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    Hey everyone,

    I wasn't sure what forum to put this one on so please forgive me!

    I have two happy sister cats that are both 10 months old that i've had since January. They normally get on so incredibly well and do everything together. Yesterday afternoon one of my cats got attacked and chased by a wild cat that has pounced on her before while they were outside (supervised as we live in an isolated area with big dogs and a main road near by). Unlike last time (she was instantly fine after running back inside) she didn't come out from under the chair for nearly 5 hours and was growling very loudly and hissing whenever our other cat would ago near her, but not me. We've tried a lot to get her to interact nicely with her sister and there have been times where she would sit next to her but even after a night sleep (when I got up they were asleep next to each other) she seems even more skittish despite seeming fine this morning. I've had a good look over her and she doesn't seem to have been hurt or bitten in any way. It just seems to be her sister she has the problem with. She can't be close to her at all without being scared or growling but is fine being picked up by me. This is the complete opposite to her happy lunatic self and very abnormal behaviour from her. I'm not sure what to do because it's also making my other cat sad that she can't be near her sister. Please does anyone have any advice? I'm happy to answer questions if that will help get to the bottom of this.

    Thank you in advance to anyone with any sort of suggestions or help!


    :boing:Hey Everyone:boing:

    If you do either yoga or meditation, how to do fit it into your day and how long for? What time do you find is best? Is it easier to do a light yoga session focusing on stretching rather than fitness? How did you make it a routine? And what are your best or favourite yoga positions?

    I take part in a yoga class every week and at the beginning of the year started doing yoga and meditation everyday, but that has stopped:rolleyes:

    I already train 7 days and week and do one yoga and one ballet class a week so find it difficult to find the energy or time to do a little extra yoga and meditation! So whats your secrets?


    I've had a look around and there don't seem to be many of these post around!

    So what sports/classes do you do weekly? What active hobbies do you have? And why do you do them?:D

    I train 7 days a week as an endurance runner (which includes strength and conditioning i.e. gym work), take one Yoga and one Ballet class a week and have been skiing 14 times[panic]:hippy:

    I run competitively, yoga to help my mind, body and wellbeing, ballet..just because I've always wanted to, and skiing because it's awsome:sunflower

    What about you?


    Hey Everyone☺

    I've been seeing a lot recently about what each New Moon means and how the moon cycles affect you and what it means depending on your start sign? I'm new to it all and don't really understand what it all means and was wondering it anyone could tell me the basics to it all! I'd love to learn more about it and start to follow the moon cycles and learn how it can affects different things🌚

    Sorry for not being very specific! But I am very new to it all, hopefully someone can help me out😄🌘

    Thank you

    Hey Everyone😀

    I'm an athlete and need some ideas and tips! I have been a cross country and athletics runner for 9 years now, I train 7 days a week for running, and take part in a yoga and ballet class once a week aswell💃

    I eat ALOT! But I'm struggling to find ideas for snacks? My favourite is making raw date and cashew bars! And fruit and vegetable smoothies with spirulina, wheat grass, rice protien, boabab powder, hemp seeds and all sorts of other magical foods.

    What I'm looking for is any ideas for quick and easy snacks, meals, raw filling foods, smoothie ideas or quick energy and protien fixes! What do you do to recover from exercising?

    Look forward to any ideas😊


    I'm a university student from London and I am making a Zine on the best subculture (Hippies of course):hippy:

    So would love to hear any stories or experiences from people who lived the true hippy life. Even if it is a friend or relatives story! I would just be great to hear what people have to say about the '60s and '70s:)

    Thank you, Emily:hippy: