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    All the above pretty much sums it up Boris.

    I watch the vids myself now and then but do get hung up on the idea that the majority are likely looking to achieve monetary gain by promoting a lifestyle that is only a short term gig for them.

    Shove everything in room 101 and see what survives the ordeal seems to be the way that our human populations operate.

    I reckon there are quite a few constructs that I wouldn't throw in and a few things and earth itself would catch a break from me.

    Mostly, pretty much everything goes in room 101.

    Need a big bastard battery pack to jump start a diesel van lump.

    I have a jump starter but unfortunately it's golf cart battery died long ago and has yet to be replaced.

    ... All told (unless on shore power) its probably more reliable and efficient to seek occasional jump starts from one's vehicle recovery service.

    Rt and all others.... I DO Get the international law side of things.... And that it is still open to interpretation.

    The hypocrisy is in finding the injustice in the killing of a powerful murderer at cost to the rights of the plebs that have been murdered, tortured and ignored.

    This killing has not yet been found to be unlawful. Killing a murderous cunt is certainly not immoral but I understand that you believe this killing might prove to be unlawful.

    The law might just be an arse if an international tribunal would prove this killing unjustified.

    Are you all saying that he should not have been killed?

    I'm sure he deserved death and was spared the torture and slow painful death to which he has subjected others.

    Should he have been spared simply because he was somehow godlike?


    Non progressive Islam is oppressive in extremes that far surpass the crimes of free market capitalism.

    Playing pidgeon to human rights abusers will never end well and in 2020 it really is about time that people stopped hiding behind religion and accepted the very clear and incisive news that they are cowardly and murderous self serving sycophants who should be treated to the rationalisation that they impose.

    I'm kinda in favour of population control if the landed aren't going to allow democratic land share but given current culture surrounding the right to have children think it would be very unfair to deny IVF despite the slim success rates.

    Another pointless year for me.

    Plenty of stress but fortunately very little drama.

    Little drama is a positive I guess.

    It's probably been the best year of my life.


    It is their inquiry and "investigation" so they ask the questions and want to arrive at a truthful answer.

    So far my experiences of this have been mostly straightforward and totally problem free.

    There is no point in lying but I do believe that police are used to minimalist answers due to general and ongoing suspicion of their motives....they want their investigation answered. Comply with truthful answers and a friendly disposition (no need to gush information).

    They ask the questions and you answer them factually and hopefully that's the end of it.🤞

    The queen has more of the land and more of the quid than most others, zendaze, so how can you expect her to give it up? She's probably the wealthiest monarch on the planet. An accepted part of those who run the country, both at a public and a private level.

    In the (weakly) socialist period after the war these people withdrew their fortunes from public gaze, but certainly hung on to them. A fine pretence of 'people-power' was made by their agents, the newspapers and the BBC, but behind the scenes they plotted for the day when the philosophy of personal greed could be used upon the masses....

    Oh fuck bollocks WHAT?

    Cunt, cuntitude, bollocks and bastard twat WHAT?

    Let's contribute even more to the monarchies pot...

    Why not introduce a special tax on serfs to help maintain the Royal kudos and buildings?


    If ya'll want to accept it that's down to you and your conscience....

    I see it. I don't accept it.

    We are all different.... it doesn't float my boat.... But the gentry clearly have sycophants otherwise they would be less land rich.

    I'll argue it forever but truly don't give a toss because I've birthed no victims into this sick society.

    I hear and see what you are saying.... Its important that I demonstrate that Keith.... I really, genuinely believe that I do see it.

    I want it to be differential to my interpretation.... I really, really want that but I cannot find it in my actuality.

    I don't want to work for most of the people I encounter... Its pathetic that many act so pathetic but you will have only my word for it....

    I can't change that. My colleagues and I are cheaply breaking our backs for pathetic pretenders and I see only one way forward.

    Compassion fatigue is a real thing and there is something very wrong in the head with a good number of patients I encounter who simply can't be bothered to do anything that they can manipulate a nurse into doing for them.

    My back, my joints, my energy and stupid unassertive management.

    I don't want the NHS succubus.

    The gentrified landed continued to be so...

    It's just not cool

    The queen is a total cunt for not capitulating and she knows it..... BUT STILL STANDS BY IT AND TAKES GROWING FINANCES FROM THE HOI POLLOI.

    What a cunt!

    I'll try for level ground here.... But must once again pre express my bias: like about a million others I work in the modern NHS.

    The NHS does nothing to endear its lower level workers.

    As a consumer of NHS services I get nothing from it financially.

    As a health care worker I would probably benefit from the dire and extreme situation that you describe....

    However.... Your interpretation is extreme and unlikely....

    Don't get me wrong.... From the selfish point of view my healthcare compassion is all gone.... THE NHS treats its workers like cunts the American system is slightly more favourable to the workers... Im burned out on people acting incapable as soon as a nurse appears and competing for attention.... Genuine need is tiny in this sick game....... So I'd rather be paid a bit more to indulge whatever the fuck possesses people to be so pathetic and treat nurses like servile cunts.

    The NHS is a very shit employer that pays very low wages and does not support its staff. It runs for the benefit of managers and administrators and for fucking idiots. It has become an exploitative industry that undermines health promotion in favour of daily mail profiteers and scammers.

    The sooner it is gone the better for me

    Fuck yeah.... And much, much more....

    Hospitals are a dumping ground... Psychotics that might require the care of two police officers will routinely be assigned one 9th of a nurses time.

    Massive hospitals will regularly have fewer than 4 restraint trained security guards on duty and hospital staff are regularly subjected to verbal and physical violence....

    Should be police permanently in every hospital.... But apparently one 9th of a registered nurse is sufficient to deal with the abuse.

