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    I've read all the planning correspondence referring to the site for sale.

    Hello again,

    Yep, I'm aware that it has what they call 'single pitch' planning permission. I'm not relying on that site as by the time everything is in place it's bound to be sold. The council, from what I understand, having spoken to a planning officer, would look favourably on projects that would help the Council fulfil their obligation to create nearly 200 traveller pitches in the next 13 years.

    I have also spoken to people at the Big Lottery Fund, who have confirmed that it would be something they would consider funding in part. There is also an organisation I'm in touch with called the Community Land Trust, that will be helping with the initial stages of planning the project.

    Currently I'm neck deep in contacting potential stakeholders (National Trust, South West Lakes Trust, Commons Committees etc) to get an idea of the support behind the project.

    There is a draft constitution (very rough draft) up on the website if anyone wants to have a look and suggest anything that needs changing, adding removing etc.

    Lastly, Has a chat with the project manager over at traveller Space who is keen to help out, even if only as an adviser and sign-posting service.

    Thanks again!

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    May be able to put you in touch with Bristol folk, I'll put out feelers

    Thanks! I appreciate your help in any way. The more people the better!

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    May be able to put you in touch with Bristol folk, I'll put out feelers

    Thanks, Let me know how it goes.

    Thing is arnt some council traveller sites rents circa £120 a week plus council tax! And if your not marrying into the family you are not coming in!

    In a word, yes. As far as I'm aware, the three sites available at the moment are ouccupied by traditional (ethnic) Traveller families who, as you say, don't welcome new travellers.

    Besides that, I believe all the sites are full.

    Cornwall council are aware of the need for a new traveller site.


    Thank you so much for your reply. I will be in touch with further details ASAP.

    In terms of living in the area, it's more important that you are aware of or have experienced the lack of support for van dwellers. The organisations we will be applying for funding from prefer to see people who have first hand experience of the issues, rather than where they live.

    Only end users of the project are geographically limited.

    Of course, if the project takes off we will be looking at expanding further afield but it's early days yet.

    Thanks again!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm hoping that a few people might be interested in the following. If so please get in touch.

    First, a little bit of background. My partner and I have been living in a van for a few years now and as most of you know, life isn't all roses. We are constantly trying to figure out where the next meal is coming from and know several people in the same situation.

    Cornwall Council have recently been told to sort their act out when it comes to the provision of authorised pitches for travellers. So they have pulled their fingers out and are in the process of opening three new 'transit' sites for travellers across the county.

    Unfortunatly, New Travellers (those who chose to addoped a nomadic life), are not going to be accepted on these sites as they will be reserved for travelers belonging to ethnic groups such as Roma and Irish travellers.

    I approched the council about how to get on to a traveller's site only to be told 'no chance'. Further to that, people who do use the site will be expected to pay for the services, and will be liable to pay council tax and rent. Further investigation revealed that no council help can be provided to 'New' Travellers as we are apparently 'intentionally homeless' and the council "cannot be seen to support homelessness"

    An in-depth report about the requirements for travellers has been published which states the need to a site spicifically for new travellers in Cornwall. Dispite this, there are no plans to create such a place.

    So, I am going to make one.

    A brief bit of research shows the need for a dedicated site, funding is available and achieveable, and there is even an authorised traveller site for sale in west Cornwall.

    What I need is a handful of people who would be interested in forming an official (legally constituted) group to make this happen. Including myself, we only really need three people to get the ball rolling.

    If you identify as a 'New Traveller' and are based in Cornwall, please get in touch. I'm also very interested in hearing anyone else's experience of discrimination against van dwellers in the Southwest.

    This project is still in it's very early stages, so further details will be produced in time.

    Thanks everyone!


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    That's well cool! We started our journey the week after you and are headed west towards Cornwall at the moment. Give it a month or so and we will be coming through the Peak District on the way up to Scotland (that's the general plan anyway) A few teething issues this first week but noting serious. Good luck and see you around!