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    he he yeah I probably need to work on my subtleness!! We saw Mik Artistic about 5/6 times at Glastonbury a few weeks before and he was absolutely hilarious, I think my boyfriend James (the long haired guy with me) has secretly become his little groupie as he insisted on watching him every night at latitude!! Yeah hopefully I'll be going again next year but the not being able to bring any kind of drinks into the arena puts me off quite a bit!! And yes, we'll definitely make sure we actually meet and say hi next time!

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    I missed Seasick Steve unfortunately. Heard him vaguely from afar though. I think I saw you in the poetry tent on sunday? Was going to say Hi but you were a little too far away for me to make an inconspicuous wave or greeting. Glad you had a great time :D

    ha ha yeah probably, i was in there quite a bit on sunday, watching michael horovitz and the couple of guys before him and then also sun night watching mik artistik and aisle 16! I managed to sneak my way right to the front each time and was probably quite oblivious to anyone else when im listening to poetry ;) maybe ill see you next time though? x

    it was a really really good weekend, although I did lose my phone :( Seasick steve was absolutely awesome! Did anyone else see him?

    my mum always said always spend money on matresses and shoes, if you're not in one, then you're in the other... :)

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    I had friends who lived at Redfield several years ago who said that the community wasn't keen on home education. Is that true?
    I'm hoping to get to the Tribal Vibe gig, so maybe we'll meet? (I'll try and wear my hat, as I look nothing like my profile pic!) :eek: Is that suitable for bringing children at all??

    No, I think they've had lots of people living here that have home educated before, so I don't see that it would be a problem! What is the tribal vibe gig?

    kaiya, you don't have to buy them from ebay, I can just send them to you if you like, the ones ive got at the moment are all above and you can see the picture of the purple wooden ones on the ebay page :)

    I live at redfield community, and yes, stardust is right, finding the right community for you depends on what you're looking for, there are so many out there that are all completely different from the next one. I guess living communally teaches you a lot about yourself and a lot about other people, and sometimes it can be quite hard; I guess you need to be a pretty laid back person, and very 'communally minded', you need to be prepared to work hard etc etc but I have to say, living here is one of the best things I've ever done! I absolutely adore having so many people around all the time and having the space and resources to do stuff I just wouldn't be able to do on my own. :)

    yeah they seem to be quite popular, I may get some more or see if I can get similar ones in different colours. I know I can get plain dark brown or light coloured wooden ones with the sparkly jewels in, but I thought I'd get a variety at first to see which ones are popular!

    I also have other designs... all are £1 + £1 postage for four beads:

    Design 1 7mm long with hole of 4mm

    Design 2 is 22mm long with hole of 4mm

    and Design 3 is 12mm long with a hole of 4.5mm

    he he sorry for being confusing!! I'm not deliberately doing it, I promise!! I do seem to have that knack though! I have 4 sets of 4 beads. (so 16 in total) So the auction is for 4 beads, (not just one) :)

    I've lived on my own before and I just couldn't hack it, I felt completely alone and completely lonely! I've lived with someone im in a relationship with and I've lived with housemates, and I think I much prefer having lots of company around, however, like other people have said, I do like the occasional bit of alone time to pick my nose in private! :reddevil:

    hehe there are some really cool pictures in here! Starpoi, I absolutely adore all your photos, they really are so beautiful! My picture is from last weekend and my daughter had been painting her whole body in paint and she managed to get my feet too!

    saw some pics of your progress on another thread, it's looking good! :D I uploaded some new books on our website the other day, they might be worth a look, the first one is particularly good! I've got a friend in cornwall who's building an earth sheltered house (on the quiet like) and it's starting to look absolutely beautiful. Although the addition of a living roof on any building makes it look quite beautiful!

    *hug* to you, I don't really have any more advice than what other people have said, but im sending you good thoughts :) I know you're more worried about your financial situation, but I just thought that I'd mention that I too used to suffer from really bad depression, however, I went to see a herbalist and she concocted me a prescription up (that tasted bloody awful) but it seemed to heal me and I've felt 100% better since and that was about 18 mths ago! Maybe it's something you could think about when you've got your financial situation a little more stable. But yeah, go and speak to as many people as you can to get advice (i know that's not the easiest thing to do in itself) but it'll make you feel tons better :)

    hey, i was in almost the exact same position as you, I fell pregnant when I was 19 and in my first year of uni, and I completely understand the turmoil you're in right now and how you wish someone else could just make the decision for you! And how everyone seems to have their own opinions of what is the 'right' thing to do etc. I didn't have a clue what to do, my family told me id be ruining my life if I had the baby but every cell in my body yearned to keep it. I knew id probably be monumentally fucking up my life if i kept it, as my family said, its impossible to do a degree and have a babay and support yourself financially. And knowing all this and being the stubborn kind of girl I am, I kept it :) And if im completely and utterly honest with you, yes i have regrets, yes i feel like ive missed out on so much, yes i sometimes wonder what it'd be like if id made a different decision, but my god am i happy now, and i think my decision has taught me so many life lessons that i just couldn't have learnt any other way. My life certainly took a different turn but I feel that it was for all the right reasons. So, there really isnt a 'right' answer, and ive unfortunately never had any experience of herbal abortions, infact id never even heard of them before, but if I can offer you any other kind of support, please pm me!! xxx

    oh wow that really is beautiful, especially with the tree added in! I think it will look awesome however you do it, but I think you're right campertess, if you get it done by the most important people in your life I think it will mean a whole lot more to you too! :hug: congratulations to you for finally getting your dream!!

    have you thought of wwoofing? It's a much cheaper way of travelling the world, and you get to stay in some really nice communities! You basically volunteer at different places in exchange for bed and board!

    hey veganflower, I know exactly how you feel, last year my mum had skin cancer (but that;s all fine now) and in the last three months, my dad has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, my aunt has cancer of the lymph nodes, my sister has heart disease and my mum's first husband (who is like a 2nd dad to me) has bowel cancer. It is really hard for it all to sink in, but as someone else said, cancer isn't the death sentence it used to be, and as important as it is to talk about it and be there for your mum, it's also good to try and be positive about it, (yeah I know how hard that feels at the moment) but don't feel like you're on your own, there's plenty of people here that I expect would be more than happy to be a shoulder for you (myself included) and just make sure you're not trying to deal with it all on your own :hug: