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    Superhero movies, never seen one I have enjoyed other than the Dark Knight, but that was all down to Heath Ledger.

    Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks are my fave Star Wars characters.

    Breaking bad was boring. Never managed to get beyond the first two episodes.

    Hate all “reality” TV, never seen Love Island or that jungle one with and and dec.

    I think many people here seem to be deluded. I trust the Eu way more than I trust a frickken Tory Party to look after the average persons welfare. The Eu for its faults is heavily in favour of worker rights and equality for all. The U.K. was instrumental in creating the EU we see today, pushed hard for increasing members from the old eastern block, and under Blair had a chance to block mass migration from those new states which it didn’t take, unlike every other existing EU state.

    I used to be a remainers, now I am pro Brexit, why? Good fucking riddance to the UK and it’s desire of becomeing the 51st state in all but name, under their supreme leader, Trump, the EU is better shot of them and it knows it.

    No deal Brexit is a given now and with a collapse in the pounds value. Time for you guys to stock up on anything imported while you still can afford to.

    Didnt have lez when we were there. Their business would be hard hit if now in lez. I seriously doubt it is, being in far SW suburb surrounded by water, barges/houseboats, a large new age travellers' site and a wintertime showmen's park up. Their website should have this info. Toby.

    technically you have to pass through a bit of the LEZ to get to it, Zuiderzeeweg, the road on the bridge passing by the camping, plus the little area at the end of it doesn’t seem in the LEZ, yet if you look on the map it looks like you can turn off ZuiderZeeweg to the camping, you cannot, in reality you have to drive into the LEZ, make a turn into The Ijdyk and the camping is a mile into the LEZ down a road that goes no where much.

    Anyway, plus one on reccomending Zeeburg, best camp site in A’dam. Not in the slightest bit posh. Easy ish walk and tram into the city Centre, you also used to be able to park up for free for a few days on the Ijdijk just past the camping, there are a few boat yards and such down there, so it is a quiet road, best is to call the camping to ask about LEZ and enforcement, you really are just skirting the very edge of it on a small road.

    Just realised, the tram into Amsterdam from there goes right past the Tom Tom offices so you can complain to them in person, unlesss they have moved.

    Source, I used to work for them in Amsterdam doing customer support.

    Some of us decided we didn’t like the company we were keeping after the fox thread highlighted some people’s rather unpleasant true natures, it had nothing to do with a vegan fox or vegans in general, that was just a catalyst. Discontent had been boiling up for some time. I know I just want to enjoy life, have a laugh, help and be helped by others.

    This thread seems to exist for one reason only, to stir up more shit, to reignite conflict, increase hatred and malice.

    That it is the third thread with the same intent from the same person since the vegan fox one got deleted.

    Sadly, this site is no longer something I want to be part of if this kind of behaviour is not only tolerated, but encouraged. Not all of us want unnecessary meanness, conflict and bile in our lives.

    I had the live stream of the Goodwood Members Meeting playing most of yesterday,

    It looked proper miserable and freezing cold weather.

    i have 44,596 minutes to use by the end of the month, it's over 31 days worth of non stop calls

    sounds like my Orange plan, I have a 5 Euro a month rolling contract I used for “ shit my car has broken down again” phone, I almost never turn it on, the 5 Euro has rolled over so often that there is 5 years worth of normal calls in credit.

    I never wanted kids, then found out I couldn’t have any in my mid 30s, which made me start to want them. I went through a couple of years when a young child with its mother in tow would make me cry. I felt like I was being forced by biology to miss out on a vital part of womanhood, whatever that means.

    Now I am back to being cool with having no children, I am way past it anyway.

    My brother buys lots of stuff that gets delivered to Halfords, because he drives past one on the way home from work. The Argos is sadly a PITA to park near.

    I have a bunch of addresses too for PayPal eBay deliveries too, in 3 countries, never had a problem constantly entering a different address for each delivery or changing the name as it may have to be signed for on my behalf.

    I stopped smoking last week too, cold turkey, but cigars are way easier to quit than cigs, fucking Macron increased the price a big wad in one hit.

    Gone from 11 Euro for 20 to 16.80 in the space of 3 years, and it is now just too much, just about a tenner was fine. Nearly 20 Euro, nope.

    Oh, pyke, my ex quit smoking a few years back, tried nicotine chewing gum, got utterly addicted to that. Be careful one addiction isn’t replaced with another, and congrats.

    Almost all cars made from 1996 onwards have EFI and cannot be tuned. All you can do is check and change the oils. I would recommend replacing the heater hoses and radiator hoses every 5 years. Also if it has automatic transmission the hoses that go to the radiator.

    If the engine is not using oil and has been run in consider changing to synthetic oil.

    what? EFI cars can be tuned, either with chips, not ebay chips, but proper ones,or better yet, by changing th EFI unit for a tuneable one.

