them And Broke Away From That Dark Bad Place And You Became Happy Again Once More:)))

    Sorry to hear that.. Shit day.. :(

    . I am out of work from may1st.. the redundancy will help, for a short while, at least i can pay off my CC and bank loan..clean slate, new ventures.. but.. its almost 4 years to the day that i was made redundant from the other shop.. I think i am jinxed.

    Awww I Be So Sorry To See And Hear Your Bad Sad News PixieJanet I Know How Hard And Sad That Can Be ...((((Hugggs)))

    I Hope And Wish You Love And Good Luck In Finding A New Job Soon As You Are A Kind Beautiful Woman Inside And Outside PixieJanet And Im Sure Your Bad News Will Turn Into Hopefully Good News Soon For Both You And Your Daughter xx

    This Is All Soooo Sad And Lots Of He Did She Dids Etc Etc

    But Strangely Enough And What Has NOT Been Mentioned In All Of This Is That ..

    "Even Though This Terrible Chemical Attack Happened In Syria It Is IRAN Who CONTROL That City/Place ....Cos Syria And Much Of The Arab Counties Etc Are In Fact Ruled And Controlled By Different Arab Countries Or Chiefs Etc

    So It Makes Me Think WHY No Mention Of That Iran Ruler Man Has Control Of That City And Not Assad Man ....Its All Sooo Wrong No Matter Who Or What Did That ...And USA And Shockingly Britain Need To Be Very Careful Playing This Deadly Game Or Cat And Mouse Using Misiles ....And All The Lies And Darkness That Surrounds This :(

    Because The Only People Who Suffee Are The Innocent And Nature Hwrself And Earth ...So Very Sad And Sooo Very Wrong...Because No Matter How Many Missiles USA France And UK Fire and Threaten This Country They Will NEVER STOP OR CONTROL

    ASSAD ..RUSSIA..IRAN ETC ETC The Only Thing They Will Bring Is Chaos Death And Destruction And Ths Killing Of Innocent Men Women And Children And Lands Sadly:(

    Wowww All Your Dreamzzz Are Really Coooool ..And Trippy Maxal :D

    I Think Lost In Space New Series "Has Got Lost" ..HAHAHA..

    Sorry But I Be Not Liking It At All ...

    There Be Soooo Many Changes And NOT Good Changes...As They Got Weaker Main Peeps Not Cooler Or Stronger And Most If Not All Are And Have Become Soooo Annoying To Me.

    But I Do Like The Spin Of The Robot .I Love The Way He Was Etc

    ...And To Me The Show Not Got Better As Its Gone On Sadly Its Got Worse :( .....Boo Hoo As I Was Soooo Looking Forward To It :(

    I Flyyyyy Even When I NOT Be Dreaming HAHAHA:)

    I Lovezz Flyyyying Even When Walking In Spirit Dreamzzz ...

    Do You Be Stay The Same Maxal? Or Do You Change/Shapeshift/ Or Birds Eye Looking Out?? ....Yep Pylons Defo A Noooo Nooo Too :)

    You know, we never have interesting neighbours like that....:)


    Omgoshes Could You Imagine Oldkeith The Fun Fun Bouncie Bouncie Super Cool Fun Fun We All Could Get Up To If I Lived Next Door To Both Meez Two Beautiful Little Ducks HAHAHA:D:boing::D:boing::D

    Aloha And Welcome Back Gophangover (((Hugggs)))

    And If Makes You Feel Any Better Not Being Able To Come Across The Pond


    When I FELL IN IT Cleaning It Out !! Hahahaha :boing::insane::boing::D:D hahahaha

    Silly Meez Danann ..I Was Swinging And Giggling Away To My Cool Tunes Playing And Next Thing Oooops Bounced And Then Splashhhh I Fell In hahaha Was Sooooo Funny hahaha:insane::boing::D