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    What a load of bollocks.

    You know how you said you are a bit thick sometimes. (we all are.... You are not alone)...

    Your reaction here was probably one of those moments. Probably more dense and emotional rather than thick.

    It's worth reflecting on if you want to develop empathy.

    anything that can be sorted out (without paying garage prices) ?

    One thing I’ve learned, not all mechanical repairs require a apprenticeship of experience, or a garage full of tools and a 4 post lift. Some of these mechanics might come across as magicians, but behave more like charlatans.
    Even sourcing parts yourself can be an eye opener. Google and YouTube have become my go to classroom, as it allows me to remain remote, while being independent and skint.

    I got a quote to supply 2 x flexi brake hoses and have them fitted at my regular mot garage. Supply flexi brake hoses = £79.00 each. I only needed the one hose replacing to get me going, I bought a Brand new (old stock) genuine County flexi hose off a Transit County enthusiast for £20 posted.
    Garage wanted £350 for the work, supply and fit hoses. I bought 5 litre of brake fluid for £23 delivered, enough brake fluid to practice bleeding the brake system about 10 times over or do 5 vehicles. Total bill for my DIY repair £43. I had meths and half can of brake cleaner (picked up at carboot) for about 50p each.

    Since I didn’t have a job to go to, it pays me to do the work. :)

    This year I’ve fixed Propshaft bearing,, viscous fan clutch, and front brake flexi pipe, all prep work for MOT and still had change out of £100 for fish/chip supper and a piss up. :thumbup:And I’m no mechanic or even mechanically minded.

    Despite being a 48 (edit:I'm 47 but wishing myself into the grave subconsciously) year old crank I came to vehicle ownership only recently and before coming across the DIY encouragement on this website (you all know who you are and thanks again) did some failed repairs on my first vehicle.

    I try to have a crack at fixes that I can visualise after watching YouTube vids and reading advice available on line and here.

    The garage I use is rare in my area in dealing with lwb, high roof, 3.5 ton vehicles. The rates are competitive and usually they will fit in an assessment of problems without charge. They will also use parts that I supply if I can find the parts cheaper.

    Edit: I've supplied new parts for a couple of jobs (brake fluid hose under engine and the bits that support the fwd wheel bearing [I went with the expensive bearing though] ) and achieved savings of apx £300 in total.

    For gearbox they could not compete.

    I can slap some tape on things and repair failed door mechanisms sometimes but if I can't visualise the problem and mechanism and fix it Roadside (literally) then I'm stuffed.

    When my last van was no longer economically viable for me I had the very good fortune to be on an old school (understanding) campsite that allowed me to have two vans on site whilst insulating and swapping out gear.

    Sometimes I get lucky.

    It's probably a standard size from a standard manufacturer. If not you might have to saw the hole to make it larger.

    Google is your friend.

    You should find something with similar dimensions that will fit but the only failsafe way is to remove (or partially remove the inner fixing if possible) the skylight and measure the part that passes through the roof.

    mines been locked up but nephew been shunting up an down farm track couple of times a week bless him mot run out 18th June so will have to get that sorted

    6 month moritorium for some mots due to covid19. .. I hope so anyway because mine has otherwise expired😕👍

    Been living in mine full time as usual and as usual it's devoloping expensive to fix problems.

    I reckon that taking 'the middle way/path' is the most succinct and easiest remembered aspiration for ultimate wisdom and peace amongst humans ever written.

    There are not words enough in any language to qualify the perfection of the middle way and yet I and everyone will waffle on and piffle around the wisest and most profound words ever written because we cannot ever show the middle way to others despite trying to live it.

    Buddhism promotes the ' middle way/path'. Kudos.

    You are in charge of this specific experiment because it is your thread.

    This thread is a simulation of sorts. (ad infinitum).

    If you like your life (simulation or not) it does not matter.

    So why (if you like your life) trouble yourself with the conundrum?

    Blokes question each other about this 'liking' of life:-

    The standard question reads: 'are you trying to convince yourself or me?'

    (I don't like my life [but it could be a lot worse] . When I explore alternatives I meet barriers that I did not erect. [not alone nor special nor precious])

    Like I already said I am sincerely open to all ideas/ thought experiments with regard to ETs.

    It does not matter what any person or persons think about this subject which is part of the beauty of the topic.

    I'd not be overly perturbed by any extra terrestrial entity that had power and intelligence enough to enslave the whole of humankind equally..... Some of humankind would deserve it and most are already accustomed to such treatment.

    But it matters not what I think.

    Beautiful topic.

    I preferred when the term "alien" was in use. Much more metaphorical and easily applied to the fecundity of being abjectly disgusted by humankinds existence.

    I'm open to the idea that ETs are living on this planet. Equally though open to the idea that we might exist as the most intelligent form of life in the cosmos. The latter makes me want to say "God help us" yet I believe I am atheist.

    Good old 'Aliens' were/are much easier to discuss. 😉😊

    Not tried that snack but it looks satisfying and like something that would suit my crunchy, savoury cravings.

    I make do with homemade popcorn or store-bought crisps and, when available at a good price, deep fried pork rinds (not crackling or scratchings).

    Deep fried locusts look good/better.

    It's a continuation of the more radical left from the past, but instead of focusing on equality, they focus more on race and gender in terms of continuing oppression.

    So, by using 'intersectional' theory, they will assign privilege according to characteristics -- therefore, all white men are 'privileged', and part of white supremacy and have no voice in any argument because of their immutable characteristics -- unless of course you're an ally, which usually means you have humbly accepted your inherited privilege (regardless of whether you're piss poor, homeless or whatever), and so on.

    It's not that the theory is always incorrect, it's more that it falls short and fails to take individuality into account, and is used to make accusations towards (and silence) people who would otherwise be on the same side -- such as JK Rowling in her recent gender argument.

    Intersectional theory appears to encourage all people's who feel discriminated against to consider all and wide ranging forces that might contribute to felt discrimination and attempt to acknowledge those forces in a logical fashion.

    Importantly it seeks to expand terms of reference by discouraging the idea that discrimination manifests from a single position or prejudice.

    This appears to contradict the meaning that you given.


    That wasn't what I gleened from previously reading around 'intersectional theory' and 'identity politics ideology' but I will now have another look.

    My reading so far finds little difference between social justice and intersectionalism and identity politics but I'll have another more critical read of what I can find.

    There's a dangerous trend on social media, where it's been taken over by the new 'hashtag' loving woke brigade -- and people who've been on the side of social justice for decades are now thrown under the bus for not buying the identity politics ideology.

    I just don't know what to do about it.

    I don't know what this means.

    I don't do social media and genuinely don't understand hashtag.

    I also don't know what 'identity politics ideology" means in the above context.

    I would think that "woke" is fairly self explanatory shorthand but maybe Im wrong about that.

    I really, genuinely and absolutely don't understand what is meant above Paul.

    But you know and all should know to pay no mind to my thoughtful (or should that read "thoughtless") simplicity.

    As you were folks.

    Dont be shy.

    .... Not gonna happen is it? .. Pretty much everyone is judgmental and sorrowful and confused by what they find when practicing introspection.....with very good reason too.

    I think a lecture with a bit of guilt thrown in was often it for me. There were very occasional slaps and shouting. I don't think I was ever grounded. If I was sent to my room (I don't think I was) it certainly didn't last long.

    I think my siblings and I were disciplined in slightly different ways. I believe/hope this was due to different personalities/temperaments and not any favouritism.

    My best mate at the time could sometimes choose between being grounded or spanked with a pump. (corporal punishment was still practised in Welsh schools where I lived at that time)

    I'm about as OK as I'm ever likely to be. Thanks for asking. You seem OK and in your right mind to me.

    So, from my point of view, the words that you have used and the meaning attached by joining those words into paragraphs do incite bullying on both a small and large scale:-

    Those meanings lay within the enforceable boundaries of the powerful and you have chosen to express them.

    I'd love to change your mind.

    Surely you have more examples to share than the beer and pot noodles one. Something more substantial must be evident to underpin your assertions and assumptions.... Surely?

    Does bad, easy, convenience food taste good to you?... I find that some of it appeals to my palate but usually not the cheap food.... You missed out the word 'cheap' or in new wave parlance "affordable".

    Soz for singling you out but you are expressing opinions held by very many people who are similarly contrite and don't care to walk in the shoes of others.

    Do you even attempt to imagine yourself living the life of those that your words and accompanying actions might victimise?

    Again. You are representing unthoughtful opinions held by the many...

    Your expression is useful to me and its just possible that you and I might learn and teach a thing or two by continuing this thread.

    This is offensive in so many ways. Are you being innocently and naively offensive or is it intentional?

    Some parents will providr more veg than others. Some kids will tolerate (eat) more variety of veg than other kids.

    Is your assumption that all parents whose kids qualify for free meals are incapable?... Why is it any of your business anyway?

    Should society dictate that benefit recipients can only buy healthy produce when the financially indepent can and do buy any old shit they like?

    Its an educative process. If you force it too much it breaks people.... Broken parents struggle to parent.

    Yup. Its a bummer.

    Humour takes many forms. Self critique is usually more funny than trying to ridicule the opinions of others and often subverts attempts at ridicule.

    Living, learning, loving, hating and reflecting on one's own hippocrasy can all be humorous.

    Sigh. Again.

    Moving on. I had free school meals throughout my schooling and don't recall being hassled about it by other kids.

    Spunk and then deny financial culpability for the resultant offspring was my father's philosophy.

    He bitched about paying taxes for the whole of his miserable (well above average income) life but got a kick out of his kids being benefit supported.

    Reading this thread is only marginally more challenging than reading the daily mail newspaper.

    Just don't have kids and definitely spread the word that having kids is a very bad idea.

    Once born those kids (many of whom would rather not have been forced into existence) deserve every chance. Nutrition is fundamental to development.



    It might be helpful and possibly even increase understanding if you share some examples of how your personal choices align with this viewpoint.

    I, for one, can certainly find agreement with some of your sentences if I have correctly inferred meaning.

    I do struggle though to believe that you would be in good shape stepping out into a world that did not ever offer charity and/or goodwill to strangers.

    It's fascinating to see reformed racists such as Jim Davidson who basically made all of his material comfort out of vomiting hatred from his mouth moving to repent...

    Is he scared of something?

    The more important question though is:

    Should he be scared of something?...

    All lives matter.

    It's not rocket science. Some people get it and some don't.

    I've seen online videos of both blm and counter protesters standing in front of destructive group members and appealing for calm:-

    All people who care to look can see for themselves that there are a majority of peaceful individuals involved on all sides (including the police).

    British police are complaining to their bosses, US rank and file are resigning and in the Atlanta assassination of a fleeing dui suspect the top cop resigned because he knew he could not defend the actions of the cop who exercised extremely poor judgement (yet to be convicted of murder) in shooting dead a fleeing man armed only with a taser.

    The media description of counter protesters as wholly far right is also innacurate. Like I said: video footage shows groups from all sides appealing for the minority violators to be calm and even standing in front of police lines to do so.

    Washing up liquid and the very tiniest dash of bleach maybe?

    Depends on your skin type. I tried it and it was OK but too much faff for me.

    I can recommend sainsburys own (lightly scented) baby wipes and home bargains "towel size body wipes" when available.

    Both are fairly juicy but do leave a bit of an aftersmell and are of course non environmentally friendly.

    Keeps the smell down lowish and feels quite refreshing if you aren't used to being shower fresh....

    I go with some of the under eye roller balls and eye area moisturisers for a bit more of an awake feeling.

    Best of luck.

    Bleach and w/up liquid is worth a punt if your skin can take it.

    Pay and conditions would be more inline with the actual costs of living.

    (sometimes I don't know how to take myself either. Im a challenging yet sensitive individual and I fully empathise with any confusion and frustration caused)

    Let's not forget that truest communism is a quite pure ideology that has been implemented terribly.

    As a philosophical and ideological solution to the woes and inequalities of humankind it holds promise.

    What it does not do, philosophically, is peacefully satisfy the selfish and exploitative tendancies of those who can get away with being cunts.