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    Escape is a pipe dream.

    Seems to me most people in society are too proud and so convinced by their personal enigma that their overwhelming positivity and mental fortitude will bite them in the arse.

    Gotta stay positive to overcome being shat on. Right? 💣🤮

    Powder fire extinguishers can be quite debilitating. More expensive than deep heat or de-icer but probably more forgivable overall.

    Otherwise, yup, all good suggestions in this thread. I have most and keep all in mind except any type of pepper spray.

    I'd prefer a firearm and mace but nanny state don't like it. (crossbows are cheap and effective but can't legally be available for immediate use and realistically you only get one shot)


    Current law (UK) and protections therein would not allow vaccination by needle without the consent of the target🙂

    At the extreme, whereby a person is sectioned for mental health reasons, every potential physical abuse (such as injection and physical restraint) has to be justified as being in the immediate best interests of that particular individual.

    Vaccination - quite obviously- is not necessary treatment that could be justified even if a person were held under section.

    The law (UK) does not allow medication to be used as a substitute for safety measures that could otherwise be met by increasing personnel numbers or adapting/changing/expanding the environment.

    Anyone can be trained to give an injection (its not difficult to do) but having the confidence to tell any powerful fucker that you will not do it and will report them if they do it requires some further degree of knowledge and education.

    This and preppers me, me, me, exit drama are a bit beyond the scope of my sceptical and cynical reasoning skills.

    I do give a shit but the drama, build up and cliffhangers are a bit too much. Life goes on. Life is life. Drama is drama.

    Maybe RT will grace this stage with his presence in the future. Maybe he won't.

    Don't trouble yourself Convoy.

    Crime bodge is an expert who will promote others stories of misjustice at the hands of the police... He will also pursue cases and does charge for some of his services.

    Ash and Joe Public UK are quite antagonistic. Ash was recently arrested and will likely receive compensation after suing for wrongful arrest and imprisonment. Joe public UK was very recently paid out from his first arrest and based on his footage must have other cases ongoing against the police for assault and wrongful arrest and imprisonment.

    Seems to me, based on the footage, that there should be a higher compensation for malicious arrest over simply wrongful arrest and imprisonment.... Anyways Crime bodge reports that the first hour of unlawful imprisonment equals £500 in compensation when pursued.

    I guess if police chiefs are prepared to pay that money in order to persecute, harass and exert authority over individuals who lawfully antagonise unlawful police systems and culture then its all a fair game.

    Think I'll have a crack at compacting my inorganic waste into a plastic bottle.

    As you say (despite folk assigning waste to recycling bins) actual recycling isn't happening at any significant scale. Looks like a sensible use of plastic to me!

    I'd rather have public taps of course and a ban on plastic bottles but what do I know?!

    All my water comes from supermarket bought plastic bottles but you know there is no tap available with a coin fed meter.

    As far as I know the contamination from reusing single use plastic bottles reduces the sperm count in men. A good thing in my opinion but do please correct me.

    Does anyone else watch YouTube vids by auditing Britain, crime bodge, Ash Phillips, Joe public UK and the like.

    In a way the content is really boring but what they are doing is really very interesting.

    Basically they are freedom fighters that expose Police for not applying laws correctly.

    The subtext is that these guys get as much as they can on video and stand to make many thousands of pounds from civil lawsuits against the police.

    I watch a lot of police videos and videos of the police.

    It is fairly common (based upon my viewings) for those that are committing crime to escalate to dramatics.

    The guy died whilst in custody. His self care is forfeited to those restraining his human rights.

    Those custodians had a duty of care and multiple options that might have facilitated the survival of George Floyd.

    It's for a court to decide whether real-time events disallowed positive outcomes.

    Everyone where?

    One can understand the possible need for them in a crowded bus or train or shop, where the air is being recirculated. But even wearing masks is no protection when you are in such an environment for more than a limited period of time, as many people in the medical profession, and many of those in care homes, have sadly found out.

    Masks can give a false sense of security, and this can be fatal.

    Ffp2/n95 mask:-

    Indeed and to the extent that I understand your post... I can only reply with the same advice that I have been spouting for a very long time:-

    An ffp2 mask (which is an enclosed tight fitting duckbill type) is the minimum level required for personal respiratory protection against this virus.

    I have been moaning about it and shouting about it and getting very angry about it. The government do not dispute that an n95/ffp2 mask offers the correct level of protection but has rationed them instead and people have been infected and sometimes died as a result.

