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    I struggle to understand why gardens have been 'allowed' to be paved over and hedges 'allowed' to be replaced by walls.

    I doubt the next generation could find it in their hearts to fuck up the environment any more than has already been 'allowed' and exploited and capitalised upon.

    Restrictions could be reasonably modified to permit minimal impact dwellings and as such your dark and dismissive assumptions would not necessarily prove to be true.

    It is a profit protecting racket on many levels. The contemplation of change does though continue and such thoughts and discussions might prove purposeful in redistributing wealth.

    What about the cunts who won't allow landowners to live on their own land?

    Such policies serve to further condense growing populations and increase rents and further the profit interests of obscenely wealthy land bankers and the like.

    "Then some cunt who doesn’t so much as own a patch of concrete with a brick box on it, because “they didn’t find themselves wise enough or in a position to buy either a house or land themselves” tells us, “we shouldn’t be allowed to own land” well fk you and “get off my land” "

    So does that mean that everyone who does not 'own' a piece of land or property is a cunt if they dare suggest that there are more humane approaches to the problems associated with the oppression caused by excessive rents, land hoarding and land banking?

    You may be over reacting.

    My probably floored understanding is that your friend does not and will not have any security of tenure.

    So yes your friend would become homeless overnight because the subletter has no agreement or contract with the landlord.

    There is no provision for sitting tenancy in your friends situation and nothing that your friend can do unless the bonefide Tennant marries your friend or allows your friend to pay rent directly to the landlord.

    I may be wrong so check it out online.

    As Rick points out : you and all have made a contribution toward that current cost of providing a National Health Service, at a particular point in time, whilst you/us/we/all are paying national insurance.

    Once you/we/all/us stop paying NI we are no longer contributing toward that cost.

    The NHS is run on a false cost analysis. By its edicts and method of finance you have not paid for any of the health services that you might receive via the NHS.

    Your contributions were used to finance the demands of others (whilst you were not using the service) and your demands (on the service) will be financed by others once you stop contributing.

    I don't vote Wizard. I've no intention of voting for this system or any of the politicians that play within it.

    On your third point about transience and not voting I would say it is further reason to not try to vote.

    The whole voting system and process is archaic and antiquated and luddish.

    We have the technology and the means to create a more real-time and participatory system of democratic governance.

    Not voting is a vote.

    But one should always get what one has paid for!

    I get that and I would imagine that most people get it too. (NHS health insurance has been promised and charged at a rate over which contributers have had no control)....

    Times have changed and familial support structures have changed and a large percentage of the population are living longer and are wealthy and ?kept healthy? at cost to successive generations.

    It's not exactly the fault of older and wealthier generations that their health and social care has not been adaquately funded by their contributions. (Because the level of contribution was set by government).

    However.... government attempts to seek greater funding for health and social care or savings from these ageing, wealthy groups are met with massive resistance.

    Meanwhile mental health services are scantily available for the younger generations and anti depressants are relied upon to deal with the obvious conflict of interests.

    Bernie said that over the counter meds should not be available on prescription and that is a sensible call.

    I really don't see why any GP or ED attendances that do not qualify as requiring professional treatment should not attract a charge.

    I would accept such without reservation and I struggle to understand why people cannot cope with contributing toward the cost of their indulgence.

    300 campbeds in a gym (literally 2ft wide canvas beds with 2ft gap with limited access to hot water) have been set up for draughted in police officers.

    Officer says " they expect us to sleep here for three nights then work 12hour shifts"

    It does work both ways and redress for non optimal treatment already exists.

    Why would a stipulated medication review attract a charge?

    Nobody wants to fund the system....who will pay for the coffee? Who will host and attempt to educate those so obtuse that they cannot look online.....nobody wants to fund that did not work.

    TM caves on brexit and Trump comes whipping in at massive cost to local, underfunded, police forces.....

    Desert nation.....subjugated by Trump the 'dealmaker'.....the juxtaposition of this guy arriving in the week that brexit fails is pure assertion of power over loser, desert nation.

