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    The conspiracy theorist in me suspects there are people who do know. Having said that, I would like to think that somewhere out there is the archaeological find that would change everything and it would be shared for the greater good but then that could lessen any control that is currently place.

    Not sure about the enslavement but there are definitely many anomalies throughout human history and we are most certainly not told everything and as yet have not found the 'missing link' in archeology for a number of things, publically anyway. Also it would be very arrogant to assume that in a massive universe like ours we are the only life. Equally, theoretical (at present) physics allows for many other options.

    Having been in a war zone the most unlikely things survive when they shouldn't but equally it was the same with 9/11 when they found a passport from the crashed aircraft. Odd.

    May be worth trying cycle cooperatives there are a fair few around the country. They may be able to give you the work space in return for repairs possibly. If you are anywhere near Oxford and it's environs there are a few. Hope this helps.

    I think there is scope for a cycle mag/Sustrans/eco publicity opportunity there myself. Totally recycled cycle and cool to boot! If I had the money id have you build me one. The total original idea by you as far as I know may give you a good starting point if you can get some interest. Would be interested to know how you get on.

    Cool! Rat recumbents, I'd buy one had I the spare money. Have you ever seen rat motorcycles? All mine ended up ratted one way or another. Never thought of doing it to a cycle. Genius in my opinion but limited market I guess. Whole new niche if you ask me.

    I have always wanted a recumbent trike for every day use and touring but the prices are silly. There is a good few cycle cooperatives in the Oxford area maybe they could use your skills and uou could build up private work alongside? Just a thought. I wish you well.

    I like the plan. As a cyclist who has toured I would recommend a cycle set up with front and rear panniers. A backpack will knacker you. Equally a decent good size tent. Don't be tempted by the tiny one man ones. If the weather is bad you will need a space to relax. Good starter touring bike is a Rayleigh Royal. Easy to tow a trailer well packed. Look at CTC website in the touring section.

    Quite right Fried Onion! I suspect this will become the norm, if it isn't already. Then at some point there will be a 'valid' reason to shoot and that will in turn provide an excuse to pass some draconian law preventing protest. It was interesting to read what Johnny Mercer MP Con said about the protesters. He said 'But I would never listen to this crowd. They are not protesting politics, and they are not standing up for the most vulnerable. They are simply on a mission of troublemaking, of vengeful envious messaging, symptomatic of a generation that had something for nothing for so long.' Now whilst there may be a number of people going for the potential punch up I'd like to think that 60,000 plus people just don't rock up for that!

    I agree there, providing protection hss always been there but it is the stupid comments made like we just need the scopes for vision and we won't shoot anyone crap that gets me.

    Just seen a headline on Huffington Post showing an aerial photo of police sniper nest covering an anti austerity march. Is the mask slowly slipping off now I wonder? We are all aware that high ups are protected but very heavy duty way to supervise a protest. How long before we have to register our alternative way of life and not being given basic rights I wonder?

    I read that as well. I worked in the homeless sector for years and the system fails totally for the most part. Again its people running a system with no direct experience and just names on forms. So many extenuating circumstances and if they don't fit stupidly thought out criteria they lose. If only I had the clout and the budget!

    Hi I sm full time carer for Mrs me who has severe mental health problems and I work in the system. It is a bloody nightmare! Depends where you live determines services recieved sadly. Have same issues with emergency care. Let local Mind know, local mental health services and police the problem in case of and I recommend seeing or speaking to their gp. I know the system so can answer questions if you need.

    About time a real person in a politician! I agree with you Julian, keep up the local grass roots stuff. This is the first real chance in a long time to actually make a difference for the long term.

    It is not in the interest of big business to sort a lot of the strife out as there is too much money to be made. Having said that, and travelled the world extensively there are a lot of people who feel the same way about the state of things. The uphill climb is coordinating everyone to work together without slagging each other off over differences of culture, opinions and endless discussions about what colour paper to write on! One thing I am sure of though is that bombing the shit out of people because of their colour, religion and all the other dumb reasons people go to war for isn't the way forward. I think humanity has proved that many times over. If millions stopped shopping at McDonalds and others like them for example the shares would drop markedly. The trick would be trying to get millions not to buy petrol for a week for another example. I appreciate that is unlikely of course but it would take something along those lines multiple times with multiple big businesses. The markets would nosedive very quickly. The odds of being able to achieve that though are slim but not impossible.

