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    Probably time to give up Paul.

    The other site is a bit more active and probably meets the needs of most of us who hang on to the forum model.

    It's a bummer and all that but it does seem that even subscribers to this site have mostly migrated away.

    All the best

    I mulled it over and my list is long and circles are ever depreciating (or perhaps decreasing. Or both and more.... or maybe less:/)

    ... So taking this question far more seriously than its intent and acknowledging the limitations of my intellect:-

    I can't live without some (tidbits of) Buddhist philosophy:shock:

    I would rather have a cup of tea... but I'm afflicted with worry about the tea pickers and the subsidisation of land hoggers who produce sugar beet and milk:shock:

    Joni Mitchell expressed the lament and melancholy very well.

    I'm not much of a trekker myself and am indeed part of the problem when I go to visit beautiful places (as we all are).

    West Gower sticks with me because other than the few existing buildings, pub and single car park and the Holiday park and campsites😉 there is no open or unprotected landscape that can be further developed.

    I'm not into exploring anymore. I've seen some awe inspiring and beautiful landscapes at great expense but western Gower topped it for me.

    If I have time and energy and need a fix that's where I will go.... Dunroamin and all that.

    Western side of the Gower peninsula for me.

    It's possible to walk through low cloud atop a sheep shorn bouldery hillock ( that feels mountainous because it dips all the way down to a long flat beach) then walk a narrow boardwalk amongst dunes and dune grass with views onto interesting coves and rock formations and then somewhat terrifyingly shuffle crawl or fall off a mid cliff narrow shelf of a footpath and then walk up what has the effect of being an old tributary or glacial crevice with rocks strewn from field to sand...

    It's possible to walk all of that in a day for proper ramblers. It's a two or three day walking affair for me.

    It's Jurassic in a very miniature and accessible way and is my favourite place.

    As usual there is no examination of the incomers, small holders and property owners who have greatly benefitted from decades of incidental profiteering at the hands of politicians who know the crass value of treating residential property as a machine for investment and exploitation.

    Interesting article though.

    I like the word umami. I like its sound and the mouthfeel of its pronunciation. I also like its meaning and the sense of discovery that surrounds it.

    Umami was previously like the undiscoverable dark matter of taste sensations. Now it has a name and a description and a list of ingredients that impart its properties.

    I like it!

    "egg" and "sugar" are both cringe worthy words. I dislike their mouthfeel and pronunciation and also their meaning.

    BJ says the UK will not enforce a physical trade border between Eire and Northern Ireland.... This is ingenious in its simplicity and very comical and will cause many scratched heads to bleed which is comical in this context.

    Trump still can't be bothered to get off his arse and lay bricks for his hilarious wall.

    I don't even like footwear and overall resent feeling/knowing that I have to use it.

    Easier to repair footwear than feet generally speaking I guess.

    I checked over my clarks wide fit work shoes and waterproofed boots after posting: both are separating from the edging welt because of my fat feet.

    I've glued them with uhu max repair but I'm miffed at the split and repair because from new both pairs felt wide enough.... The uppers have plenty of wear time left. The soles and upper to sole joints not so much.

    Boris and Trump should do a weekly TV slot together. Who needs spitting image when such naturally entertaining buffoons hold power?

    Whatever happens at the behest of this PM certainly won't lack comedic value.


    Even the easterly breeze is/was hot. Nice enough on the beach (after 6pm),with choppy waves and lightning and sand whipping winds but having left van rooflights wide open with rooflight fan switched on I felt the need to vacate when the rain started.

    It's sodding hot in here (even with all fans running and all four rooflights open).

    Ice on my head helps a lot.


    The Times is reporting that Gibraltar revised its policy/law on suspicious cargo specifically to ensure that the GRACE1 was more lawfully apprehended.

    Yet the UK is now pretending innocence and a desire for de-escalation.

    This smells like CIA and MI6 shenanigans.

    The UK is now trying to suck EU partners into the Gulf ready to become unilaterally offended by Iran.

    .... And yet every single nato nation claims to be opposed to war with Iran.

    All of those combined gulf states v Iran are militarily and geographically and ideologically disadvantaged in what should be called the Iranian gulf (Persian Gulf).

    Iran has the advantage of borderline psychopathic/suicidal troops and many, many small boats and mini subs that are sufficiently armed to cause loss of life.

    Iran has already won the psychological warfare battle in the Persian gulf and the navy's of other gulf nations are collectively lacking the psycho/sucidal/number of boats advantages held by Iran.

    There's a whole alternative Persian Liberal government exiled but thriving in new build city sized headquarters holed up in ? Albania?.... They are Ready and well funded to take over governance of Iran.

    Iran might well and does look to be facing off against (and or inspite of) that bluff and bluster though RT.

    If the implied threat of ever expanding UK special forces and a few submarines was sufficient then the UK wouldn't be buying poseiden 737s for maritime patrol and attack.

    And yes. Where are the drones?.... Probably and very sensibly not firing missiles that risk friendly casualties is the answer. But anyways Iran has sufficient boats to do severe damage before other nations could launch a response or even an appropriate defence.

    These service personnel are being placed in a high risk situation to defend ships whose owners do everything possible to avoid paying taxes that might fund protection.

    It is looking that way oldKeith.

    Continuing to decline US assistance would put UK navy personnel at excessive risk of harm aboard ships, and within a defence framework, that are/is not capable of survival without external support.

    All known in advance by UK authorities ... So why Oh why if they don't want war with Iran did they take the bait?

    Something weird is going on:

    Permanent UK warship supporting operation kipion (4 minesweepers plus rfa support ship +/- a warship before official opening of aircraft carrier capable naval base in Bahrain) arrives in the Persian gulf. Circa April 2019.