    Don’t forget France also has the Crit’Air scheme, at the moment is is easy enough to avoid, but it is being expanded at quite a rate. Miss a turning and end up in the City Center or blindly follow the sat nav on shortest route, both of which I have done, walloping great fine.

    Angloinfo can be a handy site to use to help you out. They are localised versions in France and spain and can be a good way to get local contacts,find a mechanic,sell a van,get help transporting animals etc.

    There is always a way :thumbup:

    Anglo info went to shit a few years ago sadly, new software that was close to unusable, it used to be good, then people just gave up on it. now the facebook groups seem to have taken over, both for social, and buying and selling.

    My local one is a single not very populous department, there are 150 ads a week now, 900 members, even at its biggest Anglo info was a dozen or two a week.

    Not sure you are a FAcebooker , but all the expat communities have buy and sell pages.

    Find a local one to where the van is and advertise it, or ask someone to fix it.

    I know in my part of France vans like this get snapped up at Uk prices as local vans are expensive and it costs a fortune for people already over to go to the Uk to buy one.

    You can also find pet transporters who will bring your cat back, maybe cheaper than going to collect it. I know I have offered to do this in the past feom France for help with the cost of fuel.

    I Can drive an hour from here towards the coast and find spring a week more advanced and a whole different set of birds we never see round here, 2 hours the other way up into the massif and spring will be still a month away and they will have no small migratory birds yet. That is just east to west and still in SW France.

    Never mind the cote d’azur to Brittany.

    Nature is never neat and tidy, x birds do not arrive at set times across the whole of a country, Especially one as large and diverse as France. Keep in mind I live the same distance from Calais as Newquey is from John o Groats. It takes me 12 hours non stop in one direction along a motorway to get to Calais. 12 hours south from here and I can be in Malaga which is just a few hundred miles from where they winter.

    Like I said, we always reckon the cookoos are the last to arrive and the one we look out for (hoopoes too, but we do not see them here sadly, they avoid human activity) , my dates for them are 22 as the earliest and always before the 1st of April. I don’t make records of when nightingales they arrive as I never expected an armchair expert 1000 miles away to think they knew more than what my eyes see and ears hear over the last 1/4 of a century.

    The nightingales left Africa a month ago, you expect some of them to arrive in the UK in another month, I am somewhere in the middle. I fail to fathom your disbelief at what was just a simple mention of a common bird. I never said they were all here, had settled, were nesting or were pairing up, just had seen one in the feeder. It may have just been passing through after riding the strong southerly winds we have had the last week and had a bite to eat, i Am no expert on small birds, but I do know nightingales at nesting time and do know what they look like.

    Hi Languid Virago. I accept nightingales are much more common in southern Europe so I wouldn't be surprised you would see them a lot. Yet nothing you describe sound like nightingale behaviour to me. You may well be right but I find it difficult to comprehend it.

    I've studied wildlife since a kid + am a semi-professional naturalist leading tours to look at fauna/flora overseas on 3 continents so have seen many nightingales in southern Europe but never seen one breeding in any sort of building. I'm not disbelieving but really surprised.

    well, I guess lived experience trumps studied info for once. My description of their behaviour is their behaviour, I have lived with the feckers for 1/4 of a century, well, the summer months, I am terribly sorry it doesn’t mesh with what you learned from a book and teach people on your tours. But I reckon if you surveyed 100 random French people not one would reckonise your understanding of how nightingales behave. They would all recognise mine, Belligerent, inflexible, love similar style nesting spots to wrens, couple of meters off the ground inside open human buildings or low trees close to human buildings. Not really a garden feeder bird, but one that will happily live close to humans with no fear of them.

    I guess it is time to reasses your “knowledge”, sadly most birds don’t read bird books, so they have no idea how they are supposed to act.

    And yet you go to great lengths to boast about how generous you compared to everyone else are in this thread.

    I have known very few people in my life who would actually give you the shirt off their back if you needed it more, most people have limits to their kindness, 2 of them in fact, neither would consider boasting about it, or for that matter even remembering who they gave something to, because the way they see and interact with the world that is normal behaviour. Oh, and both had nothing to type their boasts on, as both had given away pretty much everything previously.

    I didn't realise that but still unlikely to be a nightingale this early or using feeders.

    we get lots of them in SW France, they are not a rare bird round here in the slightest, so I know what they look like. Evidently they do use a feeder because I saw one using a feeder, a hanging one made out of an old water bottle with a stick pushed through the bottom. They are a PITA because they refuse do nest anywhere else than the exact spot they nested last year, even if it is now indoors due to building work, on beams in barns and outbuildings are their fave spot, they then spend the next 2 months berating you for getting too close. At least the wrens who like similar spots are happy if you move their nests elsewhere out of the way, with a nightingale, not a hope in hell. Tutt, tutt, tutt, is the sound of spring to a builder.

