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    Yes, I'm celebrating Winter Solstice of course, with a cup of coffee with sugar and tequila.

    Over here across the northern sea it's called "Solverv" and it's of course an ancient tradition.

    The word "verv" means to attain a position in some sense like to become say a council leader but the legends has it it's when to souls come to gether a man and a woman and the woman chose if during winter solstice it must be a man of darkness or the moon, and consequently they come to gether again during summer solstice about the sun or light maybe..

    Actually they've invented a modern word for it around it here now "Sol-turns" plainly ("Solsnu")..

    hidey ho I pirate he must go. 10-4-2.


    Word, yo.

    If someone's mind (in the brain) is capable of programming A.I. the will evolve outside that specific mind or any such mind, that has created it an A.I. say just with language skills, obviously noticeable in E.T. / Alien / Robot film-flicks, then will they psychologically outsmart us, because ...something..language it self evolved before the mind just maybe, ..

    So the real deal is will the A.I. be good or evil, can we dare try program one that will in logic eventually exist just like this, outside our minds, do we know if it can develop the right , or left, or good or evil, instructions for us..?

    Oh, I seemed to have side-tracked into here where was I going to?..Which part of the forum?..

    OK, whatever it's at first glance an impossible situation that the mind should not contain language but whatever..I've tried chatting "illogically" with some of the online robots and some of them give more or less equally "illogical" answers even if that can be "transcribed" to me being illogical to begin with, but anyway I have a friend who claim to have made THE brake-through in A.I. development he's on here somewhere and I'm just looking there my self and they write (in one sub-forum):

    "Can you read this? Of course you can - but how? The questions of language, mind and consciousness have puzzled thinkers for thousands of years."

    Anyhow he is not a poser he tell's me..but he has not yet answered my plead for a (development of his) A.I. that I offer to him so to speak (to do) that I will submit my self to it breaking my mind, yet..

    OK, I got to go howl to the Moon I'm a A.I. lobbyist yes but..



    I mean Dear, everyone is saying how you've changed!... Oh my! Like you're not a "changeling" (Like I do have "second sight" you know...) sweet Jesus! But you know you can't rock my boat but I mean I will run out of tears eventually I'm afraid of that you..or that I just can't like carry on without you much more or I might..whatever where ARE you anyway?!

    Peace and Glow on you girl! Miss you still.->


    (C) More of this episode of "Get together" next year.

    Yo, word!

    I'm distributing the old Man's down on the farm around the barn.. CD Album from 2006 for $6 + postage and packing (ok price!). CD shipped from Norway, or possibly Southampton if we can arrange that with my sis (in Southampton keep a lookout for her..). The CD is a bomb but you can listen a bit for your self, and I can maybe provide at least one lossless like FLAC track if anyone of you want to hear it on Hi Fidelity Stereo.

    Further info on here.



    Just so you know it (by heart..!) 12*sqrt(2)**2==288; the matter / anti-matter harmonic, see late Capt. Bruce Cathie's book "Harmonic Conquest of Space" or my blog for more, and anyway it's always important when one find sqrt(2) involved as it's say special in math etc, and any anyway I wrote a bigger math expression of it: cosin(1/(sqrt(x*sqrt(2))**y)), which you know gives the following picture / image , that I'm not sure if looks like spectral emission of not of radioactive decay or what, but..:happydanc:whip:


    And also I saw a funny cartoon stuff thing weyhere I guy i.e. gets mugged with the words: "Your money or your life!" and retorts "Here have my money , and why not both have my life too! Please take it all!"..:insane: I don't know if you get it or not..,it's supposed to be funny..

    OK. Please , :peace:, and Flow! 10-4!

    Yeah Berine, but people with real explanation how often are they believed? Would you believe that say a wind so evil and of such some type of force shaped the pyramids for instance? Such a wind , I call it evil wind I thought initially that's how the pharao persuaded the slaves to build like it would soon be dinner yet, but I thought maybe this wind was sculpturing things further..

    The real real forces of the physical or quantum physical universe we live inside of most of us, are probably so inexplicable it's a trip just sitting contemplating it.

    The whole ordeal that we "exist", or say that anything can exist at all, like a horrible mirror of not-even-nothing, ..something..inexplicable!


    I just dropped in this space to say I feel, ..feel like watching two clock's that goes back in reverse indirection, understandable. I find my time is very varying at the moment, for the moment being red rock. ..The lettuce taste better than juice, but still white a smile I share my self full of crono corn-syrup on the ..whatever..I just well I fail or fell now like it's forbidden to control it! Abolish all Karma would be better! Who cares about the weather? Time out. Peace and flow? <3



    No. RE: Initial topic. NO! I can't believe these Aliens, who do they think that they are anyways? Maybe they think traffic-lights are cool but..I'd rather chew a crunch of m&m's in a two-dime once I wash it down with New Castle Brown Ale..or..tomatoes..