    Tankers in gulf attacked with explosives in May and June.

    July 4th saw Gibraltan and thereby UK authorities apply EU sanctions to a non EU ship (Grace1) and our media has not (as far as my search can find) confirmed that this seizure even occurred in the contested territorial waters over which Gibraltar might have lawful jurisdiction.

    The EU does not normally apply its sanctioning, trade rules to non member states.

    Iran claims the Grace1 seizure to be illegal and other than blind propaganda spouted by the usual media sources I can't find any presentation of evidence that proves the Iranians wrong in this regard.

    Anyone know better?

    The (Royal) Navy currently has no ship nor helicopter borne anti ship missiles other than the virtually defunct harpoon. The RN has only machine guns and 30mm cannon to realistically defend against fast moving boats. It is a vulnerable time for the navy.... Helicopter borne missiles are expected to appear next year and nimrod is being replaced but is not yet operational.

    Looks like the UK has been baited at a vulnerable time but if so why would they take the bait?


    Any luck?

    I succumbed and bought new....I don't like them much but got wide fit that don't totally dork me out for less than £30.

    Fat feet are a bain. I see plenty of footwear I'd like but wide, wide feet mean it's usually £80 quid minimum for shoes and £120 for boots and none are styles that I'd like to wear.

    Effective motivation to fix and not throw though.

    I've been repairing my only pair of trainers for a while now. This stuff is OK and literally flexible:- "uhu max repair" . And works much better than superglue for this purpose.

    Sadly these scruffy yet comfy old trainers did not survive the tumble dryer effect. I may yet reglue them but should really now throw them and smarten myself up a little.

    I don't know what a grocers is old Keith.

    Gorilla brand is impressive. I use the tape quite excessively and won't buy/use any other brand. I didn't get around to using the glue because it leaked into a small tool box: tools and glue were inseparable and all was thrown....

    I bought a bamboo mug. Apparently, once crushed, it is compost able but fuck only knows what horrific processes were required to make bamboo into a mug.

    Worker exploitation in Israeli settlements

    It is not permitted to claim that the state of Israel is racist nor is it permitted to compare the policies of Israel with those of the Nazi's (so I won't do that)..... currently it is permissible (without committing hate crime) to compare the policies of Israel with those of other democratic states:-

    Israel is failing to meet the standards of inclusion that other democratic states set for themselves and is failing to treat residents and workers, in bordering lands that it controls, equitably......Its forbidden to suggest that this is racist under the definition of anti-semitism so I guess I have to say that it must be a territorial issue whereby individuals who happen to be Arabs can be sickeningly exploited to profit the state of Israel.

    No hate crimes here!

    The State of Israel is not enforcing the following:-

    "Kav LaOved petitioned to the High Court of Justice (HCJ) following a ruling made by the National Labor Court that rights of Palestinians who work in the Israeli settlements in the OPT are subject to change on a case-to-case basis. In response, the HCJ clearly stated that all workers shall receive their rights according to Israeli law, under all circumstances."

    I tried a little to find evidence about exploitation of Arabic workers in THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES.....

    I became quite bored but to summarise:-

    Some guy won a case in Israeli courts upholding that minimum wage, holiday, sickness benefits etc do apply to the occupied territories but as of apx 3 years ago these were still not applied.

    It took ages for the court to find in his favour and 3 years ago class actions by Arabs seeking similar resolution were sat with the courts whilst these workers were paid 33 - 66% of the Israeli minimum wage.

    The holocaust is quite long ago but Israelis paying Arabs less than two thirds of the Israeli minimum wage is recent and probably ongoing if you care to look.

    If Corbyn and the Labour Party have a bee in their bonnets about such things then it's more than understandable.

    It bores me because I have short shrift for religious squabbles and even more distain for capitalism.

    There are antihistamines and then there are ANTIHISTAMINES:-

    If not already tried then promethazine hydrochloride tablets might meet your needs.... available over the pharmacists counter for allergies, travel sickness and as a temporary sleeping tablet.

    This is an extremely effective medication that has been around for many years.... Psychiatrists further use it for first line treatment of anxiety.

    I use it for sleep and as a consequence find my pollen allergies resolved.

    Just sayin' if you've not tried it you probably should.

    All interesting and informative reading. Thanks.

    Just to remind all that the definition of anti semitism is somewhat squewiff.

    Regardless of ethnicity and/or religion all folk should be prepared to entertain a fair degree of broad and incisive criticism...

    Judaism is not alone in wanting to silence its critics but seems to be attaining inordinate success in thrusting itself into godlike status that would imprison its critics..... That's a dangerous precedent to set and creates a lot of ill will.

    Watched an Al Jazeera programme involving political academics a few days ago:-

    The US based academic more or less stated that Trump is on a vanity mission. And simply said that the agreement was fine but Trump wanted to put his stamp on it. He further stated that it would be the French who would need to act as intermediaries to indulge Trumps vanity project.

    I found the US commentator highly credible.

    16kgs....jesus Keith... Surely you are old enough and wise enough and confident enough to use some kind of trolley/cart.

    A bit burny but a decently cooling breeze today.

    I know... I know.... I know.... Politics.... Brexit.... Shit.... But I'll get this crap off my chest to a degree by posting here..... So consider it as therapy.

    I don't vote. I don't believe the UK political system is representative and the more people don't vote the more likely it is that we will move toward a more representative system of election IMO...

    However.... I would have paid subs to the tory party to have a vote in which of these idiots will become prime minister... (alas they are wise to this ruse and new joiners aren't allowed a vote).

    J. **** is massively deluded because he says he can renogiate a deal with the EU and Boris is a proper toff twit but might jut have sufficient arrogance to piss off Northern Ireland and force no deal.

    Am I missing something?