    It's a fucking joke.... And daily mail folk can't even agree to pay a multitasking, shat on, abused ward nurse more than £15 per hour.

    There is little to non existent funding for the skillsets that gee is interested in.

    All of my colleagues are expected to complete online training without pay and it is legal for the NHS to expect this.

    The unions are worthless because they are populated by self interested arseholes making an easy buck off of a predominantly feminine and altruistic PROFESSION that regularly does free overtime because some see it as charity work.

    It's totally fucking stupid that new registered nurses who are in debt to experience this abuse are conditioned by Florence's from a bygone and privelidged era to accept this crap.

    No fucker wants to contribute to the NHS so no fucker deserves it.

    Sod em.

    An early death is noble

    And what is the outcome?

    Do you want to wipe their arses simply because they find it easier and quicker and would break your back to contort around their laziness and wilfull non contribution.

    Like it or not sociological studies of times past have been exploited by the "middle classes" who pay smaller percentages of income towards the NHS because they just have to win.

    Reality on the ground is that lots of patients who can do for themselves will not do what they can because it's a strain.... Because they have been over indulged and expect much more and do not value their independence ... That means that some overworked mug has to do it for them..... That overworked mug wants to be paid and valued.

    Slave, cunt or sucker it just is not as simple as you would like to project...

    And anyone stuck in the front line of dealing with the cuntish traits of humans will tell you the same.

    Do you want to have an opinion or do you want to get involved.... Because there is much confusion about this....

    You know.... Builders take cash payments and billionaires avoid contributing fully and everyone has an opinion but actually they just want to opt out of paying toward having their arses wiped!


    It's understandable that you are confused about personal contributions towards the NHS.... This is England and our government's do not express clarity when they are on a winner.

    NHS funding is supposedly ring fenced from NI contributions... There is a point at which NI contributions become very low for higher earners so I'm not sure how to help clarify your confusion....

    There are also obvious NI breaks for the self employed and company directors.... But again.... Its all quite obfuscational..... I certainly agree that it would be preferable if these figures and percentages were properly qualified...

    You have only to look at how poor folks in bad health try to cope in America, to see what we are headed towards. Plenty of features on YouTube about it, or read a few in-depths reports, if you want more information. It's scary.

    People bankrupt themselves trying to pay doctor bills, and then when they can't keep up payments on their home, or their rent, they are out on the streets. This is what Boris and Co. have in store for the UK, eventually, if they aren't stopped.

    You have only to look at how poor folks in bad health try to cope in America, to see what we are headed towards. Plenty of features on YouTube about it, or read a few in-depths reports, if you want more information. It's scary.

    People bankrupt themselves trying to pay doctor bills, and then when they can't keep up payments on their home, or their rent, they are out on the streets. This is what Boris and Co. have in store for the UK, eventually, if they aren't stopped.

    That would be the extreme I guess.

    There are other possibilities.

    I would strongly encourage anyone who believes in the NHS to go get get involved and qualified to work as a care assistant or volunteer..... Your delusional idealisation of the NHS needs YOU on the ground and in the front line making it happen!

    Population explosion happened.

    Consciousness raising happened.

    Crown immunity ended.

    Personal accountability and liabilty increased.....but only for health care workers.... It does not apply to service users who use their education and wits and daily mail minds to juice and drain the system which is why there aren't enough health care workers to meet their needs.... And indeed that is why nurses and paramedics now need higher education....and is why GPs need business managers.

    It is already a desert nation.... If there was ever a moment to halt the greed it is long passed.

    Tories are fairly honest about being self interested cunts... asset holding lefties not so much....

    None of these people are interested in anything except inflating their own wealth and happiness.

    Really can't bring myself to watch the movie Marshlander... The NHS sucks quite enough energy, resources, time and money out of me.

    We all pay NI that is sucked into a system that increasingly finances the comfort of the elderly and demented without proper regard for the health needs of younger people.

    Younger people could finance some of their own health needs if permitted to pay into more democratic insurance schemes the amounts that are sucked into the NHS.

    This would absolutely mean that health insurance would run out in later years but without a magic money tree is a bit more realistic than funding the genetically gifted to live forever without contributing their assets towards the cost of supporting their resource hungry existence.

    Nothing about this is fair but there are brief little windows of clarity.

    I'm with Wiz on this Christmas shenanigans.....I reckon it brings far more misery than joy overall.

    I dislike it immensely.

    I was excluded from close family Christmas one year (for being a bit of a cunt 😉)... and learned to fully appreciate the dark force and undercurrents of christmas...

    It is no reason for celebration.... there is nothing to celebrate in Christmas.

    It is a fucked up shitfest of consumerist tosh that makes twee idiots of entire populations.

    It's kind of OK for those that experience a holiday or bonus or relief from servitude but otherwise serves to further enslave individuals who really don't deserve such societal abuse.

    For what reason and for the benefit of whom?

    I doubt that many taxpayers favour paying tax to subsidise such endeavours.

    Taxpayers don't like being taxed and take it back wherever they can.

    No. And you'd need a pretty big shooter to take them out.....


    Pocket knife, crossbow bolt, arrow, birdshot and anything launched from a catapult or sling would be ineffective.

    Apparently though... Any such threat to individuals is addressed by thinly available Bobby's with sticks, mace and oftentimes useless tasers.....

    On the strength of this protection we should all sleep soundly and live without fear of violence.

    Hmmm.... What?

    Don't many of those neighbourhoods already have rules that are dictated and enforced by criminal and violent minds?

    Societies laws prevent humanistic reaction by the more peaceful majortity to such extreme transgressors/terrorisers!

    Robotic enforcers are a further fun idea. Program their hive mind with real time law and set them loose.... ;)