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    Tax evasion has been predominant in the UK and government is tackling opposition to it by coming down hard on small business and penalising lesser evaders... Is that true?

    So people are ritually abusing their kids and getting away with it? And this is so different from the majority of parenting how?

    Are adults really making uninfluenced decisions when indulging in labial cutting and breast augmentation and Botox etc etc and do these procedures come without complications?

    If it's legal to indoctrinate kids with religious and political tosh (which it is) then it kind of follows that body modification isn't too far out from some perspectives.

    God fearing religions employ a backward interpretation of social forces through obfuscating the truth of economic power relationships and have been employed to suppress equality of the species and the evolution of equitable power sharing.

    In short: the slave enslaves another slave because slaves are conned into believing that revolt is futile.(sic...and not just so... but really very seriously sick and nasty and proper fucking horrible....totally fucked up!!!)....

    People died to win equal rights......but the argument for revolt has become much dissolved since 9/11.

    We are all free to speak.

    We are not however freed from the personal, social, emotional and political consequences of speaking freely.

    "Forum" implies a place of exploration in speech, thought and reflective critical thinking. A place where discussion and development are treated as learning and emotions can be explored without retribution.

    The outcome of free speech in a forum where people develop reflective critical thinking is plausible equality.

    Without a forum for speech and exploration; hate and, negative power relationships cannot ever be resolved.

    Na. It's avoidance of the real powerful issues that force people to live in close proximity to one another and accept worsening prospects in favour of defending the worsening antics and white collar theft currently perpetrated by landlords and landowners en mass.

    Very bad things are happening. As you clearly outline. Such horrendous shit happens less when resources, health and quality of life are distributed more equally.

    I would argue that economic migrants share very similar values to those who successfully exploit land rights and subsidies (and find passports cheap to purchase) in the target nation.

    I'm generalising a little.....but to be more precise land values are inflated through population increase.

    The good nature of people is not exploited by immigrants. It is exploited by archaic laws that protect massive land holdings from the fair dispersal of use that citizens require in order to approach a status of 'health'.

    Soz to show ignorance...( for my own sake) but is there any chance that if the vehicle "presents" as a motorcaravan(even if not registered as such) that the ticket could be waived?

    My insurance particulars state 'motorcaravan under conversion' (or some such nonsense). I stick to commercial 3.5t speed limits because I'm fairly certain that it's the DVLA registered classification that counts but I do wonder if there is a grey area.......the DVLA is after all notorious for insisting upon dubiously detailed info from driving licence applicants who, under British law, are entitled to nfa status...

    Logically it follows that information given by the DVLA on lawful status of anything may be untrue.

    They are all shit and disappointing and overpriced (vans that is).

    You may get lucky and you may have skills???

    I'm clueless and after a shitty start and 3 vans and 3years 4months on the road am at £200 per month for purchase and mechanical/mot maintenance of lwb vans.

    It all depends on your budget and skillset....after travelling 200 miles to buy my first shit heap my 2nd and 3rd vans were bought 'just up the road' because it seemed urgent to house myself.

    What's your budget?


    Nations are booming on the back of immigration (in a land hogging capitalist sense).

    Net immigration requires protected land to be released for occupation to afford space and peace and some quality of life to those who find passports expensive 😉

    Alternatively borders could be closed and racial prejudice confirmed because folk cannot reclaim the land😉

    Either way passports are a rip off.

    lucky you have the option, sadly I don’t, and will get really fucked by Brexit.

    The news reports that a group of uk expats are appealing to an EU court to try and have their case for freedom of movement etc put before the European Court of Human Rights ( or whatever it's called).

    Let's hope the judiciary finds further reason to expose brexit as a meaningless pontification.

    I was forced to get a passport at my own expense for professional purposes that do not include travelling beyond the borders that define my citizenship.

    I was and still am very very angry about this and do not see any reason that justifies uk citizens having to pay such extortionate amounts for a document that the state should provide without cost to its imprisoned citizens.

    I am further disgusted that since my travelling days are over I was required to obtain this exclusively overpriced piece of shit document for the ridiculous purpose of confirming my identity as a UK citizen with the right to work for a UK company

    Cant be arsed to do a quote but would like to correct a previous poster in that alcohol does not directly cause dehydration.

    It has been claimed in this thread that dehydration may be a result of alcohol consumption. (Which is not untrue given alcohol's potential for contributing towards nauseation, self neglect and lethargy).

    It would however be untrue and plain wrong for anyone to interpret the effects of alcohol as affecting a biological/chemical mechanism that directly causes dehydration in the human body. Physiology compensates for any diuretic affect of alcohol and signals the body to dilute and hydrate.

    Usual fluid requirements are approx 1.5 to 2.5 litres per day for UK dwellers. Alcohol consumption along with mixer does not realistically present a net negative challenge to hydration levels.

    Geek out over.

    No offense intended.

    First time at one of the remodelled Lidl stores tonight.

    There was no manned checkout only DIY scan and pay self service.

    I'm unhappy to see this further evidence of job denial in a culture that still victimises the jobless whilst encouraging zero hour contracts and denying the rationality of a basic income gaurentee.

    Lidl and Aldi have historically classless ties through managing to place stores in convenient locations that serve the middle classes exceptionally well.

    Naked onions are surely a fail. I can see why some consumers might want chopped or sliced veg but naked onions seem a bit too niche too be profitable

    I would further suggest leaving the windows open a tad but covering the window recess almost entirely with camping mat material (closed cell foam).

    Leave a small air gap between window recess and closed cell foam at the top. Fit with velcro for ease of removal and modifications.


    What's it like with those windows closed?...I know it seems counterintuitive but cold air from opening them may be part of the problem and water vapour may find an alternative exit with them closed.

    Adding a camping mat and thin sleeping bag on top of the mattress will stop sweat seeping into your mattress. (It worked on my last build) The camping mat and sleeping bag will air and dry off/out during the day preventing accumulation.

    I went with a petrol camp stove (after doing away with big propane bottles).

    It looks to be about 50% cheaper to run than the cheapest gas camp stove and gives great heat output in all weathers.

    (Coleman sportster 533)

    people do insist on breeding and indoctrinating the innocents into becoming armies for ignorant and abrasive causes.

    Some causes are the opposite of spawning and indoctrination.

    We are all stupid and fucked up and ignorant. Breeding more people and insisting they can only be slightly less fucked up than the previous generation is the sad equilibrium that human evolution has arrived at.

    Culture shock!

    Lots of heat usually prevents mould in all situations even with minimal ventilation.

    Persistent Heat is pricey and without it mould is usually unavoidable.

    Without heat (@at least 17celsius [off the top of my head]) you are unlikely to beat the mould.

    Mould is a sad and miserable fact of life in all sorts of accomodations since prevention via heat and ventilation is cost prohibitive.

    Heat your van to a good temperature from floor up and you won't have mould.

    I blame the government and airy fairy people for allowing heat to become a luxury but you can blame your build if you think thats the way to achieve progress.

    The over toe seams on some socks cause me abrasion/pressure issues same with seam placement/ruck in some underpants causing abrasion against my scrotum.

    Can't recommend anything in particular but know merino wool is fantastic anywhere against the body.

    World peace!

    Painless sudden death so I don't have to witness or experience further atrocities and abuses.

    The end of capitalism.

    The end of elitism.

    Legalisation of all drugs.

    The end of religion.

    Instantaneous travel between two points on the same timeline.

    Better relationships.

    Free sex.

    Sustainable boredom.

    Liberty and resources to enable harmless exploration if boredom isn't good enough.