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    Still fuming here.

    Businesses that can stay open are closing or finding new ways to work to reduce risk to employees.

    NHS workers are still refused use of masks unless a patient has symptoms of coronavirus.


    edit: this means that nhs staff are not allowed or permitted to wear masks when breaching the personal space of non symptomatic people. Gps might get away with breaking this enforcement. Hospital staff will not.

    .... I am therefore clueless and consider it a disservice to my profession that elderly (at risk) retired health care workers and clinicians are putting themselves on the line without demanding ppe by contract... Its not heroism IT IS STUPIDITY!

    Hmm id want it to sort out so i could work the long hours again and keep saving for rainy days like these.

    It would get named the commie virus

    bugger got political AGAIN

    Well probably not because those forced to work at risk of exposure are overwhelmingly lower paid workers.

    Get ppe. Distribute it and insist upon its use. Same with hand sanitiser.

    Introduce an immediate goodwill payment to all citizens. Introduce a minimum basic income sufficient to cover rent or mortgage interest and Scrap the 80% furlough thingy. (EDIT: furlough would still be available through business support as already available)

    Enact a change in legislation that taxes essential workers at a higher rate but still compensates well for their risk and exposure on top of the minimum basic income.

    These measures stimulate the free market economy that folk are so concerned about but do offer a small overlap where people might be supported for doing little work.

    Unfortunately Prepper that does make it political but its the best I can come up with on short notice and with the limited discussion and evolution of the thread thus far.

    Sorry but there's way too much negativity from the same mouthpieces on almost every thread. I started a thread to thank those who are risking their safety for us all and did ask for no neg posts. May as well asked for folks to dump on the NHS frontline for what it was worth.

    Time to move on I think, don't need to rub shoulders with sad people. Even met Zen at a Meet and I'd have thought he'd have at least thought twice about dissing my wishes.

    I believe I was the only poster to Diss your wishes as you say.

    Looks like that has been straightened out to me.

    I did anyway have reasonable, self critical comment to add and did commend you on your desire to be thankful.

    It seems that you consider yourself to be beyond and above reasonable critiscim and discussion.

    It sounds like you are sulking and really can't be bothered to reflect on the equally realistically negative content of your own posts.

    Why don't you just post what you want and accept that others will post what they want.

    You've got yourself all twisted up because I post stuff that hurts your feelings.... That's not what a forum is about.

    Not ahead of the curve in any just in time kind of way.

    Depending on your job they can be interpreted as being just behind the curve or a few weeks late.

    Either way your civil liberties have been compromised at the cost of ppe.

    the first post asked for positive comments and i am 100% for this so why not just do that i think we should give a big hand to all the people working at this time so why not just do that but as in all walks of life you are going to get them pricks you know put something on positive or shut the fuck up

    It's OK Convoy.

    You know we all have opinions. You yourself are speaking out.... Its often better to express your emotions and arguments than keep them bottled up.

    I'm the only poster who expressed a degree of thought that deviated from Wulfies intention for the thread so you must be talking to me.

    I did commend Wulfie and would also commend you. There is definitely something very nice and respectful in the intent of the thread and in your post also.

    You can call me a cunt directly.... but I always have an opinion and clearly you have an opinion too.

    Once again I want to emphasise that it is commendable that you want to thank people for their service.... I would though caution that there are always at least two sides to every story.

    My expressed thoughts were not off topic and were applied with reasonable thought, sensitivity and with actual realistic and real-time knowledge of the subject.

    My posts were forked to another thread.

    I invite you to post on that thread so we can have a discussion about why we are both so angry about this thread.

    All the best...

    Nhs workers (and other gvmt employed key workers) as of todays date will continue be denied use of ppe when required to work in close proximity to non symptomatic patients.(asymptomatic does not mean uninfected and the advice given by gvmt to the population at large is to maintain 2 metres distancing).

    Users of public transport will continue to be denied ppe when forced to travel within the Ill informed 2 metre social distance.