    The last birds in are the cuckoos and hoopoes ( which are rare round here) , which is only 2 weeks time, so quite reasonable to get nightingales at this time of year.

    Herons are about still, someone said they saw some cattle egret the other day, this part of France has a spring a lot earlier than the UK. Earlier than many other parts of SW France.

    There was an unprecedented invasion of hawfinch last autumn with literally many thousands reported. London + the surrounding area has had many records. Near Box Hill, surrey over 300 are still being recorded + close to me at Ruislip Woods there are still maybe up to 30m around. Hoping some may linger to breed but I suspect many will return to the continent.

    You are really lucky having them in your garden. Have you got any photos? Massive bill on them!

    I love the Hawfinches, they are only a small handful so it seems a treat seeing them still, we were sat in the sun watching them today eating donuts and trying hard to ID the odd extra bird that was coming to the feeders, one was a nightingale, but there was another we just couldn’t quite put our finger on. Very very drab, almost but not quite a finch in looks. It just sat on the feeder table scoffing and chucking the seed casing on the floor.

    Not luck though, we are on 60 kilos of mostly sunflower seed and counting for the year.

    I will try and set up the wombled Go Pro 3 Black tomorrow if the weather is good, the iPad camera is useless.

    First of the geese went over yesterday, heading North east, so spring is officially here in my book.

    I saw 40 or so break off the back of one formation and circle down to the lake.

    Hawfinches are getting common in the garden, one handsome Male and 3 females now on the feeder each day.

    I too like the theatre of physical records, that is what I started with buying music with my pocket money, big stack hifi tower, choosing the record, sliding it out of the sleeve, selecting the speed, reading the cover and the lyrics while the record plays, , I moved to cassettes when I started living in a van to save weight and space, then through CDs, hard drives and now on flash memory, physical records isn’t in any way nomad friendly.

    I had a portable hard drive when the laptop was full, a whole 128 gigs and I paid about 300 quid for it, flash memory was expensive then, that got currupted, that but luckily I had backed it all up to my dads desktop on a visit. He was wondering why his memory was full.

    Flash is so cheap now, why not go digital if you are a nomad. I have movies on USB too, they plug into the LCD tv, 2 clicks on the remote, easy peasy and economical on power.

    Instead of just dropping money into their 'hat' , why not stop and have a chat ? I think a lot of homeless people feel rejected by society , ask them about their life and stuff , is there anything you could do to help . They might tell you to go away , but they might not .

    I do, I never ask things though other than “ can I get you anything” though if I am literally about to head into a shop, I will comment about their dog or the weather, or something banal, dropping money into the hat was just an over simplification for effect.

    It is not that I don’t care about the story that led them to this point , just I do not want to hear it in case I start caring too much.

    Or just copy your music and stick it all on a single £4 USB stick, then you can plug it into your car radio, sat nav, iPod, phone, laptop, work computer, make a copy, then you have a spare.

    I had CDs, the whole lot got copied onto my laptop and then sold on just before the price collapsed, Money in my pocket, no heavy junk to carry.

    I Would Help And Give My Last Of Anything To Any Being Or Animal Be That Food Or Money Or Shelter Etc Etc..If They Needed It.

    And Yet, You Haven’T.

    We all like to think we would, walk past a begger on the way to do a weekly shop, and drop a couple of quid into their hat so we can feel good about ourselves. Yet at the same time we know they would have better use for all the shopping money we were going to spend and would appreciate what they could buy with it more than we would, still, at least I dropped a couple of quid into the hat, so I am better than the person in front who didn’t.

    Humans are inherently selfish, we utterly delude ourselves about how kind we actually are.

    The gold finches turned up en masse about a week ago during the cold snap, not just a few odd ones. Luckily they play nice with the other small birds. By en masse, the flock is easily 100 strong.

    They are now eating 2 kilos of sunflower seeds a day. Hopefully they will bugger off to the woods soon, they cost more to feed than I do and the noise in the morning is crazy.

    What about with family members?Friends?Would you help them out no matter what the circumstances were?

    I have a tiny family, I am also a builder who hates money, I built a 4 bed house from scratch for my ex when she was already my ex, fixed up my brothers and mothers house for free. My best friend for years was very bi polar and always in trouble , I gave him my old bus conversion when he was homeless. Money for drug deals when he was short despite serious misgivings, I don’t do drugs. .

    Pragmatic idealist.

    But there are strings, rape, theft or child molestation I would cut all ties regardless. I cannot stand any of them..

    I would spend 10 plus minutes hard effort to save 50p, but I have never not tipped in a restaurant in my life.

    I ignore all organised charities and chuggers, but give money to beggars and buy the Big Issue if one is offered to me. Happy to help individuals but not faceless groups, so I will happily fix something for someone or donate my time to a food bank but not gift food to it.