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    I've had a long period of fuel injector pump woes. I hope you get sorted soon. A year ago I sent mine off for a complete service. It came back with a £260 bill [panic] A few months ago my engine died when I was in the middle of the river. I had just enough momentum to swing the tiller hard over to hit the bank, leap off with the centre rope and pin the boat to the bank. Naturally, I was nowhere near a road or a house. The engine turned over, but wouldn't fire. After a few tries the battery was getting tired so I checked the fuel and bled the fuel system to no avail. I was getting fuel at the injectors, but I'd come to the end of my knowledge and it still was't firing. With the help of my engineer friend I narrowed the likelihood of something going wrong to the fuel injection pump again. It was just out of the twelve month warranty when I took the pump back in. I was expecting, and rather hoping they wouldn't charge me, another £260. This time, when the pump came back the repair was free, but they wouldn't say why. Chatting to one of the staff it seems my pump was originally serviced by someone who was on a redundancy notice. Hmm.

    Anyway, the story is still continuing and would have been much shorter had I the confidence to try some of these repairs myself. The engineer and I have both been in other countries over the past few weeks. We managed to fire the engine up, but didn't have time to replace all the fuel return pipework before poor light, rain and trips to far away places stopped play. Maybe one day I shall be able to take my home out for a churn and nothing untoward will happen at all. I have come to the conclusion that I really don't like adventures very much.

    Whatever your problem turns out to be, Sootyfoot, may it soon be sorted.


    We feel for you dude, I'm very surprised you haven't yet got the engine sorted.
    Hopefully it will be done soon, I'd offer my assistance but my lack of mechanical knowledge would probably be more of a hindrance than a help to you.

    Luckily you don't have to move if you don't want to.

    P.S this post isn't selling us the lifestyle.💸🔧💸🔧💸🔧💸🔧but I'm sure it will be worth it once all is well.

    Stay cool

    Mine sound at a similar stage to yours johndoe,and work have never said anything,but they wont be coming out if they did,as purplemist said,knotty hair dont change how i drive a van,lol xx

    Cool, sometimes I love them sometimes I love them less it's interesting watching how they form.

    I was was just waiting for a big flare up about it at work and I was going to give it to them both barrels and with the clout of my Union behind me.

    Fortunately for me I am now at a point in life where I need not worry about employment.

    Take care and stay cool.

    Johndoe...Good for you! :thumbup: What difference does a hairstyle, tattoo, or piercing make to someone's ability to do their job effectively. Give them another year and they will be amazing! :insane: I had mine 'put in' but only roughly as it was by a acquaintance. After that I let them free form which, like you, I prefer. What do you wash them with and do you use conditioner? I agree, definitely no wax as it prevents them from forming! I'm in the last stages of combing mine out and they were waxed by the person doing them and I keep finding big globs of wax - disgusting! I full intend to have them again as soon as these are out... can't wait! :woohoo:
    I've experienced the dirty looks and derogatory remarks and in my good friend's opinion they can simply f**k right off!!! ;)

    Thanks and yes it makes no difference at all especially when the ethos of your work is to promote diversity.

    Another year is easy, I intend to be in it for the long haul. I wash them bi weekly 3 washes bi carb and ACV 1 wash Tgel I know that's not great but can't use Dr bronners as I live in a hard water area.

    I don't condition with the exception of the ACV

    Each to their own on how someone acquires the locks I chose the way I did for personal reasons part of my new life journey and learning patience.

    Take care and stay cool

    I was on the road for perhaps a little over 10 years. Things are not the same as they used to be (a clear case of stating the bleeding obvious) If I was to go walkabout again, and my god I am tempted, I would buy a boat. Yes we spent a fews on our own (or more usually with another couple, probaly with kids) but it was the whole "festival without end" vibe that was the driving force behind being on the road, that and not having any money. Now we are in our early 50's and have our shit together we could afford a narrow boat, and there are little pockets of alternative types afloat (London, Oxford, Nottingham, Hebden Bridge, Toddmorden)

    Indeed, I feel road life in the UK has definitely changed and is nothing like it was in the late 80s 90s rave and festival scene. Not that I know from personal experience, but have read and spoken with folk that have said so.

    TODAY, a place called THE BLUE POOL, nr Wareham Dorset.
    The lake gets it's Turquoise effect from very fine clay in suspension in the water, it diffracts light in different ways, producing a spectrum of colours, sometimes Green , sometimes Turquoise.
    Very peaceful there, nice cup of tea as well. :)

    Maybe an old post, but all I can think of is swimming naked in there, absolutely what I would call a natural high.

    Then I think with that cuppa and your meds you need to spend some time researching and finding out stuff.. solid fuel stoves perhaps not.. but am sure plenty folks put in log burners in their vans etc..

    If you go ahead and make mistakes, you will learn from them.. and I think you will find with anything new like that you will inevitably make plenty.. however, you can sit and think and worry and ponder you will perhaps never realise your dream.. research.. get to know as much as you can.. then take the plunge.. have a contingency plan as back up.. GO FOR IT..

    Life is too short for regrets :)

    Indeed life is to short and have done much research on boats, sometimes I have the habit of over thinking things.

    Just have to be careful in our decision as now have to make the money we have last as long as possible and make retirement at 33 possible.

    Got some more boats to view tomorrow but don't see many 3.5 ton conversions for sale.