    If you are forced or coerced to do any of the above then join a union quicksmart so that you have a chance of being involved in any future lawsuits that might amount to an apology and possibly compensation.

    I'm pleased to say that my nearest and dearest are using their masks on public transport without any extra pressure from me. Done their own assessments of the situation and opted to use ppe in an informed way.

    A consortium that represents British manufacturers says that they could have repurposed to production of ppe at least 10 days ago. Gvmt did not initiate and has been dragging its heels:-

    I still don't quite see it yet fellas....I can't see how it would benefit the Chinese elite to massage the statistics.

    I read the linked articles but visually the insistence of Chinese authorities on ppe in public is on my mind.

    If you have to go out shopping and are lucky enough to have ppe and seriously understand how to create clean barriers then use your ppe.

    Your government is talking shit because it will not provide protection at its cost and is relying on those unfortunates without protection who are compelled to interact to protect uber capitalist cunts.

    2metres distance if lucky, no mask, no gloves, no communication about clean barrier techniques because there is 'no evidence' that these precautions work outside of the healthcare setting!

    There is no evidence because it has not been studied effectively.

    Wulfies vid highlighted a clear link of infection on a bus from 4.5metres distance.

    Demand ppe from your government and learn barrier techniques!

    There is a big difference between the death rate percentage in China and the 5-10% death rate experienced in much of Europe.

    Their mistakes get reported , reputations scrutinised, positions reviewed. (lika... Above)

    Much more true than people generally choose to believe..... They are held to account, penalised and criticised much more frequently than fresh heads choose to acknowledge. Hence, in part, why THEY have such effective critical minds.

    Still no improvement in the frequency of peak time public transport as far as I can tell. The government could fix this.

    Dunno who is responsible for providing essential workers with ppe for these high risk journies but I hope that unions will get involved and represent the case of those forced to travel without effective social distancing.

    I suspect info about the lawful enforcement of social distancing is bunkem and bollox. The police would do well and gain much respect if they challenged the government about public transport herding....

    It's not only about nurses.

    All front line workers have been subjected to disproportionate loss of income and resource cuts since the last financial crisis.

    And now these downtrodden and frequently abused public servants are being further ripped off by the community at large.

    Next year when everyone is inoculated against Covid 19 and the banks have been paid off and landowners saved no one will give a flying fuck about the front line workers who have no choice but to touch people and get intimately close right now.

    Dunno Oldkeith... Although that is the kind of insulting boost in remuneration that would ring true.

    I was informed that as an NHS bank worker under emergency covid 19 legislation I would receive abnormally high (equivalent to two weeks lost earnings) sick pay if required to self isolate (for 14bdays) if I had prebooked 2 weeks worth of shifts. The pre covid19 legislation would amount to ssp at maximum.

    I'm not working at all in my capacity as a registered nurse and I'm not going to be offering myself in sacrifice to covid 19. I'm out of funds and will take on even more debt to avoid working as a hospital nurse where social distancing is impossible and ppe and time is not available in between interactions with patients.

    I note that supermarkets are moving to protect their staff. Aldi has cough screen around its checkouts and all are working to maintain social distancing.

    Cant do that in the NHS and ppe and time to prep is not made available.

    The Job is tough enough in relatively normal times. No thanks!

    EDIT: A little overly assertive of me. I'm delaying as long as I can. Given the insistence on lock down and social distancing and the release of student nurses and prequalified doctors into the hospital environment I anticipate that more hands might make my work more safe...

    Ppe rules should also change in light of enforced social distancing...

    Testing nhs staff for immunity should also improve over the next few weeks

    In the meantime front line workers are being mistreated as an exception to the safety rules and are not being compensated in line with capitalist ideals.

    It was quite moving wasn't it. I almost squeezed out a tear.

    Just need all those clappers that can to conjure up ways to achieve material reward for essential workers.

