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    Seems like you both are avoiding and resisting getting brainwashed....

    In other news resistance towards brainwashing doesn't go so well.

    If only it were possible to identify a correlation between the control of power and the misdemeanours of the less empowered then surely brainwashing would cease to happen???!


    Vets bills or contemplating separation and early death of the animal are fairly rational considerations when entertaining the idea of keeping a pet....not contemplated fully by many pet owners.

    Defo check that engine compartment.

    Ok I have installed a 12v fan which I use under the bed (thanks NT), I switch on for about 15mins every damp morning and along with more insulation on the floor its sorted.I should mention that I use old damp trap containers filled with cheap salt,25p per bag and fills about 6 , one in the corner of bed etc, when parked I also leave my overhead lockers slightly open using a peg to wedge open this cures the chance of wet pants ! I have also put more insulation on the back (outside facing) of the lockers,I leave the overhead roof vent slightly open 24/7 which of course is essential, so come on damp bring it on Boris is ready for ya!!!!

    I want more info on this solution. I have similar bed set up.... Airflow is compromised because I store a lot of 'stuff' under the bed.

    Vanside lockers for clothes are neat and tidy but do not work in winter weather... My solution of butcher hooks and hanging holdalls is also piss poor but is an untidily and airy option that gives clothes slightly warmer room to air...... Looks really shit though!

    I've been served shin and skirt from a slow cook and both were very tasty and extremely tender.

    I'm waiting for proper cold weather to flash fry some sliced up lamb heart on top of the solid fuel stove (not had it before).

    Advice on net suggests heart might be good for a slow cook also.

    I've stuck with formaldehyde for the chemical toilet because it works when regularly topped up for very long periods between emptyings.

    I toyed with trying laundry detergent but read that whilst it does as good and maybe better than green chem it does not perform well beyond a few days.

    I do not know much about vans, how does it work with toilets, do people have chemical ones.

    If mobile then separating piss into containers other than the chemical toilet is less bother to dispose of.

    I prefer a chemical toilet for my suburban needs but need a public toilet to pour the minging slurry down.

    Green chemicals don't work for more than 2 or 3 days so formaldehyde might be preferred.

    Personally I've about 25 litres worth of separate containers for pee that I treat with thin bleach (to neutralise the odour) and empty into rain drains.

    Sainsburys own brand wet wipes kill the competition.

    I don't shop there usually but was in a pinch and out of baby wipes.

    These own brand wipes are wetter and better fragranced (more citrus than baby oil smell) than competitors offerings and priced the same.

    Even the very last wipe was truly wet.

    Agreed. Lots of people do. As do I from time to time but I am more and more nervous and cautious about using portable appliances designed for outdoor use inside my van.

    Valves and connections on outdoor use canisters and appliances simply are not robust enough:

    If a gas leak develops and the appliance becomes a fireball it is risky and difficult to deal with when inside.

    Butane cartridges will struggle unless prewarmed.

    Gas camping stove that accepts isobutane and propane as well as butane cartridges is likely a more effective proposition.

    As others say it is humid heat and a dangerous use of equipment.

    Danger is reduced by having air intake/gas escape vent below the burner.

    Nissan CUBE!!

    I've not done the research though.

    I like the look of them (one of the five people in the world who does)

    I believe they were envisaged to meet most of the criteria that you specify:whistle:

    Edit: probs too expensive and clearly more popular than I thought.... surely there are people carriers/estates available that would work.... Apparently its possible for us shorter people to lay flat in a Ford ka.

    Putting the term "climate emergency" out there and having it acknowledged and supported by wider society is definitely effective..... Extinction Rebellion has done that.

    ER s blurb for those being tried by a court of peers (for protesting) includes the fact that ER activists who admitted to causing thousands of pounds damage to the offices of a petrochemical company were acquitted in court by a jury....

    The implication is that despite being unworthy and imperfect hipocrites Joe Public recognises the emergency and a need for change.

    I read somewhere about some panel van diyers waxoyling interior panels.... doubt I could find time for that myself but imagine that it might help as long as bottom drainage from sills isn't blocked in the process.

    Dacron looks like a reasonable option glued to the back of ply lining or somehow curtain floated.

    For anyone feeling flush thinsulate blanketing is available for floating/curtain type attachment.

    I reckon that unless you can truly 'bond' a material to the steel panels then it's better to leave breathing room.

    Hanging Vapour barriers will have some, possibly considerable, effect but are unlikely to be efficiently moisture proof when applied to a panel van.

    I forgot about dacron.... It looks like a pretty good compromise to me....and is utilised by professional converters.

    I'm liking the obviousness of Extinction Rebellion being banned directly after targeting the bank of England.

    Tis perfect fuel to awaken some somnambulent souls and prod fence sitters into belief.

    This is good news that once properly spun and promoted in courts and media will likely effect more change than street protests alone could ever hope to achieve.