    Maybe just a wobbly confused moment as fell more focused now

    Feeling very confused:- sold house and now living with my cool mother in law, but do we buy a boat do we go on the road or land abroad?

    It's all so confusing, my wife and I were most kindly invited to lunch with marshlander top bloke and beautiful home we are now so confused we had planned to buy a narrowboat for many years and still do but as such novices we feel like we are walking in a mine field. We have viewed quite a few boats now some better than others. The last thing we want to do is buy something and end up spending all the money we have left to live on, on repairs and such like.

    Life on the road has an appeal to it to as we can drive abroad if we want to but with only a standard car license limited to 3.5 tons and not sure if anything would be suitable for my wife and I plus a fog and 2 cats, also you never see solid fuel stoves in motor homes.

    Life abroad would be cool but the legality of living on your own land is much easier than in the UK, but still there are many pitfalls to watch out for.

    So much confusion, time for a brew and medication, this has been a pipe dream for years now and we can't afford to mess it up otherwise it would have all been for nothing.


    Mine was only shoulder length when I stopped brushing it, now almost 1year in to free form I'm happy I chose that method.

    Work had no say in it, either let me wear it down or tam it up, had many derogatory remarks and looks from the public and still do,also made professionals at my work look down on me.

    It does look messy and nothing like mature dreads yet but it's well on it's way crazy loops, zigzags, some thick some thin and some in between, all loose curly ends. All I do is wash and separate them after washing.

    The idea of nice neat dreads was appealing to me but I know how much maintenance is needed to keep them like it so I'm just letting them do their own thing. They need to form not be made, my opinion only.

    Don't use wax.

    This is the sort of thing I have been thinking of, can you elaborate more on the visits from the "environment police" please.

    As far as work goes I now class myself as on the verge of retirement yes at 33, but if sometime in the future I require some extra money I can always find some kind of work I'm certainly not a job snob.

    Ideally I'd rather head south mainly due to the warmer climate.

    Don't forget boom fest next year 😋

    I'd just let mine grow and grow,but Mrs doe doesn't like it more than about 2 inches long, my beard that is. Always had facial hair in one form or another from about the age of 15.

    Tried some nice beard oil from dandylions, I worked with Paul who part owns the company with his husband Jonathan. I had to stop using it though, because once I started growing my dreads it just kept conditioning the hair that hung down by my beard. And was hindering dread progress.

    Now I just grow it for as long as I can get away it.

    This is a bit of a stab in the dark but I'm going to try here first. At the moment I'm looking into full time narrow boat living, but the other option would be living on my own plot of land semi rural in Portugal maybe a yurt, roundhouse, static caravan or any other non permanent structure.

    What I'm hoping to find out is, is there anyone else on here that has done this or is doing this now, and would be prepared to share some valuable information with me, or even better willing to let me come and visit, perhaps some help on their land for free lodgings and info.

    I have tried to find out as much as possible about the legality of living on your own land low impact off grid over there and the info is vague too say the least, we don't want to have to deal with all the crap you have to go through over here.

    The idea of communal living isn't something we have been too keen on due too having to attend community meetings and we aren't keen on children being about due to noise, peace and quiet and respect for privacy is of the upmost importance to us.

    Hopefully someone might be able to help us with this, or point us in the right direction.

    Many thanks in advance.

    That's good you found one. Just hope your colleagues aren't spineless once the heat gets turned on. Mine were but I fought on alone and won they were left bitter jealous and out of pocket working an extra shift per month for free. Bloody fools I say. Good luck and fight hard for what's yours.

    Feeling hungry...just got back from (food) shopping...getting busy out there, ppl dashing here and there, a real sense of urgency in the air, pushing , shoving and queue jumping starting to take place, cars tooting in the car parks, ppl with sour faces.......YUP.. Christmas must soon be here. [panic]

    Ah yes the greed and gluttony of Christmas. I hope everyone has ordered their new DFS sofas and cinema sized TV's in time, oh don't forget to spend a couple of hundred quid on extra food that will either be thrown away or sit in the cupboard until it's out of date. P.S don't forget to look at anyone alternative looking like they're a turd on the pavement.

    Fortunately for me I'm not driving at the moment due to medication,so I can avoid all those people that buy brand new cars but forget to have any indicators fitted.

    If I still had the house and didn't need to sell 90 odd percent of my life to fund our new boat or life abroad, I would of gladly paid something for the star wars and war hammer stuff. I'm a bit of a geek with stuff like that very surprised it didn't sell on eBay considering the latest movie has only recently been released. We had some rare pearl jam books/zines on there they didn't go either.

    Good luck on your de cluttering and I hope you get a bit of cash for it all soon.

    Stay cool

    What makes a hippy? It's all about your mindset I think.

    I have had many styles over the years always reverting back to what some might call a crusty, but my thoughts and views on most things have always stayed outside of the norm.

    Do I class myself as a hippy yes I suppose I do.

    But remember just because someone doesn't necessarily look like what may be seen as a hippy, doesn't mean that they aren't a hippy.

    Your very welcome and would be great to meet up again sometime soon,

    I'm sure they will soon we viewed a boat Sunday just gone but she needed blacking certificate just running out and last surveyed ten years ago on the plus side it felt very solid and warm but just not right for us.

    I'm sure we would be up for joining the UKH gatherings but can't access that forum yet as too few on the post count. Also hope to be able to view the swap section on the bazaar forum.

    Take care and stay cool.