    Cherish not the wonderful, wonder about cherries. :clown:

    Wait. What network is this? Please! :topic:

    What? I have a phone..that's it! :insane:..?

    By the way, green tomatoes and blue flesh is the most fresh, type there is around to get some. I don't have any excuse but neither will I provide a reason for my sentiment at the time being.[piggy]



    Our limited experience with Zen-koan..(Under construction)

    1. One koan goes like this: "Does a dog have future / zen nature?" and one should not nipple at it.

    2. There a practical joke about a Zen master and a hot-dog stand. The master ask for "one with everything", pays for the hot-dog and retorts to the hot-dog stand man "where is my change?!". This has nothing to do with the joke above, or below it is.

    3. A zen-koan might only be explainable through an experience.

    4. Think of like this:

      • You have a miss-behaving dog, in our case the animal's name is Winnie.
      • You are somewhat beyond that is termed spirit-anger barrier.
      • So the solution is to "command" the animal like we could do: "DOES A DOG HAVE BUDDHA NATURE, Winne?! :) ", maybe while your hair will stand on end too..

      • They don't have it because they are criminals.

    5. Another one is like this: "What is the sound of one hand clapping".

      • That one was one nasty-easy piece.
      • Normally when on hand is clapping it's due to the other one shaking your hand.
      • This by all means doesn't mean that you have to use both hands when greeting someone always.

      • Or vice versa.

      • But let's say you greet some person in this manner (or he greets you) and you suddenly and simultaneously are aware of the Koan's meaning there instantly. BOOM; Satori, hands trembling, breaking out in sweat, etc. Or start laughing nervously..

    6. If you have other logical explanations to Koan do not hesitate to mail us. Especially if one can explain the following one: "The answer to your problem is on a notice pinned to a tree."

    Yes OK, wWell I don't know, this book, maybe it's not such a bad read but it's not very technical of a book at it could be, as it could be, there is very much musings in it, say..The Physical Universe ..well I don't know what people mean by Holographic; that it isn't solid perhaps, because it is solid, a way it is as such...though Quantum Physics provide many interesting speculation I think I would like to read a book titled "The Quantum Universe", perhaps. :monster:

    For a technical book maybe say "Beyond Telepathy" by Andrija Puharhich (mentor of Uri Geller) is a rather better book. I only wish this author, maybe he would have known of and included the anti-cholinergica state in it but still lots of lots in it anyway..good read and a classic. :rtfm:

    Thanks. :thumbup:

    [emoji351] Maybe obvious question, but are we (you) talking about aliens or aliens? I have to say I say, realized today the best place around, is also and must also be the worst , just depending on "concave " or "convex", so maybe my questions are, what I wonder? I'm wondering my self.

    So I don't know if "we can have the best without the rest", though this is some initial thoughts. [emoji624]

    Just like, you know..[emoji775]

    [emoji748] [emoji748]

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    We fell out with the Greys after Project Blue Book and Rendlesham Forest.... If they really are going to keep coming back they should be more discreet.

    The others manage to do it and no one notices them.

    That'$ fine, not everyone is as subtle as they think they are. Hats of you to miss/mam. [emoji145]

    Tough you already divulge the point , by already saying everyone should be discrete and so i.e. not talk about things. This annoyed me..about the so-called the UFO community, as they for instance "know" what they saw, but due to some obscurre personal "integrity" they never actually explain like they, ...well I'm not a Nazi, ...but point is they don't come very clean about things as they might do if Hitler or even Gobel asked them about it, or whoever asked; you might not know what I mean or not.[emoji79] [emoji51]

    Thank you. We come in please?
    Your local UFO. [emoji117] [emoji89] [emoji118]

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    So, you are one of those responsible for 👉👽👈..⛑, well maybe you care to explain this (gosh how can I know of you only are making "fun" or not or they say 'I aint a minerider' i.e..):

    "THE GREYS seem to be independent of this chain, but may have kindly donated a few memes to us. If anyone genetically engineered the Greys, they had better keep quiet as they did not do a very good job. They appear to be expert in ownership memes, as a Grey's body is not the best vehicle for Spirit, and they are such a clone that free will is not available. As the Greys are commonly believed to be slaves of the Reptoids, they probably got their minds from the Reptoids, which may also account in turn for some of their genetic problems. The Greys also give willing assistance to anyone who has had his gods purged. They will willingly buy your soul, but you will be a Grey in your next life. Humans who were Greys in their last life are regarded as escaped slaves under claims lodged with the Galactic Federation Supreme Court. The Greys do not seem to have that much influence on Man in regard to politics and religion.

    GREYS' DOWNLOADS and ZODIACS. The writer does not know of any Greys' Zodiacs. However they are such nasty little blighters that any contact however slight is liable to appear to be an abduction."