    Contemporary life is exhausting Mr Boris.

    Healthy lifestyles are a thing but are also exhausting.

    Quit every vice you have, eat healthy and exercise more or maybe less if your joints are giving you gip........ Tis not for me. Life is long enough and boring enough without being overly angelic.

    If there is something seriously wrong with you then your instincts will likely kick in.

    Feeling old and tired..... Oh yes indeedy...Its taking ages to recover from a shift at work and I'm experiencing all over virus like aches and pains....

    There is though something seriously wrong with me in that I am quite allergic to Jobs and some elements of society:D

    There will always be drawbacks to any choice of insulation as RT points out.

    There are always multiple variables to consider ie: time, cost, skills, number of available hands, choice of heating and cooling and ventilation, the shape and material assets/deficits of the structure... etc, etc.

    I've only experience of steel vans and little time, patience, skill and hands with which to apply insulation.

    Based on the previous paragraph I'd currently recommend looking at multilayered foil and wadding options offered for apx £70 to £100 for 15 Square metres....

    Requires batons, staples, aluminium tape and grip fill or the like but would do the job and leave breathing space except where the inescapable sandwiching of materials is required.

    Price, speed and ease of application works out OK for many different scenarios.

    If you want minimal worry and hassle and stress without having knowledge of specific areas then main road laybys are a fair bet.

    It's unlikely that the locations you mention will have suitable free parking within their boundaries.

    UK police won't generally bother you.... But make sure that you are legally parked.

    It's kind of illegal to live in a van parked on the road BUT this rule is generally ignored in favour of more Liberal guidance.

    Probably time to give up Paul.

    The other site is a bit more active and probably meets the needs of most of us who hang on to the forum model.

    It's a bummer and all that but it does seem that even subscribers to this site have mostly migrated away.

    All the best

    I mulled it over and my list is long and circles are ever depreciating (or perhaps decreasing. Or both and more.... or maybe less:/)

    ... So taking this question far more seriously than its intent and acknowledging the limitations of my intellect:-

    I can't live without some (tidbits of) Buddhist philosophy:shock:

    I would rather have a cup of tea... but I'm afflicted with worry about the tea pickers and the subsidisation of land hoggers who produce sugar beet and milk:shock:

    Joni Mitchell expressed the lament and melancholy very well.

    I'm not much of a trekker myself and am indeed part of the problem when I go to visit beautiful places (as we all are).

    West Gower sticks with me because other than the few existing buildings, pub and single car park and the Holiday park and campsites😉 there is no open or unprotected landscape that can be further developed.

    I'm not into exploring anymore. I've seen some awe inspiring and beautiful landscapes at great expense but western Gower topped it for me.

    If I have time and energy and need a fix that's where I will go.... Dunroamin and all that.

    Western side of the Gower peninsula for me.

    It's possible to walk through low cloud atop a sheep shorn bouldery hillock ( that feels mountainous because it dips all the way down to a long flat beach) then walk a narrow boardwalk amongst dunes and dune grass with views onto interesting coves and rock formations and then somewhat terrifyingly shuffle crawl or fall off a mid cliff narrow shelf of a footpath and then walk up what has the effect of being an old tributary or glacial crevice with rocks strewn from field to sand...

    It's possible to walk all of that in a day for proper ramblers. It's a two or three day walking affair for me.

    It's Jurassic in a very miniature and accessible way and is my favourite place.

    As usual there is no examination of the incomers, small holders and property owners who have greatly benefitted from decades of incidental profiteering at the hands of politicians who know the crass value of treating residential property as a machine for investment and exploitation.

    Interesting article though.

    I like the word umami. I like its sound and the mouthfeel of its pronunciation. I also like its meaning and the sense of discovery that surrounds it.

    Umami was previously like the undiscoverable dark matter of taste sensations. Now it has a name and a description and a list of ingredients that impart its properties.

    I like it!

    "egg" and "sugar" are both cringe worthy words. I dislike their mouthfeel and pronunciation and also their meaning.

    BJ says the UK will not enforce a physical trade border between Eire and Northern Ireland.... This is ingenious in its simplicity and very comical and will cause many scratched heads to bleed which is comical in this context.

    Trump still can't be bothered to get off his arse and lay bricks for his hilarious wall.

    I don't even like footwear and overall resent feeling/knowing that I have to use it.

    Easier to repair footwear than feet generally speaking I guess.

    I checked over my clarks wide fit work shoes and waterproofed boots after posting: both are separating from the edging welt because of my fat feet.

    I've glued them with uhu max repair but I'm miffed at the split and repair because from new both pairs felt wide enough.... The uppers have plenty of wear time left. The soles and upper to sole joints not so much.

    Boris and Trump should do a weekly TV slot together. Who needs spitting image when such naturally entertaining buffoons hold power?

    Whatever happens at the behest of this PM certainly won't lack comedic value.