    Private companies were ready to repurpose their machinery to produce ppe many, many weeks before the gvmt bothered to act upon its own 'call to industry'.

    Healthcare workers and others whose job requires them to be in close proximity to those who cannot wear the surgical type masks are still not provided with ffp2 masks.

    The Chinese did not have a shortage of ppe including ffp2 masks and for the most part, for cultural reasons I have no explanation for, love wearing masks anyway.

    Infection control principles were known pre-c19. Best practice was known pre-c19. I hope that many individuals with the knowledge and means and strength will prosecute and hopefully persecute the gvmt.

    This debacle and unnecessary death was primarily a central gvmt fail. A failure that ignored basic principles and exposed yet another gvmt as idiotic, pompous, arrogant and self interested murderers who have little interest in life, liberty and justice.

    Nanu, Nanu :(

    So.... it follows that just like Prepper and RT point out the use of these masks reach most effective population protection when used by everyone.

    They are used to improve protection for others not for oneself.

    As losingbaggage points out they are hot and uncomfortable to use.

    Ffp2 would be the minimum recommended if the purpose of the mask was to protect the wearer: health workers in this context.

    You seem to forget that doctors and nurses are wearing masks to protect themselves while they work on you who presumably have some complaint or disease, or you wouldn't be in there. They are not wearing a mask to protect you from them, at least, I certainly hope not....:reddevil:

    The blue type masks that hook over the ears are conventionally used to reduce contaminants from the wearer.

    Those masks are indeed primarily worn by Dr's and nurses to increase protection for the patient.

    Totally in the dust.

    Don't blame yourself. 🤗

    It's my fault.... Its always my fault... Im just too blinkin contraversial goddamit😉⚠️

    ...... We are all doomed. I guess that some folk simply have a very strong dislike for discussing such and a particular dislike in hearing it from me!

    Don't blame yourself. It is and has always been my fault😊

    Machine logic misapplied in this way is an abstract concept. Worse still: it is a falsehood.

    Even machine logic has to factor in the decay of its constituting parts. If not then the logic is illogical.

    There is no reason to believe that extrapolated machine logic has any meaning.

    If the machine were truly intelligent then I'd probably arrive at a different conclusion.

    I said that to a woman in a posh house. She was not happy when I proceeded to take a cold beer out of her fridge and began to drink it. I told her it’s my party trick! Shocked she asked “what is the trick”? I told her I could turn the beer into piss before her husband could. Police didn’t side with my argument that “all property is theft” or my lame excuse that they are only guardians of the said property. The courts were in favour of the plaintive and fined me £260 for theft of the beer and 80 hours community service for breaking and entering.

    What has any of that got to do with the principles of right to roam?

    The right to roam principle works under the auspices that all other elements of laws preventing nuisance behaviour remain enforceable.

    Speak for yourself... Im not unfit to rule.

    pure logic in this context does still require a basis of assumptions. Does it not?

    Ie... Purest logic might not apply benevelonce to to assets gained through violence and oppression....

    Pure logic might recognise the finite nature of earth and the humans who inhabit it and apply a more transient sense of shared ownership rights.

    Excellent and testing statement oldKeith.

    Keep up the good work...

    I'd like some more definition of the terms used.


    Current pretences toward the claim that AI is meaningful remain unfounded. AI is not of maturity and doesn't function outside of limited equations yet.


    The same might be said of humans, or at least some of us humans🤔.

    Cant say I care if ai expunges me from existence. I would prefer a quick and painless end though if any super AI is reading this🙂.

    I imagine many do care but I'd question why they have committed themselves to having to do so😢⚠️

    About 2 months ago I read a article from a university in the US. They researched effectiveness of face masks Vs No face mask on vapour/droplets expelled through the air. In particular the distance travelled and droplet size. Research found the masks were quite ineffective.

    I’ve tried to locate the article a few times before to post on here.

    Regarding paper envelopes, would”t seepage of moisture potentially breach the paper envelope barrier? Exposing other people as well via contact contamination. Otherwise we could make/use simple Disposable paper face coverings.
    The advice was to fold the face mask inside out to trap any external contamination. This would only be to protect the wearer from External virus potential.

    Are we going to split hairs here.

    I absolutely would not recommend the use of a face covering, shield or surgical mask in defence of a virus.

    The absolute minimum protection should be an ffp2 or n95 rated mask.

    If you build up a nice bit of spit or phlegm in your mouth and attempt to spit it through a face covering, shield or surgical mask you will see the effectiveness for yourself..... Similarly if you sneeze.... Also you could ask someone to shoot a water pistol at what you are wearing... Again you would see the effectiveness.