    I'll pat one on the back at the next possible opportunity and then applaude in their face.:whistle:

    I was genuinely emotionally moved by the nations clap for carers but that just goes to show what a ridiculous sap my emotions make of me.:reddevil:

    As it says, one for our NHS folk from the peep who mops the hospital floor, delivers stuff, the docs, the nurses, carers, the army, scientists, the folks who are still working, prepping food, delivering, shop peeps, the volunteers, dustmen and many many more unsung heros who are doing their bit behind the scenes.

    Please just smack a heart on here, (no negative comments, please save those for the other threads), just a positive thread for those who are risking infection to try and get us through this shitstorm. :peaceman:

    I can't stay quiet Wulfie.

    Im not criticising your intent. Saying a well deserved thankyou to essential workers is commendable.

    Many essential workers would rather be under lock down but are compelled to expose themselves to heightened risk through financial need and are not being further compensated for this increased risk....nor it would seem is adaquete ppe available.

    So for many it is not heroism but a kind of high risk slavery.

    That's not so hard to see is it?

    No need to censor the thread.

    And the 405,000 + that have signed up in answer to a call to help the NHS.

    No force , no draconian enforcemnt measure or cash incentive just people pulling together for the common good.

    It's not all NHS stuff that the volunteers will be covering but yes a whoop, whoop well done peeps is of course in order.

    It's probably not a large enough number to deal with the selfish, miserable expectations of those they will be dealing with without deciding to stay home instead.

    It is though a very positive step in strange times.

    And well done lhdm for making a straightforward post.

    Whoop, whoop!

    Are you OK Prepper?

    I'm concerned.

    Is it normal for you for your opinions and arguments to be so diversly scattered across the political and personal spectrum?

    You appear to be displaying a highly elevated stressful state and have been doing so for many weeks.

    Your posts are very frequently highly contradictory to your previous posts and you seem very, very worried.

    You might need to seek some help with your mental and emotional health mate.

    I'm thinking that primarily you have got yourself all twisted up with guilt because you did not properly self isolate when you were ill.

    It's in the past. You should've done it properly but you didn't.

    You can't change it mate.... Learn from it then move on to the next problem and leave it behind you.

    So this young guy was presumably looking forward to getting this pt job which would pay much more than dole and is now sidelined in his ambition and more importantly in his earning potential in order to protect older, vulnerable people.

    Ive no doubt that bigbear has raised an amazing little human but not compensating this 16yr old appropriately is in line with the usual guff.

    Why should he be penalised more than others will be?

    Im fuming. The UK gvmt is still talking shit and hasn't bothered to admit their fecundity.

    It's not fucking complicated to wire immediate goodwill payments to all citizens and sort out the debacle of this 80% pay for some later.

    They have missed an opportunity to win over the nation and are still acting like their victimising, capitalist murder holds some kind of moral highground.

    Fucking cunts!

    I didn't mean it like that. Didn't mean to bully you.

    You were saying about seeing your darker side and have all but called yourself a cunt whilst beating yourself about this.

    So I'm saying that most people are cunts but many are much, much, much more cuntish than you or I might be so don't beat yourself up so much.

    Hope that makes sense Prepper.

    I reckon the NHS and community care services will be screaming out for care assistants:

    All of you who are able and oh so very concerned now know what to do!

    United about what?

    Prepper. I now have 3 weeks of stored food. Very little variety in my store because people are out for what they can get.... only care about their ilk and will compete with and capitalise upon societies victims:-

    Sociology, sociology, sociology.

    Like most of us you could have a more unified, socialist and communist perspective but you don't. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just because you are a selfish, blackhearted cunt like pretty much everyone else doesn't make you a terrible human.

    The backbone of society will overall take it on the chin like always and continue to be exploited, like always, and you and far bigger cunts than you, can chill, happy in the knowledge that the hoi polloi are back in their place.

    Unity is not represented by the rules of governance that exist. Did you make the rules?

    Give yourself a break. There are much bigger and nastier cunts than you out there!