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    Hi to all, its been ages since i posted and its great to have the new site up and running, thank you!

    We bought a house with a nice big rough garden for the hens a couple of years ago, which is fine, but the house next door was derelict and soon it was leaking into our house and being a bit of a problem. So we arranged to buy it and we have been doing it up for a year now, and its almost finished. But we dont know what to do with it, we dont want to sell it or rent it to annoying neighbours so thought of AirBnB'ing it, then if someone is annoying, they wont stay too long hopefully LOL

    Another idea was to get like minded people who want to live in a sort of community between the two houses and who are into home grown food, helping with the hens etc. There is about half an acre of garden between the two houses, some already under cultivation.

    What do people think? Might this be possible? Where would be a good place to advertise the rooms/space? Its a 3-4 bedroomed house with lounge, dining room, sun room /fourth bedroom/therapy room, wet room and this huge long garden that ends onto a small lake, former clay pit.
    My husband plays the bagpipes (not in the house LOL), small pipes, guitar etc. I'm a semi retired Aromatherapist and might get back into it next year, hence the therapy room idea. So really it would be good to have other musicians and holistic therapy type people around. I've even thought about doing holistic retreats.
    We are in North Lincolnshire, right near the southern bank of the Humber. The soil is good!

    Any ideas anyone? :hi:

    Hippy husband and I had a sick feeling that the great british hubris would win the referendum. He pointed out to me that he has dual nationality and that as we are wed we can now both get irish passports so to keep our EU freedom of movement.

    Then I saw last week that the irish passport office have had to take on 500 temp staff to deal with the demand.

    Anyone else going this way?

    I dont want to sound trite or anything, but I trained as a Beauty therapist in 1980 then went on to get really well trained in Aromatherapy in 1990. My husband is a qual psychotherapist, he specialised in drink/drugs/chaotic lifestyles (perfect husband once retired - LOL!)

    BUT - no one opens up so much as when you give them a manicure. Touching their hands, opportunity to talk and make eye contact.

    John and I have talked at length about the human condition and therapy. If its dressed as a manicure, believe me, they spill. More than they would in a "professional talk therapy" environment.

    And they get their nails done. Voila!

    You can get work in lots of different settings with very basic skills. Why do you think women travel miles to go to the same hairdresser for years? Same with nails.

    Plus, reflexology works better on the hands than on the feet, so with a hand massage you can work on the whole body while you chat. Even throw in a bit of palm reading if you like that sort of thing. You dont have to tell them you are doing it.

    Touch is IMHO the best therapy. Talk without touch is half a therapy. Hands are amazing!

    Radical decision for me, but I am not voting either. My hippy husband cant believe it as I always vote. Being in the EU ruined my career (legislation), but I really wanted to vote remain because of lots of reasons (human rights, workers rights, animal rights etc etc ect). I have avoided all debates on it for a week now as the leave debate started to get to me. It was yesterday that I realised I would be abstaining.

    Why? Because one way or another I will have to face my conscience a few years down the line, and in truth, i dont know which way to vote. I am truly confused. Stay is my play safe (better the devil you know, security) ideal and leave is my daring to hell with it self.

    I dont have children so dont need to think of them. And have dual nationality with Ireland if I need it - intending to buy a smallholding in Portugal this/next year.

    As I am retired the whole thing doesnt affect me much. So quite happy to leave it to those who really want to vote.

    Like aman I think its all in the hands of the elite anyway.

    Private intuition on the Scottish Independence vote, I think her maj had a lot to do with how that turned out. Not that we will ever know how all that works. But Balmoral etc is too important to her, and she and her clan have soooooo much power and influence. Just sayin!

    Anywhere where fracking is about to happen or is happening is going to get cheap. I live where Rathlin have drilled once and are about to start drilling again on a second site and again on the first site and there is a lot of land for sale around here all of a sudden. Postcode is HU11, its east of Hull in Holderness - a wonderful and very cheap place to live. I rent a former farm here for less than £600 a month but will have to move if the fracking gets too much or there is an accident. I keep a caravan fully stocked on the drive in case of such an emergency.

    I have no idea how to advise you, but one question that always comes to my mind is how does George Clarke get away with his small builds in remote places? I love the idea of doing this or something like it, but like you realise it is a tangle of by laws etc. I would write to George, he must know something we dont. Good luck with it all x

    Hi neighbour, I was there at the demo on the Friday, couldnt attend in Northallerton on the Monday but was gutted at the decision. My mum and sister live in Kirkbymoorside but are smitten by apathy. I live in West Newton near Hull and we have Rathlin drilling here, but it hasnt got the publicity that KM8 has got, but like you our water aquifer is threatened. Its complete MADNESS.

    At West Newton A drill site they tankered the waste water away. At West newton B (about 1km from my back garden) they are leaving the waste water in ditches as the local villagers are sick of the traffic tankering it away to a disposal site.

    The danger of this is that when it rains heavily it will flood and run into the Norwood Ditch which runs into the Lambwath Stream which runs through a SSSI before it reaches the sea in Aldbrough.

    Sending love and sisterly sympathy from HU11.

    Hi Jonathan,

    the general rule of thumb with transporting water in a moving vehicle is dont, or not more than around five litres anyway. Water tanks are usually placed over or near the axle due to the weight of water. But the fact that water moves can upset the balance of the vehicle in motion so it is generally advised not to drive with a full or nearly full tank. But if you have to, make sure the tank is over the axle. Of course another reason other than stability is the cost of fuel because of the weight. Much better to get water near you destination than transport it.

    Another good idea is to get a couple of spare Aquarolls. These can be connected together using a 12v pump attached to any system and are portable.

    Good luck :o)

    I feel a bit over-whelmed again. I get over stimulated from seeing people, going back to the city, driving. So I bought a caravan a few years ago and stuck it on a 52 week site not too far from home so I could go and chill whenever I felt the need. It kept me sane until I could get out of the city.

    We moved to a very secluded village back in April, and its quieter here than at the caravan park, so when my contract was up (last weekend) I moved my lovely old caravan onto the drive here. She is right down the drive, cant see her from the house. And I have just "packed a bag" of goodies - DVD, chocolate, crisps, milk for a cuppa, cat milk for the slinky ones, and I'm off to spend a few hours in my caravan down the drive!

    Men have sheds, I have a 22 year old caravan :D

    How do you chill out?