    I think generally that these issues become polarised when in fact it is so much more than one issue. Think about it, hundreds of years of conquest for religious causes, political causes, a mixture of both and sometimes just downright bloody nutcase jobs that people inexplicably thought was a good idea at the time! As a result every nation has its borders moved every few hundred years and grudges are kept over time. You've only got to look at the Balkans as a prime example of that one. The odds on coming to any amicable agreement where everyone wins are very unlikely sadly. I do think things could be a crap load fairer however if the right Governments were based in the right places and the religious crazies (no offence intended, but really, dying for your imaginary friend!) were kept out of it somehow but were allowed to pray to anything they wanted to on proviso they didn't shove it down anyone's throat. For example, Podomos, Corbyn and the Greek guy (name escapes me at present) and a few others all in power at the same time in their respective countries and we stand a chance of going some way to sort it out. Too few pew people make so much profit out of war and strife and it happens that a fair few are in power as well. Power is everything to some and you can never have enough in some peoples eyes. Personally I think it's bloody madness. The world economy is run on oil and that part of the world is worth a crap load of money which means those with the power regard human beings that happen to live there an annoyance. When you think over the year that the UK, US and Russia have all used the area as a weapons testing ground under the guise of helping out one side or another. They have even instigated a fair few conflicts and the dumb thing is it is common knowledge and yet we vote these twats in again and again!
    I think for what it is worth that if nothing else, why there are voices out there objecting, selectively purchasing and telling anyone who will listen and not coming across as a looney then there is some hope that some day sense will prevail. In an ideal world I'd have no borders and no countries just human beings sharing the only planet we've got (as far as we know, don't get me started there). These people are desperate, ok there may be a few who look to sneaking in but the bulk have had to make that life or death decision for them and their families in some cases. If all we can do is show a bit of kindness and try to make a point letting the wankers who put them in that position in the place how reprehensible they are, we should. Again, for what its worth, I got stuck in a war zone once, whilst crouching behind a car, the noise and smells are indescribable and time seems to slow down. I noticed this guy with a kid trying to make a run for a building I'd been in a few minutes earlier. He took his chance, he lost. He ran in to a hail of gunfire. But he made that choice in the hope he'd make it and that is what these people are doing. DO they stay and face pretty much certain death or do they make a run for it? What would you do? That man's face I see every day and that's why I think everyone deserves a fair chance and help if it can be given. I'm rambling now but you get my point.

    This is exactly what I have been trying to get at with regards to human beings! Us lot! on a hippy values website, theoretically, at least some of the most free thinking sub cultures there is and look at us! A serious topic and some who have resorted to slagging off other opinion based on scaremongering headlines for the most part. Ramp that up to country level and give them a bit of power and there you have it, my thoughts are better than yours and I have a bigger stick so I win. Granted some of the arguments put forward are rather xenophobic and come from little actual knowledge in my opinion, I was even waiting for someone to suggest doing away with those who have learning disabilities for a while! How about stop slagging each other off and put forward rational knowledge based arguments? Just saying.

    The immediate countries that surround Syria have so far done bugger all in the scale of things when it comes to taking refugees. I suspect that countries like ours are nervous about jumping up and down about publicly is because our economies in a large part rely on the trade of oil and weapons, which incidentally would appear why they get away with so many domestic atrocities with in their own borders.

    But all of those problems you state Alice's Wonderland are an endemic problem in many countries not just ours. Whilst some deal with it better than others. Having worked in with the homeless in the past and now for many years with people with learning disabilities in the NHS and having a sibling with learning disability I am fully aware of the strain that the system is under. If I had a bank roll from mummy and daddy I would gladly spread it about to make the most of it. It is ultimately the age old power game with nations getting the most out of each other for their own needs whilst on one hand being seen to do favours in return for those nations they 'help'. Next week one the biggest arms conventions in the world takes place in London and you can bet your bottom dollar they will sell to anyone who wants them and take payment in future 'kind' if they don't have the cash now leaving the door open for future conflict. I think all people are saying is that it is a human issue and the attitude of 'I'm alright jack' just proves what a bunch of uncaring place society has become in a general sense.

    Let's hope he gets the chance to change things at least and that enough of the Electorate can be bothered to get off their bums and stand for things that matter to everyone and not just the usual cronies who do well no matter what.