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    Omg Rogue Trader that’s sounds horrendous and scary , the thought of being locked in a cellar or and Attic has me quivering ! I was always concerned about my dad knowing if I had been bad mainly because I had such an ace relationship with him and the thought of upsetting him I couldn’t bare that shame , my mum was the disciplinarian but I can never remember her being mentally or physically aggressive towards me or my siblings but we were kept under a strict regime and it was always made and explained very clearly why what ever we had done was unacceptable, I was never made to suffer the ordeal of it being dealt with when my dad got home as mum was more than capable of getting the message across and it was done immediately

    I wonder if medicinal cannabis will carry warnings that it causes drowsiness like some medicinal drugs do or if that side effect will be eliminated in the process , I imagine it will be in a pill to be administered orally and will only contain the medicinal goods ( like Acapulco gold no stems n seeds etc etc) but then is the medicinal bit the bit that also gets you high I’ve not really thought about it enough to wonder about the way it may effect drivers or to research it in any way

    Definitely would give NSW area of Australia a go , one place I visited was Nimbin and it was a proper hippy haven I totally fit in there and I class it as my spiritual home . In the Uk I kinda love Whitby there are enough eccentric people there to keep me happy

    I agree most coppers are ok helpful and doing their jobs and it can’t be easy for them but yesterday’s incident still baffles me but I think he was just some sad git who probly goes home and his wife won’t let him have any pudding until he’s ate his meat , it’s a shame because I’m a fairly law abiding citizen I don’t go out to cause trouble and the last thing I would want to do is cause problems on the road I’m a cautious driver so today when I got in my car I felt quite nervous , I heard an ambulance siren and felt really freaked out ! What he did yesterday was really unhelpful but in time I suppose it will make me giggle as most things do eventually one of those really stupid situations

    Got stopped in my car today , driving along and then some pig put on the sirens , I carried on druiving literally a couple of yards and pulled over he passed me and as he did he stared at me then after he passed I pulled back out to carry on with my journey , he then pulled over and I passed then he followed me again and put his siren indicating I had to stop , so I pulled over ! He then asked me to get out of my car and proceeded to bollock me stating I pulled out on him ! Very weird I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about and still can’t fathom out what I’m meant to have done . It shook me up because I’m not a confident driver at the best of times and I am a very careful driver so I really don’t get what his problem was ! He obviously wasn’t putting the siren on for an emergency or he wouldn’t have had time to stop me so I can only assume he was in a shit mood and wanted to exert his power ! I didn’t argue without him and just let him bollock me I thought he was looking for a fight and he would win I bet . That’s the only time I’ve ever had anything to do with the police and it felt weird and unjustified ! I’m not a trouble maker

    I missed it completely , I’m in Bali and it never got a mention it was like it didn’t exist , I had completely forgotten until I went on social media and it was full of the lovers and the haters . I had been following a guy on there who was trying to get as many people as possible to go down to Westminster to pose as homeless because they were trying to clean up the streets for the event so I’m wondering if his campaign went well . Seen a couple of pics of the queen and Meghan with captions referring to using her seat belt which was amusing . But I’m happy to stay here in Bali where no one gives a fuck for the royals or the wedding

    may be the person who was spiked isn’t on fb and hasn’t read the “fake news ‘“ the person was spiked and may not know or may be taking it further who knows , apparently it is being investigated ! It is a fact that the chef did put a comment alleging spiking a vegan on fb which as a professional chef is bang out of order , it stated in the paper she had resigned but may be she hasn’t she is a co-owner or so the fake news has us believe , basically it’s ethically wrong to spike people

    I got some edible pooh I can’t eat it because it has beef gelatine in it , I got an awful Chinese key ring I swear it’s made out of fur so I gave it a decent burial , I got some ace bear paw gloves ( not Chinese and not real fur ) ,some ace home made pegs

    I read that the party had preordered vegan meals and then someone in the party had ordered pizza with mozerella ( may be that person wasn’t vegan but veggie ) ,the chef was pissed off cos she had made a massive effort to cook vegan and took her secret revenge by using goose fat or something so still not appropriate to cook using goose fat ! I think she has resigned !

    I smudged my house to welcome the new year , my little dogs followed me round the house so I smudged around them as well , I love the smell of white sage and think I should smudge more regularly. I love all the preparation before I smudge , cleaning the house from top to bottom and also having a nice bath washing my hair moisturising etc , everything is cleansed as part of the ceremony , the after affects and the smell of burnt white sage is divine

    As a vegan I was alarmed some one would do that , the chef is meant to be a professional , the action could have been life threatening had the person who ate the meal had an allergy ( there are different reasons people choose to avoid certain food products ) , the chef put a flippant comment on social media and she found her action amusing that the vegan had gone to bed apparently thinking they wee still vegan , the action was disgraceful and the professional should be made accountable !

    Having said all that I disagree with death threats that was awful and I agree should be investigated properly and not by vigilantes !

    Trip advisor had to close down the comments too which actually I found everso slightly amusing, I do check out ratings before I eat somewhere new and obviously based on what she did wouldn’t trust her or eating in her !

    I’m sure she’s really sorry for what she did and hopefully she won’t pull a stunt like that again ( not sure I would trust her ) she may have only learned not to put comments on fb

    i can’t believe that one man has the power to do this I’m gutted and dismayed about it , the decision has completely blown me away and I’m depressed at the thought of it ! I’m a vegan , I love animals , I love people I’m already scared about the future of our planet and now this cunt does this !

    I really don’t get why anyone would want to hunt how they can get pleasure from it is beyound me ! Down right bastards !

    Make him work in the soup kitchen serving the homeless , assuming they have these facilities in Cambridge . He needs to get amongst then and have experience to get to know them better if he is to learn or reflect on his appalling attitude and make positive change ...assuming personality transplants aren't available for Cambridge students