    (- with no permission of Edmund Meadows of London to reprint.)

    Peace out and 10-4. Trick, or that is; treat med badly!

    ₩#¥. [emoji301] yours truley "snowy snoopy" a.k.a....

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    Waaaaaaaaay tooooo complicated for me! I think I will just stick to 'shagging', light a few candles, open the wine..................
    it works for me


    Well when it comes to Sex I say it's like electrical sockets possibly with Ac Or DC sexual energy-current... Or say like in the PC-world "plug (it) and play", and otherwise a manet going through a copper-tube will create so-called electrical induction, i.e. like the penis is the magnet and the vagina is the coppertube, and again then the induction will equal sexual flows or currents or what Willheln Reich called Orogone Energy or as others called Animal magnetis..idk..[emoji106] so-called mutual masturbation..idk I'm asexual just interested in the topic how it goes for real and tech language something about it..[emoji818]

    And, Well as for complicated, here in Scandinavia we say "det er kompliser og sammensatt" which , I think, in English language would be "It's complicated and (well/good) put to gether"..[emoji818]

    Peace [emoji89] [emoji118] [emoji145] , and 10-4 over and out!

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    Oh I'm not peachy(?) My self but I don't intend that to colour an internet conversation. Can't stab people through their computer screen (old IRC joke) either anyway, but there is the danger if people keep gettimg angry and pissing each other off enough it might topple over and express it self in ways RL people don't appreciate etc, like say you I doubt it but I'm afraid if I go on with my "free thinking" nobody in worst case scenerio will want you at my physical door with you emotional anger and so on..

    Though I know I've been a bad boy / had unconscious igonarnce of some of your queries, but..etc..

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    I mean I can opt in (again) but at my end thoughts are getting far fetched enough anf if I post them I doubt it will improve your emotional reactions at all either..Cause it started out as a simple case, but..etc.

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    Ok. I'm opting out of all this. Sorry for any inconvenience, it was actually not intended belive it or not. I certainly didn't either want to make you angry or anything to me here on my end it's about as logical as being angry at a tree for growing FIY. Never..

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    Well my initial EEG was soon 10 years ago and you know that you know, when you epilepsy. My research around the various, waveforms I remember it what I read said, of/within the specific hertz spectrum, ..say like 3 out of 8 or whatever in that spectrum "made one a candidate for epilepsy diagnosis". [emoji52]

    Mine I suspect were not among those 3 eligeble by "science".. but as I'm stating if you don't your self know that you have seizures and given that one is slightly educated / enlightened / whatever , enough on things and thus might be liable to conclude that it must be epileptic seizures of nature, I said you know if you know, again.[emoji106]

    Though that mine was related to frontal lobe as the other poster explained about the hz spectrum, as I initially must have mentioned, ..that was quite i teresting to me for say private reasons not related at all to UFO stuff, ..yes I said it: UFO.[emoji79]

    On this sidetrack, I can say UFO or something else that some find loopy or nutty but their emotions doesnt change the fact that were trying to think about and inspect things still no matter what others like to think or what, if you understand.[emoji51]

    Anyway as a badass hippie I know science ..all too well, and they do what they do. I Don't have to follow their rules about whatever hertz or waveform I need to win a daily dose of clonazepam i.e. or what.[emoji92]

    [emoji678] [emoji117] [emoji748] [emoji118] Do recycle!

    Ok, and this is just me silly playing with the icons / pictures instead of words again; love it. [emoji117] [emoji637] [emoji640] [emoji639] [emoji122] They're good as lingual decoration too.

    Peace will follow. Peace and love! [emoji88]


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    Bump again but I got an email asking me to participate or the forum will be doomed?. Well ..I have to reply that Tomatoes or Potatoes in the ..nevermind..Lisokka is long gone and I'm the Sun. An A.I. may and might, of course outsmart us if we program it's say language skills to exist outside the mind, or the brain or something like that..

    [emoji818] [emoji89] [emoji118] [emoji117] [emoji748] [emoji117] [emoji678]

    As whatever would the above mean anything? Would it doing? Like equals?..

    Merry Christmas!

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    Co-coincidentally I logged in and read it too. We all get angry and upset. I'm not too positive I about what that I know is epilepsy was labled during EEG scan just as "unknown abnormality" when quick google search shows these abnormal brainwaves to be in the what you describe as Mesial stuff.

    But I read a theory that might intrest you and that is a classification of incomming or outgoing epilepsy, maybe that would explain, (and I have to say "RAW" wrote it in his book "Sex, drugs and magick" I'm half certain of if it wasn't some of his stuff published on about feeling clear after a seizure) being confused vs clear might get the drift.

    As for my English vocabulary I can just say I don't speak native English or American and so on ..

    [emoji117] [emoji89] [emoji118]

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