    Im getting the vibe that TM has slinked out of the hard brexit in direct response to being overlooked by Trump who is still pissed off at being manipulated over the novichok thing and is admonishing little britain in the way that superpowers can.

    He is a self proclaimed (wheeler)dealer and he is working it well and to the advantage of international investors.

    Looks like TM has been spanked.

    What a shame. She did propose some quite fair changes that have continually been undermined by financial profiteers.

    As stated in the thread it does appear that whilst Dr's as a whole tend to vote against charges GPs appear to be in favour of charges.

    This is about booked appointments not about attempting to charge a fine for non attenders. (Unenforceable).

    GPS appear to be expressing the opinion that many people are not chatting to pharmacists or really attempting to take responsibility for their own health or even heeding the basic advice issued online by the NHS with regard to self treatment for minor ailments.

    A little prod that suggests people should think just a little more before saturating scarce resources that nobody wants to pay for......hence the scarcity.

    It is indeed a slippery slope and it is one that nobody wants to take responsibility for.... nor pay for.

    And are probably less polluted than when you were a kid and since you are being a pedant you did not specify any locality. You may have travelled to different beaches and harbours and streams.... why should I presume otherwise.

    Ive a hazy recollection that paddling type brooks and streams might be found near old water mills. I've no logic to back this up.

    Might be worth a search.

    Scratch that....there is a site called 'wildswimming' that offers locations for paddling.

    How do I test for correct output voltage on an adjustable 'step up converter' without onboard voltmeter please?

    I've nearly got a buck converter with onboard voltmeter but the boost converters with same are a bit costly.

    I do have probe meter thingies and have tried Google etc but obviously couldn't find the right words to search for such a simple solution to my electrickery idiocy.

    This shit doesn't sleep.

    Some voted out and some voted in.

    You can't nullify the social and psychological conflict by claiming that our pseudo democracy should be accepted by all just because the discussion riles you.

    People are individuals remember and as such anarchy is the concept within which we should reset our self's in these technologically advanced times.

    And so it continues...

    Historically the bma and it's members have resisted and opposed any direct charges to patients using the NHS.

    If bma members vote in favour it is likely that the lobbying would include charging for 'walk in' consultations (emergency departments etc)

    Personally I'd favour something along the lines of a limited number of free visits followed by a limited number of charged visits followed by free visits again.

    Seems you missed out on some of the nuances, hypotheticals and hypotheses involved in the replies Orys.

    The thread you attempted to hijack was about the lord's attempting to block brexit.

    Do you know much about the "lords" ?

    So the bma is soon to ballot it's members on whether or not to lobby parliament to charge for some NHS services.

    Primarily the ballot will be about somekind of charge for an NHS GP consultation.

    Background is that the agreed NHS budget increase cannot support the increasing demand on services and GPs have previously (separately) voted in favour of a consultation charge of upto £25.

    Realistically the bma would likely lobby (should the vote go in favour) for a maximum charge of £5 for gp visits and 'walk in' A and E consultations.

    Clearly the NHS isn't really working out and is unsustainable at current and projected funding levels and there is no easy solution.

    Because the low hanging fruit has always been and will always be to blame the foreigners for everything. It has always worked wonders and always will. Amen!

    Immigration restrictions for skilled workers from outside the EU have recently been relaxed. There is little doubt such trends will continue.

    hi am a bit new to this but the problem in the uk is to many 60 plus brexet and to many uni useless degrees nobody wants to or expects work for minimum wage and why the hell did we have the referendum in the first place its just tore the uk in half

    Hey there....Hi !

    Might as well say your one else knows what they are talking about when it comes to brexit either.

    I was/am against brexit but am finding increasing areas of it that might rock the status quo a little.....which does interest me for in that sense I'm for it and the harder the better as far as I can tell.


    I'm game....

    Space. Time. Solitude. Intimacy.......all of those as and when the mood takes me.

    My very own quarters to relax and sleep and ablute within.

    Dealbreakers would be outside of the above.

    Fickle fuckers us humans are. Hence the growing number of single person households.