    Disposable masks are not intended to be reused because they do not react well with cleaning mediums.

    I am putting my underused, disposable masks in a paper envelope for a week and then reusing.

    In my particular situation no one else is exposed to the envelope or the environment in which they are kept.

    Ffp2 is the minimum requirement for protection against this virus. What the government says and provides is quite another thing!

    Edit: I apologise for my tone. Your post did not deserve such attitude....

    I remain very fucking angry that known infection control principles were ignored and continue to be ignored in the name of profiteering.

    I make a point of putting my face mask inside a ziplock plastic bag when not in use. Lyndsey made us all a cloth face mask at the beginning of time! It has a internal pocket which can receive the disposable type masks inside it. Should we get the outside of the cloth mask contaminated. Simply throw it in the washing machine or hand wash with a little bleach if your pikey. I like the idea of those laser printed personalised face masks. But there is lots of choice and designs.…ps/laser-cut-face-shields…cle/pii/S0901502720301235

    My best guess re paper envelope over plastic zip lock is that the envelope would leach more moisture from the used mask.

    Face coverings, face shields and the flat disposable masks do little more than reduce the amount of the wearers secretions that reach common/shared air space.

    To put it colloquially.... A'int no one escaped yet!

    There is no escape (if there was I would be living it) and don't let anyone delude you into thinking otherwise!

    You could though sell your house and travel round the world looking for escape and quite possibly have a good time doing so.

    A buff thingy would nicely cover a sanitory pad taped to the face.

    I've got the pads so just need the buff.

    This is probably obvious to everyone by now (it wasn't obvious to me):-

    If your disposable mask has not been over used then seal it in an envelope and reuse some days or weeks later.

    I was thinking of something like Ring maybe, world be useful to speak to the dog or any would be intruder. Then I read that Ring is part of Amazon and is adding info about users. So I won't be getting that particular system.

    I've been looking a bit more at some of what is available.

    It does appear that a 4 camera infrared system (that optionally loop records to an sd card) and is relatively low power can be cobbled together using new equipment and including a 7inch screen for less than £120 exc sd card.

    The devil is bound to be in the detail though. (some potential issues are the bulkiness of the camera housing and a mere 120 degree field of view [proper infrared though with a decent range of infrared illumination])

    Re ring system:I've not looked up an internal camera that would notify and have real time audio/video streaming yet.... I think there are small self contained (WiFi enabled and loop recording to sd card) 'spy' cameras that will do this. Not sure about audio though.... Would require an external battery pack for longer absences and the patchy hope that one has coverage for the 'mobile WiFi modem'.

    part 3 of the whistleblower nurse is interesting. She tried to stop a junkie being tubed (ventilated) soon as she went off ward. They rushed to vent this junkie. Over night he woke up. Luckily for him. The sedation drugs that the hospital administer to keep vented patients still/quiet/complacent as well as (tying them to the bed) is to heavily sedate them with drugs like Fentanyl etc. This junkies tolerance was high, So when he woke up, he pulled the vent tube out himself and saved his own life. Worth watching.

    I for one really appreciate the links to this story (I hope its real). Doubt I would have come across this inside view without these posts.

    This nurse presents and represents extremely well.

    I can only point out differences between USA and UK differences between consent to treatment, physical restraint and assessment of what constitutes "best interest" intervention. I'll do that if asked.

    Interesting story that appears to probe the financial limits of state sponsored healthcare in the USA.

    I can't imagine that any of those covered by this pay rise will be particularly pleased.

    I can't be arsed to look up RPI figures but we all know the now familiar narrative of cpi versus RPI....

    State pensions still rise by RPI or 2% (edit: 2.5%) do they not?

    Gvmt says they acted on the recommendations of the pay review bodies/commissions.

    The recommendations will mostly reflect inflation stats and the state of the economy prior to covid19.

    Nurse and teacher salaries kind of compete. The 3 year nhs pay deal (that has now ended) uplifted the pay of novice registered nurses and unregistered staff quite significantly.

    Following this 3% rise for teachers nursing unions will be looking to achieve an equal rise for April 2021.

    (2nd edit: as of today [Inc the teacher pay rise] the starting salary of a teacher is apx £200 less than that of a novice registered nurse)

    3rd edit: it is of tantamount importance to many of society's actors and influencers that teachers are paid more than registered nurses.

    I don't agree but nor would I want to be a school teacher.